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					                                                        Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                        Organization                     Description of Services                          Country      Region
Dr. Jean R. Lobell (Principal)   AcXEL International, Ltd.                A specialized international consulting firm English                 North
                                 Tel. 914-234-3251                        that provides human resources, training,                            America
Organizational Development       Fax 914-234-3975                         and organization development services.
Training                         email: jeanlobell@earthlink.net
                                 8 Hopes Farm Lane Bedford,
                                 New York 10506
Gary Brendel                     ADRA Professional Leadership Institute   Working in partnership with Andrews          English   US           North
                                 (APLI)                                   University (Berrien Springs, Michigan),                             America
Extension education              email: GaryBrendel@compuserve.com        ADRA offers a field-based Master's
                                 http://www.adra.org                      degree in International Development.
                                 ADRA International Headquarters          Most of the instruction was delivered
                                 12501 Old Columbia Pike                  through intensive sessions at field sites in
                                 Silver Spring, MD 20904                  Africa (Nairobi and Kenya), Latin America
                                                                          (Peru, Bolivia and Costa Rica) and Asia
American Productivity & Quality American Productivity & Quality Center    An international recognized resource for English       US           North
Center (APQC)                   (APQC)                                    process and performance improvement,                                America
                                http://www.apqc.org                       APQC helps organizations adapt to
                                                                          rapidly changing environment, build new
Facilitation                                                              and better ways to work, and succeed in
Change management                                                         a competitive marketplace.
Beth Applegate                Applegate Consulting Group (ACG)            An accomplished and progressive              English   US           North
                              Tel. 301-563-7075                           organizational development practice,                                America
Organizational Development    Fax 301-563-7080710                         ACG provides organizational
Training                      Silver Spring Avenue,                       development for non-profit-organizations
Strategic planning            Silver Spring, MD 20910
Asian Institute of Management Asian Institute of Management (AIM)         The Center for Development                 English     Philippine   ARMU
(AIM)                         http://www.aim.edu.ph/                      Management (CDM) at AIM designs and
                                                                          conducts both Masters and non-degree
Training                                                                  studies courses for development
Organizational Development                                                practitioners.
Asian Institute of Technology    Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)      The Center’s vision of the outreach center English     Thailand     ARMU
(AIT)                            http://www.ait.ac.th/                    is to foster partnerships between
                                                        Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                       Organization                            Description of Services                         Country     Region
                                                                                academic institutions and the business
Organizational Development                                                      sector. With this vision, MDC spearheads
                                                                                in undertaking SOM’s efforts in four
                                                                                areas: publications; management
                                                                                development programs; executive
                                                                                education; as well as information service
                                                                                and support to corporate sector.
Tara Rao                        Aspiral Learning                                Aspiral Learning is an international        English   Vietnam     ARMU
                                Tel. 844-823-8375                               enterprise offering values-based            Hindi
Training                        Fax 844-716-0534                                consultancy and learning solutions, which   Danish
Organizational Development      email: tararao@fpt.vn                           catalyst effectiveness and connectedness    Nepali
                                                                                within and between education, not-for-      Malayalam
                                                                                profit and commercial organizations
Tom Heinselman                 BeBetter Networks, Inc.                          BeBetter Networks, Inc. provides            English    US         North
                               Tel. 770-541-5047                                organizations with web-based solutions                            America
Leadership Development         Fax 770-955-3088                                 designed to enhance productivity,
Organizational Development     email: tom.heinselman@bebetter.net               improve communication and increase
Facilitation                   http://www.bebetter.net                          work/life quality.
                               1600 RiverEdge Parkway Suite 800
                               Atlanta, GA 30328-4667
Center for Creative Leadership Center for Creative leadership (CCL)             CCL is an internationally recognized       English     US         North
                               Tel. 336-545-2810                                resource for understanding and                                    America
Leadership Development         Fax 336-282-3284                                 expanding the leadership capabilities of
Organizational Development     email: info@leaders.ccl.org                      individuals and organizations from across
Training                       http://www.ccl.org/                              the public, private, nonprofit, government
                               Attn: Client Service P.O. Box 26300              and education sectors.
