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                                                                                           Trees Saved                16.0   Water Saved (gallons)               140,000
                                                                                           Forest Land (acres)        0.03   Daily Water Ration (# of             70,000

                                                                                           Energy Saved (KwH)       82,000   Oil Saved (gallons)                  13,650
                                                                                           Homes Heated (year)         9.2

How much did you use?                                      What choice did you make?

How much paper did you use?                                Compare non-recycled paper to
                                                           recycled paper.                 Air Pollution (pounds)   1,200    Landfill Space (cubic feet)             6.0
Enter amounts in tons of paper.*                           Select the amount recycled.     Cars (off the road)        12.0   Football Fields                      0.0001

                        20                                            10 Recycled / PCW

Select the type of non-recycled
paper currently being used.
           Coated Groundwood
  **Uncoated: includes text and cover, opaques, etc.

          Trees used for
        non-recycled paper


                                                                                                                                                           Date Printed: 4/25/2010
                 How to use the Millcraft Environmental Impact Calculator

The Millcraft Environmental Impact Calculator was designed to help you make a difference by
making the right choice in paper. This calculator will allow you to compare non-recycled paper
choices to recycled paper choices. With those comparisons, you will see the impact your decision
can make regarding the environment.

The Environmental Impact Calculator is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. There are three
simple steps.

The Non-Recycled Column
• Enter your information for How much paper did you use? . Please enter your answer in tons of paper.

• Next, you will select the type of non-recycled paper that you are using. For example, you can select
from four choices--Uncoated, Newsprint, Coated Freesheet, or Coated Groundwood.

• At the bottom, in large red numbers you will see how many trees you are using for the amount and type of
non-recycled paper.

The Recycled Column
Considering switching to recycled paper? See the impact of your decision!

• In the second column, select the amount of recycled paper. You can select from the following amounts--10
Recycled / PCW, 30 Recycled / PCW, 50 Recycled / PCW, or 100 Recycled / PCW.

The Results Column
That one simple decision can show numerous results and comparisons based on your choice.

• Look in the third column to see how you are making a difference! You will find results for trees saved,
water saved, energy saved, oil saved, air pollution, and landfill space. There are many others.

Go ahead! See how you can make a difference. Start comparing your non-recycled paper choices to
the recycled paper choices with Millcraft's Environmental Impact Calculator.

                                   For more information, you may contact
                                    The Millcraft Group at 800.860.2482.

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