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					                                                                               Volume 2, Issue 2

                                       Volume 2, Issue 2                       June, 2009

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Inside this issue:                     Thanks to all who               The market has softened but    an increased marketing focus
                                       contributed to this 4th         we are expecting to see an     and the refinement of our
View From The Top             1
                                       edition of SubScribe. The       upturn in the first half of    QHSE systems to a standard
                                       content once again reflects     next year to the levels we     that exceeds industry
Technical Department 1
                                       the incredible commitment       have seen previously and are   expectations.
                                       our employees have to           working towards securing
Office Roundup                2                                                                       I hope you enjoy this edition
                                       product and service             the opportunities that
                                       excellence at NCS SubSea.       present themselves through     Wayne Anderson
Events                        2

QHSE                          4
                                       Technical Department
                                       The technical department        positioning systems, and our   the acquisition of a portable
Human Resources               4
                                       has been busy supporting        first deployment of the C-     over-the-side mount pole for
                                       our field operations around     Navigator GPS display and      USBL deployments, and
TZ Navigation                 4
                                       the world. Technical staff      QC units.     The technical    development of our own
                                       have maintained a strong        staff in Houma were busy in    printed           circuit
DSV/Construction              5
                                       presence on the Caspian crew    the first part of the year     boards.      Ongoing design
GIS & Mapping                 5        both during the rig-up for      supporting our ongoing dive    work has increased our
                                       this year’s 3D survey and       support operations with        capabilities             and
Geosciences                   5        throughout the season to        frequent trips to the Texas    understanding of circuit
                                       help maintain the ongoing       and Louisiana coasts.          b o a r d       d e s i g n ,
Streamer                      6        operation. Technical staff                                     microprocessors, and
                                                                       In Houston and Perth, the
                                       also travelled to the east                                     e m b e d d e d           P C
                                                                       technical staff have been
Data Processing & QC          6        coast of India this Spring to                                  systems. These factors will
                                                                       very busy working to refine
                                       assist in the startup of                                       soon begin to express
                                                                       o u r          f i e l d
                                       Global Geophysical’s 4D                                        themselves in the field as our
                                                                       operations.       Software
Special points of interest:            seismic crew operating                                         systems continue to decrease
                                                                       development has made a
                                       there. Recently, the seismic                                   in physical size and increase
                                                                       large contribution to
                                       navigation system onboard                                      in efficiency.
                                                                       increasing our operational
    Congratulations to Jesus Gaytan    the GGS Atlantic was given
                                                                       efficiency and work is         The technical department
    on the birth of his son Maximo     a     well      deserved
                                                                       currently taking place on      has made a number of key
    on the 20th March, Picture on      refurbishment on that
    page 5, and his recent promotion                                   new QA/QC software for our     contributions to both the
                                       vessels return to the United
    to Product Line Manager -                                          seismic      navigation        procedures manual and the
    Streamer Operations .              States. The system upgrades
                                                                       operations.      Hardware      training matrix this year.
                                       included new PC’s, new
    Congratulations to Elizabeth and                                   development has included
                                       interface boxes, redesign of                                   …..continues on page 5
    Michael Gant on their wedding .                                    refinements       to   our
                                       the primary and secondary
    If you would like to        con-                                   SourcePoint DGPS System,
    tribute to the Newsletter please
    send your submission to Wayne
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                        Page 2

Office Roundup
Houston                           Perth                           his marketing tour of SE
                                                                  Asia in August.
It was a full house in June       The lease on the Apartment
for the six monthly Product       ran out a the end of June
Line Managers meeting. A          and we now have a three
                                                                  The routine servicing, repair
good opportunity once again       bedroom house ready for the                                               EAGE 2009
                                                                  and     turnaround        of
to catch up with everybody        next visitors. Al should be
                                                                  equipment continues to
and to compare and share          the first guest when he does
                                                                  support our operations.
idea s.