                               Greensboro, NC 27438-6300
William Ahadzie                Centre for Social Policy Studies University of   Education, Institution capacity building    English    Ghana      SWARMU
                               Ghana                                            Project Design; Interaction between
                               Tel. 233-21-502-217                              expats and locals in the context of
                               Cell 233-24-276-353                              development work
                               Fax 233-21-500-949 email:
                                                      Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
  Independent Consultant                       Organization                           Description of Services                       Country     Region
                               PO Box 72
                               Legon, Ghana
Vicki Wilde                    CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program             Promote such activities as diversity-   English      Kenya      ECARMU
                               Tel. 254 -2-524240 or 254 -2-524000 or         positive recruitment, international
Gender and Diversity           1-650-833 6645                                 teamwork, cross-cultural communications
                               Fax 254-2-524001or 1-650-833-6656              and advancement for women.
                               email: v.wilde@cgiar.org
                               CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program C/o
                               Nairobi, Kenya
Charity Channel                Charity Channel                                Readers can search for a consultant by    English    US         North
                               Tel. 949-589-5938                              keyword, area of expertise, location or                         America
Consultant service information email: editors@charitychannel.com              name.
Common Ground Consulting       Common Ground Consulting                       Common Ground Consulting helps teams English         US         North
                               Tel. 734-475-0929                              and entire organizations act as one using                       America
Team building                  Fax 734-475-0933                               experiential methods. It offers team
Change management              email: will@cgcommit.com                       building, leadership development, culture
Leadership development         http://www.cgcommit.com/index.html             change and change management
                               884 Ridge Road                                 services.
                               Chelsea, Michigan 48118
Peta Wolpe (General Manager) Community Development Resource                   The Community Development Resource English           South Africa SWARMU
                               Association                                    Association is a non-government African
Organizational Development     Tel. 021-462-3902                              organization advancing conscious and
Facilitation                   Fax 021-462-3918                               continuous learning about development
                               email: peta@cdra.org.za                        processes and the art of intervention.
                               P.O. Box 221, Woodstock
                               South Africa, 7915
                                                       Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                        Organization                         Description of Services                        Country     Region
Randall Quan                    Community Resource Exchange (CRE)Tel.        CRE is a not-for-profit organization that    English  US          North
                                212-894-3394 Fax 212-616-                    provides management assistance to a                               America
Organizational Development      4994http://www.crenyc.org39 Broadway, 10th   diversity of not-for-profit groups serving
Strategy planning               Floor New York, NY 10006                     the poor and disenfranchised. Primarily
                                                                             serves NY based clients.
Corporate University Xchange    Corporate University Xchange                 Corporate University Xchange is the          English   US         North
                                Tel. 1-800-946-1210 or 212-213-2828          leading research organization providing                           America
Organizational Development      Fax 212-213-8621                             consulting services for the enterprise-
                                email: mallen@corpu.com                      learning marketplace.
                                Corporate University Xchange
                                444 Park Avenue South, Suite 402
                                New York, NY 10016
Dr. Sheila Bunwaree             Council for the Development of Social        CODESRIA is the largest network of           English   Senegal    SWARMU
                                Science Research in Africa                   African Social Science Researchers on
Organizational Culture Audits   Tel. 221-825-65-97                           the African continent. It contracts out
                                Fax 221-824-12-89                            members of the network
                                email: sheila.bunwaree@codesria.sn
                                BP 3304
                                Dakar, Senegal
Emory Executive Education       Emory Executive Education                    The Executive learning programs at      English        US         North
                                Tel. 404-727-2200                            Emory provide both focused, intensive                             America
Training                        Fax 404-727-3072                             training as well as custom solutions of
Change Management               email: execed@bus.emory.edu                  any length, anywhere, worldwide. The
                                http://www.goizueta.emory.edu/execed/        Goizueta Executive Program (GEP) is a
                                Goizueta Business School                     three-week, non-linear executive
                                1300 Clifton Road                            education program for senior-level
                                Emory University                             managers. The entire focus of the
                                Atlanta, GA 30322                            program is to provide the knowledge and
                                                                             skills necessary to increase your
                                                                             competitive advantage in a business
                                                                             arena of intense change and challenge.
