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Allied Health Professional Recruitment Support Package

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									   Allied Health Professional
   Recruitment Support Package
   2009-10 Guidelines

The Department of Health wishes to support Victorian health and community services with the
recruitment of Allied Health Professionals to vacant positions in Victoria.

Originally offered in 2007-08 as part of the Department of Human Service’s Recruitment of
international health care professionals to Victoria – strategic directions 2007-1010 paper, the allied
health professional incentive package assisted individual services by providing funding to cover
expenses incurred by allied health professionals relocating to the state.

The Allied Health Professional Recruitment Support Package has been developed in consideration of
the financial contribution health and community services make when recruiting allied health
professionals to Victorian regional locations.

Health and community services will be able to access the support package for recruiting allied health
professionals from the following, non-exhaustive list of disciplines:

       audiologists                        biomedical scientists
       clinical psychologists              dieticians
       hospital pharmacists                medical imaging technologists
       medical scientists                  medical physicists
       radiation therapists                music therapists
       nuclear medicine technologists      optometrists
       occupational therapists             orthoptists
       orthotists/prosthetists             podiatrists
       physiotherapists                    social workers
       sonographers                        speech pathologists

Resources Available
The maximum amount per support package is:
   o $10,000 (GST excl.) per allied health professional recruited from overseas
   o $5,000 (GST excl.) per allied health professional recruited from interstate

There is no minimum amount. The total budget allocated to support the incentive program is
capped, therefore it is not possible to guarantee all applications will receive funding.

The package is designed to assist health and community services in maintaining an allied health
workforce when unable to recruit successfully within the state. The incentive package is intended to
be flexible, allowing health and community services to use the funds in a way that best suits their
recruiting expenses.

Preference will be given to rural, regional health and community service vacancies in recognition of
the increased difficulty faced by these services in accessing allied health professionals.

Service and Workforce Planning
Department of Health
                                                   Allied Health Professional Recruitment Support Package
                                                                                       2009-10 Guidelines

The recruitment support package for overseas and interstate allied health professionals
may constitute a number of expenses, including, but not limited to:
   •   general relocation expenses such as airfares and other transportation including car rental
   •   removal and storage of household items/personal belongings
   •   short term accommodation for up to 6 weeks in area of relocation
   •   payment of professional indemnity costs, professional association costs, Victorian registration
       fees and accreditation
   •   continuing professional development activities
   •   advertising in interstate and state-wide and publications and resources

For overseas allied health professionals only, expenses may also include, but not be limited to:
    • visas, assessment authority exams
    • private health insurance for the first year
    • advertising in overseas publications and resources

Australian citizens that have been recruited to Victoria from overseas must provide evidence of living
abroad for more than 2 years to qualify for funding.

How to apply
Health and community services will be required to submit the 2009-10 application form to the
department to access an incentive package after their desired applicant has accepted a position and
relocated to Victoria.

Clear documentation and proof of expenditure must be submitted to the department to substantiate
the release of allocated recruitment support package funding.

Upon assessment of applications, it is possible that not all expense items will be considered
appropriate for funding.

Applications will be assessed as received and can be backdated to 1 May 2009.

Applications must be submitted to the department no later than 3 May 2010 to ensure
funding within 2009-10.

AHPs successfully recruited to Victoria have access to all allied health recruitment and retention
programs including Region of Choice (, scholarships, continuing
professional development and mentoring.

Further information & to apply:
Holly Hildebrand
Policy Adviser, Workforce Innovation
Service and Workforce Planning
Ph: (03) 9096 9783

Sector Workforce
Department of Human Services

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