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									                                                                      Agenda Item No. 5 .

LPA Ref: S/2156/00/CM

To:   Development Control Committee

Date: 19 March 2001

From: Head of Strategic Planning


1.1   To consider the above planning application.


2.1   A planning application has been submitted by Allen Newport Ltd for the erection of
      a low profile concrete batching plant for the manufacture of ready mixed concrete
      for use in local construction industry. The land subject to the application occupies
      some 0.3 hectares of land lying to the west of Beach Ditch and located in close
      proximity to aggregate storage and recycling facilities operated by Dickerson Ltd.
      To the north-east the site is bounded by former farm buildings of Hayacre Farm and
      vehicle washdown bays for HCV operated by Dickerson/Donarbon group of


3.1   Planning permission is being sought to erect a low profile batching plant consisting
      of three open storage bays for graded aggregates and sand together with a ramp
      and hopper leading to a blending plant where aggregates are mixed with cement
      transferred by screw conveyor, in measured quantities, from two 7.5 metre high 50
      tonne cement storage silos. The blended materials are discharged into the 6m³
      drum of drum mixer lorries which then take the material to the construction sites
      where final mixing takes place prior to use.

3.2   A six metre high water storage tank for the mixing process is located close to the
      control tower. The highest element of the mixing building is approximately 9.0
      metres above ground level, but is located adjacent to the existing washdown
      building which is 7.8 metres in height.

3.3   Within the yard area formed between the farm buildings and the washdown bays a
      mixer vehicle washout and water reclamation system is to be constructed. This will
      permit delivery vehicles to deposit any surplus material into a concrete pit from
      where the aggregates and water can be recycled. Provision is also to be made for
      a sunken bay to store 'semi-dry' mixed concrete that can be collected in small
      vehicles aimed at the smaller construction schemes associated with domestic
      gardens and driveways. Staff facilities in the form of a messroom and toilet, will be
      provided and the working areas of the site willl be floodlit as necessary both during
      working hours and for security purposes at night as mixer vehicles will be parked

3.4   The hours of working will be 0700-1800 hours Monday to Friday and 0700-1300
      hours on Saturdays. Only essential maintenance work will be carried out on
      Saturday afternoon and Sundays.

3.5   The applicant anticipates that annual output of ready mixed concrete will amount to
      some 18,000 cu metres which will require 36,000 tonnes of aggregates although
      increasing use of recycled aggregates is proposed. The average HCV movements
      are estimated at 32-36 per day, which encompasses mixer journeys, together with
      cement and aggregate deliveries.

3.6   Access to the site in the short term would be gained to the A10 by the existing
      access to the industrial estate. However, when the new roundabout to serve the
      approved Cambridge Centre for Recycling is constructed then all vehicle
      movements will be via the new roundabout and recycling park.

3.7   In order to mitigate any dust emissions from the site haul roads will be swept and
      sprayed with water in dry weather. Cement deliveries to the silos will be made from
      tankers fitted with armoured hoses and each silo will be fitted with both visual and
      audible high level alarms and efficient systems to filter air displaced from the
      enclosed silo during filling operations. The detailed operation of such plants are
      regulated by the District Council Environmental Health Departments through
      authorisations under the Environmental Protection Regulations 1991.

3.8   The applicant in submitting this proposal has highlighted his intention to utilise
      recycled aggregates in the future with new specifications for certain end uses
      expected to be introduced shortly. Thus the location of the plant and the nearby
      aggregate recycling activities of Dickersons Ltd will complement each other. It is
      therefore predicted that about one third of the concrete produced would utilise
      recycled aggregates with consequential conservation of primary materials.


4.1   South Cambridgeshire District Council - consider that the proposed use is ancillary
      to the gravel extraction and recycling uses on the site and therefore raise no
      objections subject to hours of operation as proposed and all access to be via the
      new roundabout and internal roads once completed.

