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If you're interested in making money online, then you've probably heard about Clickbank and the CB Code.
Make no mistake, there are tons of ways to make money on the Internet, but this is the single best way. The
Clickbank Code, or CB Code, is your key to making thousands of dollars through an amazing program. But
let's be honest; it isn't for everyone. If you are a motivated individual and are ready for change in your life in
the form of case-lots of cash-then read on, because you are one of the few who will be able to succeed in this
highly competitive field.

What is Clickbank

So, what is Clickbank, exactly? And how does the CB Code fit in with it? Clickbank is the largest affiliate
program on the Internet, and people are making money on it every day. It works by enabling affiliates to help
promote a vendor's products. It's an amazing setup that facilitates vast quantities of consumers to spend
money. In that sense, Clickbank is an enabler in many ways and to many people. It enables customers,
vendors, and marketers... the result is massive amounts of cash flow happening every hour of every day.

Here is the overview of how it works:

   1.   vendors spend money to put a product on the website
   2.   marketers spend money to promote the product
   3.   customers spend money to buy the product
   4.   vendors spend money paying commissions to the marketers

Notice how marketers are at the receiving end of this big cashflow waterfall?

Your Role

So what is your role going to be in all this? There are clearly a lot of different angles that you can use. Some
roles are going to profit more than others, but conversely they can take more work. What you need to
determine is where in this system you would like to see yourself. Do you want to have a product and get great
sales? Or do you want to promote other people's products and get paid for it? Both are good options, and
both will make you money. So what's the bottom line for your future?

Making money

Here's the bottom line: what you want is to make money! Lucky for you, this is achievable regardless of what
role you take. If you're selling a product or helping others sell, there is tons of cash to be had using Clickbank.
That's a good thing too, because lots of people are doing it. In fact, billions of dollars trade daily through
affiliate websites! That's just how eager people are to spend money on the fantastic deals that can be found
on the Internet.

It's especially true right now, as people are trying to save more than ever. They're searching for the best
deals on the products and services that they need, and you're about to become a key person to help them do
that. But before we get much further, let's discuss the two primary parties that use Clickbank: owners, also
known as vendors or affiliates; and the affiliate marketers.


Owners have a product to sell. It can be a physical object, or an intangible product like an ebook. Some
vendors sell services. No matter what it is, the point is that you have something to sell and you want to get it
to as many people as possible. That's where the affiliate marketing programs come into play. As an affiliate of
these programs, you get dozens, even hundreds or thousands of marketers who will push your product for a
commission. The result is skyrocketing sales that put you way into the black. If this interests you, then you
have to do three things: have a product, create a website, and get affiliate marketers.

   1. Create a product. Getting a product isn't always easy, though in some cases it can be. Some things
      always sell well and it's not difficult to buy these items wholesale and then sell them on the Internet.
      Some of these items might be sunglasses, shoes, hats, and other general clothing items. But be aware
      that if you're reselling items like these, you can be sure that lots of other people are too.
       Alternatively you can create your own product or service to sell. This is super risky, since it requires a
      lot of money up front to start. If you haven't done your research to make sure your product is going to
      sell, then you are setting yourself up for real, hardcore failure. If people don't buy your product, then
      you won't attract any affiliate marketers. This causes your website traffic-and sales-to slow until you
      can no longer stay in business. This downward spiral has caught many Internet entrepreneurs off
      guard, sending them into the annals of history with little more than a website address.

   2. Create a website. Let's assume you've got a good product. The next step is to create a website. There
      are plenty of free website services out there that you can use. Many of them are so easy that you can
      set up your own customized website in a day. If you have the knowledge and are so inclined, there's
      no reason you can't make your own-except for the amount of time you'll lose!

   3. But the real trick is getting your website noticed, and this is part of where the affiliate marketers come
      in. You'll also need to optimize your website for search engines. This is no small task. Many people
      spend hours optimizing their website, and to make matters worse, it has to be re-done every few
      weeks! There are professionals out there who will do this for you, but they are expensive. Make no
      mistake, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a crucial part to creating a successful website on
      which to sell your product.

   4. Get some affiliates. Once you have your website, it's time to get a Clickbank account and start
      attracting affiliate marketers. The first step is to generate a press release that will help inform the
      marketers what your product is all about and who would want to buy it. After that, it's mostly a matter of
      letting the system do its job. As you get more affiliate marketers, your sales will increase. Each time
      you make a sale, your marketer earns a commission. As your sales get better, more marketers will
      take an interest in your product and start pushing it also. This has a snowball effect that has the
      potential to send your sales through the roof!

Affiliate Marketer

Here's the thing though. Being a vendor is a lot of work. Each one of those three steps requires a lot of time
and money. You may stand to generate a huge amount of cash flow, but the risks are great. So how about
the flip side of the coin; how about becoming an affiliate marketer?

It would be a lie to say that this job requires no effort. In fact, for your advertisements to be noticed in the sea
of ads, it can take a lot of work! But lucky for you, there are tools and techniques out there that will make your
job easy, fast, fun, and-above all-profitable. CB Code is one of these techniques.

   1. Find the hot product. The first thing you need to do as an affiliate marketer is to find the next hot
      product. You need to get something that you know is going to sell well. The goal is to create a website
      that will sell people this product-every time you make a sale, you earn a commission. It's that simple.
      But how do you know what product is going to get you the greatest commissions? Lucky for you, CB
      Code will tell you exactly how to do this, every time, without fail.