Facilitation Factory            Facilitation Factory                         A central location for tools and        English        Canada     North
                                                    Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                    Organization                    Description of Services                       Country     Region
                             Tel. 613-230-0090                       techniques, It allows members to test old                       America
Facilitation Training        Fax 613-727-7725                        and new philosophies and refine their
                             email: training@acerra.ca               skills. Inside the Facilitation Factory,
                             http://www.facilitationfactory.com      members have access to a Lotus Notes
                             FacilitationFactory c/o ACERRA          Database that houses everything you'll
                             200 Elgin Street, 10th Floor            need to facilitate a successful group
                             Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5                      session.
Catharina Van Heel           Femconsult                              offers a wide range of gender sensitive   Dutch      Netherlands MEERMU
                             Tel: +31 (0)70 3655744                  consultancy services concerning           English
Gender                       Fax: +31 (0)70 3623100                  development programmes and projects
Training                     email: gender@femconsult.nl
Institutional Development    Nassauplein 26 2585 EC
Strategic planning           The Hague
                             The Netherlands
Nancy White                  Full Circle Associates                  Using communications as it center point, English     US         North
                             Tel. 206-517-4754                       Full Circle provides strategic                                  America
Facilitation                 email: nancyw@fullcirc.com              communication, online community
Strategic planning           http://www.fullcirc.com/index.htm       development, and facilitation, marketing,
                             Full Circle Associates                  and project management services for the
                             PMB # 126 4603 NE University            community, non-profit and business
                             Seattle, WA 98105                       sectors.
Sally Theilacker             Future Search Network                   A voluntary world-wide Network offering English      US         North
                             Tel. 1-800-951-6333                     public, non-profit and NGO future search                        America
Change management            email: fsn@futuresearch.net             processes and training for whatever
Training                     www.futuresearch.net                    people can afford. A strategic planning
Strategic planning           4700 Wissahickon Ave. Suite 126         process used world-wide in diverse
                             Philadelphia, PA 19144-4248             cultures to achieve shared goals and fast
Gary D. Jewkes               Gary D. Jewkes & Associates             Management and organization consulting English       US         North
                             Tel. 770-599-3678                                                                                       America
Organizational Development   Messages 800-487-0587
Change management            Fax 770-599-6182 email:
                                                      Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
  Independent Consultant                       Organization                    Description of Services                          Country     Region
                                  3410 Hickory Hill Road
                                  Brooks, Georgia 30205
Global Development Group          Global Development Group (GDG)       Growing out of the IT and HR division of English       Canada      North
(GDG)                             Tel. 613-228-5638 Fax 613-226-7288   CARE Canada, GDG is a leading                                      America
                                  email: info@globaldev.org            provider of Information Technology,
Knowledge management              http://globaldevelopmentgroup.org    Human Resource and International Trade
Organizational development        Global Development Group             solutions to development NGOs, non-
                                  6 Antares Drive, Phase3              profit organizations and foundations.
                                  Ottawa,Ontario K2E 8A9
ICA Associates Inc.               ICA Associates Inc.                  ICA Associates Inc. is a unique facilitation English   Canada      North
                                  Tel. 416-691-2316                    and training organization providing                                America
Facilitation Training             Fax 416-691-2491                     effective participatory skills to thousands
                                  email: ica@icacan.ca                 of people across Canada. It is on the
                                  http://icacan.ca/consulting.cfm      leading edge of change and consistently
                                  579 Kingston Rd                      delivers quality programs to hundreds of
                                  Toronto, ON M4E 1R3                  communities and organizations.
Ernesto Ayala (director, Policies INCAE                                INCAE is a private, non-profit,            English     Latin       LACRMU
Center)                           http://www.incae.ac.cr/EN/           multinational, higher-education                        America
                                                                       organization devoted to teaching and
Training                                                               research endeavors in the fields of
Leadership development                                                 business and economics aimed at
                                                                       training and instructing, from a worldwide
                                                                       perspective, individuals capable of
                                                                       successfully holding top management
                                                                       positions in Latin America.
