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					                                           Common Council

                                             Regular Meeting
                                   Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
                             City Hall, 31 S. Madison Street, Evansville, WI


1.   Call to order. Mayor Sandy Decker called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

2.   Roll call. Members present: Mayor Sandy Decker, Alderpersons Mason Braunschweig (left meeting at
     7:08 p.m.), Tom Cothard, Todd Culbertson, Barb Jacobson, Janis Ringhand, Diane Roberts, Dennis
     Wessels, and Tony Wyse. Others present: City Administrator Dan Wietecha, City Clerk Judy Walton,
     City Attorney Mark Kopp, Declan Every, PO Box 242, Evansville, Randy Shotliff, 4215 Winnequah Dr,
     Madison and Scott Smith, Landmark Agronomy Manager.

3.   Approval of Agenda. Cothard made a motion, seconded by Roberts to approve the agenda. Motion
     approved unanimously.

4.   Approval of Minutes. Cothard made a motion, seconded by Roberts to waive the reading of the minutes
     of the May 12, 2009 regular meeting and May 19, 2009, special meeting and to approve them as
     presented. Motion approved unanimously.

5.   Citizen appearances.
         A. SOLE. None

6.   Reports of Committees.
        A. Plan Commission Report. Braunschweig reported there was no June meeting. Decker stated
           that as of January 1, 2010, all land use decisions must be consistent with the Smart Growth
           Comprehensive Plan. The Plan is being reviewed by various committees and the Plan
           Commission. She added that a notice is going out stating that any land owner initiated
           comprehensive plan amendment requests are due to City Hall by July 8 th.

        B. Finance and Labor Relations Committee Report.
             (1). Cothard made a motion, seconded by Braunschweig to approve Water & Light bills and
                  authorize their payment in the amount of $236,591.18. Motion approved unanimously on
                  a roll call vote.

              (2). Cothard made a motion, seconded by Roberts to approve the City bills and authorize their
                   payment in the amount of $257,462.16. Motion approved unanimously on a roll call vote.

              (3). Wietecha gave an update on the options for the interim financing for the wastewater
                   treatment plant.

              (4). Motion to approve Resolution 2009-14, Joining Loan Finance Commission of Wisconsin
                   Rural Water Association. Wietecha stated the language for the resolution was not
                   received in time for this meeting. No action taken.

        C. Public Safety Committee Report. None

        D. Public Works Committee Report.
             (1). Update: Lake Leota Dredging Project. Wietecha reported there has been off-site clean up
                  and the dam repairs are done.

                                                       Common Council Meeting June 9, 2009               Page 1
                 (2). Impact of dredged material on Every Trust farm fields. Scott Smith explained the results
                      of the soil samples, the amount of fertilizer over time that would be required to bring the
                      soil up to a recommended nutrient level and the cost involved. Discussion of the issues
                      outlined in the memo prepared by Wietecha addressing debris removal, waterways and
                      fertility of the farm fields followed. No action was taken.

           E. Water & Light Committee Report. None

           F. Economic Development Committee Report. Wyse stated they are forming a council that will
              be represented by two individuals from the City, Evansville Community Partnership, Chamber,
              and School District. He added that the hanging flower baskets are now up.

           G. Parks and Recreation Board Report. Ringhand stated that the paddleboats and canoes are
              being used on the lake. They are preparing for the 4th of July and taking measures for goose

           H. Historic Preservation Commission Report. None.

           I. Fire District Report. Wessels stated there are a few needed touchups and they are currently at
              $103,000 under budget.

           J. Police Commission Report. None

           K. Evansville-Union Implementation Committee Report. None

           L. Youth Center Advisory Board Report. None

           M. Energy Independence Team Report. None

           N. Library Board/Liaison Report. Wyse reported at the Big Read they had 40 attendees, and at the
              Art Exhibit, which included work of Theodore Robinson, they had 90 attendees. They are
              discussing bids for an alarm system. Monument sign discussion continues.

7.     Unfinished Business. None

8.     Communications and Recommendations from the Mayor. None

9.     Communications from the City Administrator.
         A. Wietecha stated the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance special meeting on June 16th was canceled. It
            is to be rescheduled, perhaps sometime in July.

           B. Wietecha reported that the eminent domain proceedings are moving ahead.

10.    New Business. Ringhand requested a resolution to honor National Literary Day which is September 8th.

11.    Introduction of New Ordinances. None

12.    Motion to adjourn. Wessels made a motion, seconded by Roberts to adjourn at 7:42 p.m. Motion
       approved unanimously.

Prepared by Judy Walton, City Clerk

       The minutes are not official until approved by the Common Council at their next regular meeting.

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