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									                          ACC Legal Advice Service

Who is eligible to access our legal advice service?
The Council gives legal advice to the following:

      professional creators (that is, people receiving payment for their craft);
      a member of a relevant professional association;
      a member of a collecting society;
      staff of arts and cultural organisations (involved in producing, assisting or
       supporting the creative arts);
      staff of organisations receiving state or federal arts funding;
      staff of organisations affiliated with the Council;
      members of organisations affiliated with the Council;
      staff of educational institutions (with the exception of State schools in
       Queensland, who have been referred to in-house lawyers); and
      staff of libraries and archives, including staff of galleries and museums.

Our legal advice services are generally directed to individuals and organisations that:
   lack the financial means to obtain privately funded legal services; or
      whose cases are expected to raise issues of public interest; or
      are of general concern to disadvantaged groups in the community.
Where enquirers do not lack financial means, they largely belong to a category where, for
reasons of public interest, specialist provisions have been introduced into Australian
copyright law (e.g. exceptions for educational and collecting institutions, and statutory
licensing arrangements for collecting societies).

Australian Copyright Council
November 2009


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