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					Ultra Colorful Life

                                                                        System reef keeping

                                                                        Current results obtained from Fauna Marin research in both natural
                                                                        coral reefs and in experimentally set up reef tanks provided
                                                                        us with important information for the development of a new food
                                                                        system powerful enough to let your Dendronepthya grow even
                                                                        in captivity. We found that animate, nutritionally improved coral
                                                                        mucus is the key factor in Dendronephthya nutrition. Our research
                                                                        goals have practically been applied to our new artificial coral
Dear reef keeping friends,                                              mucus ULTRAPAC. The Dendro System allows for both the efficient
                                                                        nutrient upgrade and nutrient transport to the coral.
the reef keeping hobby consistently demonstrates us the barriers
of our practical possibilties. Reproducing a coral reef in the living
room claims our skills to optimizing the conditions in our arti-        ULTRA LITH-System
ficial ecosystem day by day. We made it our goal to meeting this        ULTRALITH is a natural zeolite which efficiently removes ammo-
challenge. By means of research and innovative technics we              nia from the water by its ion exchange properties. The ammonia
provide you practical possibilities unimaginable until yesterday.       enriched zeolite surface makes it easier for those harmonically
                                                                        selected bacteria in ULTRABIO to find settlement on ULTRALITH.
FAUNA MARIN is a developer of all kinds of accessoires essential        Matched to the bacteria’s physiological needs we have success-
for the reef keeping hobby. Our lighting systems play a dominant        fully developed a nutrient solution to boosting bacteria growth on
role beside the development of artificial food systems for              the zeolite. The three components of the ULTRALITH SYSTEM
fish, corals and filter feeding invertebrates. The most exceeding       provide you a effective and controllable nutrient reduction in the
characteristics in our product lines: we think systemic! Most           aquarium, a significant increase in coral coloration, and magnifi-
of our products are designed to find a number of combinations           cent polyp extensions. Numerous test tanks document the unique
with other products, thus your individual success is based on           success not only in the husbandry of stony corals.
fitting our products to your personal demands.

On the following pages we provide you a complete overview on
our current product lines. As we are continuously working on new        SEA FAN-System
developments the number of products on sale will regularily be          The knowledge about the manifold adaptations of sea fan polyps
expanded. We keep you informed about our development on www.            according to their various feeding strategies was practically applied                                                          to the development of our sea fan food line. By using diverse
                                                                        supplements within the Sea Fan System containig both particulate
If you have further questions do not hesitate in contacting us.         and dissolved nutrients we provide the colorful sea fans a dynamic
We are very pleased to assisting you.                                   food complex which can individually be adjusted to the species kept
                                                                        in your tank.
Animal feed

Fish, filter feeder and corals                                         ULTRA HEALTH
                                                                      As a unique mixture of herb extracs,
Our food product line is specifically developed to covering           marine fish oils as well as vitamins ULTRA
all needs and requirements for the inhabitants in your tank.          HEALTH enhances the resistibility of your
The most extraordinary in our feed is its systemic capabilities,      fish. Perfect for the first time feeding after
thus unique results are obtained through easy combinations            transport, acclimatization and in all stress
of different products. Divers mixtures supplement important           situations. Significantly reduces mortality
food particles equivalent to those only found in nature.              in freshly imported fish.
Our specific enrichment techniques allow for a efficient and
economical dosage and a long storage life of our products.
                                                                      ULTRA WAKAME plus
                                                                      High-grade food algae suitable for all
                      ULTRA CLAM                                      vegetarian animals. A special procedure
                      Our special mixture for clams, fine-polyped     allows for the enrichment of ULTRA
                      sea fans and filter feeder. Very efficient      WAKAME plus with animal fats and proteins
                      as systemic food in combination with ULTRA      commonly lacking in algal foods. Feeding
                      MIN S.                                          these algae makes it more nutritious
                                                                      for your animals. Fish commonly despising
                                                                      common fish food now find a well-balanced
                                                                      food source and become less susceptable
                                                                      for diseases.
                      ULTRA MIN F
                      Major food source for sensitive particle
                      feeder like sea fans, sponges, stony corals
                      and soft corals. Most practical food covering
                      highest demands for smallest fish and
                      planktonic feeder. In combination with
                      ULTRA MIN S, Cyclop Eeze, ULTRA CLAM
                      an adequate food mix for supersensitive
                      sponges and sea fans.
Nutrient solutions

A new colorfulness in aquaria                                       ULTRA BAK
                                                                    Concentrated nutrients especially
The FAUNA MARIN nutrient solution product line covering the         developed for waste water bacteria in
spectrum of important organic and inorganic nutrients makes         aquarium systems. ULTRA BAK highly
it a easy task to significantly increase growth, coloration         enhances growth and reproduction
and even reproductional success of corals and filter feeding        of filter bacteria to remove nutrients
invertebrates.                                                      like nitrite, nitrate and phosphate either
                                                                    by degradation or by conversion into
                     ULTRA MIN S
                     Nutrient and food concentrate, predes-
                     tinated for filter feeder, corals and clams.
                     Due to its special composition a rapid
                     uptake is guaranteed. Polyps will expand
                     and polysaccharidic mucus will become
                     widened and mucus production is promo-
                     ted. Optimized nutrient transport and          ULTRA MIN
                     uptake by corals and clams. Highly active      Nutrient and care supplement especially
                     in combination with other systemic             developed to recover debilitated or
                     products.                                      anastatic individuals. Due to its compo-
                                                                    sition a rapid uptake is guaranteed.
                                                                    Effective promotion of mucus production.
                                                                    Your animals will significantly become
                                                                    strengthened through important care
                                                                    substances. Very usefull to recover freshly
                                                                    imported or debilitated animals either in
                                                                    short time dips or as permant supplement
                                                                    to the aquarium.
Water treatment / Filter media

