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The new Vario calf feeder fulfils all your demands towards modern calf
management. It grows together with your farm and your success.

                          Vario, the absolute top model,
                          is more powerful, more flexi-
                                                                PC                 CAN
                          ble and easy to use than you
                                                                               net                         Vario
                          ever might have imagined.
                          Each Vario can be configured
                                                                                                                             3rd and 4th
                                                                                                                           feeding station
                          according to your wishes.
                          Equipped with the proven and
                          partly improved heavy-duty                   Half-body         fever measuring     Concentrate
                                                                        scales             system (AFS)        feeder
                                                             400 m
                          components from Förster-
                          Technik, Vario will reliably      Easy connection thanks to CAN-Bus.

                          provide up to 80 calves with      The new electronic control                plete feeding and manage-
                          feed for many years. Your         concept makes out the most                ment system with nearly unli-
The higher your demands   Vario leaves nothing to chance.   of your Vario.                            mited potential.
the better Vario.
                          One example: The IQ-heater        The potential connection of
                          controls the boiler temperature   additional feeding stations,
                          according to the temperature      concentrate feeders and much
                          in the mixer jar.                 more makes Vario a com-


Vario takes advantage of the automatic calf feeders from Förster-Technik.
It is able to carry out automatically as much tasks as possible. Your calves
always take centre stage and get everything they need for healthy growth,
individually and reliably, every day.

The combination                Designed for reliability.       The milk pump in the Combi       Cleaning – that’s mere
makes the hit.                 All key-components are manu-    version is made of stainless     child’s play.
Preserve the proven and im-    factured in our factory in      steel and withstands the most    All milk supplying parts are
prove by new ideas: Vario      “heavy-duty” quality, thus      extreme permanent strains.       designed to minimize fouling.
combines solid, field-tested   ensuring that your Vario will   The heat exchangers of the       Moreover, you may choose
technology with premium        reliably work in any circum-    Combi models consume little      from various cleaning and
mechanical components and      stance, each day anew. All      electric power but provide ma-   rinsing programs. The auto-
new electronics. This makes    motors, e.g. for mixer and      ximum performance.               matic circulation cleaning is
Vario the probably best calf   powder dosing, are designed                                      available for the heat ex-
feeding system one can get.    for a long service life.                                         changers. The improved box
                                                                                                valves are integrated in the
                                                                                                cleaning process. The optional
                                                                                                compressed-air cleaning in-
                                                                                                creases the cleaning efficiency
                                                                                                environment-friendly without
                                                                                                cleansing agents. All that
                                                               Durable milk pump.               makes your calves grow heal-
                                                                                                thy under optimum hygiene
Intelligent feed preparation.             Particularly comfortable for your
Vario brings forward many                 calves in winter in case of out-
new ideas, thus making your               door housing systems: if no
calves’ feeding even more                 calf visits the feeding station
accurate and hygienic. Thanks             for a longer time, the first
to the IQ-heating control                 portion will be prepared at a
Vario always prepares the feed            higher water temperature,
at the optimum temperature                thus being pleasingly warm.
in the mixer jar. In addition,            Thanks to flexible portion sizes
this system takes ambient                 of 250 to 500 ml the animals
temperature and milk powder               always get the feed quantity
temperature into account.                 and mixture they need in that
                                          precise moment, thus achie-
                                          ving the best development.
                                          Thanks to the manual training
                                          pump also new calves rapid-
                                          ly learn where the milk is.
                                          Vario facilitates targeted fee-
IQ-temperature sensor in the mixer jar.   ding of your bull calves and
These temperatures may fluc-              heifers via up to four different
tuate considerably depending              feeding groups for rearing as
on the seasons and the storage            well as for fattening purposes.
conditions.                               Each group has its own fee-
                                          ding plan with animal-specific
                                          feed quantities and feeding
                                          days, as well as plans for varia-
                                          ble milk powder concentrati-
                                          ons and milk ratios.

