AGENDA ITEM 8

                         EREWASH BOROUGH COUNCIL

Report of the Head of Executive Office                                    11th July 2007
to the Council Executive


1     Purpose of Report

1.1    The aim of this report is to inform members of the progress against the
       objectives of the Corporate Plan 2006-2009.

2     Recommendations

(a)    To note the Council‟s progress as at the 31st March 2007 against the
       objectives of the Corporate Plan to date.

Note: In preparing this report due regard has been had to equality of opportunity, human
rights, prevention of crime and disorder, environmental, efficiency, risk management and
health considerations as appropriate. Relevant officers have been consulted in relation to
any legal, financial, personnel or property implications and comments received are reflected
in the report.

3     Information, Issues and Options

3.1   The Council‟s Corporate Plan provides focus and clear strategic direction for
      2006 – 2009. The full and effective integration of the main objectives detailed
      within the plan is essential to drive through continuous performance

3.2   Reviewing the progress against the actions contained under each objective
      set out within the Corporate Plan by Members and officers will ensure that
      progress is noted and corrective action taken where appropriate.

3.3   The Corporate Plan Progress Report is appended to this report at Appendix
      A, this highlights the progress against the key milestones and targets
      contained under each action.

4     Risk and Financial Implications

4.1   The risks associated with the delivery of objectives contained within this report
      are detailed within the individual service‟s policies, the strategic risk register,
      operational risk registers and the Medium-term Financial Strategy.

Version 1.0
5     Legal Implications

5.1   There are no specific legal implications associated with the consideration of
      this report.

6     Personnel Implications

6.1   There are no specific personnel implications associated with the
      consideration of this report.

7     Alignment to Council Priorities

7.1   The Corporate Plan contains the Council Priorities and the report shows the
      progress that is being made in meeting these priorities.
Background papers

Contact Officer
Martin Guest Performance Improvement Officer
Long Eaton Town Hall
Tel – 0115 9072317
Email –

Key Decision Status

Appendix A     Corporate Plan progress report against objectives

Version 1.0
                                    Appendix 1 – Corporate Plan Progress – as at 31st March 2007

Theme – Protecting and Enhancing our Environment

Action                      Milestone/Target                             Progress as at 31st March 2007                                         Responsible Officer
Objective 1. Build citizenship and introduce Pride in Erewash through active community engagement.
Individual initiatives to   Pride Project funded over 3 years 05/06 to   Funding secured for Pride Project during 2007/08.                      Director of Neighbourhood
be highlighted within       08/09 at a cost of £180,000.                                                                                        Services.
Services‟ Service Plan      Milestones contained within                  Milestones included within Service Plan e.g. „to achieve an increase
                            Neighbourhood Services‟ Service Plan         in the number of community clean ups carried out in 2006/07‟.
                            See Erewash Borough Council website for
                            more detail on this project.

Objective 2. Reduce the problems associated with environmental nuisance through education, engagement and enforcement.
Individual initiatives to   Milestones contained within                  Milestones included within the Service Plan e.g. „to carry out Poop    Director of Neighbourhood
be highlighted within       Neighbourhood Services‟ Service Plan         Scoop Awareness Week in Long Eaton and Ilkeston Town Centres‟.         Services.
Neighbourhood               2007/08.
Services‟ Service Plan
To ensure a smooth       To publicise new smoke free public places Smoke Free Implementation Group comprising of Bill Smith, Liz                Director of Development &
transition to smoke free legislation prior to its introduction on 1 July Street, Roy O‟Driscoll and Geoff Partridge have set an                 Regulatory Services.
public places.           2007 and to ensure that the business            Implementation Plan. Several briefing sessions have already been
                            community and public fully understand and held with key stakeholders from the business community. News
                            comply with new requirements. £30,000     letters produced for Taxi and Licensing Trades. Public information
                            allocated in 2007/08.                     via local press at planning stage. Action Plan progression good.
                                                                      Customer Services scripts in place for public enquiries. Considerable
                                                                      amounts of literature on display and being circulated. Briefing
                                                                      sessions held with Pubs and Clubs via Pub Watch groups. Council
                                                                      Policy and Procedures in place for Planning, Environmental Health
                                                                      and Licensing Smoke Free Compliance Officers being recruited role
                                                                      of Tobacco Worker being finalised.

