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These are arranged by alphabetical order of Parish and then by date.

ALDERLEY                       1871
2 Alderley Court    Anne                31 unm.             Upper Housemaid           HW

AMPNEY CRUCIS                  1841
Pillcat End,  Henry                     50                  Aglab                     Not in Gl.
The Forty

ARLINGHAM                1851
                 George Gleede          32 unm.             Servant and Aglab         Stroud Gl.
Head – Martha MERRETT

AVENING                      1841
Old Hill           Henry            70                      Aglab                     Not in Gl.
                   Ann              70                                                Gl.
Near Lower Lodge Henry              20                      Woollen worker            Gl.
 Freehold          Ann              20                                                Gl.
[Adjacent are Thomas and Mary MAY (aged 80, 80)]
AVENING                      1851
030 Rackliffe Lane Ambras           55        h             Aglab                     Avening Gl.
                   Sebra            48        w             Woolpacker                Avening Gl.
                   Richard          16        s             Aglab                     Avening Gl.
                   Lewis            12        s             Factory at …              Avening Gl.
                   Harriet WHITE     3        Visitor
048 Tetbury Hill   Henry            32        h             Journeyman …maker         Avening Gl.
                   Ann              31        w             Cloth worker              Avening Gl.
                   Sarah Ann         4        d             Scholar                   Avening Gl.
                   William Henry    11m       s                                       Avening Gl.
AVENING                      1861
Starr Rd.          Ambrose          65        h             Aglab                     Avening Gl.
                   Sabia            57        w                                       Avening Gl.
Tetbury Hill       Henry            43        h             Shoemaker                 Avening Gl.
                   Ann              43        w                                       Avening Gl.
                   Sarah Ann        14        d             Scholar                   Avening Gl.
                   William Henry    10        s             Scholar                   Avening Gl.
                   Margaret MAY     76        m in law      Pauper                    Avening Gl.
AVENING                      1871
113 Ratcliffe Lane Ambrose          75        h             Labourer                  Avening Gl.
                   Sebra            68        w                                       Avening Gl.
77 Tetbury Hill    Henry            53        h             Boot and shoe maker       Avening Gl.
                   Ann              53        w                                       Avening Gl.
                   William          20 unm. s               Shoemaker                 Avening Gl.
                   Margaret MAY     83        m in law      Lodger                    Avening Gl.
128 Old Hill       Richard          38        h             Labourer                  Avening Gl.
                   Millicent        32                                                Avening Gl.
AVENING                      1881
                   Sebra            78 widow h              Annuitant                 Avening Gl.
                   Henry            63        h             Shoemaker                 Avening Gl.
                   Ann              62        w                                       Avening Gl.
                   Richard          47        h             General Labourer          Avening Gl.
                   Millicent        44        w                                       Avening Gl.

BADMINTON                1871
15              Lucy C            19 unm.                   Domestic servant          )America
Head – John THOMPSON, land agent born Scotland                                        )British subject

BAUNTON                    1851
015              Caroline               20 unm.             General Servant           Avening Gl.
Head – Henry BATT (Farmer)

BIBURY                         1881
                    Alfred J            37        h         Shoemaker                 HA
                    Sarah               37        w                                   Bromley Mx.
                    Albert              11        s         Scholar                   HA
                    Walter               8        s         Scholar                   LC
                    Frank                5        s         Scholar                   Bibury Gl.
                    Minnie               1        d                                   Bibury Gl.
BIBURY                        1891
                    Alfred John         47                  Carpenter                 HA
BIBURY                        1901
                    Alfred              57                  Wheelwright & carpenter   HA
                    Sarah               57                                            Bromley Mx.
                    Albert              31                  Carpenter                 HA
                   Walter            28                 Carpenter                       LC
                   Frank             25                 Carpenter                       Bibury Gl.
                   Ada               17                                                 Bibury Gl.

BISLEY                       1821
                   Mathias resident with John RANDELL and family.
BISLEY                       1881
                   Sarah Elizabeth     24 mar d        Tailoress                        )Gloucester Gl.
                                                                                        )St Catherine’s,
                 Jane E               3        gdau     Scholar                         )Bristol Road
Head - Thomas SMITH

BITTON                     1851
                   Thomas Gleade     18 unm.            Servant                         CR
                   William           16                 Cowman’s Servant                CR

BRISTOL                       1696
St Peter           Margaret                             In receipt of alms
                   Sarah                                In receipt of alms
BRISTOL                       1861
55 7&8 Clare Street John             20 unm.            Porter                          PU
Head Frank WINTLE, linen draper
BRISTOL                       1871
St Philip and Jacob John             29        h        Porter                          PU
32, Morley Terrace Jane              31        w                                        PU
                    Eliza Ann         7        d        Scholar                         Bristol Gl.
                    John Stevens      5        s        Scholar                         Bristol Gl.
                    Albert Henry      2        s                                        Bristol Gl.
27 2, St Augustine Parade
                    Matilda          17 unm.            Domestic Servant                Mn.
BRISTOL                       1881
St Philip           John             39        h        Furniture Carman                PU
                    Jane             41        w                                        PU
                    Henry E            9       s        Scholar                         Bristol Gl.
                    Frederick W        5       s        Scholar                         Bristol Gl.
Bristol City School John             14                 Scholar                         Bristol Gl.
                    Albert           11                 Scholar                         Bristol Gl.
St Philip           Eliza            16                 Servant/Shop assistant          Bristol Gl.
St Philip           William          29        h        Haulier
                    Emma             30        w
                    James             4m       s
St Mar…             Charles          24 unm.            Servant                         Winterbourne Gl.
St James            Matilda          55 mar.            Nurse                           SO
BRISTOL                       1901
                    John             59                 Furniture warehouseman          PU
                    Jane             61                                                 PU
                    Frederick        25                 Brewer’s clerk                  Bristol Gl.
                    Caroline         19                 Board School teacher            Bristol Gl.
                    Thomas           53                 Contractor builder              Broomfield Sm.
                    Rosina           49                                                 Stapleton Gl.
                    Fred             28                 Carpenter                       Stapleton Gl.
                    Florence         23                                                 Stapleton Gl.
                    Gertrude         21                 Milliner’s assistant            Stapleton Gl.
                    Albert           18                 Fitter’s apprentice             Stapleton Gl.
                    Ada              16                                                 Stapleton Gl.
                    Emma             50                 Charwoman                       Taunton Sm.
                    James            20                 Tailor’s presser                Bristol Gl.
                    Henry            14                 Shoemaker                       Bristol Gl.
                    Richard          12                                                 Bristol Gl.
                    George           45                 Engine driver in coal mine      BH
                    Miriam           46                                                 Downend Gl.
                    Herbert          20                 Machinist in boot factory       Fishponds Gl.
                    Matilda          17                 Machinist in clothing factory   Fishponds Gl.
                    Edward           15                 Steam engine fitter             Fishponds Gl.
                    Joseph           35                 Railway labourer                Horton Gl.
                    Ada              25                                                 Fishponds Gl.
                    Albert           32                 Solicitor’s clerk               Bristol Gl.
                    Lena             33                                                 Dv.
                    Albert            8                                                 Bristol Gl. St Paul
                    Edward            5                                                 Bristol Gl. Knowle
                    Cecil             3                                                 Bristol Gl. Knowle
                    Edward           29                 Coal miner                      Brislington Sm.
                    Hester           31                                                 Kingswood Gl.
                    Edward            8                                                 Bristol Gl. St George
                    Herbert           4                                                 Bristol Gl. St George
                   Laura              22                Domestic housemaid          Birmingham Wk.
                   Jane               21                Domestic cook               Hillsley Gl.
                   William            2                                             Bristol Gl.
                   Lillian            2m                                            Bristol Gl.

