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									Past Service Learning Scholars Integrated Service Projects
Name                                      Graduation Year
Tania Michael                             Spring 2009
Brandon Patterson                         Spring 2009
Brent Schmidt                             Spring 2009
Barbra Roper                              Spring 2009
Heather E. Tolley                         Spring 2009
Jon Hayes                                 Spring 2009
Shontol Torres Burkhalter                 Spring 2009
William Hoang                             Spring 2009
Yevyeniya Kopeleva                        Spring 2009

David Poulson Bonnemort                  Spring 2008
Nicole Nguyen                            Spring 2008
Anita Kiteau                             Spring 2008
Kristen Fullmer Atkisson                 Spring 2008
Kimberly Hall                            Spring 2008
Nicole Christensen                       Spring 2008
Joseph Marchese                          Spring 2008
Bryndon Hatch and Cameron Jennings       Spring 2008
Senya Ann Waas                           Spring 2008
Giang Tran and Tania Michael             Spring 2008
Serena Mary Pearce                       Spring 2008
Evan Draper                              Spring 2008
Eric Hu                                  Spring 2008
JuleeAnn Stocking                        Spring 2008
Jamie J. Smith                           Spring 2008

Sarah Liljefelt                          Summer 2006
Ashlee Allen                             Summer 2006

Natalie Taylor                           Spring 2006
Noella Ann Sudbury                       Spring 2006
David Preston Roach                      Spring 2006
Kirsten Davies Bradley                   Spring 2006
Elisabeth Jacques                        Spring 2006
Sarbjit Kaur                             Spring 2006
Anna Roberts                             Spring 2006
Hoa (Hannah) Xuan Phan                   Spring 2006
Daniel J. Wiest                          Spring 2006
Sandra Anne Price                        Spring 2006

Stacie Ruth MacArt                                     2005
Anne Marie Looser                                      2005
Angelina Chan                                          2005
Danny W. Canabe                                        2005
Laura Gee                                              2005
Mondi Basmenji                                         2005
Jun Zhuo Luo                                           2005
Jesse Hofer                                            2005
Gregory Robert Owens                                   2005
Tyler Scott Nelson                                     2005
Susan Canabe                   2005
Mandy Young                    2004
Tiffin Brough                  2004
Emelia Sunshine Bills          2004
Michelle Lee Doherty           2004
Nichole Amber Quick            2004
Emily Bradley                  2004
David Balkcom                  2004
Leslie Jeanne Austin Turner    2004
Robyn Jane Willie              2004
Michael Lee McKenzie           2004
Katelyn Bradley                2004
Jessie Elizabeth Morris        2003
Nicholas Timothy Brasncomb     2003
Erin McEntire                  2003
Gena Baca                      2003
SalleeAnn Sudbury              2003
Amity Scoville Condie          2003
Heather Brown                  2003
Jessica Georgia Peterson       2003
Brenna Kelley Van Frank        2003
Brian Lyn Bosworth             2003
Jared Sandberg Turner          2003
Alexander Smith                2002
Matthew Mark Miller            2002
Jeffrey Kimball Bigelow        2002
Melissa Nielson                2002
James Beckstead Ford           2002
Phil Goebel                    2002
Bryce Lyman Ferguson           2002
Karen Hunt                     2002
Megan Joy Nibley               2002
Amy Coombs                     2002
Allyson Heather-Noelle Stone   2002
Shane Dwain Smith              2002
Matt Boerke                    2000
Eva Hunter                     2000
James Lloyd McMasters          2000
Sarah Livsey                   2000
Jared Raynor                   2000
Community Agency
CareSource Home Health and Hospice
University of Utah Humanities Department
University Hospital
Central City Community Health Center
Gear UP
ASUU Co-Requisite
Mountain View Elementary
Alumni Association
ASUU Co-Requisite

