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Billanook Bus Routes


Billanook Bus Routes

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									    Billanook Bus Routes

Solid brown line                                                                                MET BUSES - STOPPING AT MET STOPS TO/FROM BILLANOOK
Belgrave South – Belgrave, Kallista, The Patch, Monbulk, Mt Evelyn                              Dotted dark green line
Solid pink line                                                                                 Invicta 680 – Lilydale Station via Lakeview Estate to Billanook College
Ferntree Gully – Ferntree Gully, Upwey, Tecoma, Selby, Menzies Creek, Clematis, Emerald,        Solid light green line
Monbulk, Silvan, Mt Evelyn                                                                      Boronia 1 Express – Boronia Station, cnr Colchester & Jennings, express to Billanook College
Solid orange line                                                                               Solid light blue line
Rowville – Rowville, Scoresby, Knox City, Bayswater, Croydon South, Croydon, Kilsyth            Boronia 2 – Boronia Station to Billanook College
Solid dark green line                                                                           Solid red line
Warrandyte – Lower TemplestoweWarrandyte, Wonga Park, Chirnside Park, Mooroolbark               Ferny Creek – Devils Elbow, Sassafras, Olinda, express to Billanook College
Dotted orange line                                                                              Solid dark blue line
Ringwood North – Park Orchards, Ringwood North, Warranwood, Croydon Hills, Croydon North        Montrose/Olinda – Olinda Lace Shop, Mt Dandenong, Kalorama, Montrose, Billanook College
Solid purple line                                                                               Solid burgundy line
Kilsyth South – Kilsyth, Kilsyth South, Montrose, The Basin                                     Invicta 2 Chirnside Park – Chirnside Park Shopping Centre, Manchester Road, Hull Road, Cardigan Road, Dryden Concourse, Holmes Road,
Solid light blue line                                                                           Cambridge Road, Lawson Road, Pembroke Road, Cardigan Road, Billanook College
Marysville to Healesville – Marysville, Narbethong, Healesville                                 Solid gold line
Dotted light blue line                                                                          Invicta 4 Lilydale Station – Lilydale Railway Station, Maroondah Highway, Cave Hill Road, Beresford Road, Victoria Road, Maroondah
Healesville – Healesville, Yarra Glen, Coldstream, Lilydale                                     Highway, Landscape Drive, Mooroolbark Road, Under Rail Bridge, Hull Road, Carronvale Road, Grace Avenue, Blackburn Road, Taylor
                                                                                                Road, Cardigan Road, Billanook College (vice versa in afternoon)
Dotted purple line
Vermont – Vermont South, Vermont, Heathmont, Ringwood East, Kilsyth
                                                                                                DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION BUS (conditions apply)
Dotted red line
                                                                                                Dotted pink line
Warburton – Warburton, Yarra Junction, Launching Place, Woori Yallock, Seville East, Seville,                                                      FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING TRANSPORT TO THE COLLEGE PLEASE CONTACT
                                                                                                Invicta 23 – Monbulk, Silvan, Mt Evelyn,           TRANSPORT CO-ORDINATOR ON 9724 1102 OR EMAIL
Wandin, Mt Evelyn (this bus is part Charter, part DOE – conditions apply)
                                                                                                Billanook College
    Bus Schedules to College
             BILLANOOK CHARTER BUSES DIRECT TO COLLEGE                                                                                                          MET (PUBLIC TRANSPORT) BUSES TO COLLEGE
         Bus from the following suburbs                                         Bus from the following suburbs                                                                                                                  MET SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                   MET SERVICE
      Templestowe, Warrandyte, Wonga Park,                               Park Orchards, North Ringwood, Warranwood,                                                                                                       VENTURA BORONIA 1 EXPRESS
                                                                                                                                                                     INVICTA 2
          Chirnside Park, Mooroolbark                                       Croydon Hills, North Croydon, Croydon
                                                                                                                                                                  CHIRNSIDE PARK                                  Times   Bus Stops
      Times        Bus Stops                                                Times        Bus Stops                                                                                                                Morning
                                                                                                                                                   Times        Bus Stops
 Morning Afternoon                                                     Morning Afternoon
                                                                                                                                              Morning Afternoon                                                  8:00am      Boronia Station
 7:40am    4:20pm    Blackburn Road/Heidelberg Road Roundabout         7:30am    4:20pm    Mitcham & Springvale Roads
                                                                                                                                                        3:55pm      Lilydale Station                             8:15am      Cnr Colchester & Jennings Roads only, then express
 7:41am    4:15pm    Oakland Drive                                     7:47am    4:11pm    Park & Knees Roads
                                                                                                                                              8:10am    3:45pm      Chirnside Park Shopping Centre                 to