Indian Institute of Management Indian Institute of Management (IIM)    IIM was set up in collaboration with the   English     India       ARMU
                               http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/             Harvard Business School with the
Training                                                               mission of professionalizing Indian
                                                                       management through teaching, research,
                                                                       training, institution building, and
                                                                       consulting. Additionally, it has started
                                                        Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                      Organization                            Description of Services                            Country     Region
                                                                               contributing into sectors of a developing
                                                                               society such as agriculture, education,
                                                                               health, transportation, population control,
                                                                               energy, and public administration
Jane Covey                    Institute for Development Research (IDR)         The Institute for Development Research English           US          North
                              Tel. 617-482-9485                                (IDR), is a nonprofit research, education                            America
Training                      Fax 617-482-0617                                 and consulting organization dedicated to
Organizational Development    email: ldr@jsi.comwww.jsi.com/idr44              increasing the capacity of civil society
                              Farnsworth Street                                groups to advance just and sustainable
                              Boston MA 02210-1211                             development.
Instituto Christophorous      Instituto Christophorous                         A nonprofit organization that works with English         Brazil      LACRMU
                              email: instituto@christophorus.org               organizational and leadership
Organizational development    http://www.christophorus.org/                    development focused in the nonprofit field
Change management
Leadership development
Antonio Rodriguez             Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC          TEC Monterrey has 30 campuses                 English    Mexico      LACRMU
                              Monterrey)                                       throughout Mexico, and extends its
Training                      http://www.sistema.itesm.mx/                     educational services to other Latin
                                                                               American countries through their Virtual
                                                                               University (Universidad Virtual
                                                                               Empresarial - UVE) run from Monterrey,
Paul Botticello               Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC)   A nonprofit organization, providing           English    US          North
                              Tel. 207-828-1995                                training, consulting, partnership building,                          America
Organizational Development    email: pbotticello@interactioninstitute.org      coaching, and facilitation services
Coaching                      http://www.interactioninstitute.org
International Institute for   International Institute for Learning (IIL)       IIL provides the training that professionals English     US          North
Learning (IIL)                Tel. 800-325-1533 or 1-212-758-0177              need to manage today's complex issues                                America
                              Fax 1-212-755-0777
Training                      email: learning@iil.com
                              110 East 59th Street
                                                       Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                      Organization                        Description of Services                           Country     Region
                                 New York, NY 10022-1380
Brian Pratt (Executive Director) International NGO Training and Research   INTRAC provides support to                   English    UK          Europe
                                 Centre (INTRAC)                           organizations involved in international
Organizational Development       Tel. 44(0) 1865 201851                    development. Its goal is to improve the
Training                         Fax 44 (0) 1865 201852                    performance of Non-Governmental
                                 mail: Intrac@gn.apc.org                   Organizations (NGOs) by exploring
                                 www.intrac.org/                           relevant policy issues and by
                                  INTRACPO                                 strengthening NGO management and
                                 Box 563                                   organizational effectiveness.
                                 Oxford OX2 6RZ, UK
Karuna management                Karuna management                                                                      English    Nepal       ARMU

Organizational development

Alicia Korten                  Korten Consulting                           Facilitated strategic planning and           English    US          North
                               Tel. 202-364-5369                           leadership training programs for                                    America
Strategic planning             Fax 202-537-6045                            organizations, public workshops, Led
Leadership development         email: akorten@igc.org                      public workshops
                               3407 34th Place, NW
                               Washington, DC 20016
                               Leadership Strategies-- the Facilitation    The Facilitation Company is rapidly           English   US          North
                               Company                                     becoming a national leader in                                       America
Facilitation                   Tel. 770-454-1440 or 800-824-2850           professional facilitation, facilitation
Training                       email: lstrategy@mindspring.com             training, leadership training and soft skills
Strategic planning             http://www.leadstrat.com/index.html         training for information technology
                               4200 Perimeter Park South                   professionals
                               Suite 207
                               Perimeter Crest
                               Atlanta, GA 30341
Linkage Incorporated           Linkage Incorporated                        Linkage, Inc. is a leading provider of  English         US          North
                               Tel. 781-402-5400                           organizational development and                                      America
Organizational development     Fax 781-402-5560                            corporate education programs, products,
                                                       Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                       Organization                           Description of Services                         Country     Region
                                 email: info@linkage-inc.com                   and services
                                 16 New England Executive Park
                                 Suite 205
                                 Burlington, MA 01803
Milano Nonprofit Management      Milano Nonprofit Management Knowledge         Milano Nonprofit Management            English        US          North
Knowledge Hub                    Hub                                           Knowledge Hub is a consumer's guide to                            America
                                 Tel. 212-229-5311                             free nonprofit management information
Knowledge management             Fax 212-229-5354                              on the Internet.