Guadalupe School
Utah Aids Foundation
East High School
International Rescue Committee
U of U Office of Sustainability, SEED
Jackson Elementary
Cancer Wellnes House
Parkview Elementary School
CareSource Home Health and Hospice
Intel Computer Club House
Utah Dept. of Health Smoking Prevention Program
U of U Alumni Association
Uintah Elementary
Calcutta Mercy Ministries

Utah Rivers Council
Maliheh Free Clinic

South Valley Sanctuary
Emerson Elementary School
Intermountain Harm Reduction Project
Horizonte School
Crossroads Urban Center

University Neighborhood Partners - Hartland Partnership Center
Bennion Center
Cancer Wellness House

Camillian Social Center
Crossroads Urban Center
Chinese Society of Utah
The Children's Center
Utah House
Fourth Street Clinic
Hartland Apartment Complex
IHC Spirit of Caring Program
Garden Terrace Nursing Home
Ticantiki, Kuna Yala and VIDA Humanitarian
The Children's Center
Northwest Middle School
Truman Elementary School
CHOICE Humanitarian

Primary Children's Hospital
Utah State Office of Hispanic Affairs
Rape Recovery Center
Granite High School and Wasatch Junior High
LDS and Cottonwood Hospitals
University Neighborhood Partners
Utah's Hogle Zoo
Fourth Street Clinic
Huntsman Cancer Institute
Rape Recovery Center
East High Literacy Project

Jewish Community Center, Nursing Department Student Advisory Committee
Dean of Students Office
The Road Home
Salt Lake Housing Dept.
Stansbury Elementary School
Copperview Elementary School
Primary Children's Medical Center
Humanitarian Aid Relief Team (HART)
CHOICE Humanitarian
Students Serving Utah Network
Utah Issues
Utahns Against Hunger

Friends of the Great Salt Lake
American Red Cross
Navajo Mountain Community

Legal Aid Society of Utah
 Faculty & Department
Carolyn Bliss-Director of LEAP
Liz Leckie Assistant Dean College of Humanities
Gerry Esplin, Languages and Literature
Laura Shane-McWhorter College of Pharmacy
Monica Tsethlaki Department of Psychology
Dr. John Francis VP of Student Affairs
Theresa Martinez
Dr. Carolan Ownby, LEAP
Dr. John Francis VP of Student Affairs

Gerry Esplin - Dept. of Language and Literature
Carolyn Bliss-Director of LEAP
Anapesi Ka'ili - University Faculty Advisor
Dr. Nancy Basinger - College of Political Science
Dr. Fred Montague
Jen Colby - U of U Office of Sustainability
Anita Orendt - Center for High Performance Computing
John Sperry - Dept. of Biology
J. Ryck Luthi - Psychology and Golden Key Honor Society
Dr. Carolyn Bliss - College of Undergraduate Studies
Kelly MacArthur, PhD
Karen Gunning - Dept. of Pharmacotherapy
Thunder Talili - Nutrition Sciences Program
Dr. Marissa Diener - Family and Consumer Studies
Lorraine Wood - Endlish Dept.

Dan McCool - College of Social and Behavior Sciences
Claudia Trayner, RN MS - College of Nursing

Marshall Welch - Dept. of Special Education
Kyle Ryan
Dr. Steven Sternfeld - Dept. of Linguistics
Lynne Durrant, PhD - Health Promotion and Education
Justin Diggle - Department of Art
Kristy K. Bartley
Dr. Stephanie Richardson - College of Nursing
Cheryl Wright - Associate Professor and Dept. Chair Family and Consumer Studies
Marshall Welch - Dept. of Special Education
Lynn Hollister - College of Nursing

Claudia Trayner, RN MS - College of Nursing
Dr. Steve Ott - Dept. of Political Science
Janet Kerr - Department of Chinese
Emily Miranda - Social Work
Adrienne Cachelin, M.Ed - College of Health
Dr. Dennis Willigan - Dept.of Sociology
Carolyn Jane Bliss PhD. - Dept. of Undergraduate Studies
Shirley Rossa
Jayne McGuire
Dr. Renee Dawson - Dept. of Biology
Lynn Hollister - College of Nursing
Dr. Fred Montague - Dept. of Biology
Joel Addams - University Writing Program