CHALFORD                       1901
                   Elizabeth          51                Washerwoman                 Chalford Gl.
                   George             27                Canal boat bargeman         Chalford Gl.
                   Ellen              26                                            Eastcombe Gl.
                   George              5                                            Chalford Gl.
                   Henry               4                                            Chalford Gl.
                   Frank               2                                            Chalford Gl.
                   Harry              7m                                            Chalford Gl.

CHALFORD LYNCH         1841
              Matthias                87 resident with Moses JEFFERIES (20)         Gl.

CHELTENHAM                    1851
064 19, Priory St. Charlotte M        28 unm.           Servant                     Evesham Wc.
Head – William BEARD
138 Back of King St. Thomas           23                Baker                       Horsley Gl.
                    Esther            27        w                                   Nympsfield Gl.
125 Bellevue Hotel, High St.
                    Sarah Ann         41                Nursemaid                   Painswick Gl.
CHELTENHAM                    1901
                    Francis           29                Porter in furniture store   Naunton Gl.
                    Ada               30                                            Cheltenham Gl.
                    Violet             1                                            Cheltenham Gl.
                    Catherine         15                Domestic servant            CH

CHIPPING SODBURY            1851
046 Hatter’s Lane Edward              29        h       Aglab                       Hawkesbury Gl.
                  Elizabeth B         30        w                                   Chippimg Sodbury Gl.
                  Mary A                6       d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  William               4       s       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Eliza                 2       d                                   Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Ruth                 5m       d                                   Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  John                60        f       Stone Quarryman             Chipping Sodbury Gl.
CHIPPING SODBURY            1861
95 Hatter’s Lane  Edward              39        h       Aglab                       Hawkesbury Gl.
                  Elizabeth           43        w                                   Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  William             14        s       Aglab                       Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Eliza               12        d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Ruth                10        d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Thomas               5        s       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Elizabeth            3        d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Susanna              1        d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
82 House Street   Mary A              16                House servant               Chipping Sodbury Gl.
Head Samuel DAVIES
CHIPPING SODBURY            1871
146 Hatter’s Lane Edward              49        h       Labourer                    Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Elizabeth           50        w                                   Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  William             24 unm.   s       Labourer                    Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Thomas              14        s       Labourer                    Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Elizabeth           12        d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Susanna              9        d       Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Walter               4        gs      Scholar                     Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                  Jane                 2        gd                                  Chipping Sodbury Gl.
CHIPPING SODBURY            1881
                  Elizabeth           20 unm.           General Servant             Chipping Sodbury Gl.
CHIPPING SODBURY            1901
                  William             17                Railway navvy               Old Sodbury Gl.

CIRENCESTER               1851
Workhouse         Henry               72                Inmate Labourer             HA
048 Barton House Eliza                30                Servant                     HA
CIRENCESTER               1861
81 The Barton     Eliza               37 unm.                                       HA
                  Anne                30 unm.                                       Avening Gl.
Head Robert ANDERSON
Compasses PH      Frances             27 unm.           House servant               MI
Head William BRIDGES
The Grammar School Thomas             15                Pupil                       AK
CIRENCESTER               1871
63 Barton House Eliza                 48                Cook                        HA
                Mary Ann         39                 Nurse                          Avening Gl.
Head Robert ANDERSON
69 3 Compasses Frances           17 unm. niece      Housekeeper                    MI
Castle Street   Head Robert BRIDGES (40 b Cirencester) widower with small son also Robert
CIRENCESTER               1881
                Anne             22 unm.            Housemaid                      Bearwood Bk.
                Eliza            58 unm.            Cook                           Bulkington Wl.
CIRENCESTER               1901
                Eliza            76                                                HA
                Thomas           51                 Builder’s plasterer            HA
                Martha           49                                                AK
                Charles          21                 Lamplighter                    AK
                Annie            19                                                AK
                Florence         14                 Domestic servant               Cirencester Gl.
                James            12                                                Cirencester Gl.
                Edgar            11                                                Cirencester Gl.
                Frederick        29                 Plasterer                      AK
                Louisa           25                                                Badminton Gl.
                Rhondda           5                                                Cirencester Gl.
                Helen             2                                                Cirencester Gl.

CLIFTON                     1851: nil return
CLIFTON                     1871
155 12, Sutherland Villas
                   Charles Gleid       14                   Pageboy                 Winterbourne Gl.

CLIFTON                      1881
                   Elizabeth           19 unm.              Child’s Maid            Chippenham Wl.
                   Emma                32 unm.              Cook                    SO
                   Helen Lucy          19 unm.              Housemaid               SO
                   Mary H              21 unm.              General Servant         Shiremouth Mn.
                   Matilda             25 unm.              Parlourmaid             SO

CONDICOTE                    1851
027                Thomas              40         h         Aglab                   Eyford Gl.
                   Sarah               30         w                                 Upper Guiting Gl.