Organizational development       email: vazquezl@newschool.edu
                                 Graduate School of Management and Urban
                                 72 Fifth Avenue
                                 New York, NY 10011
National University of           National University of Singapore – Business   Currently, the Graduate Division offers an English    Singapore   ARMU
Singapore – Business School      School                                        Master of Business Administration; Asia-
                                 http://www.fba.nus.edu.sg/grad/               Pacific Executive MBA; MS in
Training                                                                       Management of Technology; MS Applied
Human resource management                                                      Finance; MS in Asia-Pacific Human
                                                                               Resource Management; MS in Marketing
Richard Seel                     New Paradigm Consulting                       New Paradigm Consulting is a virtual       English    UK          Europe
                                 Tel. 44 (0) 1692 650 706                      organization that has experience in
Strategic planning               Fax 44 (0) 1692 650 706                       organization change & development,
Change management                email: richard@new-paradigm.co.uk             culture change and cultural inquiry,
Organizational development       http://www.new-paradigm.co.uk/                strategic & business planning,
Team building                    Seabrink, Beach Road,                         management & team development,
                                 Bacton Green, Norfolk                         human resources, and finance &
                                 NR12 OEP UK                                   systems.
Susan Caruso-Green               New York and New Jersey Consultants           This is a directory produced by Resource English      US          North
President                        Directory                                     Development Network, a fundraising                                America
                                 Tel. 1-888-269-7085                           consultancy in New Jersey. Readers can
Consultant service information   email:                                        find consultants alphabetically or by
                                                   Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
  Independent Consultant                    Organization                        Description of Services                          Country     Region
                             info@resourcedevelopmentnetwork.com        specialty.
                             Resource Development Network, Inc.
                             Cranford, NJ and New York City
Veena Srinivas Balram        NIIT                                       NIIT is a leader in IT Software and        English     India       ARMU
                             Tel. 91-11-26482054                        Training--a synergy that has created a
Training                     Fax 91-11-26203333                         complementary portfolio of products and
Knowledge solutions          email: fra@niit.com                        services suited to every kind of IT need.
                             http://www.niit.com/home.asp               From high quality software, to knowledge
                             NIIT Limited                               solutions, to state-of-the-art IT training
                             8 Balaji Estate                            offerings—NIIT’s canvas is vast.
                             Sudarshan Munjal Marg,
                             Kalkaji New Delhi 110019
Catherine Collingwood        Olive (Organization Development and        Olive is a not-for-profit developmental  English       South Africa SWARMU
                             Training)                                  organization that engages with
Organizational development   Tel. 27-31- 2061534                        organizations working towards social and
Change management            Fax 27-31-2052114                          developmental change
Leadership development       email: olive@oliveodt.co.za
facilitation                 http://www.oliveodt.co.za
                             21 Sycamore Road
                             Glenwood, Durban, 4001
                             South Africa
Laura Roper                  Oxfam America                              A development, relief and campaigning                  US          North
                             Tel: 617-728-2462                          organization dedicated to finding lasting                          America
Learning                     Fax: 617-728-2595email:                    solution to poverty and suffering around
Organizational development   lroper@oxfamamerica.org                    the world
                             Oxfam America
                             26 West St.
                             Boston MA 02111
Dr. Scott Simmerman          Performance Management Company             Team building games for facilitating        English    US          North
                             Tel. 864-292-8700 or 1-800-659-1466        workplace productivity, plus tools for                             America
Team building                Fax 864-292-6222                           quality, and managing and leading
                                                   Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                   Organization                     Description of Services                        Country     Region
Change management            email: scott@squarewheels.com           change. For trainers, consultants,
Leadership development       http://www.squarewheels.com             managers and leaders.
