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      Community Newsletter
      Published by Oldland Parish Council
      Covering the parish wards of Barrs Court, Cadbury Heath,
      Longwell Green, Orchard, Willsbridge and Wraxall


Cllr George Rogers                                     COUNCILLOR CONTACT DETAILS

                                                    BARRS COURT WARD
                                                    William Douglas             932 2304
                                                    Graham Downing              932 7025

                                                    CADBURY HEATH
                                                    Ian Boulton                 910 9529
                                                    Ron Hardie                  932 7807
                                                    June Lovell                 932 3727

                                                    LONGWELL GREEN
We are now entering the Festive                     WARD
Season and on behalf of the Parish                  John Calway             01454 864033
                                                    Cyril Haddy                 949 8064
Council, I should like to wish all                  George Rogers               949 6478
parishioners a Happy Christmas and a
Peaceful New Year. We all hope that                 ORCHARD WARD
2009 will bring better weather than                 Robert Lavis                932 7039
we experienced in 2008!                             WILLSBRIDGE WARD
I should like to take this opportunity              Andrew Thomas               932 3302
to thank the Clerk for all the hard and
dedicated work she has carried out.                 WRAXALL WARD
                                                    Nick Barrett            01454 864070
Thanks must also go to the                          Derek Cleverdon             307 9504
Community Development Worker for                    Brian Deeley                960 4124
the time and effort he has given and                Michael Newton              932 2689
                                                    Tony Olpin              01454 864085
especially for his work with the Youth
of the Parish.                                     The Parish Clerk is Victoria Hicks (28
Congratulations must go to the                     Brunel Close, Bridgeyate, Bristol, BS30
Organisers, Helpers and Participants               5BB) and can be contacted at all
of the Longwell Green Eisteddfod –                 reasonable times:
the young talent was exceptional.                  Telephone/fax 0117 961 5021
                                                   E-mail mgvhicks@tiscali.co.uk
                                                   IF YOU WOULD LIKE AN E-MAIL COPY
With effect from 1 January 2009 the
                                                   OR LARGE PRINT VERSION OF THIS
Parish Council website will be
                                                   NEWSLETTER, CONTACT THE CLERK.
http://communities.southglos.gov                   This newsletter is published by
.uk/sites/oldlandparish                            Rainbow Press.
Home Fire Safety Visits                            OLDLAND PARISH COUNCIL
FREE smoke alarms and Home Fire                    MEETING DATES FOR 2009
                                                   The Parish Council meetings for 2009 will
Safety Visits provided by Avon Fire &              be held in the Taylor Room at Longwell
Rescue Service                                     Green Community Centre, ordinarily on the
Home Fire Safety visits provide people             third Tuesday of the month, starting at
with free advice on all aspects of fire            7pm.
safety in the home. Free smoke alarms
                                                   The dates for 2009 are as follows:
will be fitted if required. Smoke alarms           20 January
for people who are deaf or hard of                 17 February
hearing are also available.                        17 March (to follow the Annual Meeting)
You can text 07781 482 627 or call 0800            21 April
1693 999 or visit www.avonfire.gov.uk              19 May (to follow the AGM)
                                                   16 June
to arrange a visit.
                                                   28 July
                                                   15 September
Handy Van Security Scheme                          20 October
Helping to make South                              17 November
Gloucestershire residents feel                     15 December
safe and be safe in their
homes. This free service                           Please contact the Clerk for further details
provides door and window locks,                    as parishioners are always welcome to
other security products and                        attend meetings and time is given on the
                                                   agenda for public participation.
advice for properties at risk                      The Council also holds Committee Meetings
and for vulnerable people.                         to deal with the business of Council more
Improving the security of your                     efficiently. Again please contact the Clerk
home will help reduce the risk                     for details.
of burglary and make you feel                      With effect from 1 January 2009 all
safer.                                             agendas and minutes of Council and
                                                   Committee Meetings will be posted on the
All works are carried out free                     Parish Council’s website.
of charge, to British Standards
and insurance industry
                                                   FREE CONFIDENTIAL ADVICE
                                                            Cadbury Heath Hall,
Your local Handy Van carpenter
                                                               School Road
is Steve Adams, a skilled
tradesman who has worked for the
                                                       Tax & Benefits Information
council as a carpenter since
                                                        Tax Credits & Pension Credit
1968 and is familiar with all
                                                        Job Seekers Allowance &
types of property repair and
refurbishment work. Steve will                            Income Support
                                                        Housing and Council Tax
survey and assess residents’
home security needs, fit                                  Benefit
                                                        Disability Benefits
appropriate equipment and
provide advice.
Contact Ruth O’Connor, South                             East Bristol Advice Services
Gloucestershire Council on 01454                               0117 378 9200
863966 to arrange a visit.                               Drop-in Sessions 1st & 3 rd Weds
                                                         of each month 10am until
ADVERTISING                                              midday
Are you a local business who would be
interested in advertising in the next edition of   We also run drop-in sessions at The Old Bank, 108
the Newsletter? For only £60 you could reach       Church Rd, Redfield, BS5 9LJ (down the A420) on
over 6000 households in the area.                  Tues & Thurs, 9.30 – 12.30 each week.
Please contact the Clerk for details.
SAFER & STRONGER GROUPS                          What is going on in Cadbury
have been set up in South Gloucestershire as     Heath?
part of the Neighbourhood Policing Model
                                                 A small group of residents have come
and South Gloucs Council’s Community
Engagement Initiative.                           together to try and make Cadbury
The Groups work hard to ensure that our          Heath a better place to live. The
community is a safe and pleasant place to        group has not yet decided upon a
live, work and play.                             name because the priority is to find
Local People can have a greater voice and        out what local people really want and
influence over local decisions and priorities.
                                                 if local people are prepared to back
The Group’s members include the local
Police, Avon Fire & Rescue, health visitors,     what the group is trying to achieve.
South Gloucs Council, Oldland Parish             The group is hoping that more people
Council, local organisations and people who      will get actively involved. The group
live and work in the community.                  is planning to consult with residents
Safer & Stronger Groups have been set up to      about possible changes to the central
fund and support actions and initiatives that
                                                 island area of Park Estate. The group
meet local needs.
                                                 is very keen to make some visible
Dates of Future Meetings:                        change and improvements to the area.
Longwell Green                                   This is a real opportunity for local
Tuesday 9 December 2008 at 7pm at                people to take ownership of their
Longwell Green Community Centre.                 community and make things
Tuesday 10 March 2009 at 2pm at Longwell
                                                 happen. For more information
Green Community Centre.
                                                 contact, Steve Skidmore,
Parkwall                                         Community Development Worker,
Thursday 11 December 2008 at 7pm at the          Tel: 0117 9673941.
Suburbs Church.
Wednesday 4 March 2009 at 10am at the
Old Pavilion.                                    Community First Responders
                                                 Community First Responders (CFRs) are
For further details telephone 01454 868760       volunteers who provide life saving care to
                                                 patients in the first few minutes before the
                                                 ambulance arrives. They are trained to deal with
The Royal British Legion                         medical emergencies and are provided with
The Bitton and Oldland Branch is pleased to      equipment such as a defibrillator which can help
announce that                                    improve chances of survival.
£14,761.26                                       CFRs do not require any previous medical
was raised in the 2008 Poppy Appeal in our       training and can range from doctors and nurses
area.                                            to engineers, postal workers teacher etc. The list
                                                 is endless and all you need to have is good
Our heartfelt thanks to all donors               interpersonal and communication skills and be
Graham Downing                                   able to observe and record accurate details. You
Hon. Poppy Appeal Organiser                      need to be prepared to take responsibility and
                                                 stay calm to control somewhat difficult
The Royal British Legion                         situations and have a high degree of flexibility.
The Bitton and Oldland Branch                    CRFs will either attend a ‘First Person on Scene’
Are you ex-service or a dependent currently      course     or   the    St     John Ambulance
experiencing financial or physical problems?     ‘Neighbourhood’ course. These focus on giving
                                                 you the skills you will require to deal with a
Please contact your local Legion                 medical emergency.
representative for help:                         For further information please contact the Clerk
Graham Downing 0117 932 7025                     who will pass on your details to the Great
                                                 Western Ambulance Service.
Monday night:                                       A huge change in the rules affecting planning
Young Women Only Night
                                                    applications came into force on the 1st October 2008.
Tuesday night:
Inters Open Access                                  The intention is to allow more people to build
Wednesday night:                                    extensions without planning permission, saving them
Skateboarding                                       time (planning permission usually takes 8 weeks) and
Thursday night:
                                                    a £150 planning fee. The new rules detail what is
Seniors Open Access
                                                    known as ‘Permitted Development’, things that can
Also at Oldland Youth Centre                        be built (apparently) without planning permission.
Open Access on both Tuesday and Thursday            The problem is that the new rules say what cannot,
                                                    rather than what can, be built. In this part of South
                                                    Gloucestershire, especially on housing estates,
STOPPING SMOKING HAS NEVER                          ‘Permitted Development Rights (PDR)’s were often
BEEN SO EASY!!                                      removed when planning permission for the original
You are now FOUR times more likely
                                                    homes was granted by the planning authorities. This
to be successful using the latest
researched methods.                                 means that householders must still go through the
Make a fresh start with your FREE                   process of making a planning application for any
local NHS Stop Smoking Service and                  development specified in the ‘PDR’ restriction. For
meet one of the friendly advisors in a
                                                    example in Barrs Court, California Farm, and other
variety of convenient locations.
                                                    parts of Longwell Green and Warmley, many homes
Call: 0117 330 2439                                 cannot be extended without planning permission –
e-mail: nhsstopsmoking@sglos-                       whatever the new rules say! The only good thing, in
pct.nhs.uk                                          these cases, is that householders do not have to pay a