COWLEY                  1851
035 Cowley House Thomas                34 mar.              Groom/Servant           CR
Head – DAVY

DIDMARTON               1871
115 West End House Emma                14                   Domestic servant        SO
DOWNTON                 1851
                 James                 52         h         Farmer of 12 acres      Coaley Gl.
                 Ann                   53         w                                 Bristol Gl.

DRIFFIELD                    1901
                   Jesse               52                   Aglab                   WK

EASTINGTON                1841
Union Workhouse Henry                  12                   Inmate Bad leg          Not in Gl.
Head - PUSY
EASTINGTON                1851
108 Union Workhouse Henry              24                                           Frampton on Severn Gl.
EASTINGTON and ALKERTON                1841
Muddlehole       Ann                   32                   Servant                 Gl.

EASTINGTON                   1881
                   Alfred              48         h         Shoemaker               Stoud Gl.
                   Ann                 48         w                                 Rodborough Gl.
                   Frederick C         20 unm.    s         Shoemaker               K/L Stanley Gl.
                   Louisa A M          17         d         Scholar                 K/L Stanley Gl.

ELMORE                       1841
                   William             60                                           Gl.
                   George              25                                           Gl.
ELMORE                       1851
076                William             77 widr.             Pauper ex Aglab         Upton St Leonard

FAIRFORD                   1851
102 Milton End     John          29               h         Labourer                Fairford Gl.
                   Amelia        24               w         Dressmaker              Fairford Gl.
                   Henry WOODMAN 64               Visitor                           Sheffield Yk.
FAIRFORD                   1871
                   John               50                 Carpenter                      Chedworth Gl.
FAIRFORD                       1881
                   John               60        h         Hurdlemaker                   Chedworth Gl.
                   Amelia             52        w         Dressmaker                    Fairford Gl.
                   Anne               14        niece     Dressmaker                    Oxford Ox.
                   Elizabeth          13                  Scholar                       Chalford Gl.
                                                niece of James MITCHELL

FISHPONDS                   1871
211               Thomas          23 unm. Lodger         Carpenter                      Broomfield Sm.
FRAMPTON COTTRELL           1851
087 Post Office   Mary            29 unm. Visitor        Dairymaid                      Horton Gl.
[Head James and Elizabeth A COLBOURN]

Next door to  William Gleede          33        h        Gardiner                       Westbury on Severn Gl.
Church Court  Mary E                  30        w        Dressmaker                     Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Ernest W                 4        s                                       Frampton on Severn Gl.
              William                 43        h        Jobbing Gardener               Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Mary E                  40        w        Dressmaker                     Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Ernest W                14        s        Errand boy                     Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Ernest                  34                 Baker, parish clerk & sexton   Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Mary                    37                                                Dringhouses Yk.
              William                  6                                                Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Jane                     5                                                Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Eleanor                  3                                                Frampton on Severn Gl.
              Harold                   1                                                Frampton on Severn Gl.

GLOUCESTER                     1841
Pitt Street          Ann                30                                             Gl.
GLOUCESTER                     1851
004 Pitt Street      Anne               44 unm.                                        Elmore Gl
035 By the tram road Richard            50        h          Boatman                   ‘Milsom’ Wl.
near Littleworth St. Mary               50        w                                    Dartmouth Dv.
GLOUCESTER                     1861
St Catherine         Ann                52        sisterinlaw           Laundress      Elmore Gl.
Head George HYETT with wife Hesther (age 60 born Elmore Gl.), children and grandchildren
St Michael           John               29        h          Brewer and hostler at Inn Westbury on Severn Gl.
119 New Inn Lane Ann                    24        w                                    Painswick Gl.
                     Charles             1        s                                    Gloucester Gl.
35 Brunswick Road Richard               50        h          Labourer                  Melksham Neither Wl.
                     Mary               60        w                                    Daretmouth Dv.
St Nicholas          Henry              40 unm.              Police Constable          SW
   Police Station
GLOUCESTER                     1871
186 11, Park Road John                  39        h          Timber porter             Westbury on Severn Gl.
                     Ann                34        w                                    Painswick Gl.
                     Charles WE         11        s          Scholar                   Gloucester Gl.
                     George RA           9        s          Scholar                   Gloucester Gl.
                     Frank JN            6        s          Scholar                   Gloucester Gl.
                     Fred R              4        s          Scholar                   Gloucester Gl.
                     Eleanor S           2        d                                    Gloucester Gl.
88 Parliament St. Emma                  15                   Servant                   Leonard Stanley Gl.
GLOUCESTER                     1881
                     John               49        h          Dock Labourer             Westbury on Severn Gl.
                     Ann                44        w                                    Painswick Gl.
                     Charles William John 21 unm. s          Slate Labourer
                     George Tom         19 unm. s            Slate Labourer
                     Frank James Noah 16          s          Tailor’s apprentice
                     Fred Reuben        14        s          Tailor’s errand boy
                     Elenor Sarah       12        d          Scholar
                     Ada Anne             9       d          Scholar
                     Louis King           6       s          Scholar
South Hamlet         Henry              55        h          Haulier                   Avening Gl.
                     Jane               54        w                                    King’s Stanley Gl.

HASFIELD                 1871
56 Woodside House George              24 unm.            Farm servant                   MA

HATHEROP                       1851
037                Jemima             25 unm. Visitor to John and Sarah EDWARDS         Avening Gl.

HAWKESBURY                     1841
Horton Oak        Thomas             45                  Aglab                       Gl.
                  Hester             45                                              Gl.
                  Lewis              13                                              Gl.
                  Sarah              12                                              Gl.
                  Thomas              9                                              Gl.
                  Joseph              6                                              Gl.
                  Elias               4                                              Gl.
Tything           Isaac Glead        45                  Draper                      Gl.
                  Fanny              44                                              Gl.
                  Kezia              21                                              Gl.
                  Sylvester          19                                              Gl.
                  Isaac              16                                              Gl.
                  Ambrose            10                                              Gl.
                  Joseph              8                                              Gl.
HAWKESBURY                  1851
030               Isaac              54        h         Draper and Grocer           Horton Gl.
                  Fanny              52        w                                     Hawkesbury Gl.
HAWKESBURY                  1861
80 Calico Row     Isaac Glead        64        h         Landed proprietor           Horton Gl.
                  Betty              65        w                                     Hawkesbury Gl.
HAWKESBURY                  1871
81                Isaac              74        h         Landowner. Retired grocer   Horton Gl.
Hawkesbury Road Ruth                 48        w                                     Hawkesbury Gl.
91 New Mills Farm John               15                  Farm servant                HA
HAWKESBURY                  1881
                  Isaac              85        h widr.   Retired Tradesman           Horton Gl.
                  John               26        h         Farm labourer               HA
                  Fanny              26        w                                     Badminton Gl.
                  Ernest W            8        s         Scholar                     Hawkesbury Gl.
                  John W              6        s         Scholar                     Hawkesbury Gl.
                  Rose A              3        d                                     Hawkesbury Gl.
                  Jane E              1        d                                     Hawkesbury Gl.
HAWKESBURY                  1901
                  Matilda            75                  Living on own means         SO
                  John               45                  Cattleman on farm           HA
                  Fanny              45                                              Badminton Gl.