Version 1.0
Action                      Milestone/Target                             Progress as at 31st March 2007                                        Responsible Officer
Objective 3.        Improve the quality of our parks and open spaces.
Develop and adopt a         To have developed this by June 2007.         The Green Space Strategy is due to be completed during June 2007. Assistant Director Green
Green Space Strategy.       Project funded to the value of £50,000 in    The Strategy is to be submitted to the Council Executive meeting on Space & Street Scene.
                                                                            th                                                          th
                            2006/07 to 2007/08. Fund a Tree Officer      12 July 2007. A six week consultation period will follow the 12 July
                            and working budget from 2007/08,             meeting.
                            £78,000.                                     The Tree Officer has been recruited and is due to commence
                            Amended - Appoint a Tree Officer Project     employment during June 2007.Dev & Reg lead on GS Strategy, due
                            and fund tree works to value of £50k from    for completion Autumn 07
                            revenue budget 2007/08
                                                                         Tree Officer recruited – Start date 4.6.07
                                                                         Tree Felling completed on west Park £11k, further works to be
                                                                         prioritised on arrival of Tree Officer, up to £50k

Objective 4.        Continue to improve our waste management performance and to meet the requirements of the Countywide Waste Strategy.
Increase participation in To increase tonnage of waste                   Preliminary data suggests that Erewash Borough Council has            Assistant Director Waste &
recycling and garden      recycled/composted in 2006/07.                 recycled more waste during April and May 2007 (47.2%) than during     Transport.
waste schemes.                                                           April and May 2006 (44.35%). Please note that further tonnages
                                                                         are to be included in the May 2007 data.

Individual initiatives to   Fund two Neighbourhood Supervisors to        Two Neighbourhood Supervisors have been recruited and                 Assistant Director Waste &
be highlighted within       drive service improvements from 2007/08      commenced employment for Erewash Borough Council during May           Transport.
Neighbourhood               onwards, total cost £52,270.                 2007.
Services‟ Service Plan
Objective 5.        Monitor and manage our environment and our impact upon it.
Working with partners       Implement adopted Air Quality Action Plan    The third round of our screening and assessment process was           Director of Development &
to improve local air        to improve local air quality levels to the   completed in May 2006.This concluded that we should retain the Air    Regulatory Services.
quality.                    National Air Quality Strategy levels.        Quality Management Areas previously declared and continue with
                                                                         our monitoring program.
                                                                         The Council continues to liaise and work with the Highways Agency
                                                                         and the County Council Highways Department to reduce the effects
                                                                         of emissions from motor vehicles on local air quality. The Councils
                                                                         Air Quality Action Plan has been reviewed and accepted by DEFRA.

Version 1.0
Action                    Milestone/Target                           Progress as at 31st March 2007                                             Responsible Officer
Promote the restoration £10,000 allocated to undertake site          The Council has an adopted Contaminated Land Strategy. The first           Director of Development &
of brown-field sites to investigations of contaminated land during   stage of this requires an initial prioritisation of sites of concern and   Regulatory Services.
minimise environmental 07/08.                                        this work has been completed. As a part of this process the Council
impacts of                                                           is compiling a database of information on brown-field sites which will
                                                                     assist in the process of them being brought back into use. A
                                                                     combination of desk top studies, site investigations and working with
                                                                     partners and other Government agencies is helping to progress this
                                                                     work. Additional funding for more detailed investigation of specific
                                                                     sites has been secured from Government.

Version 1.0
Theme – Safe and Respectful

       Action                     Milestone/Target                                             Progress                                    Responsible officer
Objective 1. Focus on building respect for each other and our neighbours and our community.
To support and          To review community forums in June 2007 Report to members on proposals to be submitted to the Council              Head of Executive Office/
increase the            and to increase the number of local     Executive on the 11 July 2007.                                             Consultation Officer & Scrutiny
percentage of residents residents attending them.                                                                                          Manager.
who feel involved in
their local community
council decision
Objective 2. Work with partners to reduce the problem of anti-social behaviour.
To work in partnership    To have developed a partnership approach The Community Safety Partnership has been working very closely          ASB Co-ordinator/
to develop and deliver    which delivers improvements at           with the Police on the Safer Neighbourhood launch week in the           Community Safety Officer.
                          neighbourhood level by March 2008.       borough with support in various forms for projects and activities
the Safer
Neighbourhood                                                      taking place.
                                                                   The Community Safety Partnership currently has very good links
                                                                   with the Neighbourhood Wardens and the exchange of information
                                                                   between the Wardens, Police and Partnership is frequent.
                                                                   The Community Safety Partnership has moved to a geographical
                                                                   based approach in order to support the Safer Neighbourhood
                                                                   agenda and is in talks to develop a suitable meeting to discuss
                                                                   neighbourhood issues with all relevant partner organisations.