Our goal: purest water!                                                ULTRA SIL
                                                                       Adsorber granulate on iron basis for the
As in drinking water preparation a longterm efficient treatment        effective removal of silicate and phosphate
of aquarium water is only achieved by using highly active, pure        from the aquarium water. Works highly
special filter media. FAUNA MARIN offers you a line of various         effective and absolutely secure. Silicate
long-run approved adsorber materials, ion exchange resins, and         and phospahte are bind slowly but strong
purest quality supplements essential for everyday aquarium             for the inhibition of algae and cyanobacteria
life.                                                                  growth. Applicable for permanent usage
                                                                       in the aquarium.

                     ULTRA PHOS
                     Aluminium-based adsorber granulate
                     for the secure binding of phosphate, humic
                     acids, and organic pollutants. ULTRA              ULTRA CARB and ULTRA CARB L
                     PHOS does not release aluminium to the            Vapor-activated and purified charcoal for
                     aquarium water due to a special additional        the effective removal of yellowing subs-
                     activation of the raw material. Its application   tances, unspecific cloudiness, and toxins.
                     is predestined for quick water clearance,         Essential for the care and clean keeping
                     phosphate and yellowing-substance binding.        of our aquarium systems. ULTRA CARB
                                                                       is characterized by extremely small
                                                                       amounts of phosphate contaminations with
                     ULTRA POWER-PHOS                                  high binding capacities. Suited for both
                     Novel moistured adsorber granulate based          short time usage and permant application.
                     on modified ironhydroxide with characte-          Available in granulate and long-pellet form.
                     ristically high binding capacities. ULTRA
                     POWER-PHOS is applicable for phosphate
                     removal in both fresh- and saltwater
                     aquaria. The material binds phosphate
                     without affecting the water negatively.
Water treatment / Filter media

              ULTRA LIFE                                     ULTRA MAG
              Highly active clay minerals directly bind      Calcium- and magnesium granulate based
              diverse nitrogen compounds and phos-           on dolomite applicable for “Kalkreactors”
              phate and can easily be removed by protein     for CO2 binding and magnesium enrich-
              skimming. ULTRA LIFE is not based              ment. ULTRA MAG automatically releases
              on zeolites thus it may also act as carrier    magnesium to the water to stabilize the
              particle for nutrients and bacteria.           magnesium concentration in sea water. As
                                                             the material binds CO2 a uncontrolled
                                                             increase in free dissolved CO2 is avoided.

              ULTRA LITH
              Special zeolite mix selected for the
              efficient reduction of nutrients in seawater   ULTRA MB20
              aquaria. The zeolites provide nitrogen-        Complete demineralization mixed-bed
              reducing bacteria a perfect substrate for      resin. After reverse-osmosis all remaining
              settlement. Due to the selected physico-       ions are removed from the water. A water
              chemical properties our zeolites allow for     equivalent to distilled water of purest
              a quick and effective nutrient removal.        quality and even free from silicates is
              In combination with our nutrient solutions     generated. Due to the high binding
              a easy and well-priced system is offered       capacities of the resin ULTRA MB 20 is
              for high demands in salt water treatment       very economical. The occurrence of
              and nutrient control. Find your corals in      diatoms, planarians, and cyanobacteria
              great colors with ULTRA LITH! Please read      is effectively inhibited by the complete
              our instruction manual for the ULTRA LITH      retention of silicates.
              system on
Lighting system and accessoires

Functional, innovative technics
FAUNA MARIN excelled in the field of aquarium lighting and
offers you modular lightings systems and high-class lamps for
saltwater aquaria. Thereby lamp development focussed not
only on technical aspects concerning processing, durability,
and user-friendliness in the first row, but to provide a optimal
adapability for corals, marine plants and sea weeds to the
artificial light environment.