HENBURY                       1861
17 Hallen         Thomas             36        h         Aglab                       WB
                  Louisa             25        w                                     Yatton Sm.
                  Julia               4        d                                     Hallen Gl.
                  George              2        s                                     Hallen Gl.
                  Louisa              1        d                                     Hallen Gl.
HENBURY                       1871
13 3             Thomas              38        h         Aglab                       WB
                 Louisa              28        w         Washerwoman                 Yatton Sm.
                 George              12        s                                     Henbury Gl.
                 Esther               7        d         Scholar                     Henbury Gl.
                 Charles J            2        s                                     Henbury Gl.
93 Lawrence Farm Julia               14                  House servant               Henbury Gl.

HENBURY                       1881
                  Thomas             44        h         Farm Labourer               WB
                  Louisa             45        w         Laundress                   Yatton Sm.
                  Esther             19 unm.   d                                     Hallen Gl.
                  John               12        s         Scholar                     Hallen Gl.
                  Frederick           1m       gson                                  Hallen Gl.
HENBURY                       1901
                  George             44                  General labourer            Hallen Gl.
                  Arthur             19                  General labourer            Hallen Gl.
                  Emma               55                  Laundress                   Durdham Down Gl.

HORFIELD                      1881
Barracks          George             23 unm.             Private Soldier             Henbury Gl.

HORSLEY                     1841
Near Orchard Bank Ambrose            45                  Aglab                       Gl.
                  James              20                  Aglab                       Gl.
                  Charlotte          15                                              Gl.
                  Elizabeth          13                  Wool carder                 Gl.
                  Caroline           10                                              Gl.
                  Richard             7                                              Gl.
Orchard Bank      Jemima             15                  Servant                     Gl.
HORSLEY                     1851
037 Newmarket     Henry              26        h         Miller                      Horsley Gl.
                  Eliza            27        w                                      Coaley Gl.
                  Jemima            3        d                                      Awre Gl.
                  Maria             1        d                                      Horsley Gl.

HORTON                     1841
Totter Oak        Lewis            13                                               Gl.
                  Sarah            12                                               Gl.
                  Thomas            9                                               Gl.
                  Joseph            6                                               Gl.
HORTON                  1851
044            Thomas              59        h        Pauper ex Aglab               Horton Gl.
               Hester Cull         57        w                                      Hawkesbury Gl.
               Thomas              18 unm.   s                                      Horton Gl.
               Joseph              16        s        Aglab                         Horton Gl.
               Elias               14        s        Aglab                         Horton Gl.
               Hester Cull          9        d        Scholar                       Horton Gl.
               Sarah Ann HALL      21        d        Wife of Aglab                 Horton Gl.
               Lewis HALL          1m        gson                                   Horton Gl.
HORTON                  1861
76 Common Road Esther              65 wid  h          Pauper                        Hawkesbury Gl.
               Elias               24 unm. s          Aglab                         Horton Gl.
               Esther              19 unm. d          Servant                       Horton Gl.

HORTON                     1871
92 Latter Oak     Elias            37        h        Aglab                         Horton Gl.
                  Mary A           40        w                                      Horton Gl.

IRON ACTON                1851
Latteridge        George Glede     24                 Farm Servant/Aglab            Hawkesbury Upton Gl.
IRON ACTON                1861
6 Wotton Road     George           36        h        Labourer                      Hawkesbury Gl.
                  Esther           32        w                                      Hawkesbury Gl.
                  Thomas            6        s                                      Frampton Gl.
                  Ann SMITH        66 wid    m in law                               Horton Gl.
8 Wotton Road     Joseph           26        h        Labourer                      Horton Gl.
                  Sarah            26        w                                      Hawkesbury Gl.
                  George            2.5      s                                      Iron Acton Gl.
                  Robert            1        s                                      Iron Acton Gl.
IRON ACTON                1871
Wootton Rd.       George           47                                               Hawkesbury Upton Gl.
                  Hester           46                                               Hawkesbury Upton Gl.
                  Thomas           16                                               Frampton Cottrell Gl.
                  Ann               8                                               Iron Acton Gl.

KEMPSFORD                  1861
8 Hoverall?       John Gleade     40         h        Brickmaker                    Chedworth Gl.
                  Amelia Ann      34         w        Dressmaker                    Fairford Gl.
                  Sarah Ann MOSEN 16         niece    house servant                 MI

