2001 Convention Agenda

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					                    ICC 2003 Convention Agenda
9:00    Call to Order
        Actual at 9:07
9:05    Roll Call 9:08
        • Take roll call of voting representatives 34 registered at start, 2 added at 9:16,
            total 36 registered, added 1 at 10:31 pm, total 37 registered
        • Confirm voting eligibility of representatives done

9:10    President’s League Report & Executive Committee Report 9:10
        • Convention Agenda                 presented
        • President’s Report                presented
        • Treasury Report                   presented
        • ICC Ambassadorship Award          presented

        Executive Report
        • Review of 2002 Season                presented
        • Plans for 2003 Season                presented
        • Present Items for Ratification       presented Mission Statement

        Ratify or reject 2002 Executive Committee Decisions Ratification approved for Mission

9:30    Community Relations Report – Anthony Lillig, Chairman 9:54
        • Review of 2002 Season            presented
        • Plans for 2003 Season            presented

9:40    Field Committee Report – Izzy Stark, Chairman 10:00
        • Review of 2002 Season               presented
        • Plans for 2003 Season               presented
        • Present Items for Ratification      none presented

        Ratify or reject 2002 Field Committee Decisions none presented

9:50    Reffing Committee Report – Tom Boyer, Chairman 10:05
        • Review of 2002 Season                presented
        • Plans for 2003 Season                presented
        • Present Items for Ratification       presented item about novice teams being
            able to ref if not enough am’s are available.

        Ratify or reject 2002 Reffing Committee Decisions   ratification failed. Item tabled
        until later.

10:00   League Rules Committee Report – Rob Stewart, Chairman 10:12
        • Review of 2002 Season           presented
        • Plans for 2003 Season           presented
        • Present Items for Ratification  presented new point system

        Ratify or reject 2002 League Rules Committee Decisions ratification failed, item
        tabled until later.

10:10   Break (10 minutes) 10:17
10:20   Presentations (5 Minute Time Limit) 10:30
        ! Treehuggers Paintball              no show
        ! Underground Paintball              presented
        ! Paintball Valley                   presented
        ! Action Park                        presented
        ! Proving Grounds                    presented
        ! Kick’n Paintball                   presented
        ! Severe Paintball                   presented

10:45 Executive Items 11:05
1. Conversations about comm chairs and how they get to be there. Presented Tom Boyer
for Reffing Chair, Izzy Stark as Field Chair, Anthony Lillig as Industry Chair. Presented
Brian Jennings and Rob Webb to replace Rob Stewart. Presented Bill Blanton for Pit Boss
and Tom Boyer for Ultimate Ref for the Series.
Chris Herring nominated for president and approved. Dan Voils nominated for Vice
President and approved. Tom Boyer nominated for Reffing Chair and approved. Izzy Stark
nominated for Field Chair and approved. Anthony Lillig nominated for Industry Chair and
approved. Brian Jennings, Rob Webb and Phil Everman were nominated for League Rules
Chair. Brian Jennings won the election and is the new LRC Chair. Bill Blanton was
nominated for Pit Boss and approved. Tom Boyer was nominated for Ultimate Ref and
2. Conversations about populating comms. Last year’s procedures for populating the
comms was approved.
3. Signatures on the message board was discussed. Motion made to repeal signature
requirement. No second. Not passed. Motion made to amend signature on message board
to be required on posts of a flaming or offensive nature . Team affiliation not required to be
given. Instead of deleting post, edit post to reflect reason why it was edited. No second,
not passed. Motion made to amend existing rule to allow signature in profile only.
Seconded. Motion Passed.
4. Elimination of March event was discussed. Motion made to remove March event and
revert to 6 events for the season. Seconded. Motion did not pass.
                                       th                 th            th           th
5. Approval of event dates; March 16 , 2003 April 13 2003, May 18 2003, June 15 2003,
        th                 th                          th
July 13 2003, August 10 2003 and September 14 2003. Motion made to approve 2003
dates as stated. Seconded. Motion passed. Motion made to add 8 event in October.
Seconded. Motion passed. Motion made to add January and February event. Seconded.
                                  th                th
Motion did not pass. October 12 approved for 8 event. Motion made to drop 2 lowest
scores for series points. Seconded. Motion passed. Motion made that teams and/or
squads must participate in majority of season series events to be eligible to vote in that
season’s convention. Seconded. Motion passed.