                          To utilise Neighbourhood Wardens to       The Community Safety Partnership is working with the
                          support the Safer Neighbourhood agenda.   Neighbourhood Wardens to ensure that the Safer Neighbourhood
                                                                    agenda is being delivered borough-wide across all community

To work with young        To reduce the number of Anti-social       A number of initiatives are being delivered to increase the support    ASB Co-ordinator/
people to provide         Behaviour Contracts & Anti-social         and activities available in the borough. This includes funding for a   Community Safety Officer.
                          Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) issued.          sports outreach worker, a comprehensive activities booklet, mobile
support, activities and
services.                                                           sports facilities and Multi Use Games Areas. These are all working
                          To reduce the number of young people      to engage young people and decrease the level of anti-social
                          moving from a first warning notice to

Version 1.0
       Action                      Milestone/Target                                                Progress                                       Responsible officer
                          ASBOs.                                       behaviour.

                                                                       With the Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator not in post,
                                                                       unfortunately the number of ABCs and ASBOs are not indicative of
                                                                       the work progressing.

                          £30,000 allocated for the cost of an ASB     This post has been recruited and a start date for the successful
                          Co-ordinator from the Local Area             candidate will be confirmed shortly.

To involve schools as     To visit a minimum of 25% of local schools Long Eaton environment day at Long Eaton school supported and                Neighbourhood Standards
part of the citizenship   per year to raise awareness of             attended by the Home Energy Officer                                          Manager.
and respect agenda.       environmental issues.

Objective 3. Support our partners to reduce crime and the fear of crime.
To increase the number Publicise the domestic abuse hotline (0800 Posters have been displayed in partners‟ public areas to publicise              Community Safety Officer
of people assisted to  019 8668) allocating £2,000 to £4,000 for  the hotline along with cards and leaflets.                                      working with partners.
report domestic abuse. publicity events in 2007/08.
                                                                       Police funded training for all Police Officers have also highlighted the
                                                                       hotline and cards have been distributed to officers to carry on duty.
                                                                       These will be handed out as needed.

To assist in reducing all Erewash Community Safety Partnership       The Partnership spend plan has very recently been confirmed and              Community Safety Officer
crime in Erewash by       receives in excess of £180,000 per year to the appropriate action plans driven by this are now in place.                working with partners.
17.5% by March 2008. target crime and disorder from the Local
                          Area Agreement.
To deliver a corporate    Crime & Disorder - Section 17 principles     An action plan has been agreed between the CSO and ACSO to                 Community Safety Officer and
wide approach to          adopted within every service delivery plan   implement the principles of Section 17 in a Council-wide initiative.       partners.
dealing with Crime and    by March 2008.
Disorder (Section 17)
Work in partnership to    Carry out 20 enforcement exercises           During the past year 321 Hackney Carriage /Private Hire vehicle and Director of Development &
carry out and report on   annually.                                    Drivers checks were carried as part of the Departments              Regulatory Services.
inspection of licensed                                                 Compliance/Enforcement Strategy. In addition 186 Licensed

Version 1.0
       Action                     Milestone/Target                                                Progress                                    Responsible officer
premises, people,                                                    Premises were inspected and 16 Multi Agency Task Force events
vehicles and activities                                              carried out.

