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Cosmetic Surgery: An Overview

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Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly
 common way for individuals to impr
ove their appearance in a way that
might otherwise be impossible.

cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly
 common way for individuals to impr
ove their appearance in a way that
might otherwise be impossible. Cos
metic surgery is not to be mistaken
 with plastic surgery, though the t
wo can be very similar. Plastic su
rgery is used to repair deformities
, or correct appearance from after
an accident or injury. Cosmetic su
rgery is concerned with improving t
he appearance of an otherwise perfe
ctly healthy individual.
    The science behind cosmetic sur
gery has continued to advance, and
an amazing variety of different pro
cedures are available. Botox is a
popular treatment for both men and
women, reducing wrinkles and tighte
ning the muscles in the face to inc
rease youthful appearance. This tr
eatment became widespread in the Un
ited States during the 2004 electio
n with John Kerry, though it is a p
ractice among politicians, the weal
thy, and movies stars.

    There are several other cosmeti
c surgeries for the facial area, as
 well. Everything from a face lift
, to rhinoplasty (nose job), laser
eye lid surgery, lip augmentation (
for those ladies looking for the go
rgeous Angelina Jolie look), facial
 minisculpture, or the great one fo
r middle aged men: hair transplants
. Almost any facial feature can by
 altered or modified in a way more
pleasing to the individual. The op
tions are amazing, and information
is easy to find.

    Beyond the face there are all t
ypes of procedures. Sharon Osborne
, wife of famous rock singer Ozzy O
sborne, is very open about the mult
iple cosmetic surgeries she has had
, and is a great example of a now c
ommon celebrity practice. For the
body there is liposuction, butt lif
ts, breast lifts, breast augmentati
on, and breast reduction (which is
also available for weighted men unh
appy with upper body flab). There
are so many procedures that can be
undertaken that it can be intimidat
ing to someone just beginning to lo
ok around.

    If everything seems overwhelmin
g, just take it one step at a time.
  Which trait would you most like t
o see changed? Lips? Stomach? No
se? Choose the one feature you wou
ld like to take care of first and m
eet with a cosmetic surgeon to see
what your options are. With how co
mmon cosmetic surgery has become, t
he procedures are safe and done by
professional doctors who often spec
ialize in even just the one treatme
nt. This is a field where there is
 something for everyone, but consid
er your options carefully. Like ge
tting a tattoo, work may be reverse
d, but it may lead to more headache
s than you care for. Still, if it’
s time for a change, the options ar
e all there at your disposal, and y
our happiness at an improved appear
ance may be a phone call away.

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