KING’S STANLEY              1851
066 Shute Lane    William          33        h        Woollen cloth worker          Avening Gl.
                  Mary Ann         31        w        Woollen cloth worker          Stroud Gl.
                  Ellen            12        d        Woollen cloth worker          Painswick Gl.
                  Mathew           11        s        Woollen cloth worker          Painswick Gl.
                  Eliza             7        d        Scholar                       King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Elizabeth         1        d                                      King’s Stanley Gl.
114 Borough       Henry            25        h        Flour Miller                  Avening Gl.
                  Jane             24        w        Handloom Weaver               Leonard Stanley Gl.
KING’S STANLEY              1861
Luggs             Edwin            38        h        Miller                        Avening Gl.
                  Elizabeth        39        w                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Charles          12        s        [illegible]                   Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Richard            8       s        Scholar                       Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Emma               5       d        Scholar                       Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Rosanna            3       d                                      King’s Stanley Gl.
13 Dudbridge      Thomas           38        h        Aglab                         Horsely Gl.
                  Esther           37        w                                      Nympsfield Gl.
                  Caroline          9        d        Scholar                       Cheltenham Gl.
                  Charles           6        s        Scholar                       Ebley Stonehouse Gl.
                  Martha            4        d        Scholar                       Dudbridge Gl.
         Mary Ann SMITH      8     niece                                   Cirencester Gl.
KING’S STANLEY              1871
6, The Luggs      Edwin            48      h          Grist Mill worker             Avening Gl.
                  Elizabeth        49      w                                        Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Harriet Beata    20 unm. d          Woollen cloth weaver          Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Richard M W       18 unm.   s        Apprentice Blacksmith         Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Rose Hannah Matilda 13      d                                      King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Demetrius Ed        9       s        Scholar                       King’s Stanley Gl.
Top of Borough 29 Charles Edward    22        h        Grist mill worker             Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Jane              23        w        Woollen cloth weaver          King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Henry Thomas E      1       s                                      King’s Stanley Gl.
KING’S STANLEY              1881
                  Edwin             57        h        Baker                         Avening Gl.
                  Elizabeth         58        w                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Edward            19 unm.   s        Miller’s employee             King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Charles           32        h        Miller’s employee             Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Jane              33        w                                      King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Henry             11        s        Scholar                       King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Mary Elizabeth      8       d        Scholar                       King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Herbert             6       s        Scholar                       King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Emily Jane          4       d        Scholar                       King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Richard           28        h        Blacksmith                    Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Martha            28        w                                      Rodborough Gl.
KING’S STANLEY              1901
                  Richard           47                 Farm and rate collector       Leonard Stanley Gl.
                  Martha            45                                               Rodborough Gl.
                  Elsie             17                 Pupil teacher National Sch.   King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Henry             31                 General labourer              King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Charlote          31                                               ‘Mons’ [?Mn.]
                  Gwendoline        10                                               King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Seymour            9                                               King’s Stanley Gl.
                  Christopher        2                                               King’s Stanley Gl.

LECHLADE                   1861
107 7, St John St. Thomas          48         h        Aglab                         CM
                   Lydia           46         w                                      BR
                   Philip          22 unm.    s        Aglab                         BR
                   George          16         s        Aglab                         GA
                   Francis         12         s                                      CR
                   Thomas           8         s                                      MM
                   Ann              5         d                                      MM
                   Mary A           5m        d                                      Lechlade Gl.
24 22, Burford St. Job             21         h        Aglab                         CM
                   Mary            20         w        Aglab                         WR
                   Emily           10m        d                                      Lechlade Gl.
LECKHAMPTON                1841
 Park              Thomas          20                  Servant to MASKELYNE          Not in Gl.

LEONARD STANLEY            1851
052 Seven Waters Richard           57         h        Pieceman cloth worker         Avening Gl.
                 Elizabeth         59         w                                      Avening Gl.
                 Alfred            18 unm.    s        Boot and shoe maker           Stroud Gl.
                 [+ Lodger]
054 ‘Cross Keys’ Edwin             28         h        Baker and Publican            Avening Gl.
                 Elizabeth         28         w                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 Ann                 7        d        Scholar                       Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 Comfort             5        d                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 Charles             2        s                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 Beata              6m        d                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 [+ 1 servant]
LEONARD STANLEY            1861
Dodridge         Thomas            33         h         Aglab                        Horsley Gl.
                 Esther            31         w                                      Nympsfield Gl.
                 Caroline            9        d         Scholar                      Cheltenham Gl.
                 Charles             6        s         Scholar                      Ebley Gl.
                 Martha              4        d         Scholar                      KS – Dodridge Gl.
                 Mary Ann SMITH      8        niece     Scholar                      Cirencester Gl.
March            Alfred            28         h         Bootmaker                    Stroud Gl.
                 employing 2 men and 1 boy    + 1 servant       Stroud Gl.
                 Anne              28         w                                      Rodborough Gl.
                 Henry Hodges       3         s                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 Water J            1         s                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.
                 Frederick E       1m         s                                      Leonard Stanley Gl.

LEONARD STANLEY         1871
Marsh         Alfred               38         h        Bootmaker employing 3         Slad Gl.
              Ann                  39         w                                      Rodborough Gl.
              Henry H              13         s        Scholar                       Leonard Stanley Gl.
              Walter J             11         s        Scholar                       Leonard Stanley Gl.
              Frederick E          10         s        Scholar                       Leonard Stanley Gl.
              Louisa A M                7         d                                  Leonard Stanley Gl.
LEONARD STANLEY         1881
              Henry                    23         h          Shoemaker               Leonard Stanley Gl.
              Kate                     23         w                                  Leonard Stanley Gl.
              William                   2         s                                  Leonard Stanley Gl.
              Frederick                 1         s                                  Leonard Stanley Gl.

LITTLE DEAN                    1881
                   Elias               46         h          Farm labourer           Arton Gl.
                   Mary Ann            49         w                                  Arton Gl.

LITTLE SODBURY                 1871
16 Winchcomb Farm Eliza                19 unm.               Dairymaid               [Hawkesbury] Upton Gl.

LONG ASHTON                    1871
68                 William             30         h          Aglab                   Benton Wl.
                   Elizabeth           29         w                                  Wincanton Sm.
                   Henry J              3         s                                  Bristol Gl.
                   Charles              1         s                                  Nailsea Sm.

LOWER SWELL                    1841
                   Thomas              25                                            Gl.

MAISEYHAMPTON                  1851
019           Mary                     60 widow Visitor to James and Sarah LAFFORD   LA

MINCHINHAMPTON                 1851
018 Culver House Robert                40         h          Aglab                   Horsley Gl.
                 Sarah                 41         w          Handloom weaver         Horsley Gl.
                 William               15         s          Aglab                   Horsley Gl.
MINCHINHAMPTON                 1861
Little Britain   Robert                68         h          General Labourer        HA
                 Sarah                 64         w                                  Horsley Gl.
MINCHINHAMPTON                 1901
                 Henry                 23                    Iron foundry labourer   Chalford Gl.
                 Selina                19                    Domestic cook           Chalford Gl.
                 Dora                  9m                                            Chalford Gl.
                 Ann                   28                                            Stroud Gl.

MINETY                       1841
Henbury Hill       William            50                   Aglab                     Gl.
Swilbrook          Mary               20                   Servant                   Gl.
[Subsequent Minety records are under North Wiltshire – Source 16]

NAILSWORTH                     1841
Hill               Robert              45                    Aglab                   Gl.
                   Sarah               45                                            Gl.
                   Ann                 15                                            Gl.
                   Henry               15                                            Gl.
                   Thomas              14                                            Gl.
                   John                11                                            Gl.
                   William              5                                            Gl.
NAILSWORTH                     1851
Market St.         Ann                 25                    Servant                 Horsley Gl.