Work with local           £17,000 secured to fund “Safe Food,        Report to be presented to Council Executive on 31 May 2007 to            Director of Development &
business to promote       Better Business” project in 2007/08.       outline financial aspects of the grant, which will only be paid once     Regulatory Services.
well regulated clean                                                 the project has been undertaken. First workshop delivered on 16
and safe food                                                        May, more workshops planned for May and June.
businesses and other      £14,000 to fund Student Environmental
commercial activities.    Health Officer in 2007/08.                 Student placements commence in summer 2007. Recruitment takes
                                                                     place once exam results known in late June 2007

To work with the local    To reduce the BVPI 199a by 10% from the    April and May 2007 BV199a surveys have identified 5% of open             Director of Neighbourhood
community to reduce       2006/07 score to achieve a year on year    space which is classified below acceptable litter and detritus levels    Services.
environmental crime.      improvement.                               (i.e. BV199a is performing above target levels). This has resulted
                                                                     from improved supervision of teams and improved work sheets
                                                                     stimulating greater accountability and productivity of cleansing
                                                                     teams. Furthermore mechanical sweeper drivers have been
                                                                     replaced when absent from work therefore ensuring cleansing
                                                                     schedules are maintained.
                          To maintain BVPI 199c at 0.9% for          April and May 2007 BV199c surveys have identified 0% of open
                          removal of fly-posting.                    space which is classified below the acceptable fly posting standard
                                                                     (i.e. BV199c is performing above target levels).

Objective 4. Engage with young people to promote diversionary activities and to seek out the issues affecting them.
To establish an       Schools identified and Youth Council           Youth Forum established March 2007 with the 7 secondary schools Head of Executive office
Erewash Youth Council established by December 2007.                  in the borough. The Forum has held 3 meetings so far. The group is
by March 2008.                                                       looking to meet 6 times per year.
                          Diversionary activities through Culture &  MACCA programme delivered Easter 2007.                                   Director of Culture & Leisure
                          Leisure targeted at young people – holiday
                          activity programmes and Youth Facilities                                                                            Services.
                          Strategy: Mobile skateboard park (May      Procurement of mobile skateboard facility approved by Council
                          2007) – funding £30,000; holiday activity  Executive on 31/05/07
                          programmes established at Rutland Sports
                          Park (Summer 2007 and ongoing) - £7,600
                          per annum.

Version 1.0
       Action                     Milestone/Target                                                Progress                                      Responsible officer
Objective 5. Promote community services for the benefit of the elderly and vulnerable.
To work in partnership    To deliver the Safer Stronger Communities Cotmanhay Neighbourhood Management Group has achieved the                  Head of Executive Office/
to improve the quality    Fund (Neighbourhood Element) (SSCF        desired level of spend for 2006/07 with 5% carry over and 30               Neighbourhood Manager.
of life of our most       (NE)) project by March 2010.              projects have been funded in this period.
disadvantaged                                                       Community engagement has remained a priority locally and has
community in North                                                  been supported by the following events: Cotmanhay by the Sea;
Ilkeston.                                                           BURA visioning day.
                                                                    The improvement planning day has taken place on May 17 2007
                                                                    with Cotmanhay Neighbourhood Management Group Board and
                                                                    partners agencies working together to determine the priorities for
                                                                    raising the „quality of life‟ of residents within the target area.
                                                                    Baseline data has been collected in order to measure progress
                                                                    against objectives and priorities.
To assist community      An additional £5,000 added to grants         A new Grants Policy was adopted in 2006. Applications for grant aid Head of Executive Office
groups through           budget 2007/08.                              for 2007/08 were sent out in December and most of the applications
targeted grants to                                                    were approved and paid out in April 2007. A small amount remains
voluntary organisations.                                              for applications for the rest of the year.

Objective 6. Provide strong leadership of the community.
To develop a member       IDeA project commenced training to be                                                                                Asst Director of Personnel
                                                                      With a large number of new members being elected after the recent
training programme.       completed by March 2008.                                                                                             (training) & Executive Manager.
                                                                      elections, a one day induction course has taken place. As part of a
                                                                                                                                               (Loyd Baker/Justine Fitzjohn or
                                                                      bigger induction process we are arranging a number of other
                                                                                                                                               Andrew Sharpe) Jennifer
                                                                      sessions primarily for new members (including How to be a Good
                                                                      Councillor, Scrutiny, Licensing, Effective Meetings, Equality &
                                                                      Diversity, Recruitment, Partnerships & Forums) & have already
                                                                      arranged training sessions through the IDeA on Planning & Finance.
                                                                      We are currently looking at the possibility of running training events
                                                                      for members with other councils, EMIP (East Midlands Improvement
                                                                      Partnership) & the LGEM (Local Government East Midlands) to
                                                                      ensure value for money.

