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					      About Us
                                                                 Welcome to
Benalla Christian School is a private, independent,        Benalla Christian School                               Benalla
non-denominational Christian Primary school
operating as a not for profit organization in
                                                                    In association with
Our purpose is to provide high standard
education within a Christian environment,
presenting care for the spiritual welfare of our
                                                      Christian Educational National Ltd.
students as well as their academic development.
All aspects of care and curriculum are measured
                                                                              Contact details
from a Biblical world view and provide an
education which more than adequately meets
Victorian Education Learning Standards within                              21 Sydney Road, Benalla
that framework.                                                          PO Box 590, Benalla Vic. 3672
                                                                            Phone: 03 5762 4476
Children enjoy the stimulation this approach                                  Fax: 03 5762 7564
offers, and parents enjoy the security of their                           Email:

child’s total welfare within this environment.

                                                            Principal:          Mr. John Weber

                                                       Teaching Staff:          Mr. John Weber
                                                                                Mrs. Joy Weber

                                                       School Hours:            Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:15pm

                                                        Board Chair:            Mrs. Anne Longmuir                   Discipline and
                                                                                Phone: 57 62 6830
                                                           Secretary:           Mr. Jeff Knight
                                                                                Phone: 57 62 5429

                                                              Bursar:           Mr. Geoff Forman
                                                                                Phone: 57 66 6238                  A Christian education
                                                                                                                      for your child
              Discipline Policy                                                                                            Behaviour
                                                     Discipline includes:

Discipline is part of the means whereby a child’s    • Reward - to encourage and improve
life and development are ordered and guided          • Punishment - to correct and restore              The underlying principles which govern order
purposefully by both parents and teachers.                                                              in society are these:
Benalla Christian School relies on a Biblical
                                                     Disciplinary measures used may include:             •   Creation is orderly for God made it that
perspective of order within relationships to
determine what is appropriate in matters of          • Instruction, example and encouragement,           •   God is the ultimate authority. All human
disorder and subsequent discipline. The school          personal counsel                                     authority is God-given
has a positive behaviour discipline policy, and                                                          •   Our responsibility before God therefore
                                                     • Detention, family conference, suspension
does not practice corporal punishment                                                                        includes obedience to those placed in
                                                                                                             authority over us
Aims of the School’s Discipline Policy               All discipline procedures must be carried out in    •   In the school, the teacher has the authority
                                                     the spirit of love and concern for the child so         to lead by example and to direct; the child
                                                                                                             has the responsibility to learn
                                                     that forgiveness, restitution and reconciliation
• To ensure teaching of right and wrong                                                                  •   All individuals are valued and treated with
                                                     may follow.
• To develop a balanced personality and
  character                                          Students will be encouraged to be:                 The School aims to ensure that the
• To encourage self discipline and Christian goals   • Polite and courteous to everyone at all times    environment it provides is a safe and happy
                                                                                                        place for children to work, learn and play.
• Learning to accept responsibility for one’s own    • Well-spoken, not using coarse or aggressive      To this end, there is a set of negotiated
  actions                                               language                                        classroom rules and consequences operating
• Fostering a caring attitude towards others and
                                                                                                        during class time, and a general list of school
                                                     • Generous to share what God has given them
                                                                                                        rules to be followed at all times.
  the world around us
                                                     • Respectful of the property of others             Bullying in any form is not acceptable
                                                                                                        behaviour and will not be tolerated.
                                                     • Sensitive to the needs of others
                                                                                                        Parents are asked to work with the School
                                                                                                        in its efforts to maintain a positive teaching
                                                                                                        and learning environment.

                                                                                                             The above points are taken from The School’s
                                                                                                             Behavioural Management and Welfare Policy.

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