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					                                                                                  home & garden

      A Wonderful Shade - A                                                                                                                              the May-July period Odourless onions in
                                                                                                                                                         April/July and White Spanish between May
                                                                                                                                                         and July.

       Wonderful Concept!                                                                                                 Fertile Times
                                                                                                                                                          Plant William Massey peas between May
                                                                                                                                                         and August and Greenfeast and Tel-
                                                                                                                                                         ephone peas between July and Decem-
 Go back in your mind many years, to a time                                                                                                              ber.
when you purchased something and you                                                                                         1st Quarter
                                                                                                                                                          Ask at your local nursery or seed sup-
actually got what you paid for, and it                                                              April 10th 1:50 am – April 12th 8:55am               plier for other varieties that will provide
worked! And you were treated well, like a                                                           April 14th7:05 pm – April16th noon                   home grown tucker during the colder
person, respected and listened to.                                                                                                                       months.
                                                                                                                            2nd Quarter
  Some like to refer to this as the ‘old school
                                                                                                    April 22nd 5:27 am – April 24th 7:25 am                                  Snails
way’; when people cared. Andrew Sullivan,
through his business ‘A Wonderful Shade’,                                                                                    3rd Quarter                   Pesky little blighters can be sorted out
is recreates this concept by offering a large                                                       April 25th 6am –April 26th 4:48 pm                   in a number of ways. They do not like to
range of outdoor shades as well as a per-                                                                                                                cross over irritating substances like finely
                                                                                                    April 28th 7:34pm – April 30th 9:55 pm               chopped human hair like one finds in an
sonal and approachable service and com-
plete after care for all products.                                                                                           4th Quarter                 electric razor, crushed eggshells slaked lime,
                                                                                                    May 1st – May 8th                                    dry wood ash or sharp shell grit.
              Handy Andy!                         there for anything they need”, Andy said
                                                                                                                            The Doctor                    Wormwood spray also works, as a de-
  For many years Andrew Sullivan did home         with enthusiasm. “After sale service, reliabil-                                                        terrent as does salt, but be careful you
improvements and building work for a liv-         ity and efficiency are as important to me as       Garlic is one of my favourite herbs. Other          don’t use too much.
ing, for himself and for his mates.               quality”.                                         than its medicinal magic, wonderful flavours
                                                                                                    and attendant garlic breath it is also                Snails will not cross a copper barrier so
  Andrew is a fully qualified builder and when           What and how much?                                                                              you could surround your garden with cop-
he decided to open A Wonderful Shade                                                                effective protecting many species of tree
                                                   Andrew and his small, friendly team can          and vegetable.                                       per wire or you could put copper bands
three years ago he dedicated himself to up-                                                                                                              around the lower stems of susceptible
                                                  offer many types of retractable and non-
hold the quality and high standard of work-                                                          Aphids dislike garlic and it is a good              plants.
                                                  retractable outdoor shades are available.
manship that he used in the building trade.                                                         perimeter for your veggie patch, even to
                                                    Very popular are the Sail Shades available      sectionalise your different zones in the              Snails can also be used as a calcium, phos-
                                                  in many different styles and colours and not      garden. Cut the tops off your garlic                 phorous and nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer.
                                                  only look trendy but are extremely func-          regularly to allow it to exude its oils.             Just crush them and throw them in a con-
                                                  tional, 90% UV protection, privacy screen-                                                             tainer full of water for a couple of weeks.
                                                                                                     Another good place to plant garlic is               Good plant tucker.
                                                  ing and wind protection.
                                                                                                    around the drip zones of your fruit trees
                                                   Andrew can tailor an original concept to         – great for leaf curl problems and totally                   2006 Astrological
                                                  suit your budget and outdoor requirements,        effective!
                                                  and invites you to phone him, or check out                                                                     Calendar & Moon
                                                  his website.                                        Autumn and Winter Plantings
                                                                                                      Here are a few ideas for food plants you
                                                                                                                                                                  Planting Guide
                                                                                                    can grow during the cooler months.                       MAIL ORDER PRICES:
                                                                                                    Broadbeans of the Aquadulce and early
                                                                                                    long Pod varieties are right to plant dur-
                                                                                                                                                             Single Copy - $7.50. Bulk
Local too! Malvern’s covered…
                                                                                                    ing May to July and Sugarloaf cabbage can                   Purchase $4 Each*
  Local to Malvern, Andy can work anywhere                                                          be planted in April through till June.
in Melbourne’s South-East, Inner-East and              7 Lloyd St, Malvern East.                                                                                * Bulk is 4 or more copies.
Bayside areas.                                      P: 0403 441 411 F: 9505 6867                     Imperial D and Winterlake lettuce will also                   (For 3 - special - $15)
                                                                                                    grow during the period March to June,
 “I like doing work that is local to my area        www.awonderfulshade.com.au                                                                            Contact: Thomas Zimmer, Mt Cougal Rd,
                                                                                                    whilst a variety of onions can be planted.
of Malvern because people then know I am           soundservice@optusnet.com.au                     Australian Brown and Brown Globe during                Tallebudgera Valley, Queensland 4228