NAUNTON                        1841
Mill               Betty               70                                            Gl.
                   William             30                                            Gl.
                   Sarah               25                                            Gl.
                   Martha               3                                            Gl.
                   Adam                 1                                            Gl.
NAUNTON                        1851
059                Elizabeth           80         h                                  Lower Guiting Gl.
                   William             41         s                                  Charlton Abbots Gl.
                   Sarah               39         d in law                           Temple Guiting Gl.
                   Martha              13         gdau                               Naunton Gl.
                   Adam                10         gson                               Naunton Gl.
                   Jane                 8         gdau                               Naunton Gl.
NAUNTON                        1861
Next to Mill       William             51                    Aglab                   Naunton Gl.
                   Sarah               40                                            Ford Gl.
                   Adam                20 unm     s                                  Naunton Gl.
NAUNTON                        1871
117                William             60 widr.   h          Aglab                   Charlton Abbots Gl.
                   Sarah               55         w                                  Ford Gl.
                   John               19 unm.    s        Aglab                     Naunton Gl.
89                 Adam               29         h        Aglab                     Naunton Gl.
                   Eliza              27         w                                  Guiting Gl.
                   George              4         s                                  Naunton Gl.
                   Frank               2         s                                  Naunton Gl.

NAUNTON                        1881
                   William            71         h        Aglab                     Charlton Abbots Gl.
                   Sarah              68         w                                  Ford Gl.
                   John               27 unm.    s        Aglab                     Naunton Gl.
                   Adam               40         h        Aglab                     Naunton Gl.
                   Eliza              37         w                                  Guiting Gl.
                   George             14         s        Aglab                     Naunton Gl.
                   Frank              12         s        Aglab                     Naunton Gl.
NAUNTON                        1891
                   William            82 widr.            Former Aglab              Charlton Abbots Gl.
                   John               38                  Aglab                     Naunton Gl.

NEWLAND (COLEFORD)         1861
11 Railway Road Henry                 35         h        Labourer                  Horsley Gl.
                 Eliza                36         w                                  Coaley Gl.
                 Jemima               13         d        Scholar                   Awre Gl.
                 Maria                11         d        Scholar                   Horsley Gl.
                 John                  6         s        Scholar                   Horsley Gl.
NEWLAND                    1871
9 Oak Cottage    Thomas               43         h        Gardener                  Horsley Gl.
                 Elizabeth            45         w                                  Nympsfield Gl.
                 Charles H            16         s        Scholar                   Stonehouse Gl.
                 Martha               14         d        Scholar                   King’s Stanley Gl.
                 Harriett              7         d        Scholar                   Gloucester Gl.
                 Kate                  5         d                                  Stonehouse Gl.
117 Baker’s Hill Henry                46         h        Cornstore warehouseman    Horsley Gl.
                 Eliza                47         w                                  Coaley Gl.
                 John                 15         s        Printer’s apprentice      Horsley Gl.
121 Baker’s Hill Jemima               23 unm.             Domestic Servant          Blakeney Gl.
Head Joseph WARDER, retired baker
 NEWLAND                   1881
                 Martha               24 unm.             Housemaid                 Cudbridge Gl. [sic]

NEWNHAM                        1851
037 Passage Lane Henry                30         Lodger   Policeman                 SW

NORTH CERNEY               1881
                   Jesse              32         h        Farm Servant              Westerint Wl. [sic = WK]
                   Martha             29         w                                  Cirencester Gl.
                   Ellen               9         d        Scholar                   Preston Gl.
                   Marganano [sic]     7         d        Scholar                   Preston Gl.
                   Henry               5         s        Scholar                   Preston Gl.

OLDLAND                        1901
                   William            59                  Cattleman on farm         SW
                   Elizabeth          62                                            Wincanton Sm.

OLD SODBURY                  1861
31 King’s Grove Lane John          30        h           Aglab                     WB
                   Ann             36        w                                     Old Sodbury Gl.
                   George           7        s                                     Old Sodbury Gl.
                   Gilbert          5        s                                     Old Sodbury Gl.
                   Rosina           2        d                                     Old Sodbury Gl.
                   Ellen Jane      10m       d                                     Old Sodbury Gl.
OLD SODBURY                  1871
40 Riding          John            83 widr. f in law Aglab                         Horton Gl.
Head Francis WIGMORE (54 aglab born Tetbury Gl.) with wife Hannah (53 born Hawkesbury Upton Gl. ) and two
OLD SODBURY                  1881
                   Edward          59 widr. h            Stone Quarryman           Hawkesbury Upton Gl.
                   Eliza           27 unm. d             Laundress                 Chipping Sodbury Gl.
                   Walter John     13        gson        Stone Quarryman           Chipping Sodbury Gl.

PAINSWICK                      1841
Green House Buildings
Stroud End         William            20                                            Gl.
                   Ellen               2                                            Gl.

POULTON                        1871
92                Thomas            54       h         Aglab                    CM
                  Seydona           53       w                                  BR
                  Sarah A           16       d                                  MM
                  Mary A            10       d                                  Lechlade Gl.
+ John and Edwin HAW boarders age 16 and 14 aglabs born Little Rissington Gl.

PRESTON                        1871
                   Jessey             22                  Aglab                 SO
                   Emma               18                  Farm Labourer         PU

QUENINGTON               1851
029              Ann                  25 unm.             Home Servant          Hodson Wl.
Head – Lawrence LATHAM (Rector)
QUENINGTON               1871
                 Frances              20        Lodger    Aglab                 MA

RANGEWORTHY           1881
New Road    George                    55        h         Aglab                 Hawkesbury Upton Gl.
            Hesther                   54        w                               Hawkesbury Upton Gl.
            Annie                     18 unm.   niece     Unemployed Servant    Iron Acton Gl.
            Thomas                    26        h         Aglab                 Frampton Cottrell Gl.
            Elizabeth                 20        w                               … Gl.
            Henry                      1        s                               Frampton Cottrell Gl.
            Joseph                     1        s                               Frampton Cottrell Gl.

ROCKHAMPTON                    1851
                   George             45                  Servant               Wl.

RODBOROUGH                  1861
18 Hound’s Croft   Ann Glede          56 wid              Lodger                Poulton Gx.

