Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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					                                                                                                          Melbourne Education Group Pty Ltd
                                                                  Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
                                                                                                       *use this form for DIPLOMA courses only

    Please print CLEARLY in black ink using BLOCK LETTERS. Please submit forms by post to Melbourne Education Group, PO Box 12302 A'Beckett
    Street, Post Office, Melbourne, VIC, 8006 Australia. Telephone (61 + 3) 8327 2600 Facsimile (61 + 3) 8327 2699 Email:

    Family Name/Surname                                                                    Given Names                                          Preferred Name                 Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms)

    Gender (M/F)                                    Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) Citizenship                                                                 Country of Birth

    Correspondance Address                                                                                                      Permanent Address

    Telephone Number                                                              Fax Number                                   Telephone Number                             Fax Number

     Email Address

    Is English your first language?                                                YES             NO                If no what is your first language

    Have you completed a test of English Proficiency in the last 2 years?                                                             YES        NO

    If "yes", please indicate date taken and test

           Date Take (dd/mm/yy)                                                            English Test Name                            Results (if known)       IELTS Test Report Form Number

    If you answered ‘No’ to all of the above English language proficiency questions, you must sit an approved English test and advise results before an
    Offer of Admission can be made. NB. Australian visa regulations require all applicants from specified countries to sit an IELTS test if they have
    not undertaken an IELTS test in the 2 years prior to visa application.

    Please ensure that you have reviewed the subject / units of competency of the qualification you are applying for RPL. Your application must include
    evidence to support your application as outlined below. You must attach certified copies of all official documents

                       1. Previous Formal or Informal Study or Training                                                                     Supporting Evidence
                        - Details of educational institution / training provider                                                             - Certificates of Qualification
                        - Types of study / training undertaken                                                                               - Course certificates
                        - Details of content of study / training                                                                             - Academic statements & transcripts
                        - How study /training supports RPL application                                                                       - Course awards

                       2. Previous Work Experience                                                                                          Supporting Evidence
                        - Details of employer & work undertaken                                                                              - Resume / CV
                        - Experience & achievements                                                                                          - Job / position description
                        - How work experience supports RPL application                                                                       - Sample of work completed
                        - Type of position held & duties                                                                                     - Letters from employer
                                                                                                                                            Supporting Evidence
                       3. Previous Life Experience                                                                                           - Resume / CV
                        - Details of experience                                                                                              - References
                        - How life experience supports RPL application                                                                       - Awards
                        - Community, sport, travel, school etc.                                                                              - Letters of reference

    I declare that the information supplied by me on this form is true and correct in every particular. I acknowledge that Melbourne Education Group reserves the right to
    vary or reverse any decision regarding admission made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information. I authorise Melbourne Education Group to obtain from
    other educational institutions and relevant authorities details of my enrolment, academic record, examination results and bond status. I also authorise Melbourne
    Education Group to obtain confirmation of my employment history from past employers.

     Applicant Signature                                                                                                               Date (dd/mm/yy)
MA403 Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Issue 7 16/04/2008 Page 1 of 2     CRICOS Provider Numbers: 02810E
    What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit?
    The underlying principle for RPL or credit is that no student should be required to undertake a subject/unit in a course
    where they are able to already demonstrate satisfactory achievement (competency).

    Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process that                                                                    Supplementary Evidence
    acknowledges what you have learned from:                                                                                 You may also be required to provide supplementary
                                                                                                                             evidence such as:
       - Previous formal or informal training;                                                                                - Answers to written or oral questions;
       - Work experience; and                                                                                                 - Samples of previous work or projects; and
       - Life experience.                                                                                                     - Practical demonstrations

    As a candidate you may already have the necessary                                                                        RPL Decisions
    knowledge or skills required to achieve some or all parts                                                                You should be informed of your RPL outcome
    of a qualification. RPL applies to all vocational training                                                               within 4 weeks of submitting your application.
    such as diploma and advanced diploma programs.                                                                           (subject to interviews / further evidence requirements)

    If you are seeking exemptions or credit transfer for                                                                     RPL Notification
    higher education such as bachelor programs                                                                               Notification is made in writing by Student Administration.
    please refer to our Advanced Standing Application Form.
                                                                                                                             RPL Appeals
    Advantages                                                                                                               You have the right to appeal any unsuccessful RPL
    If you are successful with an RPL application you may:                                                                   application. If you wish to appeal any decision please
      - Reduce your study load;                                                                                              contact the course coordinator for further details on
      - Finish your course earlier; or                                                                                       appeal procedures.
      - Increase your study load with additional subjects/
       competencies leading to further qualifications.                                                                       RPL Fees & Charges
                                                                                                                             RPL fees are non-refundable so it is important that
    Making an Application                                                                                                    you fully evaluate your chances of recognition.
    1. Collect course information and review the qualification and                                                           Please ensure that you fully review the subject or unit
       units of study.                                                                                                       of competency requirements prior to making your
                                                                                                                             application and lodging the assessment fee of AUD $350.
    2. Gather evidence to support your application
       (see RPL checklist - evidence)
                                                                                                                             More Information
    3. Prepare your evidence portfolio with certified copies of
       original documents attached - keep your originals.                                                                    Phone: (61 + 3) 8327 2600

    4. Lodge your application along with your evidence portfolio +                                                           Website:
       AUD $350 with MEG - Student Administration
    5. Complete your application form listing the subject / units of
       competency you are applying for RPL

    Evidence Review
    Your application and evidence portfolio will be
     reviewed by an accredited assessor to determine
    your RPL entitlements.

    You may be required to attend an RPL interview.
    During this interview you may be asked for further
    evidence in support of your application and provide
    original documents.

MA403 Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Issue 7 16/04/2008 Page 2 of 2   CRICOS Provider Numbers: 02810E
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