Conferences & Exhibitions         with optimistic opportunity     marketing NCS SubSea as a        Previews of our new booth
                                  with 9 bids submitted. We       provider of 3D SubSea
We are moving forward with                                                                        than a few dialogues taking
                                  saw two of those come to        imaging. We will provide
construction of our new                                                                           place with existing and
                                  fruition, selling SourcePoint   operators, with Photon
show display booth; and are                                                                       potential clients to both
                                  systems to U.S. and Chinese     Factory        providing
eagerly awaiting its                                                                              enhance our current
                                  clients. The larger bids saw    supervision and shoreside
completion. The first use will                                                                    relationships and to expand
                                  the awards going to other       QC. IC3D is a key factor in
be at the SEG (Society of                                                                         our       Geoscience/
                                  entities, however it bears      decommissioning          &
Exploration Geophysicists)                                                                        Hydrographic surveying
                                  note here that we were only     abandonment work, and it
show in Houston this                                                                              seg m ent . Wayn e has
                                  a single component              fits well to complete our
October. Currently, this is                                                                       generated some sound leads
                                  (Navigation) of those           capabilities in the hazard
the only show that NCS is                                                                         during his attendance of
                                  projects, and a tertiary        survey market. NCS Survey
committed to through the                                                                          trade shows throughout the
                                  contractor. What that           in Aberdeen now has two
year, though we are looking                                                                       Asia-Pacific region, and
                                  means is that we are not able   Gavia AUV’s with multiple
at several other possibilities.                                                                   these are being pursued as
                                  to control the entire bid.      package capabilities; and
It is critically important                                                                        well. We continue to be
                                  This scenario clearly           NCS SubSea is actively
that NCS, our brand, and                                                                          optimistic during these
                                  demonstrates the need for       marketing AUV capability
our people are in front of                                                                        challenging financial times,
                                  NCS to market ourselves as      using a partnership
existing and potential                                                                            with the greatest part of
                                  a Primary Contractor,           agreement with NCS Survey.
clients, at every turn. Trade                                                                     that faith being based in the
                                  capable of providing all of
shows are a key component                                         A very fit and active           people of NCS and our
                                  the components for
of exercising this action.                                        dynamic of potential is a       individual and collective
Another key angle of attack                                       daily part of this company.     ability to lean forward and
                                  surveys. We are indeed
is advertising, and to this                                       As of publication of this       continue to wow our clients
                                  capable of this, and our
end we have recently                                              letter, we have completed       and deliver the best of the
                                  expanded         marketing
committed to a one year,                                          bid responses to a major        best in terms of service.
                                  strategy reflects that
half page ad in Offshore                                          offshore diving and             Make no mistake, NCS
                                  capability. We have recently
Technology magazine. This                                         construction company; the       SubSea IS the premier
                                  formed strategic service
is a global publication, and                                      State of Texas General Land     service provider in the
                                  provisions with Photon
it will put our brand in front                                    Office; and the U.S. Army       Survey market, bar none.
                                  Factory and NCS Survey
of key players around the                                         Corps of Engineers. In          Not because I say so; it is
                                  (Aberdeen). Photon Factory
globe.       It    will     be                                    addition, we have bids in for   because all of us say so every
                                  has powerful, real-time 3
accompanied by a full                                             equipment deals in China;       day in everything we do.
                                  di m ens iona l r en de r ing
editorial as well. An                                             provision of AUV services       Thank you for your efforts
                                  software for subsea imaging
announcement will be sent                                         (brokering a deal between an    and      the     continued
                                  called IC3D. We have had
once it goes to publication                                       existing client and NCS         outstanding work done in
                                  several people from the DSV
later this summer.                                                Survey) in Venezuela; a bid     the field. It matters, and it
                                  & Construction segment
                                                                  for a major TZ/OBC project      makes all the difference.
Over the Horizon                  trained in operating the
                                                                  in Kazakhstan for the 2010
                                  software, and are actively                                      Al Hise
The first quarter was filled                                      season. There are also more
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                    Page 3