Version 1.0
Theme – Prosperous and Vibrant

       Action                     Milestone/Target                                               Progress                                 Responsible officer
Objective 1. Encourage business to settle in Erewash and further develop a vibrant local economy.
To keep thriving         Long Eaton Town Centre Street               Implementation of improvement scheme scheduled for Aug/Sept          Director of Development &
existing and new         Improvements implemented in 2007/08.        2007.                                                                Regulatory Services.
businesses in Erewash    £618,400 funding from Tesco Section 106
and to attract new       agreement and Derby and Derbyshire
investment.              Economic Partnership (DDEP) funding.
                                                                     Partnership being funded.
                         Funding Erewash Partnership £51,500 in

Work in partnership to   Expand town centre marketing events to                                                                           Director of Development &
                         increase visitor numbers;                                                                                        Regulatory Services.
improve the
attractiveness of our    Produce Ilkeston & Long Eaton Town          Masterplan produced for Long Eaton. Ilkeston to be adopted October
two market town          Centre Masterplans by January 2008.         2007.
Promote the              Develop a core strategy for Erewash in      Work commencing on Core Strategy June 2007                           Director of Development &
development of           2007 that defines the vision for the area                                                                        Regulatory Services.
employment sites with    working with the LSP (Local Strategic
East Midlands
Development Agency       Mainstream a policy planning post to move
                         away from PDG dependence, £28,000.        Planning Officer post mainstreamed as part of 2007/08 budget
(EMDA) and Derby and                                               process.
Derbyshire Economic      Work with landowners and developers to    Working group established with EBC, DDEP,EMDA and St Gobain.
Partnership (DDEP).      ensure that Stanton brings economic
                         benefits to the community.

Version 1.0
        Action                      Milestone/Target                                                 Progress                                     Responsible officer
Objective 2. Effectively manage our Community Assets to improve community benefits.
Work with national,         Support a stage 2 bid to Heritage Lottery     Stage 1 bid awarded (as at 31 March).                                   Director of Development &
regional, Derbyshire        Fund (HLF) for a Townscape Heritage                                                                                   Regulatory Services.
and local organisations     Initiative in Long Eaton.
to protect significant                                                    As above.
                            £25,000 to support Stage 2 bid. (If
heritage sites and          successful will secure over £900,000).
buildings.                  Erewash has set aside contribution of up
                            to £257,250.
                                                                          Post mainstreamed as part of 2007/2008 budget process.
                            £36,500 to mainstream Conservation and
                            Design Officer to move away from PDG
                            dependence (Planning and Delivery
                            Grant).                                       Part of THI (see above)
                            Work with HLF and other external funders
                            to attract investment in our heritage sites
                            and buildings.

Bring forward surplus       £12,000 funding secured from SSCF(NE)         Land and Property disposals:                                            Director of Development &
land and property in        (Safer Stronger Communities Fund -             2 and 4 Cranmer Street                                                Regulatory Services.
Borough ownership for       Neighbourhood Element). Supported by            - terms of sale agreed
disposal to assist in the   CNMG (Cotmanhay Neighbourhood                  Beresford Road
                            Management Group) to undertake work             - disposed of to a RSL and developed for affordable housing
provision of
                            with British Urban Regeneration
employment, housing         Association to develop plans for              BURA (British Urban Regeneration Association) were commissioned
and community needs.        regeneration of Beauvale Drive.               by Cotmanhay Neighbourhood Management Group Board to
                                                                          undertake a visioning/feasibility exercise regarding the possible re-
                                                                          development of the community centre, Beauvale Drive and Donner
                                                                          Crescent area of Cotmanhay.
                                                                          The Visioning day on the May 13 2007 was a success as the
                                                                          community were engaging in the consultation process and sharing
                                                                          aspirational visions with the representatives for BURA.
                                                                          Cotmanhay Neighbourhood Management Group has received the
                                                                          interim report and is awaiting the final report.