Facilitation                 Performance Management Company
                             3 Old Oak Drive
                             Taylor, SC 29687-6624
Pragya Management Group      Pragya Management Group                                                           English    Nepal       ARMU

Organizational development
Lesley Abdela                Shevolution and Eyecatcher Associates   Specialist expertise – Democratization,   English    UK          MEERMU
                             Tel. 01435 882655                       Gender, Advocacy, media and post          French
Training                     Cell: 07967 650155                      conflict reconstruction                   Greek
Gender                       Fax 01435 882742
Advocacy                     email: lesley.abdela@shevolution.com
                             Park Farm Oast
                             Bateman’s Lane
                             Burwash E Sussex
                             TN19 7DR UK
Southeast Association of     Southeast Association of Facilitators   Promote and improve group facilitation    English    US          North
Facilitators                 Tel. 770-454-1440                       techniques                                                       America
Facilitation Training        4200 Perimeter Park South,
                             Suite 207
                             Atlanta, GA 30341
Sundance Consulting Inc.     Sundance Consulting Inc.                Sundance Consulting takes an integrated English      Canada      North
                             Tel. 780-944-1182 or 1-888-944-8383     and pragmatic approach to making                                 America
Change management            Fax 780-944-1187                        change work in organizations
                             email: sundance@sundance.ca
                             Sundance Consulting Inc.
                             Suite 100,
                             5807 104 Street
                             Edmonton, AB
                                                        Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                       Organization                           Description of Services                           Country     Region
                                 Canada T6H 2K4
Sympozium                        Sympozium                                     SympoZium brings together expert          English        US         North
                                 Tel. 760-631-1919 or 877- 864-1919            presenters and learners in a friendly                               America
Training                         Fax 760-940-4112                              community on the Internet. Renowned
                                 email: info@sympozium.org                     experts with proven track records educate
                                 www.sympoZium.org                             and reinforce practical knowledge through
                                 SympoZium LLC                                 an extensive curriculum of over 100
                                 2210 East Vista Way,                          courses.
                                 Suite 400
                                 Vista, CA 92084
The Chronicle of Philanthropy    The Chronicle of Philanthropy                 This site provides a number of guides in English         US         North
                                 Tel. 202- 466-1200                            four major areas: fundraising, technology,                          America
Consultant service information   email: help@philanthropy.com                  consultants and products (which the site
                                 http://philanthropy.com/adv.dir/advmain.htm   calls directory). Within each category are
                                 1255 23rd St. N.W.                            subcategories to make finding the right
                                 Suite 700                                     firm easier.
                                 Washington, D.C. 20037
Warren Feek                      The Communication Initiative                  The Communication Initiative is a        English         Canada     North
                                 Tel. 1-250-658-6372                           partnership of development organisations                            America
Change management                Fax 1-250-658-1728                            seeking to support advances in the
Organizational development       email: wfeek@comminit.com                     effectiveness and scale of communication
                                 http://www.comminit.com                       interventions for positive international
                                 5148 Polson Terrace Victoria,                 development
                                 British Columbia, Canada
Glenda Wildschut                 The Desmond Tutu Peace Center                 To train and nurture leaders; to educate                 South Africa SWARMU
                                 Tel. 27-21-425-7002                           the broader public on issues peace, hope
Leadership development           Fax 27-21-418-9468                            and vision; to record, archive, and provide
Organizational development       email: glenda@tutu.org                        access to materials relating to Desmond
                                 www.tutu.org                                  Tutu and other important information
                                 P.O.Box 51632
                                 Waterfront 8002
                                 Cape Town, South Africa
Nanette Alvey                    TRADE (Training for Development)              TRADE focuses on three major activities: English         Burkina Faso SWARMU
                                                   Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                   Organization                           Description of Services                         Country     Region
                             Tel. 226-97-34-30                            management training, language training,
Strategic planning           Fax 226-97-19-48                             and conference organization and
Leadership development       email: bolytrade@fasonet.bf                  facilitation.