The second quarter of 2009       documents in the company’s      Positive Observations,
has been a very busy one for     pursuit         of   OHSA       Unsafe Acts and Unsafe
NCS SubSea not only in           compliance.      As you may     Conditions are defined as
                                 know OSHA is the federal        behavioral. These can be
regards to QHSE but in
                                 regulatory agency overseeing    reported anonymously.
overall pursuit of company       and ensuring a safe work        They are to bring to light
growth. Some of you have         place for employees working     negative behavior and
experienced this to a small      for businesses shore side. If   correct it before an incident
point by going through           you are working in one of       occurs.       In positively
SafeGulf and a new/different     the shore based facilities      influencing these behaviors
                                                                                                 CPAR database reporting.
HUET training. This is only      your actions and safety will    the rate of incidents (where
                                 fall       under     OSHA       some sort of loss occurs) are    The core of our QHSE
the tip of the iceberg
                                 regulations.     While both     reduced. You may have            Management System.
however. …                       entities require most of the    seen these small paper pads
                                 same basic standards there      for reporting incidents while
                                 are subtle differences we       working for clients in the
                                 must be aware of as we train    past. Please increase your
IAGC/OGP            Offshore     and improve the awareness       participation in these types
Compliance                       of all of our employees.        of reports.                       NCS SubSea Safety
In pursuing the company’s                                                                             Statement
efforts to enhance our QHSE
culture a membership of the      CPAR Database Reporting         Incidents where loss occurs        Commitment to
IAGC (International                                              must be reported to              QHSE is paramount
                                 The CPAR report on the
Association of Geophysical                                       management immediately.            to the success of
                                 NCS SubSea website has
Contractors) was requested                                       In doing so management can
                                 changed to bring us inline                                           NCS SubSea
in      early      March.                                        respond then quickly
                                 with IAGC/OGP and OSHA
Membership has been                                              investigate and effect change
                                 reporting requirements.                                            Management is
approved and we as a                                             to reduce the risk of
                                 The notable difference is       reoccurrence.
                                                                                                  committed to lead by
company will comply with
                                 that the report type will be                                     example and to hold
their standards and the
standards of the OGP (Oil        the first pull down field you                                       ourselves to the
and Gas Producers).              see (In place of the original   These are exciting times for     highest standards in
                                 REASON field).          These   our NCS SubSea family. All           the industry.
These two organizations,         types in increasing level of    of us can, and I am confident
with membership that             loss are as follows:            that we will, work together
                                                                                                  To that end, a system
includes all of the major oil,                                   to meet tour goals.                 has been put into
gas and exploration publish          Positive Observation                                          place, and a culture
guidelines        for   how                                                                          cultivated, which
                                     Unsafe Act
participatory contractors                                        Word to Ponder:                   combine to empower
perform in the industry with         Unsafe Condition
                                                                 Respect… It only works in
                                                                                                   all personnel within
regards to QHSE culture.
                                     Near Miss                   both directions!                     the company to
All employees going into the                                                                      directly affect positive
field will be required to            Minor
                                                                                                    change in Quality,
comply      with      these          Significant                 Please contact me at               Health, Safety, &
                                                                 anytime with questions or            Environmental
                                                                 concerns.                                 policy.
OSHA Onshore Compliance
                                 Definitions for these report
Don Boyle was instrumental                                       Bob White
                                 types are in the CPAR
in assisting me by gathering
                                 report procedure.
information and creating
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                      Page 4

