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You don’t know me, but I live in your district. I have chosen to hand-deliver this letter today, along with
hundreds of Ohio citizens from many districts, delivering letters to their respective representatives.

First – you should know how I got here.
     -    I paid my own way and I left home, work, family, and comfort to do it.

Second – you should know why.
    -   Because the country you have sworn to protect is being stolen from me, from my children, and
        my grandchildren.
    -   Because my representatives have spent more time worrying about preserving their own agendas
        than the precious liberty so many (including my friends and family) have died to protect.
    -   Because I don’t know what else to do. You won’t listen to my calls or my letters.

Third – you should know what I expect of you.
    -    I expect you to vote “NO” on any form of government option in proposed health care legislation.
    -    I expect you to vote “NO” on any mandates forcing a purchase of health insurance.
    -    I expect you to take no part in silly tricks, reconciliation, bill substitutions, or amendments hidden
         from the American people or intended to deceive them.
    -    If you are a Senator, I expect you to vote “NO” on any treaty our country enters that would
         preempt our Constitution.

What can you expect from me?
I hope you have seen how determined I am to spend my money, effort, heart, and soul to make my voice
heard and to influence others to do the same. Many couldn’t leave work on just a few days’ notice, but
make no mistake—I left thousands of united Ohioans equally determined to make this message loud and
clear. We are speaking as one voice and we expect you to listen.

If you work against any of the criteria I laid before you, I will organize groups of people to do field work,
deliver door-to-door handouts, conduct public campaigns, run commercials, hand out flyers, and anything
else possible with my hometown army to make sure you are never elected again.

I know you can get your money from outside organizations and special interests, but what is a motivated
army of volunteers worth to you in dollars? How many commercials and ads will you have to run to
counter act the on-the-job, at-church, in-neighborhood, and social network-driven word of my mouth I
will use to remove you from office. In effect, how much are the passions of thousands of voters mobilized
against you, in your district, worth to you?

You can expect that I will never sit on the sidelines and watch my country be taken from me again.

Like our Founding Fathers, “We pledge our lives, fortunes, and our Sacred honor.” Because, with any of
the actions listed above, you will be committing an unforgivable act against Ohioans, an act that sacrifices
the future of our State and Republic at the expense of our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

In a matter of months, we have identified thousands of like-minded people across Ohio, and each day we
grow stronger, smarter, and more organized. This is just the beginning…

With a watchful eye,

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