Section 1001 Performance Related Specification by goodbaby


									                        Comment Summation Sheet for Sec 616
Team Leader:     Jim Brocksmith - mt
Team Members: Vince Imhoff – cm        Scott Stotlemeyer-mt Joe Rickman-tr         Kirsten Munck-de
Dan Smith-rd     Kevin Irving-FHWA     Jim Andrews-Safety Consultant
AGC of Missouri Safety Committee

Attachment Commenter and
  Number    Company Name                      Comment                                 Action Taken                 If No Action Taken, Explain Why
1          Bryce Gamblin -      Looks good                                none                                    N.A.
2                               Section 616.4.2.5 – this section leaves   Changed the first sentence to make
           Gerald Hitt-         a lot to the judgment of the resident     the order record optional rather than
            engineer. Most of the time that is        mandatory.
                                okay. However, some of the
                                inexperienced residents could readily
                                make themselves a real pain. I
                                believe it should be toned down, or a
                                little better control by more than one
                                person inserted.
3            Chris Jenkins –    Section 616.3.3 – I do not see a          none                                    For consistency all workers in a work
         reason for an equipment operator                                                  zone should have vests on.
                                working on a new concrete highway
                                to wear a safety vest. Wording could
                                be changed to All exposed
                                construction-related personnel…
3            Chris Jenkins –    Section 616.4.2.5 – A letter of           See action taken on Gerald Hitt’s
         documentation be sent to the prime        comments.
                                contractor specifying a time that the
                                corrections be made and if not that
                                liquidated damages will start.
3            Chris Jenkins –    Section 616.5.1 – I assume that the       none                                    For consistency all vehicles in a work
         Amber Safety lights on the vehicles                                               zone should have operating amber
                                and equipment is meant for operations                                             lights.
                                in existing traffic and night time
                                operations. I do not see any reason to
                                have this on equipment that is 20, 30,
                                40 feet off of the existing highway. It
                         would be a good thing to have these
                         lights on the haul trucks!
4   Troy Hughes - de     Section 616.4.4 – We should not be      We agree and have revised 616.4.2.2
                         allowing road closures for the          to incorporate total lane closures and
                         contractor’s convenience. Although it   have deleted 616.4.4. These closures
                         must be approved by the engineer, it    are intended to be for a duration of up
                         alludes that we will let them without   to several hours only and a public
                         limiting the timeframe or without       hearing should not be warranted. An
                         much trouble. I would think if the      example would be closing a road to
                         contractor proposed a total road        erect a bridge girder for 2 hours
                         closure that it would be covered by     versus head to head traffic for 3
                         616.4.2.2 and we would not need to      weeks.
                         have a specific paragraph for road
                         closures. Also to keep in mind, the
                         Proj. Development Manual 2-03.5
                         requires a public hearing for road
                         closures and 2-03.11 requires
                         commission approval of the design
                         for projects with road closures.
4   Troy Hughes - de     616.7 – Will this cover all 3 of the    none                                      This section covers the operation of
                         CMS JSP’s. If not, the team should                                                the CMS regardless of who owns the
                         consider.                                                                         unit.
4   Troy Hughes - de     616.9.6 – Is this only for required     Modified 616.9.6 to include the
                         nighttime work, if so we should         phrase “When specified in the
                         specify that it is only for required    contract…” Added a 616 pay item
                         night time work. Also there is not a    for work zone lighting.
                         pay item in the list.
5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #1 – 616.3.1. To strike         Removed language “manufactured
                         manufactured for traffic control        specifically for traffic control
                         purposes.                               purposes..”
5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #2 – 616.3.3 Concerns           None                                      Division 100 already states that the
                         requirement for Class 2 apparel.                                                  contractor shall know and observe all
                                                                                                           laws pertaining to contract work
                                                                                                           including local and national codes.
                                                                                                           Regardless of OSHA requirements
                                                                                                           one of the main priorities for MoDOT
                                                                                                           is to increase safety in work zones.
                                                                                                           This attire including class 2 will be
                                                                                                           required for both daytime and
                                                                                          nighttime work.

5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #3 – 616.4.1.4   Clarified by adding the word
5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #4 – 616.4.2     None                                    Already covered by 616.3.1

5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #5 – 616.4.2.5   none                                    Wording provided by CCO.

5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #6 – 616.4.2.5   Changed the first sentence to make
                                                  the order record optional rather than
                                                  mandatory. See attachment 2 also.
5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #7 – 616.4.3     none                                    Construction will maintain a list of
                                                                                          approved organizations.
5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #8 – 616.4.4     Added the phrase “or appurtenances”
                                                  to clarify we do not pay for any
                                                  flagger equipment. Moved the
                                                  payment sentence to basis of payment
5   Luke Coltrane - de   Comment #9 – 616.9.4     Added the phrase “or services” to
                                                  616.4.2 to clarify that law
                                                  enforcement services could be added
                                                  at a later date..

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