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					Christophe Van Molle
Pilorijnstraat 30
9000 Gent

b-boy name: Mister Free alias Killer – TnT
stuntman name : Dragon Blanc

Info: www.monsieurfree .com
      +32(0) 475 334 450

Diploma:              gymnastics master
                      Sport monitor

Rijbewijs:          B- A3
B-boyin’start: 1990

B-boying development and promotion:
          In Belgium

           •   First in Brussels, then Antwerp and then spread out to Leuven and Wallonie
               (RixenSart, Genval, Ottignies, Wavre, Namur) and Ardenne (Marche, Marche
               en Famenne).
               The regions of Gent, later West Flanders (Kortrijk, Roeselaere) and the Coast
               ( Brugge, Oostende, Blankeberge, De Panne, Veurne, Knokke), then Limburg
               (Overpelt, Neerpelt, Mol)

           In Europe
           • Luxembourg (Luembourg Ville), Holland (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht,
               Weert), France ( Paris, Lille, Roubaix, Biaritz), Germany (Köln, Düsseldorf),
               and Italy (Roverto September ’98), Austria

           •   Made his contribution to the recognition of breakdance as a complete discipline
               and confrontated breakdance to various surrounding disciplines:
           o   The academy of Circus in Brussels and in Louvain la Neuve “l’ Ecole sans
           o   The world of theatre: First Belgian Theatre project with breakdance.
           o   TV showcases, Commercials, Movies.
           o   Discotheques.
           o   Dance Academy: @ Lier
           o   Dance Skool

           •   In workshops for :
                   o Belgian Hip Hop Alliance
       o   CC Berchem
       o   HushHushHush vr vzw
       o   Studio Vibe
       o   Fête de l’Iris mei 2001@ Brussels
       o   The Dance Factory
       o   Danzas
       o   Bang Gang Dance Compagny
       o   Moss (Leuven)
       o   Bobo in paradise (Antwerp)
       o   Daza
       o   Skool of Hip Hop (Pianofabriek, Bxl)
       o   Fantast
       o   CC Westrand

•   In courses for:
        o Studio Vibe
        o The Dance Factory (2000, 2001, 2002)
        o Daza (2002-2003)
        o Oaze
        o Skate Park 115@ St Niklaas (2000, 2001, 2002)
        o Fantast 2003 - 2004
        o Smached 2003

•   Active b-boying courses:
       o Pianofabriek for Skool of Hip Hop
       o weekly open b-boy session (2002, 2003, 2004)

•   B-boying Battle:
       o France (Break Arena Grigny 2004), Zwitserland, Germany, Norway,
          Nederland, U.K., Spain, Luxembourg, Hongary.

•   As Jury:
       o Floor Burnin’crew’s Selection Holland @ Weert
       o Battle of Honour 2003-03.04.2004 @Mechelen
       o Belgium’s National Battle of the Year15.05.2004 @ Bxl
       o Only Style Battle 29/05/2004 @ Antwerp
•   Dancer in:
       ß IPSO Facto Mad (with live band) showin’1990- ’93; now known as La
       ß La Secte concours Emergenza 2002@Botanique te Brussels (second
       ß L’Orginal featuring Daddy K _ NBS (Tv & Showcases)
       ß Namur Break Sensation
       ß Bang Gang Dance Company: from 1994 _ 2004:
           Promotion shows:
               • autosalon: Nissan
               • Zino en Judith
               • O’Neill
                       • Q8
                       • Spar
                       • Truck & Co
                       • Sprite Ice Cube
                       • ING
                ß   Crazy Force Crew Belgium ( Saho - Lambada - Free - Nice)
                ß   Skool showcase 2000

                ß   Studio Vibe: showcase My House is Funk@ Mirano, Brussels
                ß   HushHushHush:
                        • Carte Blanche
                        • Tupac
                ß   Pop in Wonderland
                ß   Abn showin’ 1997-98
                ß   Showin 2002 – 2003 + videoclip
                                                   - Tox 2002
                                                   - Laat Los 2003
                                                   - Tweezaamheid 2004
                ß   T- Spoon
                ß   Yves De Ruyter      TMF – Awards 2000
                ß   TDF Crew

                ß   DaBoyTommy       TMF- Awards 2001-2002 (Best Live Act)
                ß   Dj DaRick #1 Ultra Top singles Donna Ketnet, april 2000
                              Candyman. (Halloween, Coneldra)

                ß   D&D
                ß   Harobikes             SPIRIT- team
                ß   Sergeant Pepper
                ß   City Parade 2004
                ß   No Comment
                ß   La Mifa
                ß   Viktor Volta
                ß   Leki #1 r’n’b star Tour 2004

All Belgian Hip Hop Alliance Showcases from1994 to 1998
(conducted by Wise (Les Anciens) Antwerpen)