Human Resources
New Employee                     Travel Database                  of the whole organisation is
We would like to extend a        A Travel Database is being
warm welcome to our newest       implemented. This database       A new comprehensive
employees,    Todd Tindol        will be accessible to Product    Performance Management
and Abigail DeNoble.             Line Managers and above          System was adopted after
                                 and will help in the process     careful consideration at the
Todd is working with Daniel
                                 of travel and visa processing.   recent Product Line
Boone in the DSV &
                                                                  Managers meeting.
Construction Product Line        If you have not already
and brings some solid            provided HR with your city       The new system has clearly
experience to the table,         of birth and any current visa    documented guidelines and
particularly with pipelay at     information please do so.        all employees will now be
the Party Chief level. He has                                     reviewed in a two step
                                 Performance     Management
been on the Mr. Fred before                                       processes, a Development              The NCS SubSea
and knows anchor handling                                         discussion     on    your        Performance Management
well. He has also done some      Performance reviews provide      anniversary       and    a                System
streamer seismic using Orca,     the Company and the              Performance discussion six
as a Navigator.                  Employee a valuable              months later .
                                 opportunity     to focus on
Abigail will be providing                                         The door is always open if
                                 work activities and goals, to
Administration assistance in                                      you need assistance with
                                 identify and correct existing
the Houston office.                                               anything.
                                 problems, and to encourage                                               Welcome
Welcome to the team Todd         better future performance.       Jennifer Jimenez
and Abigail.                     By doing so the performance                                             Todd Tindol
                                                                  Wayne Anderson
                                                                                                      Abigail DeNoble
TZ Navigation
                                                                                                       to NCS-SubSea
The 2009 season in               was on the startup team,
Kazakhstan is now in full        and in his first look at the     Nav system for a major
swing.     Work started in       TZ operation he was quick        seismic company.          The
April, when NCS personnel        to contribute his expertise to   system was very well
made the long trip over to       streamline the system. He        received, and this may lead
begin mobilization. Progress     created programs to aid in       to future work. And of
was slow at first, with          instrument calibrations, shot    course we are working
several vessels unavailable      QC, pinger positioning, and      closely with Veritas Caspian
for equipment installation,      data       processing.           to pursue further contracts
but by the end of the month      Development of these             on the Caspian Sea. Our
the navigation system was        programs will continue over      relationship with VC has
installed, calibrated, tested,   the coming months, but it is     been crucial to our success,
and ready for production.        already obvious that they        and it is a priority to ensure
The first good shot was          will greatly improve our         that this relationship
recorded to tape on April 26,    product.                         continues well into the
and since then production                                         future.                          The USBL system featured
                                 A significant effort is being                                      in the recent Sonardyne
has cont inu ed at a                                              Finally, I would like to
                                 made to capitalize on our                                                Press release
formidable pace. At time of                                       thank all of the NCS
                                 stro ng r ep uta t ion in
writing, there have been                                          personnel working in
                                 Kazakhstan and land our                                           NCS SubSea buys Sonardyne
over 111,000 shots recorded,                                      Kazakhstan this season:             Scout to boost survey
                                 next big TZ contract. In
covering nearly 200 source                                        You r wo rk i s mo st               positioning efficiency
lines.                           March, the Houston office        appreciated.
                                 carried out a full
Steve Wallace, Technical                                          Josh LeClerc
                                 demonstration of our TZ
Manager at the Perth office,
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                      Page 5

DSV and Construction                                                                                “We are continually
The 4 point anchor boats        We are continually               presence      in     the            strengthening our
have been working steadily.     strengthening our working        decommissioning and                working relationship
With the winter weather         relationship with Photon         abandonment marketplace.               with Photon
finally smoothing out work      Factory by becoming
                                                                 DSV employees, as well as               Factory by
has been steady as she goes.    trained in their proprietary
                                                                 those from other segments,         becoming trained in
Many        repairs       and   3D mapping software, IC3D.
                                                                 are starting to complete           their proprietary 3D
inspections are still being     Two of our employees
                                                                 training according to our           mapping software,
done in the Gulf of Mexico      recently completed the 2 day
                                                                 training matrix.
due to last years storms.       training course at Photon                                                 IC3D. ”
                                Factory headquarters in          We have many opportunities
The Mystic Viking has had
                                Austin, Texas. We will be re     on the horizon and expect
one or two of our Surveyors
                                -creating the training           this year to be productive
on for nearly every day this
                                program out of the Houston       and exciting
year and we have provided
                                office throughout this year.
them with excellent
                                Having trained personnel in
positioning and As-Built
                                this software will allow us to
documents of completed                                           Daniel Boone
                                explore even more lines of
                                work and expand our