   2. Create an ad campaign. Once you have a product you know is going to sell well, it's time to create an
      ad campaign. You need to push this product to its target market. This can be done through Google's
      Adwords/Adsense programs. It can be done through optimizing your website to get top organic search
      results. It can be done by passing out fliers on the street! It doesn't really matter how you do it, but CB
      Code will share with you some of the easiest, fastest way of seeing results in your marketing
      campaign. This is incredibly important, because this is the point of affiliate marketing that may require
      you to invest some money. You may have to spend a lot on advertisements, for example. Don't spend
      money unless you know that you will see a return on your investment!

   3. Get paid. Step three? Profit! That's right: once you have your ad campaign set up, all you have to do is
      sit back and let the commissions roll in. You don't have to do anything except decide what you'll do
      with your copious amounts of free time. Do you know what most people do? They create more
      websites and get more commissions! This is the snowball effect from the affiliate marketer's side of
      things. The more passive income you make, the more time and money you have to put towards
      earning more money!

Making Money

Because that's what this is all about, right? You want to make money... enough money that you can change
your life; enough to start living your dreams. That's why you got interested in Clickbank in the first place: it's a
golden ticket that takes you wherever you want to go.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best ways of achieving this goal, but there is no real "get rich
quick" strategy. The CB Code will show you the best and fastest way to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate
marketer, but this business is still not without its risks and challenges.

   1. For one thing, it can take time. You have a lot to learn about a new industry. Worse, the Internet is
      changing all the time, and markets ebb and flow. What was the hottest product yesterday might be a
      dud today. The CB Code will teach you how to spot those market changes and react quickly, but only
      practice makes perfect.

   2. There's also a lot of competition, especially on big search engines like Google and Yahoo. Some
      places are smaller and a bit easier to succeed in, such as MSN/Bing. These smaller markets may not
      have as many people visiting them, but that also means less competition for you. Frequently, a big cut
      of a smaller pie is the better way to go, but you won't always be able to arrange a profitable situation
      for yourself. The best way to go is to find ways of outsmarting the competition; learn how to find the
      best deals before they do, or better ways of advertising the best product so you get the commissions.

   3. The biggest thing you should understand is that you will make mistakes. The CB Code will minimize
      the time, effort, and money you will lose to mistakes, but you will make them all the same. It's
      important that you don't allow yourself to be discouraged by your mistakes; learn from them. With the
      CB Code, you will already have a leg up on most people entering the affiliate marketing world. They'll
      have to learn everything from scratch, each mistake a painful setback that will cost them dearly in
      numerous ways. Meanwhile you'll be shooting ahead, your mistakes only small hurdles that you leap
      over with ease.

The 39 Year-Old Newbie

With the CB Code, many of these things will be easy for you in time. The fact is, a lot of people are finding out
just how easy it can be if you have the right resources and knowledge. You don't need a degree in marketing,
or any real knowledge of website design. If you have a basic understanding of the Internet, then with the CB
Code you are ready to start earning!

Here's the thing: even a 39 year-old newbie can figure out Clickbank. That's just how easy it is. So many
others are already taking advantage of the profits to be had through this affiliate network. The secret code

Are you ready to learn the secret CB Code Now that you understand more about Clickbank and affiliate
marketing, you should be! It's a tough world at there and competition is fierce. You need every advantage you
can get, and the CB Code is THE advantage.

What is the CB Code, exactly?

It's a series of amazing videos put together by Michael Jones, the 39-year-old newbie himself. In these videos
he reveals everything you really need to know about Clickbank. The information he provides will ensure your
success from the start and your continued success from day to day. Here are just a few of the things that his
videos will teach you.

   1. Be able to get the best offers. First, he'll show you how to get the best offers to promote. Remember, if
      the product you choose isn't any good, then nobody will buy it and you won't earn any commissions.
      So it's vital that you are able to spot, with ease, what products are going to get you the most profits.

   2. Learn the 3 big necessities. You'll learn the three big necessities to become a successful affiliate
      marketer. These three items are so crucial to your success; you will absolutely fail without them. There
      is just no other way of earning a profit without these three necessities.
       You might think such important points would be obvious, but the truth is that the majority of affiliate
      marketers have no clue! This is part of why so many people believe that affiliate marketing is a
      scam-because so many people have failed. But you won't!

   3. Create the best PPC ads. Michael will also show you how to create the best Pay-Per-Click ads
      possible. These ads will cost you so little, and get you so much, that they will become one of the
      centerpieces to your online marketing campaigns. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is an easy
      thing. Without the proper knowledge and experience-which you'll get with the CB Code-you may spend
      thousands of dollars on PPC ads without seeing any significant return. This is probably the fiercest
      aspect of the market; everyone is after the choicest keywords and the top placements. The CB Code
      will teach you have to achieve them.

Those are just three examples of how the CB Code will enable you to change your life by becoming a
successful affiliate marketer through Clickbank. There are so many other ways that Michael will show you
during his 20 videos that you can access online.

The CB Code

The truth is, the CB Code is the key to understanding and profiting through Clickbank. No other product will
give you such a complete picture of how this affiliate network works. Just click visit the CB Code to learn
more about this extraordinary offer.

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