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AAA Tip Sheet - Inclusive Coaching

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									                 Inclusive Clubs Tip Sheet – Inclusive Coaching
Modifying for all is something that good coaches do all the time. At club level most coaches have to
modify what they do because they are coaching players of all ability levels. In any activity there are four
elements that can be modified to make it more inclusive. They are:

Teaching style
       We all learn in different ways, so coaches need to modify their teaching/coaching style to suit.
       Some examples:
         • Use more demonstration and less verbal instruction (or vice versa)
         • Use diagrams or notes
         • Use more ‘peer learning’ where players learn from each other
         • Use lots of open questions to check players’ understanding

       Perhaps a change to a rule will make all the difference. Some examples:
          • Change the number of players by having more (or less) on each side
          • Change the way you score by having the more dominant team start at minus 5 points
             rather than at nil-all, or double the score value for one player when they get a goal
          • Change the length of the game or activity by playing for more (or less) time

       The type of equipment used could be changed to increase the ‘inclusiveness’. Allowing players
       to use what suits them best can be helpful. Some examples:
           • Use bats/racquets which are lighter (or heavier)
           • Use softer balls, or ones with brighter colours
           • Use a larger (or smaller) target as a goal, or have the goal lower

       The playing environment (area) can be modified to be more inclusive too. Some examples:
          • Change the size by playing in a smaller/bigger area, or introduce (or remove) zones which
             limit where players can move and who can score/defend
          • Change the surface by playing indoors on a smooth floor or outdoors on the grass
          • Change to an area with less noise and fewer distractions
Inclusive Clubs Tip Sheet – Inclusive Coaching continued

Keep in mind:

   •   Involve your players in deciding what to modify
   •   Keep safety in mind
   •   Inclusive coaching benefits everyone, not just those players with a disability
   •   If the change doesn’t work, try something else
   •   Never presume that someone with a disability automatically has less ability or that you’ll have to
       make changes for them. Give them a chance to have a go (like everyone else) and only modify if
       you need to.

Need to modify your coaching to be more inclusive? Just remember TREE.

For more information, contact the Access for All Abilities Officer, Hobsons Bay City Council, phone 9932
1000 or email or visit the website

(Reprinted with the kind permission of Darren Cunningham, Access for All Abilities Resource and
Development Officer, Melton Shire Council)


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