SHEEPSCOMBE                    1841
Green House        William            20        h         Clothworker           Gl.
Buildings          Mary               20                                        Gl.
                   Ellen               2                                        Gl.
                   Matthew             1                                        Gl.

SIDDINGTON                     1881
                   John               46 mar.             Captain Bargee        South Cerney Gl.

SOUTH CERNEY                   1841
                   Robert             40                  Aglab                 Not in Gl.
                   Harriet            40                                        Gl.
                   John               12                                        Gl.
                   Emma               10                                        Gl.
                   Elizabeth           7                                        Gl.
                   Jane                4                                        Gl.
SOUTH CERNEY                1851
004               Jane                14                  House Servant         South Cerney Gl.
Head – William COLE
090               Robert              37        h         Labourer              South Cerney Gl.
                  Mary                35        w         Labourer              South Cerney Gl.
                  Mary Ellen          11m                                       South Cerney Gl.
229               Elizabeth           53        h                               PU
                  Maurice             27 unm.   s                               LA
260               Mary                28 unm.   h         Farm Labourer         South Cerney Gl.
                  Emma                20 unm.   sister    Farm labourer         South Cerney Gl.
                  Elizabeth           17 unm.   sister    Farm labourer         South Cerney Gl.
                  Edwin                7        s         Scholler              South Cerney Gl.
SOUTH CERNEY                1861
50 Berkely House Jane                 22 unm.             House servant         Sputh Cerney Gl.
59                John                48        h         Aglab                 South Cerney Gl.
                  Mary                44        w                               South Cerney Gl.
                  Mary Ellen          10        d         Scholar               South Cerney Gl.
68 Ram Alley      Miriam              57 unm.   h         Funded property       LA
                  Frances NASH        38 wid    visitor                         LA
SOUTH CERNEY                1871
51 Ham Alley      John                60      h           Labourer              South Cerney Gl.
                  Mary E              21 unm. d                                 South Cerney Gl.
SOUTH CERNEY                1881
                  Mary E              31 unm. h           Needlewoman           South Cerney Gl.

SOUTHROP                       1871
                   Richard            26                  Groom and Gardener    LT
STAPLETON                     1881
                    Thomas            33         h         Carpenter                    Broomfield Sm.
                    Rosina M          29         w                                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Fred               8         s         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Minnie             5         d         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Florence M         3         d                                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Annie G            1         d                                      Stapleton Gl.
                    George            26         h         Coalminer                    Stapleton Gl.
                    Miriam            27         w                                      BH
                    Florence           5         d         Scholar                      Mangotsfield Gl.
                    Alice              4         d         Scholar                      Mangotsfield Gl.
                    Mary J             3         d                                      Mangotsfield Gl.
                    Herbert            1         s                                      Mangotsfield Gl.
STAPLETON                     1891
Fishponds Rd.       Thomas            42         h         Carpenter/Builder            North Petherton Sm.
                    Rosina Mary       38         w                                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Fred              18 unm.    s         Carpenter’s apprentice       Stapleton Gl.
                    Minnie            15         d         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Florence Maud     13         d         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Annie Gertrude    11         d         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Charles William    9         s         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Albert Edward      8         s         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
                    Ada Mary           6         d         Scholar                      Stapleton Gl.
Rabbits’ Burrows    George            36         h         Coalminer                    SW
                    Miriam            37         w                                      Downend Gl.
                    Florence          15         d         Dressmaker’s apprentice      Downend Gl.
                    Alice             14         d                                      Downend Gl.
                    Mary A            13         d         Scholar                      Downend Gl.
                    Herbert           10         s         Scholar                      Fishponds Gl.
                    Matilda            8         d         Scholar                      Fishponds Gl.
                    Edward             5         s         Scholar                      Fishponds Gl.

STOKE GIFFORD           1871
23 Stanley    William                 51         h         Aglab                        BH
              Mary Ann                52         w
              George                  16         s
              John                    29         h         Labourer                     BH
              Sarah                   26         w                                      Mn.
              Martha J                 5         d                                      Stapleton Gl.
STOKE GIFFORD           1881
              William                 62         h         Farm Labourer                … Wl.
              Ann                     62         w                                      … Wl.
              Sarah A                 15         Visitor   Domestic servant             Stoke Gifford Gl.
              John                    39         h         Coachman                     BH
              Sarah                   37         w                                      BH
              Martha J                15         d                                      Stoke Gifford Gl.
              Francis H                3m        s                                      Stoke Gifford Gl.

STOKE GIFFORD         1891
Hart Stoke    Esau DUN                80 widr.             Labourer                     Stoke Gifford Gl.
              John                    48                   Carman                       Iron Acton Gl.
              Sarah                   47                                                Newport Mn.
              Francis                 11                                                Stoke Gifford Gl.

STONEHOUSE                    1851
132 ‘New Inn’       Robert           25          h         Clothworker and beerseller   Avening Gl.
                    Jane             26          w                                      King’s Stanley Gl.
                    Mary Jane         1          d                                      Stonehouse Gl.
                    Elizabeth HARRISON 24        Visitor                                King’s Stanley Gl.

STROUD                        1841
Vatel or Vatch      Richard           45                   Clothworker                  Gl.
Mill, Steanbridge   Elizabeth         45                                                Gl.
                    Edwin             18                                                Gl.
                    Robert            15                                                Gl.
                    Henry             15                                                Gl.
                    Caroline          13                                                Gl.
                    Sarah Ann         10                                                Gl.
                    Alfred             8                                                Gl.
 Old Hill           Ann               70                                                Not in Gl.
STROUD                        1851
089 King Street     Thomas            49                   Boots                        Eltham Kt.
STROUD                        1861
038 High Street     Robert            35         h         Innkeeper                    Avening Gl.
                 Jane              36         w                         King’s Stanley Gl.
                 Mary              11         d      Scholar            Stonehouse Gl.
                 George             8         s      Scholar            Stonehouse Gl.
                 Herbert            5         s      Scholar            Stonehouse Gl.
                 Alice              1m        d                         Stroud Gl.
78 Selsley Hill  Beata             12                House servant      Derry Hill Wl.
Head – George HOLDER
71 Lower Hill    Emma              29 wid            Fundholder         Stroud Gl.
                 John William                                           Stroud Gl.
Head Thomas RUDGE, father and grandfather of above
STROUD                     1871
Parliament St.   Emma              39 widow h        Tailoress          Stroud Gl.
                 John W            10         s      Scholar            Stroud Gl.
STROUD                     1881
                 Emma              49 widow h        Tailoress          Stroud Gl.
                 John              20 unm. s         Commercial         Stroud Gl.
                 Frederick         36         h      Carman             MA
                 Ann               35         w                         Painswick Gl.
                 Blanch              5        d      Scholar            Stroud Gl.
                 Ada                 2        d                         Stroud Gl.
                 Anne               7m        d                         Stroud Gl.
STROUD                     1901
                 Frederick         55                Ostler             Cirencester Gl.
                 Ann               55                Weaver             Painswick Gl.
                 Ada               21                Tailoress          Stroud Gl.
                 Frederick         17                Cloth presser      Stoud Gl.
                 Florence          17                Domestic servant   Chelworth Wl.