12:30   One Hour Lunch Break 12:30

Reconvened at 1:34

6. GOD Clock. Motion made that the GOD Clock system is a formal part of the league and
is required at all regular season 5 man events. Seconded. Motion passed.
7. BYOP Motion made to go to BYOP. Seconded. Amended, Motion made to go to BYOP
with a $75 increase. Motion withdrawn. Tabled until end of this section.
8. Paint bids. 4 paint bids were received and accepted with certain areas struck due to non-
conformity to proposal guidelines. The terms of the proposal were gone over. The bids
from PMI, Severe, National Paintball Supply and Kick’N were read. There were very short
discussions about each.
7A. BYOP discussions continued. Motion made to add BYOP to the paint bid with an
increase in entry to $225 per event. Seconded. Motion did not pass.
9. Ambassadorship Award. Motion made to do away with the Ambassadorship Award.
Seconded. Motion did not pass. Motion made to remove the wording in the
Ambassadorship Award to allow it’s usage for 10 man World Cup. Seconded. Motion did
not pass. Motion made to make the Ambassadorship Award a ticketed door prize to be
given away at the last series event of the season. Motion did not pass. Motion made that
the Ambassadorship Award be eligible for a major 5 man event for the following calendar
year. The available events, minimum top 5, to be voted on by the captains, online.
Seconded. Motion passed.

10 minute break 3:10-3:20

10. ICC Budget increase. Motion made to increase entry fee to $165. Additional $15 is for
ICC budget. Total amount from entry fee for ICC budget is $25. Seconded. Motion passed.
11. Budget for Pit Boss and Ultimate Ref. Motion made to pay the Ultimate Ref and Pit
Boss $110.00 each per event they attend. Seconded. Motion passed.
12. Trophies. Motion to send to Exec Comm to deal with. Seconded. Motion passed.
13. Player ID cards. Rob Webb displayed the cards he can make and gave information
about them and their cost. Motion made to use the system supplied by Rob Webb for ID
cards. Cost is $5 per card. Seconded. Motion passed.
14. MISC. Motion made to notify the paint sponsors that BYOP may be an option for the
2004 season. Seconded. Motion passed.

10 minute break 4:05-4:15

1:30    Field Items 4:15
1. Comm. revamped field requirements. Currently they are fine tuning the criteria. More
    members are needed to fill the comm.
2. Budget for Comm Chair. Motion to defer reimbursements for expenses to Exec.
    Comm. Seconded. Motion passed.
3. Motion that all fields for 2003 and beyond to be “Concept” fields. Seconded. Motion
4. Motion to increase minimum field width to 90 feet for the 2004 season and beyond.
Seconded. Motion did not pass.
5. Motion to limit off-site events to one per season. Qualified promoters may be exempt
dependant on the Field Comm and Exec. Comm. Qualified promoter to be defined on a
case by case basis by the Exec. Comm. Seconded. Motion Passed.
6. Motion to raise maximum teams from 12 to 16 per field. Seconded. Motion passed.

2:30   Break (15 minutes)    none taken

2:45   League Items 4:58
1. Motion made to ratify interim policy of point structure. Seconded. Motion passed.
2. Switching to NPPL rules, deferred to LRC.
3. Novice to amateur advancement. Motion made that any player who has more than 3
    years tournament experience must advance to Amateur status. Seconded. Motion
4. Motion to repeal “2 year AM ref only” rule. Seconded. Motion passed.
5. Motion for reffing committee to “qualify” the refs as to be able to ref an event.
    Seconded. Motion passed.
6. Motion made that in order to have voting status, Amateur teams must ref or be
    available to ref at the discretion of the reffing committee. Seconded. Motion passed.
3:30    Break (15 minutes) none taken

3:45   Reffing Items 5:30
1. Hopper stickers, Motion made to defer to reffing comm. Seconded. Motion passed.

4:15    Community Relations Items 5:32
1. nothing

5:00    NAAPSA Rules Items 5:32
1. nothing

Misc. 5:33
1. Motion made that voting requirements for paint, field, etc (non-convention event voting
   items) will be that a team/squad must play in 3 events. This is for the 2003 convention.
   Seconded. Motion passed.
2. Motion made that starting with the 2003 convention all proposals must be written and
   submitted 1 week prior to the event. They may be via email or formally posted on the
   message board. Any additional items must be under new business and be sponsored
   by a Comm Chairman. Seconded. Motion passed.
3. Motion made that finals go to round robin instead of sudden death. Seconded. Motion
4. Motion made that reffing compensation is the sole responsibility of the field.
   Seconded. Motion passed.

5:30   Adjourn Meeting 5:50
Motion to adjourn. Seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Voils
ICC Vice-President