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									Edith Cowan University

                                                                        Academic Tip Sheet

   This academic tip sheet:                     What is MyECU?                                     of assessment as well as the posting of
                                                                                                   grades; and
   • introduces you to MyECU;                   MyECU (also known as Blackboard) is the
                                                institution-wide LMS (Learning Management        • facilitates communication between
   • provides you with instructions on how to
                                                System) used at Edith Cowan University             students and academic staff and among
     access MyECU;
                                                (ECU).                                             students through email, announcements,
   • gives you a breakdown of the MyECU                                                            discussion boards, blogs and wikis.
     sections;                                  As an online study tool, MyECU:
   • explains the various functions within      • enables anytime access to study materials
     MyECU; and                                     such as assignments and lecture notes;
   • lists the MyECU system requirements.       • allows active and collaborative learning
                                                    through participation in discussion boards
                                                    and group pages;
                                                • permits the online delivery and submission

   CRICOS IPC 00279B                                                                                                                 01/08
Accessing MyECU                                  MyECU Sites                                      session. The only way to prevent this from
                                                                                                  happening is to always logout at the end of
                                                                                                  your session.

                                                                                                  System Requirements
                                                                                                  To use MyECU you need an up-to-date web
                                                                                                  browser. You must also have your student
                                                                                                  email account activated. It is recommended
                                                                                                  that users have the following operating
                                                                                                  systems and browsers as minimum:
                                                                                                  • Platform: MacOSX 10.3.9 and above;
                                                                                                      Windows 2000, XP SP2 and above.
                                                                                                  • Hardware: 64 Mb of RAM, 1 Gb of free
All students currently enrolled at ECU through   By the beginning of semester you should find         disk space.
SIMO can login to and use MyECU.                 the units you are enrolled in listed under the   • Browser: IE 6.0 and above or Firefox 1.5
                                                 MyECU Sites tab, in the module My Units:             and above or Netscape 7.0 (Win); Firefox
You can access MyECU via the following link:
                                                 Quick View, under the heading Units in               1.5 and above or Safari 1.3.2 or above
                                                 which you are enrolled. You access each              (MacOSX).
Logging into the system: Login instructions      site by clicking on the unit code (which is
                                                                                                  • Software: Java Runtime Environment 1.5
are displayed on the login screen.               directly linked to the site).
                                                                                                      and Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 and above.
Problems Logging into MyECU                      Please note: Not all units contained on the
                                                                                                  Other combinations are supported and will
                                                 Timetable have MyECU sites.
If you have any login or technical system-                                                        also work with Blackboard. Your browser must
based problems you should contact the IT         Units that do not have an online component or    be frames-compatible, and you must ensure
Service Desk by telephone or email:              units that make use of courseware applications   you have javascript and cookies enabled in
                                                 other than Blackboard will not be listed in      order to be able to log in and use MyECU. Any
Telephone: 6304 6000
                                                 MyECU.                                           problems or questions should be logged with
email:                                                                   the IT Service Desk on 6304 6000 (or email
                                                 If a unit you are currently enrolled in is not
MyECU Screen Tabs                                listed under My Units, and you believe that
                                                 unit does have a Blackboard component,           Acknowledgements
Once you’ve logged into MyECU you will see
                                                 you should contact your lecturer or tutor for
four red tabs at the top of the page:                                                             This material was modified from source
• Welcome to MyECU – important                                                                    documents prepared by Clare Alderson and
    announcements and general information        MyECU Help                                       Mike Nodding, ECU, November 2007. Editor:
• MyECU Sites – where you will find all                                                           Trevor Bennett.
    your unit materials and community sites
• My Content – the Content Collection,
    which includes areas for personal storage
• MyECU Help – tips and information about
    using MyECU

Welcome to MyECU

                                                 The MyECU Help tab contains a listing of user
                                                 resources (tips, guides, problem solutions)
                                                 which is updated as the semester progresses.
                                                 The actual MyECU Help page is a wiki into
                                                 which you are able to submit feedback, queries
                                                 and suggestions by using the comments
                                                 Remember to Log out
Every time you login to MyECU the Welcome        When you have completed a session on MyECU
to MyECU tab is the first screen you will see.   you need to logout of the system. To logout
This is a customisable home page and offers      simply click the Logout icon that appears next
a number of personal management tools.           to the Help icon at the top of the screen.
Remember to check this tab for news and          Please note: If you are using a shared
announcements.                                   computer, and do not logout after using
                                                 MyECU, a student who uses the computer
                                                 after you may be able to enter your MyECU

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