Richard Steiner, PhD - Dept. of Chemistry
Martha Bradley, PhD - College of Architecture and Planning, Scott Boyle, PhD - College of Social Work
Edward Elias, PhD - Dept. of Spanish and Dept. of Ethnic Studies
Usha Menon, PhD, RN - College of Nursing
L. Edna Rogers
Joel Hancock - Dept. of Spanish
Martha Bradley, PhD - College of Architecture and Planning
Dr. Ewa Wasilewska - Dept. of Anthropology
Dr. Lynne Durrant - Dept. of Health
Eric P. Trunnel, PhD - Dept. of Health Education and Promotion, Deborah Weibe, PhD - Dept. of Psychology
Penny Brooke and Marianne Fraser - College of Nursing
Dr. Janet Kaufman - Dept. of English
Craig Denton
Penny Brooke

J. Ryck Luthi - Associate Director, Union
Ken Jameson
Patricia Matthews - Dept. of Education

Rachel Borup - Dept. of English
Polly Wiessner - Dept. of Anthropology
Dr. Eric Trunnell - Dept. of Health Promotion and Education
Dr. Sandra Parkes - Center for Public Policy and Administration

Edward Eyring - Dept. of Chemistry
James A. Fisher
Mary Duffy, RN, PhD - College of Nursing

Les Chatelain - Dept. of Health Promotion Emergency Programs
David S. Derezotes - Graduate School of Social Work
Scott Mietchen - Development Office
Mike Dandos - ESS
Hank Liese, PhD - Graduate School of Social Work
 BC Staff & Title
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
JaNae Lilly Service-Learning Coordinator
JaNae Lilly Service-Learning Coordinator
JaNae Lilly Service-Learning Coordinator
JaNae Lilly Service-Learning Coordinator
Linda Dunn, Bennion Center Director
Katie Olson, Service-Learning Manager
JaNae Lilly Service-Learning Coordinator
Linda Dunn, Bennion Center Director

Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
Curt Larsen-Student Programs Manager
Curt Larsen - Student Directed Programs Manager
Christine Hill - America Reads Coordinator
Alicia Geesman - Alumni Relations and Development
Marshall Welch - Director
Curt Larsen - Student Directed Programs Manager
Colyn Kilmer - Office Coordinator
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
Deberah Hair - Administrative Assistant
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator
Sara Barclay - Service Learning Scholars Coordinator

Ann Wechsler
Shannon Gillespie

Christine Hill - America Reads Coordinator
Joani Shaver - Service Learning Manager
Shannon Gillespie
Curt Larsen
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie
Joani Shaver - Service Learning Manager
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie

Shannon Gillespie
Joani Shaver - Service Learning Manager
Joani Shaver - Service Learning Manager
Shannon Gillespie - Service Learning Staff, Susan Canabe - Service Learning Colleague
Marshall Welch - Director of Bennion Center
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie - Service Learning Staff
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie
            Ann Wechsler
            Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie
Planning, Scott Boyle, PhD - College of Social Work
            Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie

            Meg Stephenson
            Shannon Gillespie
            Shannon Gillespie
            Meg Stevens
            Meg Stephenson
            Kara Hart
            Shannon Gillespie
            Meg Stephenson
            Shannon Gillespie, Meg Stephenson
            Shannon Gillespie
            Meg Stephenson

            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson

            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson

            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson
            Meg Stephenson
            Kara Hartmann
            Kara Hartmann
Community Representative (s)                                        Student Representative
Stephanie Shriever - CareSource Home Health and Hospice             Giang Tran
Meredith Larrabee, Housing and Residential Education                Sally Tran
Jennifer Villapando, Interpreter Supervisor                         Nattie Morlan
Carole Stipelman, Central City Community Health Center              Adam Wolfe
Salli Robinson                                                      GEAR UP
Katie Olson, Service-Learning Manager                               Yevyeniya Kopeleva
John Erlacher                                                       Deisy Aguilar
John Fackler                                                        McKenzie Newton
Katie Olson, Service-Learning Manager                               Jon Hayes