PARKWALL PRIMARY SCHOOL                             planning fee to the district council.
                                                    Of course, plans still need to be drawn for the builder
These are exciting times at Parkwall Primary        and for the Building Regulations (which are required
School as we join with the Park School in
Kingswood to form a close collaboration, the        for most extensions). The new set of rules, which was
first such venture in South Glos.                   meant to make things easier and to reduce the number
                                                    of planning applications, has in fact made things
What this means is that Parkwall School is run
by Mr Mead as an Associate Head with Mr Dee         more complicated and is likely to cause just as much
as an Executive Head Teacher who oversees the       work for planning officers as before!
running of both schools.

So far this academic year the staff and pupils      For more information, a really handy guide can be
have spent a long time improving the learning       found on the Government’s Planning Portal website
environment of the school to encourage learning
to take place. This, along with a strong drive to   (http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/hhg/hous
improve behaviour, has meant that Parkwall          eguide.html). Alternatively South Goucestershire
School is a bright, happy place to learn and        Council Planning Department (01454 868900) or any
work. We have a Nursery at the school so
Parkwall School caters for children from 3-11       Architectural Service may be able to help you.
years old.
                                                    Adrian Forber Plan Drawing Services
If you would like to know more about Parkwall
School please feel free to come in and have a       0117 9491826 forber_ade@msn.com
look around. Just ring Mrs Morris in the school
office on 01454 867114 to arrange a visit.

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