                                   Round •
                                                                                                           Australian Roof                                                           New Showroom
                                  Square •
                           Rectangular •                                                                   Restoring Pty Ltd                                                             Now Open
                                                                                                                                                                                    28 Harrington Sq,
                              Leadlights •                                                               The Restoration Specialists                                                          Altona
                         Roof Windows •                                                                               TOTAL REJUVENATION &
                       Access Hatches •                                                                Elastomeric Membrane Roof Coatings,
                      Roof Ventilation •                                                                     10 Year Warranty,
                                                                                                       RACV Show & Save Member                                                                                •   Timbers
 P: 9728 6100 or 0433 810 527                                                                              ALL AREAS PHONE                                                                                    •

          F: 9761 8089                                                                                                                                                Further Discounts Apply on House Lots   •   Romans
                                                                                                                1800 653 653 or                                               Free Measure and Quote          •
      www.daylite.com.au                                                                                         0414 378 899                                                                                 •
                                                                                                                                                                                                              •   Others

                                                   B.M. Leather Creations
                                                     ONE STOP LEATHER CARE
                                                                                                       built-in Wardrobes
                                                                                                      to your needs

                                                     Restoring, Dying, Colour Changing of
                                                   Leather Car Interiors, Furniture & Garments.
                                                      Colouring & Covering of Shoes and
                                                  Handbags to match your sample, including
                                                                 fabric shoes.
                                                  Web: www.leathercreations.com.au Est.
                                                   Phone: 9427 1882. Fax: 9427 1626
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                                                          Mob: 0418 536 980                                           • Craftwood doors
                                                                                                                      • Interior consists of top shelf
                                                                                                                         adjustable shelves, all fully
                                                                                                                         laminated, single, double
                                                                                                                         hanging rails
                                                                                                                      • 1840 wide x 2400 high
                                                                                                                      • 10 year guarantee
                                                                                                                      * Specialising in Hinged Doors
                                                                                                                       Quotes South of Brighton
                                                                                                                            to Chadstone.

                                                                                                       Five Star Wardrobes
                                                                                                        & Shower Screens
                                                                                                      Mob: 0417 707 500 Ph: 9544 2242
2006 April                                                     connect to our website metronews.com.au                                                                                                               23
pets                                                                                                                                                               home & garden