Kate Diggins - V.I.P. Director at Guadalupe School                  Dan Kimball
Amanda West-Utah Aids Foundation Programming Director               An-An Chang
Metiline Havea - East High                                          Carlene Folau
Meghan Brumby - International Rescue Committee                      Annalissa Rausch
Tare Poelzing - Bend-in-the-River                                   Katy Christiansen
Alexandra Parvaz - SEED
Sandra Buendia - Jackson Elementary                                 Sabrina King
Katie Porter - Cancer Wellness House
Sumer Thorne - Parkview Elementary                                  Darren Bowles
Stephanie Shriever - CareSource Home Health and Hospice
Jan Nelson                                                          Dylan McCreedy
Christy Arnold                                                      Phung Nguon
Nanett Richards - Alumni Relations
Dan Hermansen - Uintah Elementary                                   Carla Suarez
Amitabh Singh - Calcutta Mercy Ministries                           Melissa Styer

Merritt Frey                                                        Carly Castle
Jane Powers, RN - Co-director of Maliheh Free Clinic                Josh Otte

Christina Roberts                                                 Breelyn Hansen
Krista Findley                                                    Richard Whipple
Intermountain Harm Reduction Project                              James Roach
Kimberly Sorenson                                                 Amber Pavlovich
Bill Tibbitts                                                     Ben Howell
Julie Goudie-Nice                                                 Heather Elizabeth Meyer
Traci Shepard - Volunteer Coordinator YWCA                        Micah Roberts
Blake Benson - AmericorpsVISTA                                    Susan Shaw Vorkoper
Shane Smith                                                       Ben Howell
Jill Angerbauer - Executive Director, Emmy Hansen - Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca Good - Qualified Therapeutic Touch Pra

Georgina                                                            Susan Haglund
Bill Tibbitts                                                       Kirsten Davies
Chiafong Tsao                                                       Kirsten Davies
Martha Smith Taylor
Kerry Case, MA CNPM                                                 Tara Merrill
Melissa Sillitoe                                                    David Watkins
Sandra Marsh, M.S.                                                  Jared Lamb
Helen Rollins, RN - Director, Dana Barrutia - Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                    Jason Owens
Becky Lujan - Assistant Recreational Therapist Director, Raven Storm - Recreational Therapist Director
Jose Manuel Martinez                                                Christian P. Hyer
Liliana Long                                                  Stacie MacArt
Vaghn Lovejoy                                                 Benjamin Howell
Izek Bills                                                    Amanda Wilson
McKenzie Rigby, Chris Johnson - CHOICE Humanitarian
Stephen Lewis                                                 Spencer Price
                                                              Katelyn Bradley
Tony Yapias                                                   Anita Rueda
Bobbie Morgan, LCSW                                           Jaime Fendler
Jane Pasimeni Willie                                          Shannon Hatch
Helen Rollins, RN                                             Kevin Peterson
Sara Munro                                                    Emily Bradley
Rich Hendron, Chris Miskimins - Hogle Zoo                     Paola Franco
Pam Colledge                                                  Luke Lindscott
                                                              Tagen Parker
Christa Reid and Rosemary B. Fields, APRN, AOCN - Huntsman Cancer Institute
Bobbie Morgan, LCSW
Marilyn Williams                                              Wendy Wilson
Stephen Goldsmith                                             Shane Smith
Claudia Trayner
Dr. Stayner Landward - Dean of Students                       Sallee Ann Sudbury
Celeste Eggert                                                Michele Bullough
Mary Beth Bohen
Karen Weaver                                                  Deborah Dilley

Lucy Cabal                                                    Kevin Peterson
Parker Fillmore                                               Megan Nibley
Chris Johnson                                                 Eric Smith
Irene Fisher - UCC Director                                   Nichole Goebel