GIS & Mapping                                                                                          Maximo Gaytan
The GIS and Mapping group       budgetary limits for the         Mapping    requirements   at
was presented with a            amount of kilometers per         NCS                            Tech Dept…from page 1
significant challenge and the   line.     NCS has been                                          A number of check-out and
                                                                 I want to congratulate
opportunity to put their        generating preplots for                                         operational procedures have
                                                                 Laura Dyer for stepping up
skills to the test when         Spectrum for some time but                                      been submitted to help
                                                                 and taking the reins of the
Spectrum hired NCS to           never on this scale. The                                        document some of our
                                                                 GIS      and    Mapping
create their preplots for the   preplots were generated and                                     c o m m o n          f i e l d
                                                                 department while I was
West Florida Phase 2 job.       the Atlantic is now using                                       operations. Old procedures
                                                                 away for my wedding. She
Preplots were generated         them in production.                                             were also updated to reflect
                                                                 did a good job and has
from start to finish,                                                                           suggestions from our field
                                                                 greatly expanded her skills.
determining the start and                                                                       operators and to address
end locations of the lines as   We continue to support all                                      modernization of some of
well as making sure that        of the CalDive vessels and                                      our methods.          A basic
                                                                 Elizabeth Soloy
they stayed within their        the general GIS and                                             technical training course is
                                                                                                currently in development
                                                                                                and will provide a valued
Geosciences                                                                                     resource to our field
                                                                                                operators. This course is
Efforts are well underway in    company in this direction is     for some time, and as we       designed to raise the basic
securing work for our newly     evident in the current           move this effort forward,      technical acuity of our
created Geosciences Product     drafting of a Quality Plan,      there will be new              personnel to help identify
Line.                           and the necessary procedures     opportunities opening up       any technical issues in the
                                that are a product of that       within the Company.            field and to facilitate remote
Recent meetings with
                                process.                                                        support from the technical
potential clients have been
very positive, and our          The equipment and the                                           department. This training
                                                                 Al Hise                        course will be available
commitment to growing the       expertise have been on hand
                                                                                                starting this fall.

                                                                                                Eddie Majzlik
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                        Page 6

Crew 1101 –         Joe Clegg   March.     Joe Clegg again      the vessel, with sporadic
made a service call to the      showed his diverse talent       observer trainees as needed.
GSI Pacific in Freeport, TX     and adaptability by sailing
in late May. The vessel is      as the Chief Navigator on a     Crew 1112 – Mike Martello
getting prepped for transit     Triggerfish INS.      Seabird   has been onboard LDEO’s           Navigation Database snapshot
to Baton Rouge, being held      has since fulfilled their Nav   Marcus Langseth to run
up due to licensing issues.     personnel requirements for      their Spectra Nav system         Data Processing and QC cont.
The 2D Labrador work this       their upcoming work in          and train their personnel.       entered on a line-by-line
year has been cancelled and     Vietnam. The door remains       The overall plan and             basis.
the vessel is to remain warm    open for us if their needs      objective of the project is to
stacked for the foreseeable     change.                         acquire seismic reflection
future.                                                         and refraction data to           This includes details of the
Crew 1107 – Joe Clegg made      Crew 1109/8101 – Brandon        determine crustal structure      line shot, general comments,
a service call to the GSI       Billings and Rachit             and deformation processes of     processing statistics from the
Admiral in Freeport, TX in      Bhatnagar wrapped up the        the Taiwan arc-continent         SeisPos processing reports,
late May. The vessel got        2009 season in the Bay of       collision. Taiwan and the
                                                                                                 and the names and shot
prepped for transit to Baton    Bengal for the GGS Atlantic.    surrounding area is one of
Rouge, and left Freeport on     Alan Thompson joined the        only a few places in the         point ranges of the final
03 June. Although the GSI       crew as an Observer trainee     world to study active arc-       P294 and P190 files to be
Admiral has also been warm      and later a Navigation          continent collision. Arc-        delivered to the Client.
stacked, GSI has been asked     trainee. Although it was a      continent collision is           Graphs in the spreadsheet
to bid work for the vessel      rough first trip for him due    considered to be one of the
                                                                                                 are updated automatically
with previous clients. If the   to all of the Cable work that   important processes in
job is awarded, NCS will        got done, his superb            forming continental crust so     as data is entered, and this
play a vital role in the        performance did not go          this is of general interest to   allows the viewer to check
staffing and running of the     unnoticed by his peers and      global tectonics and Earth       the quality of the processed
Navigation and Technical        our clients. The Vessel is      history. Mike has done a         navigation data at a glance.
departments.                    now in Transit to the Gulf of   superb job for LDEO and
                                Mexico where they will          will remain onboard until
The Seabird Exploration         continue the Big Wave           job completion late July.        A formal procedure has now
vessel Aquila Explorer          Phases offshore Florida.        No word on any projects          been written, which
completed its survey            NCS will continue to run the    after this one.                  describes the process for
offshore Peru in early          Navigation department on        Jesus Gaytan                     filling in the Barometric QC
                                                                                                 sheet. Brandon Billings has
Data Processing and QC                                                                           started work on an access
                                                                                                 database which will
Crew 8505 – FGPS Support        Crew 8506 – Remote              tool to ensure ongoing           incorporate the information
FGPS continues to contract      Processing                      quality control of the           from the Barometric QC
out FLQC work to NCS            The GGS Atlantic finished       navigation data (online and      sheet. The intention is that
SubSea. Although this           the RIL job in India in May.    processed) and files from        this database will be
happens sporadically, we are    Remote processing work will     sequence to sequence             available online, so that
generally able to help when     commence when it reaches        throughout a job. The QC         different parties (navigators
a number of FLQCs come in       Florida in July.                sheet is intended for both       offshore and processor
at the same time. And on a                                      internal use and as a            onshore) can enter relevant
number of occasions, NCS        Barometric QC                   deliverable to the client at     data; this online database
SubSea has been asked to be     As part of the ongoing          the end of a job.The             would also be available for
on duty for FGPS for a few      quality     drive,      the     Baromteric QC is a               viewing by the Client.
days.                           Baromteric QC procedure         spreadsheet into which a
                                was developed last year as a    number of details are            Andrea Wittich
                                         In Conclusion
NCS SubSea Houston                       A year has now passed         clearly demonstrated its       promote from within    and
3928 Bluebonnet                          since the first edition of    ability to quickly adapt       to further develop     the
Stafford TX, 77477                       SubScribe and I would         to the changing market         pool of talent that    has
                                         like to thank all that have   conditions while at the        been integral to       the
Phone: 1-281-491-3123                    contributed to the success    same time maintaining a        continued success of   our
Fax: 1-281-491-3105                      of this publication.          strong and loyal existing      operations.
                                                                       customer base.
                                         We have seen the                                             We are looking forward to
NCS SubSea Houma                         dynamics of both the          As we expand into other        another period of growth
148 Thompson Rd Ste A                    company       and    the      areas of operations there      in the industry and the
Houma LA, 70363                          industry        change        will be continued personal     many challenges that will
                                         significantly during this     d e v e l o p m e n t          come with it.
NCS SubSea (Australasia) Perth           time and throughout this      opportunities for our
                                                                                                      Wayne Anderson
2/22 Cohn St                             period NCS SubSea has         employees as we seek to
Carlisle WA. 6101