TORMARTON                  1851
056             Ruth                19 unm.          House servant      Horton Gl.
Head – James BEARD

27           Henry                  46        h      Machinist          Avening Gl.
             Jane                   44        w                         Leonard Stanley Gl.
             Elizabeth Jane         12        d      Dressmaker         King’s Stanley Gl.
             William Henry          12        s      Errand Boy         Barton St Mary Gl.

UPTON ST LEONARD        1881
              Ambrose               38        h      Shepherd           BH
              Elizabeth             40        w                         LT – Hook
              William               13        s      Aglab              Stoke Gifford Gl.
              Frederick             10        s      Scholar            CH
              Fanny                  8        d      Scholar            Berwick Bassett Wl.
              Emily Jane             5        d                         Strensham Wc.
              Arthur                 1        s                         Upton St Leonard Gl.

WESTBURY ON SEVERN          1851
009 Village       Charles        49         h        Fisherman          Elmore Gl.
                  Sarah          44         w                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  John           19 unm. s                              Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  William        13         s                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Samuel         10         s                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  James           8         s                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Louis           6         s                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Alfred J        3         s                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Hester         23 unm.             Servant            Westbury on Severn Gl.
WESTBURY ON SEVERN          1861
91 Village        Charles        58         h        Aglab              Elmore Gl.
                  Sarah          54         w                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Elizabeth      27 unm. d                              Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Samuel         20 unm. s           Cordwainer         Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Alfred         13         s                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  William        23 unm. s           Gardener           Westbury on Severn Gl.
18 Cleeve Farm    Louis          15                  Groom              Westbury on Severn Gl.
Head – Charles BENNETT
54 Village        Esther         31 unm.             Housekeeper        Westbury on Severn Gl.
Head Thomas BADGER (age 77 widowed retired farmer)
WESTBURY ON SEVERN          1871
1                 Samuel         30         h        Bootmaker          Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Eliza          33         w                           Brookthorp Gl.
                  Walter          4         s        Scholar            Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Alice           3         d                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
                  Emily           9m        d                           Westbury on Severn Gl.
 2                Charles        69         h        Aglab              Elmore Gl.
                 Elizabeth          37 unm    d                               Westbury on Severn GFl.

              Samuel                40        h       Bootmaker               Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Eliza F               44        w                               Brookthorp Gl.
              Walter                14        s                               Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Emily                 10        d       Scholar                 Westbury on Severn Gl.
              James                  8        s       Scholar                 Westbury on Severn Gl.
              William                5        s       Scholar                 Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Harry                  3        s                               Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Alice                 13                Domestic servant        Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Esther                72                Living on own means     Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Walter                34                Sexton & parish clerk   Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Gertrude              29                                        Westbury on Severn Gl.
              John                   3                                        Westbury on Severn Gl.
              Ethel                 11m                                       Westbury on Severn Gl.

WESTBURY ON TRYM           1871
62 Ashgrove Road Elizabeth          21 unm.           Domestic servant        Winterbourne Gl.
WESTBURY ON TRYM           1881
                 Ellen E            18 unm.           Nurse                   LU

WEST DEAN                    1881
                 Eliza              57 widow h        Tollgate keeper         Coaley Gl.
                 Jemima             33 unm. d         Tollgate keeper         Blakeney Gl.

WICK and ABSON            1861
1 Toghill Road  Charlotte           13                Nursemaid               Winterbourne Gl.
Head Edward MATHEWS

WINTERBOURNE                 1851
074                James           39         h       Aglab                   HW
                   Elizabeth       32         w                               OA
                   Charlotte         3        d                               Winterbourne Gl.
                   Elizabeth         1                                        Winterbourne Gl.
                   + George HOWELL, lodger
WINTERBOURNE                 1861
50 Near the church James           50         h       Aglab                   HW
                   Elizabeth       41         w                               OA
                   Jane             8         d                               Winterbourne Gl.
                   Ruth             6         d                               Winterbourne Gl.
                   Charles          4         s                               Winterbourne Gl.
                   Mary Ann         7m        d                               Winterbourne Gl.
                   Eliza           11         d                               Winterbourne Gl.
WINTERBOURNE                 1871
                   James           65         h       Aglab                   HW
                   Elizabeth       50         w                               OA
Hambrook 23        William         51         h       Aglab                   BH
                   Mary Ann        52         w                               WR
                   George          16         s       Unemployed              BH
6                  Sarah J         19 unm.            Domestic servant        Winterbourne Gl.
91                 Ruth Gleede     17 unm.            Domestic servant        Winterbourne Gl.
WINTERBOURNE                 1881
Wadley’s End       James           70         h       Aglab                   HW
                   Elizabeth       63         w                               OA
                   Elizabeth R     31 unm.    d       Domestic servant        Winterbourne Gl.
WINTERBOURNE                       1901
                   Elizabeth       82                 Retired laundress       OA
                   Elizabeth       51                 Laundress               Winterbourne Gl.

WORMINGTON                   1841
Grange           Maria              23                                        Gl.

059            Eliza                22 unm. Visitor   Servant                 Hawkesbury Gl.
               Walter J             21      h         Baker and Grocer        Leonard Stanley Gl.
               Eliza E              20      w                                 Horsley Gl.
               Ruth                 26 unm.           Housemaid               Winterbourne Gl.

WYCK RISSINGTON              1891
              Stephen          40               Farmer          PU

YATE                    1881
              William          32 unm. Lodger   Farm Labourer   Chipping Sodbury Gl.
Head - COLE

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