Version 1.0
Theme – Healthy, Enjoyable and Active

Objectives/Action                 Milestone/Target                                                   Progress                                     Responsible Officer
Objective 1. Improve, promote and encourage the use of locally accessible, high quality community assets.
To promote the use of     Develop a play strategy for the area to       All consultation has been completed and draft strategy is due to go       Assistant Director of Culture &
outdoor recreation as     focus and co-ordinate the development of      to public consultation on 14 June 07 – the final document is              Leisure Services.
beneficial to health.     children‟s play facilities, services and      expected to go to the Council Executive in August 07 for approval
                          opportunities: (December 2007) –              with a stage 2 application to the big lottery fund (BLF) on 10
                          £12,000 for 2006/07.                          September 07
To provide modern,        Provide a feasibility plan that will enable   Scope and terms of reference for the feasibility will be completed in     Director of Culture & Leisure
accessible and customer   an informed decision to be reached by         June 07 – it is anticipated that the feasibility plan will take a wider   Services.
appropriate leisure and   the Council on the best option for            contextual view of leisure provision across the borough so that
cultural facilities.      maintaining swimming pool provision in        changes are not taken in isolation – a delay has occurred in this
                          the north of the borough (October 2007) –     action point due to the Asbestos removal works planned to be
                          £70,000.                                      undertaken at VPLC in August 07.
                          Renovate and double the size of the
                                                                       Refurbishment of existing facility and replacement of health and
                          health and fitness facility at the West Park
                                                                       fitness equipment being progressed.
                          Leisure Centre (June 2007) – up to
                          Renovate West Park Leisure Centre so          DDA audit completed – funds earmarked – forms part of a rolling
                          that it is accessible for all (2009/10) -     programme of conditions survey works as part of a 15 year asset
                          £804,800 earmarked.                           management plan for the centre.
                          Disabled access improvements to leisure
                          centres (2007-2010) – £265,700                Erewash Museum and Sandiacre Friesland Sports Centre DDA
                          earmarked.                                    works completed, part works completed at ALC. .

Encourage a customer      Quest accreditation secured and retained All five leisure centre have successfully achieved the award. Director of Culture & Leisure
focussed approach to      for all leisure centres and sports                                                                     Services.
service delivery.         development services by March 2008.      WPLC = 65%
                                                                   VPLC = 66%
                                                                   ALC = 65%
                                                                   SFSC = 71% highly commended
                                                                   RSP = 76% highly commended, equal best ever 1 time assessment

Version 1.0
Objectives/Action                    Milestone/Target                                                Progress                                 Responsible Officer
Objective 2. Complete a Best Value Review of Culture and Leisure Services.
Carry out a Best Value       Review completed and action plan            Review currently being under taken                                   Director of Culture & Leisure
Review of the Culture        adopted by the Council by June 2007.                                                                             Services.
and Leisure Services.                                                    Toward an excellent service (TAES) assessment has been carried
                             Achievement of annual improvement
                                                                         out and externally verified by the IDeA during May 2007 This
                             Action Plan targets.
                                                                         compliments the BVR and an Improvement action plan will be
                                                                         completed in June 07.

Objective 3. Increase community participation and enjoyment in a broad range of culture and leisure activities.
Build links with other       Adopt new Erewash Leisure and Cultural                                                                           Director of Culture & Leisure
leisure and cultural         Strategy 2008-2013.                                                                                              Services.
organisations, initiatives   Work jointly with partners in the Healthy
and providers across the     Erewash Partnership to produce new
Council area and work        Erewash Physical Activity Strategy –
with them to improve         2008-2011.
opportunities for local      Adopt and implement Swimming                Swimming Strategy Completed – to be taken to Council Executive in
people to participate in     Development Strategy – April 2007.          July for formal approval
creative and physical
activity.                    Increase levels of adult sports             Draft volunteer protocol produced – out for consultation
                             volunteering: Support for the Erewash
                             Community Sports Network (2007/08) –        Community Sports Network - funding of £5,000 allocated in 07/08
                             £5,000; Community Sports Coaching           budget (matched by Derbyshire Sport) – key targets included in SLA
                             scheme in Cotmanhay (2007/08 and            to increase participation and volunteering in Erewash
                             2008/09) – £60,000 external funding
                             secured.                                    Community Sports Coach employed – due to start employment with
                                                                         the council in July 07

Version 1.0
Theme – Assisting in delivering homes for all

         Action                      Milestone/Target                                              Progress                                    Responsible officer
Objective 1. Seek to maximise the supply of affordable housing and ensure a high quality of design.
Use the planning system Maximise the number of affordable houses        30% affordable housing being negotiated through planning system        Director of Development &
to negotiate with       negotiated through use of the planning          on all eligible sites.                                                 Regulatory Services.
developers agreements system.                                           Following government guidance and housing needs/housing market
to build affordable                                                     studies evidence, now lowered threshold at which sites eligible from
                                                                        25 units to 15 units, which will further maximise the number of
                                                                        affordable houses available.