4.2   Environmental Health Officer South Cambridgeshire District Council - notes that the
      operation of the process will also be regulated under separate environmental

4.3   Cottenham Parish Council - recommend approval.

4.4   Landbeach Parish Council - object on the grounds of increased traffic flow on an
      already congested road system.
4.5    Highways Agency - notes that the development will generate additional turning
       movements at the junction of the existing industrial estate with the A10. However
       the number of additional vehicles will not be significant when compared with the
       current use of the industrial estate access or traffic flows along the A10. Once the
       new roundabout serving the Recycling Centre is constructed site vehicles will be re-
       routed to this new access. No objections are raised.

4.6    Environment Agency - recommend the imposition of conditions to require approval
       of surface and foul drainage and assessment of any risks of landfill gas given that
       the site is to be constructed on previously filled ground. Final oil facilities must be
       bunded and any contaminated waters must not enter surface or underground water

4.7    Old West Internal Drainage Board - no comments.

4.8    Slough Estates Ltd - express reservations about the proximity of the scheme to the
       nearby Research Park. Concerned about the concrete plant would be detrimental
       and pose a loss of amenity to users of the Research Park. If permission is granted
       controls should be imposed to ensure that there is no disturbance to occupiers of
       the buildings through noise, vibration, fumes, dust, traffic or inappropriate hours of

4.9    District Councillor Wyatt - concerned about the additional traffic generated onto the
       busy A10 and also that the site lies to the west of Beech Ditch, away from the main
       buildings of the Dickerson/Donarbon complex. Would object if approval of this plant
       would set a precedent for general industrial development to the west.

4.10   A notice has been published in the local press and notices posted on the site.


5.1    Statutory planning policies are provided by the Structure Plan 1995,
       Cambridgeshire Aggregates Minerals Local Plan 1991 and South Cambridgeshire
       Local Plan 1993. Further non-statutory policy guidance is provided by the South
       Cambridgeshire Local Deposit Plan 1999.

5.2    Structure Plan

       Policy SP 12/1       restricts development in the countryside to that which is
                            essential to the effective operation of local agriculture,
                            horticulture, forestry, permitted mineral extraction, outdoor
                            recreation or public utility services.

       Policy SP 11/7       encourages proposals for the treatment, storage and re-use of
                            secondary and recycled aggregates subject to other policies of
                            the plan.
5.3   Cambridgeshire Aggregates Minerals Local Plan

      POLICY 25            in considering applications for mineral related development the
                           MPA will examine whether there are close links between the
                           proposal and the mineral working; the acceptability of the
                           environmental and highway impacts and compatibility with the
                           provisions of the Development Plan and related policies in
                           force in the local area.

5.4   South Cambridgeshire District Council Deposit Plan 1999

      Policy EM 11         support offered for extensions of existing employment sites in
                           the countryside, subject to adequate screening and no adverse
                           impacts on traffic, neighbours and the general environment.


6.1   The land upon which this plant is to be located has been the subject of past mineral
      working with restoration to pre-existing ground level by infilling.

6.2   Permission to the adjacent vehicle washdown building was granted by the District
      Council in 1987. The permission was implemented.

6.3   The land in question forms a small part of the 165 hectare site known as the
      Cambridge Centre for Recycling. This proposal was submitted in 1999 and
      encompasses recycling of waste and aggregates, treatment of household waste,
      composting, sand and gravel extraction and restoration of mineral extraction areas
      by landfill to an agricultural after-use. This proposal was approved by the County
      Council and is currently subject to S.106 negotiations. The current application for
      the concrete batching plant would be located in close proximity to the secondary
      aggregate production area.


7.1   This is the first proposal for a concrete batching plant, to be considered by the
      Mineral Planning Authority, where there is a clear intention to introduce significant
      quantities of recycled materials into the processing operation. Its location adjacent
      to a secondary aggregate production area is therefore particularly appropriate and
      should allow for further developments in this field through research and
      development with various grades of recycled material.

