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TYSSON BOOTH Director booth buil


									                                                                TYSSON BOOTH
                                                                booth building Services Pty Ltd
                                                                PO Box 286
                                                                St Peters 2044
                                                                NSW Sydney
                                                                Mobile: 0404896677
                commercial – domestic                           Office: 95579793
                                                                Fax: 95579793
Service Proposal -                                              Web:

Date :
Service Provider :
Contact Person &           TYSSON BOOTH
Address :                  PO BOX 286 ST PETERS NSW 2044
Client :
Contact Person &
Address :

Scope of Service
booth shall provide reactive and scheduled property maintenance, refurbishment and make good
services in the areas set out in Schedule A.

This service is to be provided to a high standard. Timing and cost as set out in Appendices One and

Requisition Work
      booth will only accept requests for building maintenance and repair work from those
      personnel named in Schedule A, via email, fax, phone.

       When reporting any maintenance matter or requesting a quote the authorised person is
       required to detail:

         -    The nature of the work,
         -    Whether it is maintenance work or work requiring a quote,
         -    Suggest the priority of the job,
         -    The tenant’s name,
         -    The tenant's contact phone number,
         -    Site location,
         -    Site parking for trade vehicle, and
         -    any special or unusual circumstance associated with the issue - paying particular
              attention to safety.

         In responding to the request for service, we will log the details and authorise a date to
         assist repairs work.
      Emergency Situations

      For emergency situations an Authorised Person will call on the Emergency number (see
      Schedule A) which is permanently staffed by your trade director during the hours of
      operation detailed in Schedule A.

      In response to an emergency situation, your trade director shall arrange for the appropriate
      trade resource to be onsite as soon as is possible (see Appendix One. for details).

      Non-Emergency Situations and Quote Requests

      For non-emergency situations an emails address has been created (see Schedule A.) which
      will be monitored by our office during the hours of operation detailed in ScheduleA.


      Whenever a trade resource attends a site they will immediately make themselves known to
      the tenant. The tenant must immediately make the trade resource aware of any OH&S issues
      peculiar to the environment.

      The first priority of the trade resource will be to make the area safe.

      Upon completion of the maintenance or repair work, the trade resource will immediately
      leave the site.

      If a return visit is required the Tradesman will make the appropriate arrangements with the
      tenant and inform the Authorising Person.

Quoted Work

      Once a quote has been prepared by boothbuilding Services, it will be sent via the email or
      fax to the Authorising Person for approval. See Appendix One. for turnaround times.

      Quoted work approvals must be in the form of an official purchase order referring to our
      quote number and be signed and sent back to head office for Logging.


      For credit terms see Schedule A.

      Invoices will include full details of each job and can be accompanied by supporting

 booth shall maintain an Occupational Health & safety Policy demonstrating that it is a health and
 safety conscious organisation.

 booth is required to specifically identify procedures to meet Occupation Health & Safety
 Regulations and is responsible for ensuring that its staff and representatives are up to date will all
 Statutory Regulations, Codes of Practice and Laws relating to Occupational Health and Safety.

 booth shall be responsible for all aspects of Occupational Health & Safety within their sphere of
 operation and shall undertake work in a manner to achieve a safe and healthy environment for all
 who attend the site.

 Workmanship, Materials and Tools

 booth shall be responsible, within available resources, for providing, all tools, equipment and
 spares necessary for the efficient maintenance and, where applicable, to comply with any relevant
 manufacturers’ or suppliers’ instructions or recommendations.

 booth will provide suitably qualified and experienced employees, agents or sub-contractors as

 booth shall be responsible for leaving work areas clean and tidy at the end of each working day.

 Unsatisfactory or unsuitable materials or defective workmanship shall be rectified or replaced, as
 per site meetings (conditions apply).


 booth shall maintain public liability and insurance (see Schedule A.).

 booth shall maintain workers compensation insurance policies covering their employees.