All No Comment showcases:
               ß La Secte for Emergenza 2002 (2nd Place)
               ß Education Hip Hop Festival@Recyclart 29.06.2002
                ß Montal Jordan (avant premiere) @ the Lamborgini 11.07.003
               ß TQ (avant premiere)@ Vijf voor Twaalf 2003
               ß Ten Days R’n’B Partytime@ 5 voor Twaalf 21.06.2003 + Gentse
                  Feesten 2003
                 ß   Summer Jamz Oostende ‘03
                 ß   R’n’B Shadow Bxl ‘03
                 ß   Push a Fire (raga) a Shok Out Production Lion I 23.10.2003
                 ß   ABN : showin’: 2002-2003 + videoclip ‘Laat Los’
                 ß   DaBoyTommy feat. DaRick: Final showcase @aarschot 2002
                 ß   Een lege brug, st Niklaas productie 2003
                 ß   Numbers (Café Local): New collection @ Antwerpen
                 ß   100% Hip Hop @ A’pen 20.9.2003
                 ß   Hangaar, 8 days of subculture February 2004 @ Ternat
                 ß   Belgium ‘s National Ropeskipping championship 2004 @ Oudenaarde
                 ß   Culture Club BoomBoomBoom Rooms @ Gent

All La Mifa showcases:
                 ß Capoeira versus breakdance. National Capoeira championship 2003
                 ß Belgium versus Amsterdam@ Paradiso Amsterdam
                 ß Freestyle Session 2004 (3th place)
                 ß Festival de danses Urbaines @CC Jacques Franck 20.05.2004
                 ß Only Style Battle 29.05.2004 @ Antwerp

                 •   DaBoyTommy featuring DaRick- Sergeant Pepper – D&D
                 •   Drive by Shooter ( Get up Aah! + Topy Single Big Brother)
                 •   The Dance Factory
                 •   No Comment
                 •   Urban theatre Mc Beth productie2004 – 2005
                 •   Crazy Alliance Crew Battle of the Year Belgium 2004

Dance theatre:
                 •   Winner: Festival du Mouvement ( improvisatie straat-theater) 1997
                 •   First Hip Hop Theatre: HushHushHush “Carte Blanche” supported by
                     Alain Platel + 2 Pac
                 •   Solo performance Kortrijk ( Dance Factory) “Paprika”
                 •   ‘Een lege brug’ St Niklaas 2003
                 •   Urban Dance Theatre Mc Beth 2004- 2005
                 •   J’Entend Pleurer Les Anciens. Mike Alvarez 2004 - 2005

                 •   Abeltje ( Dance Figurant)
                 •   X Body Talk Promotion showin’ and photo publicité
                 •   Proximus Tv spot
                 •   Ultimate contest Tv Spot Jim tv

                 •   Sprite Ice Cube ( debuut campaign)’03 Gent ICC
                 •   Funbox Showcases: Bike Devil featuring Mr. Free b-boy in ‘02

               Basic technics:
                          • Circus
                          • Capoeira
                          • Magic
                          • BMX: ( Vert – Funbox – Flatland)
                          • In Line ( Vert – Funbox)
                          • Acrobatics
                          • Gymnastics ( mini-trampoline, trampoline)
                          • Stunts
Active in X-treme sports:
                  • Bungy (- Zwitserland: the 007- jump 220m
                               - Scheveningen Holland - 60m above the sea)
                  • High diving
                  • Parachute ( formation project)
                  • Death Ride

                 ÿ      Freestyle Family
                 ÿ      No Comment
                 ÿ      No Comment vzw
                 ÿ      InDaHouz
                 ÿ      La Mifa

                 ÿ      No Comment
                 ÿ      La Mifa
                 ÿ      B-boyin’ in The Skool of Hip Hop (project pianofabriek)
                 ÿ      B-boyin’ open session @ Brussels Pianofabriek
                 ÿ      B-boyin’ Dansfabriek @ Brussels (project HushHushHush)

Coördinator b-boyin’:
                            ÿ   Belgian Hip Hop Alliance
                            ÿ   Zulu Nation
                            ÿ   Zoom Zoom Zen events
                            ÿ   Only Style Battle First edition
                            ÿ   For 2005 Brugge_ September 2 Days of Hip Hop

No Comment vzw statuut:
                      ÿ Director
                      ÿ Finances

                 ÿ NoComment vzw activities:
                      o Booking IDH, No Comment, La Mifa
                      o bungy, parachute, rafting, 8- track
                 ÿ InDaHouz_events
                      ß Part I: InDaHouz The Party!! @ St Niklaas
                      ß Part II: National Belgium B-boying Battle ‘04 for girls @ Gent
                      ß Part III: National Belgium B-boying Battle ‘04 for boys @ Gent
                      ß Part IV: International B- boyin’ Battle ’05 for girls @ Gent
                      ß Part V: International B- boyin’ Battle ’05 for boys @ Brugge

                 ÿ No Comment showing + battle 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004
                 ÿ La Mifa showing + battle 2003-2004
                 ÿ Freestyle Family: concept of mr. Free with solodancers
                                                _#1, Dusseldorf (danshous)
                                                _#2, Kortrijk ( stadsschouwburg)
                                                _#3, Kortrijk Pottelberg
                   °2004New Concept: Mr. Free featuring Les Anciens

Co- organisator:   “I love Skool” party (Pottelberg te Kortrijk) featuring Stylee, The
                   Dance Factory 30.03.2001

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