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					                   Fisheries and Oceans   Pêches et Océans
                   Canada                 Canada              MEMORANDUM                 NOTE DE SERVICE

                                                                                Security Classification - Classification de sécurité

          EL staff                                                              Unclassified/Non classifié
À         Equipment & Systems Maintenance Program (ESM)                         Our File – Notre référence

                                                                                Your File - Votre référence

From      Director
De        Corporate Compensation
                                                                                June 27, 2005

Objet       Classification review of EL positions – processing of retroactive payments

          The purpose of this memorandum is to provide you with information on the processing of the
          retroactive salary adjustments for the reclassification of the EL positions.

          It is anticipated that the retroactive payments for current employees should be processed and
          released in the regions at the same time by October 31, 2005 and for former employees by
          November 25, 2005. As you can understand the impact of this exercise on our Compensation
          Services, it is important to keep in mind that these timeframes may be affected by the signing of
          new collective agreements which Compensation Services has a legal obligation to implement.

          In order to assist you to better understand the impact on reclassification, we have attached
          “Q & A’s “which will provide you with useful information. We have also attached some
          information on reduction of tax withholding on lump-sum payments for the intention of
          contributing this payment to an RRSP. Please note that Compensation Services must receive all
          the required information prior to processing the payments. If a letter of authority is received
          after the payment has already been processed, the payment will not be cancelled, reversed or
          reissued for the specific purpose of refunding the income tax withheld from that payment.

          Compensation Services will not issue any estimates of amounts of your payments. You must
          forward your letter of authority to Compensation Services no later than August 26, 2005. Any
          letter received after that date will not be accepted and will be returned.


          Ottawa, Canada
          K1A 0E6

To allow Compensation Services to devote their full attention to this significant activity, we ask for
your cooperation in refraining from calling your Compensation Services to enquire about the status
of your payment. We will be pleased to answer your questions once all payments have been

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

                                         Original signed by
                                           Sylvie Joseph

c.c.      George DaPont, ADM, HRCS
          Patti Kuntz, DG, HRSP
          David Faulkner, DG, ITS
          David Waters, Manager, ITS
          Lise Sincennes, Director, Org.& Class., HRSP
          Joe Grebenc, Labour Relations, HRSP