Work with strategic          Achieve by April 2007.                     Additional and updated information added to adopted Housing            Director of Development &
partners to deliver a “fit   £312,000 in 2007/08 set aside for social   Strategy. Confirmed Fit for Purpose by Government Office for           Regulatory Services.
for purpose” Housing         housing grants.                            East Midlands (GOEM) March 2007.
Strategy using the
                                                                        £312,000 social housing grant agreed by Executive to be used for
adopted Erewash
                                                                        Empty Properties project for affordable housing. RSL Housing
Housing Strategy.                                                                                                                   th
                                                                        Development Partner to deliver project to be appointed by 30 May
                                                                        2007, following tender process. Empty properties should be
                                                                        available to let before Christmas 2007.

Improve delivery of          77 homes grant funded in 2006/07.          Grant assistance has been made available to 78 non-decent homes        Director of Development &
housing grants to target                                                occupied by vulnerable households to make them decent and to           Regulatory Services.
                             £465,000 from Government funding
vulnerable households                                                   contribute to national PSA7 decent homes targets.
                             £300,000 from Erewash BC in 2006/07.
living in non decent
                             86 homes grant funded in 2007/08.          It is anticipated that a minimum of 63 non-decent homes occupied
                                                                        by vulnerable households will be made fit during 2007/08.
                             £300,000 set aside in 2007/08 by Erewash
                             BC (Government grant not yet known).     In addition to the £300,000 set aside in 2007/08 by Erewash BC a
                                                                      further £350,000 of funding has been secured from Government

Version 1.0
        Action                       Milestone/Target                                               Progress                                     Responsible officer
Objective 2.           Aim to extend the range and choice of housing to reflect local housing need.
Provide sufficient capital   Work with P3 Housing to develop move on Planning permission granted for conversion and refurbishment April          Director of Development &
investment per annum         accommodation for single people in      2007.    Project due to open before Christmas 2007                          Regulatory Services.
for the next three years     Cranmer Street.
to lever in additional       Work with Tuntum Housing to develop 4
resources from other         housing units for young single parents.     4 properties purchased. Project due to open by September 2007.
partners to secure a         £100,000 allocated as social housing
supply of affordable new     grant.
homes per year from          Work with Amber Valley to develop 5         Properties purchased and refurbished. Action Housing appointed to
public and private           supported housing units for people with     provide support. Project to open early June 2007
sectors.                     complex housing needs. £200,000
                             allocated in 2007/08.
                             £300,000 (Section 106 monies) will be       RSL Housing Development Partner to deliver project to be
                             spent to develop empty properties into      appointed by 30 May 2007, following tender process. Empty
                             affordable housing in Sandiacre.            properties should be available to let before Christmas 2007.

                             £600,000 in 2007/08                         During 2006/07 £706,000 has been delivered through Disabled
                             £550,000 in 2008/09*                        Facilities Grant assistance to provide adaptations to enable disabled
                             £500,000 in 2009/10*
                             *subject to budget confirmation             occupants to remain and live with dignity in their own homes.

                             £40,000 in 2007/08 allocated to work with   £60,000 of the £350,000 funding secured from Government in
                             the Home Improvement Agency to help us      2007/08 has been allocated to work with the Home Improvement
                             to deliver grants more efficiently and to   Agency to aid the delivery of grant assistance to vulnerable
                             provide other housing services.             households living in non-decent homes along with other housing
                             £40,000 in 2008/09*                         services.
                             £40,000 in 2009/10*
                              *subject to budget confirmation