 7:44am    4:11pm    Warrandyte Recreation Reserve                     7:51am    4:07pm    Oban & Warrandyte-Ringwood Rds (in W/dyte Road)
                                                                                                                                              8:20am    3:35pm      Fenix Gym, Manchester Road
 7:45am    4:10pm    Bus stop near roundabout                          7:54am    4:03pm    Wonga Road & Tortice Drive                                                                                            8:30am      Billanook College
                                                                                                                                              8:30am    3:25pm      Hull Road
 7:48am    4:07pm    Bus stop opposite Community Centre                7:58am    4:00pm    Warranwood General Store                           8:35am    3:20pm      Billanook College                            Afternoon
 7:50am    4:05pm    Warrandyte Bridge                                 8:03am    3:52pm    CnrBemboka&PlymouthRoads(inBembokaRoad)
                                                                                                                                              PM only - Bus travels to Lilydale Station via Maroondah Highway    3:35pm      Billanook College, then express to
 8:00am    4:00pm    Jumping Creek & Yarra Roads                       8:04am    3:51pm    Narr-Maen Drive
                                                                                                                                              Connects at Chirnside Park Shopping Centre with Invicta            4:05pm      Boronia Station (to meet with 4:07pm train to
 8:07am    3:55pm    Brushy Park & Blacksprings Road                   8:05am    3:50pm    Narr-Maen & Croydon Hills Drive
                                                                                                                                              Bus Service No. 672 (Telebus Service) to Wonga Park and                        Belgrave)
 8:08am    3:54pm    Blacksprings Road & Regency Rise                  8:10am    3:46pm    Yarra Road & Panorama Drive
 8:10am    3:52pm    Kimberley Drive & Vista Drive                     8:12am    3:44pm    Nangathan Way                                      North Croydon. Also connects with Invicta Bus Service No.
 8:11am    3:50pm    Kimberley Drive & Songbird Avenuey                                                                                       679 to Ringwood Railway Station.                                                       MET SERVICE
                                                                       8:18am    3:42pm    Exeter Road
 8:13am    3:43pm    Manchester Road & Maroondah Highway               8:20am    3:40pm    Bonnie View Road                                                                                                                       VENTURA BORONIA 2
 8:16am    3:41pm    Mooroolbark Heights Secondary College             8:25am               Cnr Dorset & Lincoln Roads (AM ONLY)                                   MET SERVICE
 8:22am    3:37pm    Manchester Road & Sweetland Road                            3:37pm    Hull & Dorset Roads – down Dorset to Golf                                INVICTA 3                                          Times            Bus Stops
 8:25am    3:35pm    Mooroolbark Station (meets 8.23am train)                                  Links Road (PM ONLY)                                             RINGWOOD STATION                                 Morning Afternoon
 8:35am    3:30pm    Billanook College (Ring Road)                               3:35pm    Cnr Hull & Allandale Roads (PM ONLY)                               DEPARTS BILLANOOK 3.15PM                           8:05am      4:25pm     Boronia Station
                                                                       8:30am    3:30pm    Billanook College
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8:10am      4:10pm     Alchester Village Shopping Centre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8:15am      4:05pm     Croydon Hospital, Dorset Road
          Bus from the following suburbs                                                                                                                            MET SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                     INVICTA 4                                   8:25am      3:55pm     Kilsyth Shops, Mt Dandenong Road
   Belgrave South, Belgrave, Kallista, The Patch,
                                                                                                                                                                 LILYDALE STATION                                8:35am      3:45pm     Cnr Montrose and Cambridge Roads
                Monbulk, Mt Evelyn                                              Bus from the following suburbs                                                                                                                          (last stop – pick up students on 688 AM ONLY)
      Times            Bus Stops                                       Kilsyth South, The Basin, Montrose, Mooroolbark                               Times          Bus Stops                                    8:40am      3:40pm     Billanook College
 Morning Afternoon                                                           Times       Bus Stops                                            Morning Afternoon
  7:40am   4:30pm    Fire Station, Berwick Road                        Morning Afternoon                                                      8:15am 3:40pm         Lilydale Railway Station
  7:48am   4:27pm    Mt Morton & Courtney Roads                                                                                               8:30am 3:30pm         Rail Bridge (Hull Road)                                     MET SERVICE
                                                                        8:00am   4:05pm    Pinks Reserve, Liverpool Road
  7:50am   4:25pm    Belgrave South Primary School                                                                                            8:40am 3:20pm         Billanook College
                                                                        8:07am   3:52pm    Augusta Road                                                                                                                VENTURA SASSAFRAS/FERNY CREEK
