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Automatic Bi-fold Gates


Automatic Bi-fold Gates

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									Automatic Bi-fold Gates

   Fast opening & closing

          Quiet operation

            Space saving
                                Automatic Bi-fold Gates

Leda-Vannaclip is Australia’s largest manufacturer of           Features
perimeter security and access control products. The new
                                                                •    High Speed – reduces delays on entering and leaving
high speed Bi-fold Gate is a recent innovation and designed
                                                                •    100% Duty Cycle – for continuous operation
to provide secure access control.
                                                                •    Security – superior to boom gates and roller shutters
Quick opening and closing speeds allow the gates to operate     •    Space – racks within its own confines
in high-traffic applications while providing the security of
a perimeter gate. Relatively new to Australia, these new        Applications
access control gates can be tailored to suit various widths     Automatic bi-fold gates – the ideal access control choice for:
and heights. They are designed to meet all relevant OH&S        • Apartment Buildings
requirements and are fitted with photoelectric (PE) beams        • Car Parks
and safety bump strips as required.
                                                                • Commercial Buildings
They provide a higher level of security than boom gates and     • Shopping Malls
are much faster than traditional roller shutter doors. When     • Industrial Sites
not in use they completely secure the entry/exit access point
to all vehicle and pedestrian intruders. They can also be
controlled by all major access control systems.

Australian Manufacture
Bi-fold Gates are manufactured Leda-Vannaclip’s Tuggerah,
NSW plant and distributed and installed through our state
branch offices. The steel gates are treated with corrosion
protection before being electrostatically painted in a range
of colours. A choice of infill options (pickets / mesh / steel       Square Pickets
plate) is available to suit the site application.
                                                                                      Infill Options
Models are available from manual to fully automated (high
speed) capable of handling continuous traffic flow from busy
car parks and apartment buildings to shopping malls.
Leda-Vannaclip will be happy to conduct a site survey and
audit to assist in selecting the correct gate and options for
your project. Full working drawings will be provided prior
to manufacture and installation.

Drive Motors                                                                          Photo electric beams
Drive motors and electronic controllers can be accessed
easily and quickly for servicing and repairs conducted by            Steel Plate
Securacare technicians. Gates can be supplied with either                                               Safety bump strips
overhead or sub-surface track mount.

Installation and commissioning can be carried out quickly and
with minimum interruption, by Leda-Vannaclip technicians.
                                                                                     Induction loops
Service & Maintenance
                                                                                                                                 Single or double
Once installed, Leda-Vannaclip will ensure your Bi-fold                                       Vehicle                        card reader bollards
Gate is serviced, maintained and operational providing an                                    Movement
extended working life.

                            Bi-fold Gates                                                       Roller Shutters

                                      Automatic Bi-fold Gates

Safety & Security                                                    Typical Configurations
Our Bi-fold Gates have been designed with safety and                            & Options
security as a high priority. They are also engineered for
toughness and robustness and have been thoroughly tested
to withstand intensive and continual use.
Traffic Lights are installed as standard equipment to
minimise potential accidents. They provide a positve signal
when to proceed or stop – important for drivers unfamiliaer
with the site or how the gates operate.                                         Overhead Track
                                                                                Securamesh infill
Standard & Custom Sizes                                                         Most economical and fastest model to install
Gates are tailored to suit site restraints and openings.
While most are designed for single lane operations, they can
be manufactured up to 6m in height and width to cater for
large commercial and industrial applications.
Features & Options

                    powder coated finish

                               Drive Options
                               Overhead Track – Generally more                                 Overhead Track
                               suitable in high use applications                               Square Pickets infill
                               or faster operating speeds.                                     Freestanding large unit
                               Bottom Track – Gates require an
                               in-ground track for positive travel

                               CCTV remote operation
                               Strobe warning light

                               Traffic light control

                                   Easily accessible
                                   drive motors                                 Bottom Track
                                   and electronics                              Steel Plate infill
                                                                                Allows unlimited height accessill

Manual Bi-fold Option
Automatic operation may not be required
on all sites particularly where operation
might be occasional (few openings per day).
tailor-made gates to suit site requirements.
                                                                                Securamesh infill
                                                                     T he L e da - Va n na c l i p Ad v a nt a ge

                                                                                                                                                Ongoing research and
                                 Specification                                                                                                  development provides the
                                 At the early stages                                                                                            products and technical
                                 of any project,                                                                                                advice needed for real
                                 Leda-Vannaclip can provide                                                                                     security solutions. Products
                                 advice and engineering                                                                                         are 3D modelled, and
                                 documentation.                                                                                                 drawn for installation when
                                                                                                                                                required. Shop drawings
                                                                                                                                                are submitted for approval
                                                                                                                                                prior to manufacturing.
                                                              Service is a critical component to the long-term
                                                              operations of all Leda-Vannaclip equipment.
                                                              Preventative maintenance programs are                                                                              Manufacturing
                                                              available to ensure all products continue to                                                                       Leda-Vannaclip has extensive
                                                              perform reliably and efficiently.                                                                                  manufacturing facilities in both
                                                                                                                                                                                 NSW and Victoria, using
                                                                                                                                                                                 Manufacturing Resource Planning –
                                                                                                                                                                                 an effective QA system.
                                                                      Installation                                                                                               Leda-Vannaclip manufactures what
                                                                      The construction industry is learning
                                                                                                                                                                                 is sold – unique in the security
                                                                      the benefit of suppliers able to project
                                                                                                                                                                                 industry for many products.
                                                                      manage as it is more critical than price.
                                                                                        Incompetent sub
                                                                                        contractors will end up
                                                                                        requiring more
                                                                                        management which wipes
                                                                                        out any perceived price
                                                                                        advantage. Having
                                                                                        Leda-Vannaclip install
                                                                                        ensures that there are no
                                                                                        excuses for poor

                          For further information on Leda-Vannaclip products refer to the specific publication or visit

                                                                                           email                                      phone 1300 780 450

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