Susan Soleil                                                  Cobin SoelBerg
                                                              Christie Taylor
Parker Fillmore                                               Jeffrey Bigelow

Jeff Yancey                                                   Saphu Pradhan
Jim White                                                     Qianqi Zhong
April Walters                                                 James Ford
Jorge DelosRios                                               Ren Olson
Kim Garvin                                                    Danny Schoenfeld
Title of Paper
Life Stories with Hospice Patients
Humanities House Integrated Service Project
Volunteer Interpreter Handbook
Preventing, Recognizing, and treating childhood abesity: A risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus
Gear up orientation manual
Community Engagement Co-Requisite
Affirming Equity: Creating Access to College Careers Among Fist Generation Students and Students of Color in Elementary Sc
The U Book
Community Engagement Co-Requisite

Analysis of the Guadalupe School's V.I.P. Program
Case Management Improvement for Injecting Drug Users Infected with HIV/AIDS in Partnership with the Utah Aids Foundation
Education First Mentoring Program
Evaluation of International Rescue Committee's Family Mentoring Program
Expanding Learning Opportunities Through Environemnetal Education at Bend-in-the-River
Family Gardening Information Pamphlet: Beira, Mozambique
Implementing Scientific Discovery and Problem Solving Into Elementary School Science Education
Improving Lives and the Landscape at the Cancer Wellness House
It all begins with a ….
Life Stories with Hospice Patients
Science and Engineering Related Activities for Girls' Day at the Intel Computer Clubhouse
Smoking Prevention Outreach Course
The Ubook - Keeping Pride in Tradition
Uintah Elementary Cultural Awareness and Appreciation
Volunteer Program and Orientation Manuals - Calcutta Mercy Ministries

Educating Utah Residents About the Importance of the Natural Bear River Ecostystem
Maliheh Free Clinic Education Corner

Domestic Violence and Employment
Engaging Eagles: Teaching Children the Importance of Civic Engagement
Implementation of a Rapid HIV Testing and Counseling Initiative in the Salt Lake County Adult Detention Complex
Improving Teaching Methodology of Environmental Safety Vocabulary for Students of English as a Second Language
Open Arts Program: A Collaborative Program with Crossroads Urban Center
Peers Educating to End Rape to Recruit and Retain Volunteers
Sleep Education for Women at the YWCA
Structured Group Activity
The Lowell Bennion Community Service Center Historian Position
Therapeutic Touch at Cancer Wellness House

AIDing Thailand
Anti-Hunger Action: A Revolution
Asian American Health Fair
Creating a Mindful Environment for Preschool Children
Developing a Sixth Grade Energy Curriculum for the Utah House
Fourth Street Clinic Volunteer Training Video
Hartland Health Card
No One Dies Alone
Sensory Boxes
Ticantiki, Kuna Yala
Adolescent Nutrition Program
Assistance in Government and Community Information-Sharing Objectives of the Jordan River Natural Areas Forum
Autism Training in Elementary Schools
Bank of Knowledge
GlobalRad Foundation
Human Touch with Child Patients
Increasing Organ Donation Within a Hispanic Community
Proper Evaluation Leads to Change and Improvement: An ISP to Improve Evaluation Tools
There is Hope for Tomorrow
Translation of Bereavement Materials Into Spanish
Westside Community History Center
Assessment of Community Needs and Translation of Educational Materials at Utah's Hogle Zoo
Development of the Respite Program Gaining Additional Funds for Utah's Homeless
Distraction Activities for Cancer Patients
Elderly Abuse Module for the Rape Recovery Center
Establishing a literacy program through the East High Literacy Project
Faces of Affordability
Health and Wellness Promotion College of Nursing
Student Scholarship Program
The Kids Book Club: Literacy Program at the Road Home
The Power of Change
Translation Database for Elementary Schools
After-School English Classes for Monolingual Students
Developing a Database of Interpreters for Primary Children's Medical Center
Development of Humanitarian Aid Relief Team Student Chapter at the UofU
HIV/AIDS Education Program
Let the SSUN Shine Through
Physician Attitude Towards MedicAid Patients and Accessibility
Promoting Nutrition to Children at Edison Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah
The Creation of Foundations , a Web-based news and informational publication for the Service-Learning program
The Development of a Humanitarian Aid Relief Team Student Association
The Great Salt Lake Field Seminar Series
The Making of a First Aid Station Team
The People Connection Project: A Student Leader's Guide
Fundraising and Philanthropy Training Module
Methods of Possative Coaching for Youth Recreational Soccer
Video Production and Distribution For Legal Aid Society of Utah
hospice care, terminal illness, narratives and life stories, therapy
Created a Service Day for the Humanities House
Creation of training manual for new interpreters
Testing, preventing, and educating on childhood diabetes
creation of the gear up orientation manual
Campus Wide Service-Learning Co-Requisite
Creating access to students of color in elementary schools
Update/creation of U Book
Campus Wide Service-Learning Co-Requisite

