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					              Intel Interactive Thinking Tools
                     Visual Ranking Tool
Logging In as a Student

  1. Go to the K-12 Teaching Tools at

  2. Click Visual Ranking Tool

  3. Click the Enter button or select the Enter Visual Ranking Link.

                                                           Click here

  4. In the Sign In box, click the Student Log-in link.

  5. Type your Teacher ID, Team ID, and Password, and then click Sign In.

  6. The Student Workspace page will open. Under Project Name in the
     Visual Ranking Projects section, click your project’s name, The Perfect
     Thanksgiving Dinner.

  7. The Visual Ranking Tool will open with a list of possible sides for a
     Thanksgiving dinner will be in the window. Click anywhere in the box to
     activate it.

Sorting and Ranking the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Select an item to be moved to another location on the list by clicking and
     dragging it to the location you want it to be in the list, and then unclick to
     let it go.

  2. To add rationale for your ranking, double-click on the item and insert text
     in the item’s Comments box. When finished entering text, click OK.

  3. When you are finished ranking your list, click on the Save button.

Comparing and Discussing Rankings

  1. Click the Compare button to get a list of teams for comparison.

  2. To compare the currently viewed list to another team’s list, click the down-
     arrow next to Compare your team with, and select that Team ID from the
     menu. You can also compare your team’s list with the Class Average.

  3. When comparing lists, lines connect like factors together to give a visual
     representation of how the lists compare. Notice that the information about
     correlation between the two lists is also displayed as a number. This
     feature tells how closely the two lists compare. A perfect agreement
     between the lists is +1 and complete disagreement is -1.

  4. Mouse over any red triangle in the lists to read the comments.

  5. Discuss your rankings. Review and reflect on the following questions:

         What factors did you consider when evaluating the events?
         Why might others rank these differently?
         What made one event more important that another?

  6. Click on the Show Report Button                 to view a report featuring your
     ranking and comments.

Benefits of the Online Thinking Tools
     Student’s collaboration and appropriate use of the online thinking tools improves higher-
      order thinking skills.
     The nature of the online thinking tolls encourages discussion and understanding of
      complex ideas.
     The online thinking tools allow interactive and dynamic visual representation of thinking.
     Students are required to be precise in their language.
     Teams can be assigned to review another team’s case, strengthening students’ verbal
      argumentation skills.
     Students are encouraged to explain, justify, and generalize.
     Students are provided with opportunities to examine other perspectives, including those
      from other students, experts, or members of the community.

        Creating a Visual Ranking Tool Project
Brainstorming a List

  1. In small groups, brainstorm a list of _______, (related to your project).

  2. Share your list with the whole group. Collapse any items that are too
     similar. Use short names (maximum of 83 characters).

  3. Once the list is finalized to a total of 7-12 items (maximum of 16 items),
     the instructor will enter the final list into the tool workspace to make it
     ready for sorting.

  4. Capture the list in a Microsoft Word
      Allows you to easily edit and refine the list
      You can view the entire list at once
      You can easily alphabetize the list (Sort) to remove unintentional bias
      You may copy the final list directly into the project in the Teacher

Logging In as a Teacher

  1. Go to the Thinking Tools Teacher Workspace at:

  2. Click Enter, and then on the page that opens, click Teacher Workspace.

                                   Click Teacher

  3. If you already have an account, enter your Login ID and Password and
     click Login. Proceed to direction 6 on the following page. If you have never
     registered before, select the click here to register link above the login box.

  4. Complete all of the fields. When done, click the Register button. Note –
     keep in mind your students will use your login ID, along with their own
     identifying information, to log onto their projects.

LoginID/Teacher ID: _____________________________________

Password: _____________________________________________

  5. The questions on the next page are optional.

  6. After you have registered, a welcome screen will appear. Click Continue
     to up projects.

  7. You can manager your projects and student teams using the Your
     Projects page of the Teacher Workspace. This is where you can set up
     new projects, delete existing projects, and manage student teams and

  8. Click on Set up a new Visual Ranking project in the Manage Projects

9. Type the Project Name. This name could specifically reference the
   purpose or use of the Visual Ranking Tool in your overall unit.

10. Under Project Description, type the project description that you created.
    This description will appear in the Student Workspace and will set the
    purpose for the activity.

11. Type a statement or questions for the project in the Prompt for Students
    box. Describe what you want them to do here.

12. Add your list to the List to Sort: box. Press Enter key after adding each
    item. Don’t leave any blank rows. Tip-You could create the list with your
    students and add it right before they do the activity.

13. You may uncheck the Show correlation when students compare lists if you
    don’t want your students to see the value.

14. Click Submit.

15. To create team IDs, you must first click on Add or delete student teams
    in the Manage Teams menu in the Teacher Workspace.

16. In the Team ID section of the Add New Student Teams box, type a unique
    team ID that identifies the team’s perspective.

17. In the Team Members section, type the names of the students assigned
    to the new team, if desired. The Team Members is an optional field.

18. In the Team Password section, type a unique password for the team. You
    may want to keep the team ID and password the same so students can
    remember them more easily.

19. Click Submit. Click on Done located at the top of the table and it will bring
    you to Your Projects page.

20. Click on the item under Student Teams to add, edit, or review the student
    teams in a project.

                    Click here

21. You may add additional teams in Add New Student Teams box. Teams
    will be automatically added to that project. Or, you may assign any pre-
    existing team by checking the Assign box next to the team’s name in the
    Teams currently not assigned to this project: box. Then click Assign
    checked teams.

22. You may review any of your team’s progress or efforts by clicking on the
    item under Student Teams. Click Review to view that team’s work.


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