                                                                     ULTRA NOVA 12.000K metal halide bulb
AQUA SCIENCE T5                                                      Special metal halide bulb developed for coral reef and fish-only
AQUA SCIENCE T5 lamps stand for high-quality, powerful T5-           tanks with a color temperature of about 12.000K. The new ULTRA
fluorescent tubes made in Germany. Selected and thousandfold         NOVA bulbs show a bright, well-balanced spectrum with a slight
approved emission spectra make your corals appear in a great         shift to the blue range, thus enhancing growth and coloration even
light. Unbeatable colored corals and high growth rates are           of light-sensitive corals. Due to the broad emission spectrum our
quaranteed by using our lamps. AQUA SCIENCE T5 lamps are             bulbs are long running and very stable. We provide you with our
available in three different light colors: special, blue, and mix.   bulbs in all common wattages. The brilliant optics and the natural
                                                                     light will inspire you.
Lighting system and accessoires

ULTRA SOLARIS module-system
The new ULTRA SOLRAIS 4x T5 and 6x T5 lamps are the flagmen
to our innovative and most flexible ULTRA SOLARIS module
system line. SOLARIS opens up a wide range of possibilities
through established technologies and new innovative ideas for      ULTRA TIMER III
the professional lighting of challenging coral reef aquaria.       Controllable 3-socket multi-power outlet. The smart instrument
                                                                   design makes a independent and acurate operation of three
                                                                   different loads up to 16 Ampere/3500 Watt total power possible.
                                                                   Easy and quick set up for all demands.
                     ULTRA PROTECT
                     Coating for glass aquaria and light
                     reflectors. Nanotechnology for the long-
                     lasting protection of light reflectors and                          ULTRA CORAL KIT
                     glass. You can protect sensitive materials                          Adhesive for the setting and fixing of coral
                     susceptible to corrosion by this unique                             fragments and small rocks for in air and
                     sealing against aggressive sea water.                               under water use. ULTRA CORAL KIT is very
                     ULTRA PROTECT is translucent, perma-                                elastic and even applicable with sensitive
                     nently indelible, oil- and water resisting,                         corals. Tangible within 5 minutes. Color:
                     UV-stable, and free from organic solvents.                          black, content: 114 g
Salts and trace element supplements

High-purity chemicals                                              ULTRA TRACE B
                                                                   Trace element solutions based on the
The necessity of supplementing depleted minerals and micro-        original method for lime and micronutrient
nutrients (trace elements) to reef tanks is due to enhanced        supplementation after Balling. All three
growth rates of corals and marine algae in reef tanks, thus        solutions are perfectly balanced.
its importance is not to be underestimated. FAUNA MARIN
provides a complete product line for the easy supplementation      1. Strontium-Barium complex
of calcium,magnesium, carbonates, as well as essential             2. Heavy metal complex
trace elements. FAUNA MARIN sticks to its principles: best         3. Iodine-Fluorine complex
results obtained by purest chemicals.

                     BALLING SALTS                                 ULTRA POWER-TRACE
                     Purest salts for the supplementation of       Trace element solutions for reef aquaria.
                     calcium and magnesium in reef tanks           The innovative trace elements ULTRA
                     as a practical alternative or in assistance   POWER TRACE offered from FAUNA MARIN
                     to the “Kalkreaktor”.                         makes it a easy task to balancing depletet
                                                                   macro- and micronutrients. Developed for
                     1. Calciumchloride-dihydrate                  the enhancement of growth and resitance,
                     2. Magnesiumchloride-hexahydrate              promotion of natural and intense coloration
                     3. Magnesiumsulfate-heptahydrate              in corals.
                     4. Sodiumbicarbonate
                                                                   1. Strontium/Calcium
                                                                   2. Iron/Zinc
                                                                   3. Iodine/Boron
                                                                   4. Magnesium

Always one step ahead                                                ULTRA BOOSTER
                                                                     This composition contains fatty acids,
Advances in the reef keeping hobby are only achieved by              viatmins, and organic acids with a
continuous and subject orientated research. FAUNA MARIN              unusually high amount of unsaturated
ULTRA SPECIALS are new developments breaking borders in the          omega-3-fatty acids. ULTRA BOOSTER was
successful husbandry of asymbiotic corals and filter feeding         developed for the combination with ULTRA
animals. Balanced to the special feeding strategies e.g. of soft     CLAM and ULTRA MIN S as basic nutrition
corals in the genus Dendronephthya we provide food sources           of sensitive filter feeder and asymbiotic
which are unique in the world. Read up on our current develop-       corals. It is well suited for the successful
ments and further innovations on                  raise of marine fish larvae, and for the
                                                                     quality enrichment of live brine shrimp and
                                                                     microzooplankton as well as for frozen
                      ULTRA PAC
                      Special polymer for the preparation of
                      artificial coral mucus. This polymeric
                      material was specifically developed for the
                      binding of nutrients and fine food particles   ULTRA GREEN
                      to act as a adequate transport to small-       A nutrient concentrate containing both
                      polyped corals like Dendronephthya. As in      inorganic macronutrients and amino
                      nature this mucus will be detained by coral    acids essential for phytoplankton growth.
                      polyps and utilized. This is a breakthrough    Phytoplankton cultures are animated
                      in the successful husbandry of highly          to a rapid growth due to the well balanced
                      sensitive asymbiotic corals. ULTRA PAC         mixture of important plant nutrients.
                      is one further innovation within our           Carotenoid synthesis in algae is also
                      food system applicable for the feeding of      promoted by selected trace elements
                      asymbiotic soft corals, sea fans, and filter   and minerals. ULTRA GREEN raised phyto-
                      feeder.                                        plankton is a nutritious food source for
                                                                     your animals. It is highly concentrated
                                                                     and thereby yielding.
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