  7:51am   4:23pm    Bartley Road                                                                                                             Connects with Invicta Bus Service No. 679 arriving at
                                                                        8:11am   3:47pm    Liverpool Road & Chandlers Lane                    Lilydale Railway Station at 8:00am in the mornings and
  7:53am   4:22pm    The Crescent
                                                                        8:15am   3:45pm    Glasgow Road (No. 15, 19 & 34)                     leaving Lilydale Railway Station at 4:10pm in the afternoons.            Times       Bus Stops
  7:55am   4:20pm    Belgrave-Hallam Road
                                                                        8:16am   3:43pm    Sheffield Road (No. 310)                                                                                              Morning Afternoon
  8:00am   4:15pm    Belgrave Railway Station
                                                                        8:20am   3:42pm    Sheffield & Stradbroke Roads
  8:02am   4:00pm    Kallista Shops                                                                                                                             MET SERVICE                                      7:45am 4:10pm          Devils Elbow
                                                                        8:21am   3:40pm    Stradbroke Road Milk Bar
  8:11am   3:53pm    Gleghorn Road                                                                                                                       INVICTA 5 (PM SERVICE ONLY)                             7:50am 4:05pm          Bus Stop between School & Old Main Rds
                                                                        8:22am   3:37pm    Patricia Avenue & Mt Dandenong Road
  8:12am   3:52pm    The Patch Shops                                                                                                                         RINGWOOD STATION                                                           (Beauty Bend Old Road), Ferny Creek
                                                                        8:25am   3:35pm    Cambridge Road & Acacia Avenue
  8:15am   3:50pm    O’Connors Road                                                                                                                                                                              8:00am 3:55pm          Sassafras
  8:20am   3:45pm    Monbulk Shops                                      8:30am   3:30pm    Billanook College
                                                                                                                                                     Times          Bus Stops                                    8:10am 3:50pm          Cuckoo Restaurant, Olinda, then express to
  8:25am   3:35pm    Hawkins Road                                                                                                                  Afternoon                                                     8:25am 3:35pm          Billanook College
  8:30am   3:30pm    Billanook College
                                                                                                                                                    3:40pm          Billanook College
                                                                                Bus from the following suburbs                                      3:45pm          Mooroolbark Railway Station
                                                                                                                                                    3:55pm          Croydon Railway Station
          Bus from the following suburbs                                  Healesville, Yarra Glen, Coldstream, Lilydale                             4:30pm          Ringwood Railway Station                                       MET SERVICE
Ferntree Gully, Upwey, Tecoma, Selby, Menzies Creek,                                                                                                                                                                         VENTURA MONTROSE/OLINDA
                                                                             Times        Bus Stops
   Clematis, Emerald, Monbulk, Silvan, Mt Evelyn                        Morning Afternoon
                                                                                                                                                            MET SERVICE                                               Times        Bus Stops
      Times           Bus Stops                                         7:40am 4:20pm      Beechworth Bakery, cnr Don Road, Healesville       INVICTA 6 “BENDY BUS” (AM SERVICE ONLY)
 Morning Afternoon                                                                                                                                                                                               Morning Afternoon
                                                                                           connects with Bus from Marysville AM & PM)
 7:20am    4:50pm     Cnr Selman Ave & Burwood Hwy (UFTG)               7:46am             Oaks On Maroondah (AM ONLY)                               Times          Bus Stops                                    8:00am      4:15pm     Olinda (Lace Shop)
 7:23am    4:47pm     Cnr Dawson Street & Burwood Highway (UFTG)                 4:15pm    Mobil Service Station (PM ONLY)                          Morning                                                      8:05am      4:10pm     Mt Dandenong Hotel
 7:25am    4:45pm     Bus Stop opposite Upwey Station                   7:48am   4:10pm    Harker Street (Healesville Toyota)                       8:40am          Mooroolbark Railway Station                  8:15am      4:05pm     Kalorama
 7:28am    4:42pm     McNicol Road, Tecoma (just before)                7:51am   4:05pm    Healesville-Yarra Glen Road - roundabout                 8:50pm          Billanook College                            8:25am      3:50pm     Montrose round-a-bout (students to change
 7:35am    4:35pm     Bus Stop opposite Selby Fire Station              7:58am   3:58pm    Tarrawarra Road                                                                                                                              to Boronia 2 bus service leaving at 8:35am)
 7:40am    4:30pm     Cnr Charles Street & Belgrave-Gembrook Road       8:06am   3:50pm    Anzac Avenue, Yarra Glen – Fire Station                                                                                                      Refer to Boronia 2 bus information.