                             B.P. 1118
                             Burkina Faso
Winning Workplaces           Winning Workplaces                           Winning Workplaces is a not-for-profit      English    US          North
                             Tel. 847-328-9798                            providing information, training, ideas,                            America
Organizational development   Fax 847-328-2224                             consulting, and easy-to-use, affordable
Training                     email: info@winningworkplaces.org            tools to help small and midsize
                             http://www.winningworkplaces.org/index.php   organizations create great workplaces
                             Winning Workplaces
                             1603 Orrington Avenue
                             Suite 1880
                             Evanston, IL 60201
Mikki Bako                   Tel. 233-21-775-5133                         Institutional Strengthening, basic skills   English    Ghana       SWARMU
                             Cell: 233-24-239-109                         training, Basic Management Skills
Training                     Fax 233-21-775-5133
Facilitation                 email: mediacops@idhmail.com
                             PO Box CT 919
                             Cantonments Accra,
Jyotsna Roy                  Tel. 91-11-26517772 91-11-26866563           Offering consultancy in integration of      Hindi      India       ARMU
                             Cell. 91-98-104-86642                        gender for responsive Governance,           English
Gender                       email: jyotsna_roy@vsnl.net                  gender in development and management,       Spanish
Training                     jyotsna_roy@yahoo.com                        project planning, management and team       Bangla
Organizational development   194, Anupam Apartments,                      building, organization analysis and         Punjabi
                             M-B Road,                                    development, training in social
                             New Delhi – 110030.                          development and management
                             India                                        development
Arzu Rana-Deuba              Tel. 00977-1-5535597 or 5547250              Working as a gender analyst, planner,       English    Nepal       ARMU
                             Fax 4375376                                  trainer, and training designer in Nepal     Nepali
                                                   Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
  Independent Consultant                    Organization                     Description of Services                           Country     Region
Gender                       email: ard@col.com.np                  since 1992. Skills in facilitating training   French
Training                     samanata@wlink.com.np                  and designing research. Designing and         Hindi
Advocacy                      POB 13205,                            implementing social mobilization and
                             Kathmandu, Nepal                       advocacy programmes
Aliou Samba Diallo           Tel. 221-822-01-10 or 221-821-37-36    Change management, Conflict                   French     Senegal     SWARMU
                             home: 221-824-92-91                    Resolution, Advocacy, Recruitment             (native)
Organizational development   Fax 221-822-01-10 or 221-822-44-45     issues, cross cultural issues                 English
Leadership development       email: barky@enda.sn                                                                 (basic)
Change management             B.P. 6113
                             Dakar SENEGAL
Alpha Bah                    Tel. 221-839-73-60                     Behavior Research, Attitude research,         French     Senegal     SWARMU
                             home 221-864-12-36                     peer learning, group dynamics,                (native)
Change Management            cell 221-636-7506                      mentoring, statistical research, peer         English
Leadership Development       email: alpha.bah@cesag.sn              coaching and development, evaluation          (fluent)
Coaching                      P.O. Box 3802                         and monitoring
Laurence Codja               Tel. 221-839-73-60                     Behavior Research, Attitude research,         French     Senagal     SWARMU
                             www.cesag.sn                           peer learning, group dynamics,                (native)
Change Management             P.O. Box 3802                         mentoring, statistical research, peer         English
Leadership development       Dakar                                  coaching and development, evaluation          (basic)
Coaching                                                            and monitoring
Maty Ndaiye Sy               Tel. 221-832-14-48                     Change management; Interpersonal              French     Senagal     SWARMU
                             Cell: 221-635-50-26                    Skills; Team Building; Leadership             (native)
Organizational Development   Fax 221-832-14-48                                                                    English
Change management            email: msy@enda.sn                                                                   (basic)
Training                     B.P. 3671
Leadership development       Dakar SENAGAL
Kate Horne                   Tel. 01865-724321                      Consultant--Training, learning and            English   UK           Europe
                             Cell 0774 060 4441                     development                                   French
Training                     email: katehorne@yahoo.com.uk2                                                       Portugues
Learning                     Donnington Bridge Road                                                               e Spanish
Leadership development       Oxford, OX4 4AX
Equality and diversity
                                                   Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
   Independent Consultant                   Organization                    Description of Services                          Country    Region
Victor C. Robinson           Tel. 66-2-2555238                      Currently engaged in writing and              English  Thailand    ARMU
                             email: vrobinson@pacific.net.th        consulting projects particularly focused on
Training                     1702 Lake Green Apts                   the integration of peace building and
Facilitation                 199 Sukhumvit, Soi 8                   conflict resolution work in development
Conflict resolution          Bangkok 10110                          contexts.
