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 On the Road to                              “In 2009, Oregon had the second-highest unemployment
 Recovery 2009                               rate in the nation. Federal ARRA funds were a critical boost
  (As of December 31, 2009)                  to employment at a crucial time, and we have a better
                                             transportation system as its legacy. Make no mistake,
Number of Recovery                           however, much more is needed.”
Projects: 288                                —Matthew L. Garrett, Oregon Department of Transportation Director

Total State
$107,526,477                  US20 Pioneer Mountain
                              Eddyville, Oregon
State Web Site for
                              Value: $7,412,527 ARRA, $234.3 million total cost
More Information:
                              The US20: Pioneer Mountain to Eddyville
                              project realigns US20, a National Highway
AASHTO Recovery
Web Site:                     System and Oregon freight route, by building
recovery.transportation.org   6.5 miles of new alignment and 8 new bridges.
                              The Corvallis-Newport highway connects
                              Oregon's mid-coast region to the Willamette
                              valley and the I-5 corridor. This last
                              unimproved section has a high number of
                              crashes-- many of them fatal-- due to the sub-
                              standard and curvy road and few passing
                              opportunities. This also restricts the
                              movement of interstate-size trucks (53') and
                              causes trucks going to and from the Georgia-
                              Pacific mill in Toledo or destinations in
                              Newport to travel out of direction, adding to
                              the already congested route north along
                              US101 and east on the OR18/22 corridor.
                              The completion of the project will open the
                              route to interstate-size trucks, improve safety
 A one-year report on state   and reliability, reduce congestion and travel
transportation successes      time - adding to the overall economic
under the American Recovery   competitiveness of the region. In addition to
   and Reinvestment Act
                              the mill in Toledo, the Port of Newport has
      February 2010           recently been awarded the siting of
                              the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
                              Administration fleet and is home to Oregon

US20 Pioneer Mountain
Eddyville, Oregon

State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center and several other state and federal
natural resource offices. The central Oregon coast is a popular tourist and recreational
This section of US20 runs through the Oregon Coast Mountain range, which is very
geologically challenging. Adding to the challenge is the 90+ inches of average rainfall,
making a very short construction season of about 90-100 days. The original project
design estimated moving about 3.8 million cubic yards of earth and rock. However,
during the construction of this multi-year project several large, ancient landslides were
discovered in the new alignment. This added almost 500,000 cubic yard of earth to add
to the construction work and required additional engineering design.
During the summer construction season, the contractor has an average weekly payroll
of over $1,000,000. This payroll includes labor, trades and professional engineering
staff. 95% of the workforce is from Oregon. The ARRA funding will help pay for
mitigation of the newly discovered landslides, allowing the construction of this
important project to continue.

How ARRA Affected the Jobs’ Picture in My State
ODOT’s use of ARRA highway program funds on projects across all modes of
transportation ensured that a diversity of job types were created in communities
across the state. In addition to typical highway construction jobs, use of these funds
helped create jobs for electricians, engineers, and in commercial construction.
Numerous contractors have attested that ARRA funds helped sustain their businesses
in the face of reduced construction spending, and many indicated they would have had
to lay off workers had they not received ARRA contracts.


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