The toilets blocked again! Hubby For Hire That
                           Does Everything
  WHY DOES the toilet or sink
get blocked at the worst pos-
sible time?
 Like the start of a holiday                                                                         NOW PLENTY of people say they will do
weekend or just before the                                                                          everything, but in the case of Tony, owner
kid’s Saturday night sleep                                                                          of Hubbies R Us, it is more than true.
                                                                                                      Anything from carpentry, bricklaying, land-
  Murphy’s law, ‘What can go                                                                        scaping, pergola’s, paving, fencing, tree
wrong, will’, certainly applies                                                                     pruning, plaster work, watering systems, in-
                                                                                                                                                              Free quotes on site
to the world of home main-                                                                          sulation, concreting right through to clean-       Tony is passionate about the customer
tenance and raising a family.                                                                       ing the oven and other domestic duties, or       service that he provides. This has lead to
 Simply call Tim of Berntsen                                                                        anything else you can think of can be found      him establishing a large number of regular
Plumbing Pty Ltd anytime!                                                                           in Tony’s job description.                       customers, whom he enjoys a very happy
Berntsen Plumbing Pty Ltd of-                                                                        The huge scope of work covered by Tony          friendship with.
fers 24 hour emergency                                                                              means that he can handle anything at all           In fact some of his customers have been
plumbing service 7 days a                                                                           around your house. With over 19 years of         so happy with the work he has done on
week, 365 days a year!                                                                              experience as a carpenter, and 15 years of       their home; they have also engaged Tony
 The Trust Factor …                                                                                 experience as a registered builder you can       to work on their holiday home.
                                                                                                    relax in the knowledge that he knows his           Tony always gives a fixed price quote be-
  Ok, so you need a plumber
                                                                                                    stuff.                                           fore commencing any work. He does the
in the middle of the night. You                     “Tim is a fantastic and very reliable trades-
require a trustworthy and reliable person.                                                            In fact his previous experience in work-       quote on site free of charge, and provides
                                                   man; a really good bloke who actually comes
Who can you trust?                                                                                  ing as a building inspector means he has         a full list of costs with no hidden extras.
                                                   on time, cleans up and whose rates are
                                                                                                    knowledge of building laws and regula-             Part of his commitment to customer serv-
 With Tim Berntsen you know you can.               totally reasonable,” Steve says.
                                                                                                    tions that comes in more than handy for          ice, includes being a stickler for reliability.
He has been servicing the plumbing needs
                                                         All Plumbing Services                      his customers.
of Melbourne for over 16 years.                                                                                                                       Tony will always give a specific time that
                                                               offered …                                     Huge area covered                       he will be there for a job, and makes sure
 Tim understands “relationships are built
over time with reliable service, coupled with        Berntsen Plumbing Pty Ltd offers all             Tony currently has clients from Port Mel-      he is there.
customer satisfaction”.                            plumbing services such as spouting and           bourne to Portsea. You now only need to           So whether you want a new pergola or a
                                                   down pipes, gas fitting lines, blocked toi-      keep one phone number on your fridge. For        drain cleaned, Tony is the man you should
 So with a strong client base due to reli-
                                                   lets, sewerage pipes and drains, burst pipes,    items that require a qualified tradesman,        be calling.
ability, trust and affordability, Tim of
                                                   roof leaks and replacing hot or cold water       such as plumbing and electrical work Tony
Berntsen Plumbing invites you to try his                                                                                                               He can take all the jobs that have been
                                                   systems.                                         has a number of regular contractors that
service as you will be pleasantly surprised                                                                                                          sitting around your house waiting for you
at his prices.                                      Phone Tim Berntsen for traditional cus-         he uses. However the majority of the work        to get time to do them, or he can do more
                                                   tomer service, very reasonable rates and         is done by Tony himself.                         significant renovations that you require.
  Tim does not charge a call out or service
                                                   speedy, clean plumbing.                            This is hardly surprising when you consider
fee on Monday to Friday from 7.30am to                                                                                                                 The only thing you will have to worry about
                                                                                                    that his motivation for starting the business
4.30pm. In this time a low hourly rate is                      Tim Berntsen                                                                          is how to enjoy the extra spare time.
charged only.                                                                                       was that he wanted the challenge of con-
  Berntsen Plumbing have a reasonable and           Berntsen Plumbing                               fronting different jobs. In short he wanted
                                                                                                    variety, and he certainly has it. Starting ten
fair pricing strategy. Steve Yoannidis, Di-
rector of Arnold Webbing has been using
                                                         Pty Ltd.                                   years ago his business has grown rapidly,
                                                          License number 37030                      mainly on the back of referrals from satis-
Tim Berntsen as his plumber for over 10
years.                                              Ph: 0418 229 880, Fax: 9833 4848.
                                                                                                    fied customers.                                        0409 868 385

