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                                        Clare Meehan
                     Ht: 5’9”, Wt: 147 lbs, Hair: Brunette, Eyes: Army Green
                     Nominated for Best Performance, LA Weekly Theatre Awards 2007!

                                   “Meehan’s performance steals the show…”
                                                                          -Backstage West

What Would Gandalf Do?              Lead                                 Hungry Pictures
Pre-Shrunk                          Featured                             Hungry Pictures
Scrap the Robot Boxer               Lead                                 Light Behind Shadow Production
Rattled                             Supporting                           Dir. Chris Ridenhour
The Stuntman                        Supporting                           Dir. Brian Larsen
Voices                              Lead                                 Hungry Pictures
Holding Out                         Supporting                           Dir. Nathan Schemel

CSUN Close Up                       Host                                 CNN & Cal State Project
Dining With Decorum                 Supporting                           Bapudi Productions

Uncle Vanya                         Sonya                                Theater Unlimited Studios
Cyrano de Bergerac                  Lise/Sister Claire                   Long Beach Shakespeare
Antony and Cleopatra                Charmian                             Long Beach Shakespeare
The LA Weekly Loves Us!             Brenda                               Whitmore-Lindley Theatre
Two Rooms                           Ellen Van Oss                        The Sidewalk Studio
The Interview                       Jackie Martin                        The Sidewalk Studio
Strangers on a Subway               Mara                                 Theater Unlimited Studios
Bash (Medea Redux)                  Woman                                The Sidewalk Studio
A Lie of the Mind                   Beth                                 The Sidewalk Studio
Baby With The Bathwater             Helen                                The Sidewalk Studio
Curse of the Starving Class         Emma                                 The Players Space
Into The Woods                      The Witch                            Campus Theatre, CSUN
Cymbeline                           Imogen                               Studio Theatre, CSUN

List available upon request

Opening act for country singer Tracy Lawrence                           Colorado Springs, CO
Christmas in July concert with Amy Grant                                Denver, CO

University of Colorado, Denver                                          B.A., English Literature
California State University, Northridge                                 Theatre
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley                                Musical Theatre

Jazz, Ballet, Irish and Belly dance/ Voice: Bill McCrary, David Sannerud/ Acting: Vance Fulkerson, Tom McNally/
Acting for the Camera: Lillian Lehmann/ Shakespeare: Linda De Vries/ Piano: Rita Coakley/ 3KO Broadway
Theatre Company member/ Long Beach Shakespeare Company member

Special Skills:
I dance well, sing even better, and can paint with the best of ‘em. I also speak basic French, am Snow-White-like
with children and animals, can smoke a cigarette like a pro, and am skilled at dialects (Irish, Scottish, English
(standard), English (Cockney), French, Russian, Oklahoma, North Dakota, New York).

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