Asha Elkarib                 Tel. 00249 11 491331                   International Programme Development           Arabic    Sudan      ECARMU
                             Fax 00249 11 472527                    Advisor for Methodology, ACORD                English
Training                     email: ashaelkarib@hotmail.com         International
Gender                       ACORD Organization
Organizational development   St 33 Amarat Khartoum
                             P.O. Box 986
Nneka Uchenna Ifeka          Tel. (UK)+447763-821579                My service includes group formation and English         Nigeria    SWARMU
                             ( Nigeria)+234-8023463256              development, project management and        Igbo
Training                     email: nnekamu1@yahoo.co.uk            reporting, organizing based research,      Kiswahili
Gender                        weema78@hotmail.com                   volunteering, inclusion editor, net worker
Advocacy                      48/50 Ishaga Road,                    with advocacy skills
                             P. O. Box 52797,
                             Ikoyi, Lagos,
Geetanjali Misra             Tel. 431-0985                          Director, international program of CREA English   India            ARMU
                             email: misrageeta@yahoo.com            (Creating Resources for Empowerment in Hindi Urdu
Training                     7 Mathura Rd.,                         Action)                                 Gujarati
Strategic planning           Jangpura B                                                                     Bengali
Gender                       New Delhi 100014                                                               French
Pramada Menon                Tel. 91 1126124760 9810215148          Director, CREA (Creating Resources for English    India            ARMU
                             email: pramadam@yahoo.com              Empowerment in Action)                  Hindi
Gender                        B2/2274 Vasant Kunj,                                                          Bengali
Training                     New Delhi 110070                                                               Malayalam
Advocacy                                                                                                    Tamil
                                                    Global OD Consultant and Trainer List
  Independent Consultant                    Organization                      Description of Services                         Country       Region
Dr Rose Mensah-Kutin         Tel. 00-233-21-246495 (Office)           Gender and policy issues, training and     Twi, Ga    Ghana          SWARMU
                             0-233-21-512698 (home)                   institutional development                  (local
Gender                       00-233-20-8180662 (cell)                                                            languages)
Training                     Fax 00-233-21-246496                                                                , English,
Organizational development   email: eno_gh@yahoo.com                                                             French(bas
Leadership                   P.O. Box KD. 4                                                                      ic).
Media                        KANDA-ACCRA
MDF Training Consultancy     MDF Training Consultancy                 Worldwide training & consultancy            English   Netherlands    MEERMU
                             http://www.mdf.nl                        organization providing a variety of general French    Brussels Sri   ECARMU
Project & Programme                                                   and customized services to International              Lanka          SWARMU
Management                                                            Development and Policy organizations.                 Tanzania       ARMU
Project Cycle Management
Human Resource Development
Organizational Development
Carter McNamara (US)       Authenticity Consulting, LLC
Andy Horsnell (Canada)     Tel. 763-971-8890(US)
                           Fax 763-592-1661 (US)
Organizational development 416-693-8689 (Canada)
                           email: carter@authenticityconsulting.com
                           (US) andy@authenticityconsulting.com
                           4008 Lake Drive Ave.
                           North Minneapolis,
                           Minnesota 55422-1508

                             Authenticity Consulting, LLC
                             113 Neville Park Boulevard
                             Toronto, Ontario M4E 3P7