                                                                                                          BATHROOM RENOVATIONS                                CLEANING SERVICES
                             Warning! No Will
                            There’s No Way . . .
                      By Dr Graeme Smith, Managing Director of The Lost Dogs Home                     Professional Shower
 The Sad Story of the Cat Lady                     structions to her solicitors, to tide matters
                                                   over until the fully typed Will was ready.            319 Warrigal Road, Burwood
  It’s not uncommon to put off making a
                                                   Unfortunately her health deteriorated later
will. Most people associate them with death
                                                   that same day or the next and she never
                                                                                                       Telephone 9808 9558 or
and dying. Even quite elderly people often                                                                  1300 766 655
feel like putting if off “until a more appropri-
ate time”. A recent case in which The Lost          This Will was subsequently contested on
Dogs’ Home was involved dramatically un-           the grounds that when she gave her in-
derlines the pitfalls of such an attitude.         structions she lacked the capacity to un-          Web: www.leakingshowers.com.au
                                                   derstand what she was doing. It was said           Email: info@leakingshowers.com.au
  A widowed elderly lady, known affection-
                                                   that the deterioration had already begun
ately as “the cat lady”, who had devoted
                                                   by the time she saw the solicitors.
her life to looking after animals, never found                                                                CLEANING SERVICES
the time or inclination to make a Will. She          It was said that it didn’t matter that the
was much too busy looking after her house          cat lady had, all her life, intended her es-
full of cats plus two dogs and fending off         tate go to benefit animal organisations.           SPOT ON CLEANING SERVICES
complaints about them from neighbours.               Her intentions were defended by the The             9390 5175, 0422 310 610,
 When eventually, at a very advanced age,          Lost Dogs Home and the other animal wel-                   0414 837 321
she was unable to look after herself she was       fare organisation involved, and supported by       • Carpet Cleaning     • Office Cleaning
admitted, for her own welfare but against          her doctor and friends and the solicitors who
                                                                                                      • Strip & Seal        • Builders Clean Ups        Telephone metro news on
her will, into a nursing home. She never gave      had seen her make her Will. The matter went
                                                   to Court but was ultimately settled.               • Window Cleaning     • Buffing
up on the idea that one day she would be                                                                                                               9534 6122 to advertise in our
able to return to her home and look after            This case certainly underscores an impor-
her houseful of cats. It was an impossible         tant message to those who intend to make
                                                                                                                                                             classified section
dream - but she didn’t know that.                  provisions for the welfare of animals in their                    FENCERS
  As her physical condition deteriorated fur-      will. That is that they should be sure to do
ther she realised that she might die in the        so at a time when no-one in the future can
Nursing Home. So at that late stage she            possibly dispute their capacity to have done
asked the solicitors that had handled her          so. And of course the only time that any-
affairs years earlier to draw up a will.           one can do that is right away – for who
                                                   knows what even the immediate future will
  The cat lady had no children or depend-
ants. Her nearest next of kin were neph-
ews who would take her estate if she didn’t         Her sad experience is a legacy the cat lady
have a Will. She instructed her solicitors that    bequeathed to such people. They would do
those relatives were not to inherit and that       well to heed it. Because where there’s no
she wanted her estate to benefit the Lost          will there’s no way. And there never is a
Dog’s Home and another animal organisa-            better time to make one than the present.
tion.                                                Anyone who wishes to discuss this impor-
  A partly handwritten Will was signed at          tant issue may do so by phoning me on my
the Nursing Home on the day she gave in-           direct line on (03) 9321 8788.
24                                                              connect to our website metronews.com.au                                                                              April 2006

  Safety and Reliability are all Priorities …                                                                                                                  PLASTERING