7.2   The Dickerson site already stocks processed sand and gravels for supply to
      customers off-site. The potential easy availability of such resources coupled with
      the proposed additional on-site gravel extraction approved under the Cambridge
      Centre for Recycling proposals should ensure that any traffic movements delivering
      raw materials to the plant are reduced.

7.3   This plant is viewed as an ancillary use to the existing mineral and recycling uses
      on-site. Whilst the proposed site falls outside the boundaries for general industrial
      development in the Development Plan it will be noted that the review of the
      Development Plan does contain a policy which supports the extension of existing
      employment sites subject to acceptable environmental impacts and mitigation.
      When viewing the proposed site the relative close proximity of other office, industrial
      and farm buildings, together with stockpiles of materials and plant and machinery
      already provide an industrial landscape to the locality. Given the operational
      linkages between the proposed use and adjacent land uses it is not considered that
      approval of this application would set a precedent for more general industrial
      development that could fundamentally undermine Development Plan policies and
      lead to further major general industrial development to the west of Beach Ditch.

7.4   Highways
      Local concerns have been raised regarding an increase in HCV movements that
      would be generated by the proposals onto the A10. Both the Highways Agency and
      Highway Authority have been consulted on the application and do not raise
      concerns in respect of either road safety or highway capacity with respect to the
      current access arrangements. The construction of the proposed new roundabout
      on the A10 to serve the Cambridge Centre for Recycling would also be used for
      access to the concrete batching plant which would be likely to improve overall road
      safety matters due to lower vehicle speeds and improved visibility.

7.5   Visual Impact
      It is noted that the applicants intend to erect a low profile concrete batching plant
      which, at its highest point, will only be marginally above the height of the nearby
      farm buildings and the vehicle washdown building. The proposed colour of the
      plant will match the green colour of the washdown building.

7.6   Under the proposals for the Cambridge Centre for recycling additional landscaping
      is to be provided between the site and the Research Park which will, once
      established, mitigate the visual impact of the operation of the plant and its
      structures to an acceptable degree.

7.7   Dust Emissions
      As much of the aggregate material will be damp the risk of fugitive dust emissions is
      low especially as prevailing winds are to the north-east, over agricultural land. The
      uncontrolled emission of cement powder from the top of the storage silos is a
      theoretical risk but level indicators and efficient filtration systems for displaced air
      are effective at preventing such an occurrence. It should be noted that plant
      operation will be regulated separately by the District Council through an
      Authorisation under the Environmental Protection Regulations 1991.

7.8   Noise Emissions
      This site is remote from residential development, although it is noted that a new
      hotel is planned to be built in the Research Park, albeit some 500 metres away to
      the south. A noise assessment carried out by consultants on behalf of the
      applicants does not indicate that disturbance will be caused by such operations to
      either the existing residential property or the hotel. The Environmental Health
      Officer has seen this noise assessment and has raised no objections to the
7.9   Nature Conservation Interests
      Beach Ditch runs close to the site and is a designated County Wildlife Site. As
      waste water within the process will be recycled then the ecological interest of the
      ditch should not be affected.


8.1   It is recommended that planning permission be granted subject to conditions, the
      scope of which are indicated below:-

         development to be commenced within 5 years;
         submitted hours of plant operation;
         cement sites to be fitted with efficient filters and maintained to manufacturers'
         provision of both visual an audible high level alarms on the cement silos;
         plant to be painted green to match adjacent buildings;
         site to be laid out in accordance with submitted plans;
         details of floodlighting to be submitted for approval;
         HCV access only via existing industrial estate access to A10 until the new
          roundabout is built. Thereafter all HCV access via new roundabout on A10;
         details of foul and surface water drainage to be submitted for approval;
         landfill gas investigation and mitigation scheme to be submitted prior to
          commencement of use;
         bunded storage of oils/fuels and chemicals.

8.2   It is further recommended:

      That the final agreement of the wording of the conditions be delegated to the Head
      of Strategic Planning in conjunction with the County Solicitor.


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