Version 1.0
        Action                     Milestone/Target                                              Progress                                  Responsible officer
Objective 3.     Reduce the incidence of homelessness and the use of bed and breakfast accommodation for families whilst working to
                 reduce the number of empty homes that can be made available for use.
Work with partners to      Develop a new Homeless Strategy in         Homelessness Strategy Review in progress. Current work being         Director of Development &
reduce homelessness,       2009.                                      carried out to map existing levels of homelessness and service       Regulatory Services.
increase homelessness                                                 provision.
                           Reduce the use of bed and breakfast
prevention work.                                                      Temporary Accommodation Reduction Strategy and Action plan
                           accommodation for families.
                           Work with partners to reduce waiting times Nominations Standard agreed through RSL forum to formalise
                           for allocation of permanent housing.       procedure and assist in reducing waiting times.
                           £50,000 secured from DCLG for a            Homeless Prevention Officer post in place. As part of prevention
                           Homeless Prevention Officer and the        service the following initiatives in place: Spend to Save; Bond
                           prevention service.                        Guarantee; Mediation. Work in progress to introduce Sanctuary

Objective 4. To manage effectively in a timely and efficient way the delivery of benefits to those in need.
Improve benefit            Introduce the new computerised system in   The new system was implemented on schedule in February 2007.         Director of Corporate
processing times           2007. £475,100 secured through             The outturn for 2006/07 has improved to 29.60 days which is within   Services.
through the introduction   Department for Work and Pensions           the DWP standard of 30 days. The revised target now is to achieve
of a new computer          (DWP).                                     top quartile performance of around 25 days by the end of June
                                                                      2007. Performance for April was 26 days.
system.                    To meet DWP processing standards.
                           Increase speed and efficiency of
                           processing claims for benefits.

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Theme – Listening

        Action                      Milestone/Target                                            Progress                                  Responsible Officer
Objective 1. Actively encourage our citizens to contact us and access our services.
To ensure that all          Define the full range of services to be    Service standards for key customer facing services have been       Director of Corporate
customers are able to       made available via the Customer            established. They have been assessed for Plain English,            Services.
                            Relationship Management (CRM)              revisions made and are awaiting final printing and update before
easily and readily          system.
access Council services                                                award of the Crystal Mark. They will then be the subject of
                            Improve our reception areas in Ilkeston    consultation with our community.
and to express their        and Long Eaton Town Halls by 2009.
views on those services     Allocated £250,000 in 2007/08 and
                            £250,000 in 2008/09.                    Performance data is reported to officers and members. Areas of
and our policies,                                                   underperformance are actioned and intervention plans written.
regardless of how they      To develop service standards and use    Again progress is reported to both Executive members and
may choose to access        performance data to drive improvements. Service Effectiveness Scrutiny Committee.
our services.
Objective 2. Consult our citizens about our services.
To consult with and         Undertake a minimum of three panel         3 panel consultations have been undertaken. Topics covered         Consultation & Engagement
respond to the views of     consultations per year.                    include community safety, decriminalisation of parking, local      Officer.
our Citizens Panel.         Repair the war memorial in St. Mary‟s      parks.
                            Church Yard, Ilkeston. £20,000 provision
                            in 2007/08.

Objective 3. Work to reach disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to involve them.
To develop service          Produce a vulnerable peoples housing       Vulnerable peoples housing assessment, full draft distributed in   Head of Executive Office
specific strategies which   strategy by January 2007.                  June 2007 for comment. Full assessment to be on the Council‟s
impact on targeted                                                     website from July 2007
groups.                     To increase grants to the community
                            voluntary sector by £5,000 in 2007/08.     Grants have been increased by £5,000 for the year 2007/08

Promote understanding       Level 2 of the Equality Standard for Local Steady progress is being made towards the target of Level 2 of     Assistant Director of
of equalities issues,       Government – achieved by June 2007.        the Equality Standard for Local Government by June 2007.           Personnel Services.
build positive attitudes    Work with partners to provide PAMIS                                                                           Director of Neighbourhood

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        Action                       Milestone/Target                                        Progress                            Responsible Officer
and counter all forms of     toilet facilities within the borough.                                                               Services.
discrimination,              £50,000 funding allocated for 2007/08.
particularly including
those arising from race,
faith, disability, gender,
age and sexual
Objective 4. Keep you informed about what we have done and what we want to do.
Adopt a Community      Strategy implemented by April 2007.            Community Engagement Policy was adopted on 4 April 2007.   Head of Executive/
Engagement Strategy by                                                The document was crystal marked by the Plain English       Communications Manager/
                                                                      campaign in May 2007. A toolkit has also been developed.   Consultation & Engagement
March 2007.                                                                                                                      Officer.

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