Phone: 61-8-9355-5207                    Contributors
Fax: 61-8-9355-5141
                                         Wayne Anderson                Elizabeth Soloy                Andrea Wittich
                                         Al Hise                       Jennifer Jimenez               Daniel Boone
Email:               Bob White                     Josh LeClerc
                                         Eddie Majzlik                 Jesus Gaytan

Superior Navigation Services to the      Personnel and Tenure (August 2009)
Marine Survey and Geophysical Industry
                                         First Year           1 year                  2 years              3 years
                                         Keith Joseph         Mitch Scoggins          Daniel Boone         Richard Huebner
                                         Anna Pilette         Shane Traceski          Brian Boswell        Al Hise
                                         Laura Dyer           Alan Thompson           Brandon Mattox       Bob White
                                         Steve Wallace        Luis Rivero             Henry Ballard        Wayne Anderson
                                         Paul Dean            John Brimhall           Tommy Rosa           Jesus Gaytan
                                         Todd Tindol          Koy Crouch              Will Swearingen      Elizabeth Gant
                                         Abigail De Noble     Andrew Lewis                                 Karen Bethune
                                                              Jennifer Jimenez                             Josh LeClerc
                                                              Mike Martello                                Robert Loman
                                                              Jan O Mahoney                                Randy Sanders
                                                              Andrea Wittich                               Don Truly

                                                                                                           Four Years
                                                                                                           William Byers
                                                                                                           Joe Clegg
                                                                                                           Eddie Majzlik
                                                                                                           Curtis Sims

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