  DANIEL LEE is a young man with a ma-
ture and responsive attitude to being in the
                                                                                                                                                            McNeill Solid
electrical trade. He knows people are fed                                                                                                                    Plastering
up with waiting for tradesman and paying
too much for their services.                                                                                                                       • traditional and ornamental
           Keen and Clean!                                                                                                                         • restoration and repair
 Daniel brings a fresh, honest approach to                                                                                                         • acrylic and cement renders/finishes
his recently opened electrical service busi-                                                                                                       • mouldings
ness. Daniel can go almost anywhere in Mel-                                                                                                        • internal and external
bourne and he will come on time and clean
up properly after the job.                                                                                                                                Brendan McNeill
Fully Qualified A-Class Electrician                                                                                                                      0412 829 734
  and Creating Atmosphere Too!                                                                                                                     R.M.I.T. Degree in Construction Management
  Daniel is eager to light up your outdoor
areas with any number of different lighting
options such as garden, pool or veranda                                                                                                             Telephone metro news on
lights, step lighting and water features that                                                                                                      9534 6122 to advertise in our
require electrical wiring.
  “Mood and atmosphere can be made per-                                                                                                                  classified section
fect for any occasion by just applying the
right lights in a suitable, clever way”, Daniel
                                                  ing styles to create the required, unique       Daniel will also provide free obligation free                REBLOCKING
                                                  mood for the individual client.                quotes on request and is available to be
  “People often underestimate how good                                                           contacted 24 hours a day, covering even
lighting can totally transform the mood in a              Safety, 24 Hour                        an electrical, out-of-hours emergency.
room or an outdoor space. The right light-           Availability and Reliability
ing can make people feel relaxed and at                  are all Priorities…                     DJL ELECTRICAL SERVICE
 Daniel offers electrician services and can
                                                   Daniel can issue certificates of electrical   Daniel Lee ph 0413 218 511                       • Professional Underpinning
                                                  safety standards and will stand by his work
also consult as a lighting design expert. He      with a guarantee of complete after service     F: 9773 9074                                     • Soil Test
can completely design the appropriate light-                                                                                                      • Engineers Report
                                                  care.                                          chingwa_lee@hotmail.com
                                                                                                                                                  • Screw Piling
                                                                 PAINTERS                                       PLUMBERS                          • All Repair Work
                                                                                                                                                  • Registered Builder DBU 2065

                                                                                                                                                  • Member Master Builders No 43957
                                                  HOUSE PAINT PEELING?                                                                               Call Alan Jones 9752 1660
    For Your Home & Your Budget -                  PLASTER CRACKED?                                                                                     Mob: 0408 035 419
        Design & Construction                     NEED MAINTENANCE?
 F REE Advice, Quotations                                                                                                                                     REMOVALISTS
     Computer Design &                             Help Is Around The Corner
          Installation                              Call Aldo 0419 584 978                                                                        Ph 0500 523 009,
                                                                                                                                                   Fax 9386 3012
    WE COME TO YOU - 7 DAYS                       NOW! - Servicing All Areas
     SHOP AT HOME SERVICE                                                                                                                                                   ORIGIN TRAINED
                                                    No Job Too Big Or Too Small                                                                                             REMOVALISTS &
      AUSDECO Service                                                                                                                                                    PACKAGING SERVICES

   ✆ 0405 352 703                                  Whitsun Pty Ltd                                                                                                          24hrs - 7 days
                                                                                                                                                  • Local, Country and Interstate
                                                                                                                                                  • Car, Boat, Motorbike, Pet Relocation
   Telephone metro news on                                                                                                                        • Flats, Houses, Offices, Shops, Government
  9534 6122 to advertise in our                                                                         Drapers Plumbing                           Phone For Free No Obligation Quote
       classified section                          DECORATORS & PAINTERS                                    Service                               http:\\www.johnandkenremovals.com.au
                                                                                                                                                   FREE FREE FREE FREE
                OUTDOOR                             For All Your Domestic                             Domestic - Commercial Maintenance             Boxes, Tape, Packing Paper, Quotes.

                                                        & Commercial                                  Renovations - Bathrooms & Kitchens

                                                       Painting Needs
                                                                                                       Hot & Cold Water Service Renewals
                                                                                                            Spouting & Downpiping
                                                                                                                                                   CHEAP REMOVAL
                                                       Freecall Ned & Olivia                                   All Areas                           QUOTES FROM $40
                                                       On 1300 558 009 or                                                                           No Hidden Costs - Very Reliable
                                                                                                             0418 580 326
                                                       Mobile 0438 386 179                                   PIB Licence No 35021                         0411 307 547
                                                                                        PARTITIONS                                                             UPHOLSTERS
Classic Outdoor Developments All Areas
 Display at Sheds ‘n’ More
Cnr Sth Link Rd & Sth Gippsland Hwy, Dandenong
   Ph 9870 0164 or 0410 587 006


              Decorative Effects &
 Domestic, commercial, interior,
  exterior, old & new premises.
  We use high quality materials
  For free quote call Mario on
   9354 6739 or 0402 002 173
2006 April                                                    connect to our website metronews.com.au                                                                                     25

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