Schedule – A.


Manager / Director :                     TYSSON BOOTH
Emergency Hotline Phone Number :         0404896677 (mobile)
                                         95579793 (office)
Dedicated email address :      
Hours of Operation :                     7:30am – 7:00pm business days

Accounting Details

Materials Pricing :                      Wholesale plus 20%
Hire Equipment Pricing :                 Wholesale plus 10%
Quote Required :                         If job is likely to exceed $500
Quote Charge :                           $0.00
GST                                      All invoices include tax(GST)
Credit Terms :                           14-30 days or payment on completion
Invoices Sent To :                       Authorised Personnel
Service Calls                            $ ( ) then priced on site


Public & Product Liability Insurance :   NSW $5,000,000
Workers Compensation :                   All employees


Minot Building Licence                   163960C
Supervisors Licence                      42823C
OHS Construction                         NW0083533
Green Card                               C196491

                                   Authorised Personnel

The following personnel are authorised to commission building works on behalf of (COMPANY?)

Personnel                      Locations                      Authorisation Limit

Appendix One.

Response Times

Priority    Examples of Condition                              Responses Times
Emergency   -    There is a direct and immediate safety        Immediately, but not greater than 90
Code 1           risk to the public.                           minutes
            -    There is a likelihood of further serious      Attend, investigate, make safe,
                 damage to building fabric or services.        secure, restore or provide temporary
            -    If left unattended the situation will         service as soon as possible after
                 quickly deteriorate further.                  receiving the call.
            -    Total loss of sanitary facilities/blockages
                 of waste and drains.
Urgent      -    There is a loss of facilities or services     Up to 240 minutes.
Code 2           which will affect normal operations or
            -    Partial loss of facilities.
Necessary   -    Need to restore more acceptable               Response time 1-7 working days.
Code 3           environmental conditions within
                 occupied areas.
            -    No likelihood of deterioration to more
                 urgent category.
Routine     -    No significant short term effect on the       Response time 1-14 working days.
Code 4           normal operations or security.
            -    Restoration of minor building and
                 service defects.


Quote Turnaround Times

                                                                                 Response After
Priority                                                       Quote Delivery
Code 3                                                         1-4 days          1- 14 days
            For non-urgent work.
Routine                                                        response time     response time
Code 4

Appendix Two.

Fees and Charges

                                                             Charges (ex. GST) per Tradesman
Priority                     Description
                                                             (min 1 hr rate)
                                                             $70 first hour - $20 per 15 minutes thereafter.
Routine Code 4               General Trades
                                                             Call out $30.

                                                             $70 first hour - $20 per 15 minutes thereafter.
Necessary Code 3             General Trades
                                                             Call out $30.

                                                             $70 first hour - $20 per 15 minutes thereafter.
Urgent Code 2                General Trades
                                                             Call out $30.

                                                             $70 first hour - $20 per 15 minutes thereafter.
Emergency Code 1             General Trades
                                                             Call out $30.

NOTE : If no parking is available for the trade vehible then additional time and parking charges may apply.

Examples of Available Trade

Available Trade Resources                                    Trade Classification
Handyman                                                     General
Carpentry                                                    General
Tiling                                                       General
Plastering / gyprock                                         General
Bricklayer                                                   General
Concreting                                                   General
Rendering                                                    General
Painting                                                     General
Roofing Repairs / Water Leaks                                General
Demolition / Stripout                                        General
Furniture Repairs                                            General
Office Relocation / Refurbishments                           General
Labour Hire                                                  General
Cleaning                                                     General
Building Management                                          General


  This Agreement is between booth building Services Pty Ltd and (               ).

  Name : ________________________________ Signature : ___________________________
  Authorised representative of

  Name : ________________________________ Signature : ___________________________
  Representing booth building Services Pty Ltd


      This agreement can be modified at any time. In all cases the modified agreement shall be
      signed by the relevant parties.


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