 7:42am    4:28pm     Cnr Nation & Belgrave-Gembrook Rds                8:13am   3:42pm    Cambus Road                                                              MET SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3:40pm     Billanook College
 7:45am    4:25pm     Cnr School & Belgrave-Gembrook Rds                8:15am             Killara Road (AM ONLY)                                                    INVICTA 680
 7:47am    4:23pm     Cnr Wellington & Belgrave-Gembrook Rds                   3:40pm      Coldstream Timber & Hardware (PM ONLY)
                                                                        8:22am 3:35pm      Lilydale Gym, Maroondah Highway, Lilydale                Times           Bus Stops                                   *PM service - will run back down the mountain via Ridge Road
                            (just before corner)                                                                                             Morning Afternoon                                                  set down only).
 7:48am    4:22pm     Bus Stop just past Wellington Road                8:25am 3:30pm      SEC Roundabout, Swansea Road
 7:55am    4:15pm     Emerald-Monbulk Rd at pet shop                    8:35am 3:25pm      Billanook College                                  8:02am 4:00pm         Lilydale Railway Station
 8:00am    4:10pm     Cnr Holman & Emerald-Monbulk Rds (old shop)                                                                             8:08am 3:45pm         Cnr Lakeview Drive & Bella Vista Way
                                                                                                                                                 -   3:57pm         Lilydale Swinburne
 8:03am    4:07pm     Monbulk Secondary College (entrance to school)
 8:04am    4:06pm     Cnr Loch Avenue & David Hill Rd (just before)              Bus from the following suburbs                                8:17am 3:40pm         Billanook College
 8:10am    4:00pm     Telephone box in Main Road, prior to                       Healesville, Coldstream, Lilydale                           (this bus goes via Lilydale Swinburne in the afternoon only)
                           Mitre 10 round-a-bout                                    (via Maroondah Highway)
 8:23am 3:42pm        Mt Evelyn round-a-bout (collects Mt
                          Lilydale students from/to Emerald)                 Times          Bus Stops
 8:30am 3:40pm        Mt Evelyn Christian College (Hawkins Road)       Morning Afternoon                                                                         INVICTA 23
 8:40am 3:30pm        Billanook College                                7:30am    4:25pm    Old Fernshaw & Maroondah Highway                              MONBULK/SILVAN/CLEGG
                                                                       7:35am    4:20pm    Don Road                                                  DOE Bus - Conditions Apply For Usage
         Bus from the following suburbs                                7:40am    4:15pm    Monda Avenue                                            Times        Bus Stops
                                                                       7:45am    4:10pm    Chalet/Badger Creek Roads                          Morning Afternoon
     Rowville, Scoresby, Knox City, Bayswater,                         7:50am    4:00pm    Harker/Ryrie Streets
             Croydon South, Croydon                                                                                                           7:45am     4:00pm     Cnr Old Emerald & Coulsen Roads,
                                                                       7:55am    3:55pm    Airlie Road                                                              Monbulk
       Times       Bus Stops                                           8:05am              Spring Lane (AM ONLY)                              7:55am     3:50pm     Cnr Monbulk & Clegg Roads, Silvan
 Morning Afternoon                                                               3:50pm    Tarrawarra Road (PM ONLY)                          8:05am     3:40pm     St Mary’s Primary School
