DOUBLE UPLIFT PLAYLIST
                                                             Stand Oktober 2006
 '39                                 Queen
Annies Song                          John Denver
Basket Case                          Green Day
Behind blue eyes                     The Who
Believer                             Monkeys
Boulevard of broken dreams           Green Day
Breakfast at Tiffanys                Deep blue Something
Brown eyed girl                      Van Morrison
Californication                      Red Hot Chili Peppers
Cats in the cradle                   Ugly Kid Joe
Come together                        Beatles
Creep                                Radiohead
Dead and Gone                        Gallagher
Disarm                               Smashing Pumpkins
Easy                                 Faith no more
Emily                                Green, Adam
Every me, every you                  Placebo
Fire                                 Hendrix, Jimi
Fire Water Burn                      Bloodhound Gang
Good people                          Jack Johnson
Good Riddance                        Green Day
Groove Machine                       Kings X
Here comes the sun                   Beatles
Hide your love away                  Beatles
I will survive                       Cake
Jailbird                             Primal Scream
Keep on rocking in a free world      Young, Neil
Learn to Fly                         Foo Fighters
Looking out my backdoor              CCR
Loser                                3 Doors down
Losing my religion                   R.E.M.
My Generation                        The Who
Never rains in Southern California   Hammond, Albert
Nothing ever happens                 Del Amitri
One                                  Cash, Johnny
Otherside                            Red Hot Chili Peppers
Plush                          Stone Temple Pilots
Save tonight                   Eagle Eye Cherry
Science Fiction                OST: RHPS
Should I stay or should I go   The Clash
Sitting wishing waiting        Jack Johnson
Something                      Beatles
Song 2                         Blur
Sweet Child on Mine            Guns'n'Roses
Sweet Transvestite             OST: RHPS
Sympathy for the devil         Rolling Stones
Times like these               Foo Fighters
Unknown Stuntman               Mayors, Lee
What I Got                     Sublime
Wish you were here             Pink Floyd
Wonderful tonight              Eric Clapton
Wonderwall                     Oasis
Ziggy Star-Dust                Bowie, David

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