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									                                                    Adelaide Fence Centre
                                                 Standard Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions Adelaide Fence Centre PTY LTD will be referred to as the “Principal”
and the customer mentioned on the quote shall be referred to as the “Client”.

These Standard Terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with any Special Terms and Conditions specific to the
works, where there is any conflict between them the Special terms and conditions will override the Standard Terms &

This quotation is valid for 30 days from date of quotation, where upon we reserve the right to review, withdraw or resubmit
our quotation.

All goods remain the property of the Principal until full payment is received from the Client.

All quoted prices are GST inclusive, unless otherwise stated.

Adelaide Fence Centre includes a 12 month materials and labour warranty for all fencing works valid from date of installation.

It is the client’s responsibility to maintain fencing through regular cleaning, no responsibility will be taken for damage (rust,
salt) caused to fencing due to lack of maintenance.

The quoted price is based upon a cleared and surveyed alignment. If it is necessary to locate posts into rock, concrete or
similar materials, additional charges will be incurred.

The principal assumes no responsibility for the fence being on correct alignment unless survey marks are made prior to
commencement of works.

The principal assumes no responsibility for damage to any plants, pathways, paving or other property in the vicinity of the
fence or access thereto.

It is the Clients responsibility to ensure that the fence line is clear of all foliage, attachments, obstructions etc prior to
commencement of work.

The client shall notify the Principal of any underground services prior to the commencement of works. The principal takes no
responsibility for any damage to services.

Any variation made to the quotation after job has been accepted must be agreed by the Principal and signed off. The
principal reserves the right to review quoted price accordingly.

The quotation is based on the Principal having free access to the site during normal working hours, without interruption or

It is the Clients responsibility to obtain any necessary permits or approvals prior to works commencing.

Payment will be the responsibility of the person/company to whom this quotation is directed.

The Client shall notify the Principal immediately if there are any defects. The Client shall not carry out any remedial work
without the consent of the Principal.

It is the Clients responsibility to provide a power point immediately adjacent to the location of the automation unit for
automated swinging/sliding gates.

Removal of waste, including soil is the responsibility of the Client unless otherwise specified.

Payment Terms
Where the client does not hold an account with the principal a deposit of 30% is required on acceptance of quote. Balance is
due on completion of works.

For supply only jobs full payment will be required prior to delivery or collection of goods.

If the Client holds an account with the principal then payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

Progress claims will be made by the Principal as specified in the Special Terms and Conditions.

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