                                                                       8:15am    3:40pm    Lilydale                                           8:08am     3:37pm     Mt Evelyn Round-a-bout
 7:25am    4:30pm    Sovereign Crest Crescent                          8:30am    3:25pm    Billanook College                                  8:15am     3:25pm     Billanook College
 7:35am    4:20pm    Rosewood Avenue bus shelter
 7:37am    4:14pm    Kelletts Road Roundabout
 7:40am    4:13pm    Kelletts Road & Lawrence Way (traffic lights)            Bus from the following suburbs
 7:50am    4:10pm    Stud & Ferntree Gully Roads                         Vermont, Heathmont, Ringwood East, Kilsyth
 7:58am    4:05pm    Cnr Stud & High Street Roads (BP)
 8:03am    4:00pm    Bus Stop opposite Police Station (Burwood Hwy)         Times           Bus Stops
 8:05am    3:55pm    Burwood Highway & Tyner Street                    Morning Afternoon
 8:10am    3:50pm    Scoresby Road (over railway)                      7:35am    4:30pm     Glen Waverley Station
 8:15am    3:40pm    Mitre 10, Bayswater                               7:50am    4:10pm     Vermont South Shops
 8:20am    3:30pm    Trawalla & Mt Dandenong Roads                     7:55am    4:05pm     Canterbury & Mitcham Roads
 8:23am    3:35pm    Hawthory & Cambridge Roads                        8:00am    4:02pm     Canterbury Road Shops
 8:30am    3:30pm    Mooroolbark Station (meets 8.23am train)          8:02am    4:00pm     Shell Service Station - Heatherdale Road
 8:35am    3:20pm    Billanook College                                 8:05am    3:55pm     Canterbury & Wantirna Roads
                                                                       8:07am    3:53pm     Canterbury Road & Great Ryrie Street
                                                                       8:10am    3:50pm     Heathmont Road Shops near station
         Bus from the following suburbs                                8:11am    3:49pm     Canterbury & Bedford Roads
    Warburton, Yarra Junction, Launching Place,                        8:13am    3:47pm     Hume Street at BP garage
                                                                       8:25am    3:35pm     Kilsyth RSL Club
         Woori Yallock, Seville, Mt Evelyn
                                                                       8:30am    3:30pm     Billanook College
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This information has been printed on 100% recycled waste

       Times        Bus Stops
  Morning Afternoon
  7:46am   4:30pm    Blackwood Avenue, Warburton
  7:47am   4:26pm    Mayer Bridge (The Beach)
  7:48am   4:25pm    Trout Farm
  7:49am   4:24pm    McKenzie King Bridge, Millgrove
  7:52am   4:21pm    Brittania Creek Road, Wesburn
           4:19pm    Lowes Road, Yarra Junction (PM)
  7:56am   4:17pm    Commonwealth Bank (AM) / Hoddle Street (PM)
           4:16pm    Yarra Junction Hardware (occasional PM)
  7:58am   4:15pm    Corduroy Road, Yarra Junction
  8:00am   4:14pm    Launch Store, Launching Place
           4:13pm    Gembrook Road, Launching Place (PM)               FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING TRANSPORT TO THE
  8:03am   4:10pm    Log Cabin (AM) / Braeside Drive (PM)                COLLEGE PLEASE CONTACT TRANSPORT CO-ORDINATOR
  8:05am   4:08pm    Allsops Road (pm occasionally)
           4:07pm    Hillcrest Store (Wed & Thurs PM only)              ON 9724 1102 OR EMAIL
  8:07am   4:06pm    Williams Crescent (AM) / Middleton Drive (PM)
  8:08am   4:05pm    Woori Store, Woori Yallock
  8:09am   4:04pm    Elvian Road, Woori Yallock
  8:13am   4:00pm    Douthie Road, Seville East
  8:15am   3:55pm    Seville Shops (service lane)                      197-199 Cardigan Road Mooroolbark 3138, Victoria
                        *Collects other Billanook bus students
                                                                           Tel: (03) 9725 5388 Fax: (03) 9725 8556

  8:20am 3:50pm      Cnr Wellington Road & Warburton H/way
  8:40am 3:30pm      Billanook College                                        Email:

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