ESL, volunteer tutoring, best practices
HIV/AIDs, Injecting Drug users
Pacific Islander students, attaining higher education
refugee issues, family mentoring
environmental education, native and invasive plant species
organic gardening, foreign aid, micro-credit agricultural programs, Mozambique
science education, alternative methods, engaging students
native plants, enhancing environmental quality and quality of life through aesthetics
Learning Plus After-School Program, tutoring in reading and writing
hospice care, terminal illness, narratives and life stories, therapy
science and engineering education, gender under-representation and bias, female role models in science
smoking prevention and education
U of U traditions, college experience, alumni
multicultural interactions and education
aid, volunteering, orientation

Environment/Public Education/River Recreation
Public Health/Resource Materials/Spanish Language

Domestic Violence/Employment Resources
Children's Education/Civic Engagemnet
HIV/Drug Use
Sexual Assault/Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
Health/Sleep Education
Non-Native English Speakers/Children's Education and Engagement
Record-Keeping/Legacy Preservation
Cancer/Alternative Medicine

Board Guidelines for Sustainablity/Hunger Issues/Poverty
Sustainable Health/Asian American Elderly
Early Childhood Ed./Relaxation and Yoga
Education/Curriculum/Energy Conservation
Homeless Healthcare/Volunteer Orientation
Patient Histories/Improved Health Care Access
Terminal Patients/Volunteer Training
Elderly Health/Recreational Therapy
Developing Countries/Poverty/Medical Aid
Nutrition/Adolescent Health
Environment/Education/Documentation of Experiences
Student Volunteer Training/Autism/Sensitivity
Foreign Aid/Humanitarian Issues
Radiology/Developing Countries
Massage Thearapy/Nursing/Children's Health
Organ Donation/Ethnic Community Issues/Intercultural Communication
Quality Service Assurance/Volunteer Training/Evaluation
Mental Health Education/Substance Abuse/Adolescent Health
Ethnic Diversity/History/Sense of Place
Respite Care/Homelessness
Alternative Medical Thearapy/Cancer Patients
Elderly Abuse/Sexual Assult/Outreach
Affordable Housing/History Preservation
Health and Wellness/Sustainable Programs for Health Awareness
Minority Students/Academic Success/Student Retention
Financial Instability/Budgeting Skills
Language/Education/Parent-Teacher Relations
ESL/After-school Programs/Education
Language/Resource Pool/Medical Interpretation
Student Club/Humanitarian Aid
Public Health/HIV/AIDS/Education
Campus Compact/History Documentation/Development of Oragnizations
MedicAid/Equal Access to Health Care
Nutrition/Adolescent Health/Education
Communications/Reflections/Service Learning
Student Club/Humanitarian Aid
Health Education Promotion/First Aid
Intercultural Issues/Leadership Instruction/History Preservation
Recreation/Education/Youth Mentoring
Legal Aid/Video Production

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