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regIstratIon forM                                                                                                                  Victim-offender
                                                                                                                                 Mediation Service    AMEPAX
name and surname _____________________________                                                                                   in Castilla y León
________________________________________________                                                                                            Burgos

address ________________________________________


city ___________________________________________

state/Province __________________________________

Zip/code _______________________________________

country ________________________________________

Passport or id number ___________________________
Phone _________________________________________
fax ____________________________________________                               Mediation Service    AMEPAX
                                                                               in Castilla y León
email __________________________________________                                          Burgos

    Registration until february 11, 2010.
    Registration from february 11, 2010.

Pass the amount of .........................................................
by bank transfer, indicating the name of the wizard.
caja Burgos, c/c: 2018 0000 61 0001450727.
(sending copy of the transfer along with this
registration form.)

Students                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF BURGOS       I InternacIonal conference on
Post copy of student card with this registration form.
                                                                                                             RestoRative Justice and
signature,                                                                                                   victim-offendeR mediation
                                                                                                             theoretical aspects and
                                                                                                             practical implications
  Victim-offender                         maría moliner street,
Mediation Service                         number 5 - 2.º f
in Castilla y León
                        AMEPAX            09007 Burgos (spain)                                               4th and 5th of march of de 2010
                                          Phone: 680 739 372
           Burgos                         email:                                             assembly hall. Faculty of law. Burgos
the 4th of march                                                  17:30: the PolIce anD VIctIM-offenDer
                                                                                                                                       UsefUl InforMatIon
                                                                    D. Javier Peña echevarría.
09:15: delivery of material                                         Nacional Police Commissioner in Burgos. President of the           Date of event
                                                                    Spanish Society of Criminology and Forensic Sciences
09:30: opening                                                                                                                         thursday 4th and friday 5th of march of de 2010.
                                                                  18:15: discussion
  excma. sra. D.ª Margarita Uría etxebarría.
   Voice of the General Council of the Judiciary                  18:30: the way to santIago anD the rePaIr
   excmo. sr. D. José luis concepción rodríguez.                  of the DaMage anD Its PossIBIlItIes In
   President of the Superior Court of Castilla y León
                                                                  VIctIM-offenDer MeDIatIon
   excmo. sr. D. Manuel Martín-granizo santamaría.                                                                                     assembly Hall. faculty of law. Burgos.
                                                                    D.ª Virginia Domingo de la fuente. Coordinator
   Senior Prosecutor of the Autonomous Community                                                                                       Hospital del Rey street. 09001 Burgos (spain).
                                                                    of the victim-offender Mediation Service in Castilla y León
   excmo. sr. D. alfonso Murillo Villar.                            (Burgos). Researcher in the area of Restorative Justice
   Principal of the University of Burgos
                                                                  19:15: discussion
10:00: the ProsecUtIon’s offIce anD                                                                                                    Validation
the VIctIM-offenDer MeDIatIonl
                                                                                                                                       for students this congreso will be validated by a
  D.ª María Boado olabarrieta. Prosecutor for the assistance
   and protection of victims. Prosecution’s office of Burgos      the 5th of march                                                     provision of free choice.

10:45: discussion                                                 10:00: VIctIM-offenDer MeDIatIon serVIce
                                                                  In norway                                                            registration fee
11:00: law, JUstIce anD fItness
for PUrPose: towarDs a restoratIVe                                   D. Per andersen.
                                                                    National Director of the Norwegian Mediation Centers               · Until february the 11th ....................................... 50 €
resPonse to crIMe                                                                                                                      · since that date ................................................... 60 €
  D. Martin wright. Expert in Restorative Justice. Voluntary      10:45: discussion                                                    · students .............................................................. free
   Mediator in the Lambeth mediator Service. Visiting Research
   Fellow at the School of Legal Studies , University of Sussex   11:00: Pause

11:45: discussion                                                 11:30: VIctIM-offenDer MeDIatIon anD
                                                                  DoMestIc VIolence: nUances anD PossIBIlItIes
12:00: Pause                                                        D. fernando Martín Diz.                                            enter the amont to be paid, by bank transfer to the
                                                                    Procedural law Professor. Salamanca University.                    following account: 2018 0000 61 0001450727
12:30: restoratIVe JUstIce In an UnJUst                                                                                                (caja Burgos) indicating name and surname.
                                                                    Principal Researcher on the Project I+D of the Government
worlD: transforMatIon or More of the saMe                           of Castilla y León about mediation. (reference SA0125A08))         send a copy of bank transfer or a copy of
  D. Brian steels. Research Fellow at the Restorative
                                                                                                                                       student card, along with personal information
   Justice Research Unit in the Centre for Social and Community     D. Virginia Domingo de la fuente.
   Research. Murdoch University. Perth. Australia)                  Coordinator of the victim-offender Mediation Service in Castilla   by email or by post to:
                                                                    y León (Burgos). Researcher in the area of Restorative Justice     amePax
13:15: discussion                                                                                                                      maría moliner street, number 5 - 2.º f.
                                                                  12:15: discussion                                                    09007 Burgos (spain)
                                                                  12:30: the JUVenIle JUrIsDIctIon                                     email:
16:00: the VIctIM anD the rePaIr of the                           anD the VIctIM-offenDer MeDIatIon
DaMage caUseD,BasIs for VIctIM-offenDer                             D.ª Blanca Isabel subiñas.
MeDIatIon                                                           Juvenile Court Judge. Chief Judge of Burgos
  D. Miguel Ángel Iglesias río.
   Professor of Criminal Law. Burgos University. Doctor of Law    13:15: discussion                                                    victim-offendeR mediation seRvice in
                                                                                                                                       castilla y león (BuRgos) · amePax
16:45: discussion                                                 13:30: closing                                                       maría moliner street, number 5 - 2.º f.
                                                                    excma. sra. D.ª Margarita Uría etxebarría.                         09007 Burgos (spain)
17:00: Pause                                                        Voice of the General Council of the Judiciary                      Phone.: 680 739 372 · email:

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