       Use tomorrow’s calf feeder –   You keep everything in your
       today.                         hand and at the same time
       The new generation of calf     throw a glance at your calves.
       feeders from Förster-Technik   Check and mark the animals
       is equipped with the user-     and directly key in all im-
       friendly hand-held terminal.   portant data. The logic menu
                                      structure facilitates easy and
                                                                       Your virtual calf barn: NetTerminal
                                      quick operation. A PC can
                                      be connected, too.
                                      You establish the connection
                                      via Ethernet and even wireless
                                      on a PDA via WLAN, if desired.
                                      The powerful 32-bit micropro-
                                      cessor with simple flash-up-
                                                                       Helps you survey calves’ growth:
                                      dates is always up-to-date –     KalbManagerWIN

                                      nothing will unhinge you.

       Vario: always be connected.
Best connections for                as soon as concentrate intake
optimum growth.                     achieves a specific threshold
Choose the adequate acces-          value, such as e.g. 1 kg per
sories to turn your calf feeder     day, the feed quantity is auto-
into a complete feeding and         matically reduced.
management system meeting                         Concentrate
                                    End value
the highest requirements.
Vario allows you to connect         Start value

accessories and peripheral
devices more easily via CAN-
Bus and to utilize them more
efficiently. For instance you can
connect Vario to the concen-
trate feeders from Förster-
Technik, thus benefitting from
all advantages of concentrate-
                                    Schematic diagram of concentrate-
dependent weaning: preven-          dependent feeding.

tion of excessive milk powder       Vario, most likely the best calf
consumption       and    earlier    feeding system in the world,
conversion to low-priced feed.      gives you everything you need
It goes without saying that all     for a successful future. Better
that is animal-specific and         by design.
saves you from additional
checking and programming:
   A U T O M AT I C C A L F F E E D E R VA R I O

Technical data
General data                                                      Options and accessories

   Powder hopper capacity          approx. 35 kg                    Stainless steel finish
   Heating capacity                5,0 kW (400 V)                   2 to 4 feeding stations
   Electrical connection           400V/3/N/PE/50HZ;16A             Precision dispenser for powder additives with 4 kg
   Feed preparation                max. 2.5 to 3 L/min              storage capacity
   Feeding stations                max. 4                           Dosing pump for liquid additives
   Number of rearing calves        max. 30 per feeding station      Servo control for distant feeding stations
                                   (a total of max. 80 animals)     Gradient control (in case of difference in elevation between
                                                                    automatic feeder and feeding station)
Feeder types                                                        Electronic vapor screen for milk and powder additive outlet
                                                                    Large fly protection. Can be mounted together with
   Milk powder feeder                                               precision dispenser or dosing pump.
   Fresh milk feeder                                                Profi kit for Combi and Fresh milk, consisting of:
   Combi feeder                                                     - Fully automatic heat exchanger and valve cleaning with
                                                                      detergent dosing pump
Standard equipment
                                                                    - Stainless steel milk pump 250 W
   IQ-heating control                                               Detergent dosing pump for Powder Water feeders
   Manual training pump to easily train the calves.                 Pulsating compressed-air cleaning
   It can be operated from the feeding station.                     Powder hopper top section with 50 kg storage capacity
   Stop valve for feeding station
   Mixer draining valve
                                                                  Extension facilities
   Heat exchanger with separate heating circuits with
   circulation pump (with Combi and Fresh milk feeders)             Concentrate feeders
   Stainless steel milk pump 120 W for Combi and                    PC-program „NetTerminal PC“
   Fresh milk feeders                                               PC-program „KalbManagerWIN“
   Hand-held terminal with 8-row display                            PDA-program „NetTerminal PDA“
                                                                    CAN-Ethernet gateway from Förster-Technik

                                                                  Compatible with:

                                                                                                                                         Specifications are subject to change without prior notice (12/07)
                                                                    Automatic fever measuring system (AFS)
                                                                    Half-body scales

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