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Serving the Community of Sustainable Farmers, Consumers and Businesses Throughout Pennsylvania and Beyond
Number 71                                                                                 March/April 2008

                Peas in a Pod Produce                                                               using their own products.
                                                                                                       “Some are home recipes, some we find
Three sisters working to bring country farms to their urban neighborhood                            online, and some we find digging through
                                                                                                    our cookbooks,” Karen says speaking of
         By Lori Baer, PASA Member               what they appreciate themselves.                   soups such as lemon chicken and lentil.
    Off for a weekend drive to local farms,          “I want to tell my customers where this
the young sisters pile into the back of their    came from, the name of the farm, and the                      Membership Matters
parents’ car like three peas in a pod. Mom       name of the farmer,” says Kristan, also a             Aside from deliciously fresh produce and
and dad stock up on fruits and veggies and       former nurse. “I want to be able to say: ‘I        savory homemade soups, it’s an old-fash-
chit chat with farmers, while the city girls     work with this farmer, I sell his/her goods at     ioned, personal touch that defines the Peas
soak in the country setting and nibble from      my store.’”                                        in a Pod experience — from carrying pack-
farm to farm — berries, tomatoes, can-               The sisters apply the same care to picking     ages to cars to washing fruit for customers’
taloupe, apples. A bite of any of these today    produce for their store as they do for their       immediate enjoyment to discussing the
sends the women back to country times as         own families. Susan found their corn suppli-       importance of locally grown products for
children; each season with its own delicious     er by driving around, spotting a cornfield,         healthy communities.
flavors and memories.                             and following the field to the farmer. During          The sisters credit PASA membership as a
    Simple farm-fresh pleasures are what         the winter they refine sources and scout new        link to like-minded businesses and suppliers,
Susan Bailey, Karen Dooley, and Kristan          products, and Kristan mentions how the             as a way to support Pennsylvania’s farmers,
Coyle — owner-sisters of Peas in a Pod Pro-      Buy Fresh Buy Local website proved essential       and as a source of information they can share
duce — hope to capture for themselves,           to making quality connections.                     with patrons.
their parents, and their community. Their            The market supplements produce with               “It educates me so that I can educate my
corner produce market, located in Glenside       dry goods such as honey, maple syrup, and          customers. People come to us and look to us
(Montgomery Co. PA), opened June 15,             jelly. They also prepare fruit and vegetable       as educators,” explains Kristan, a PASA
2007, and is founded on country memories         trays and make soups during winter months                                          continued page 10
with their parents shopping for the best tast-
                                                 Peas in a Pod Produce founders and sisters: Kristan Coyle, Susan Bailey & Karen Dooley in front
ing fruits and vegetables available. Upon
                                                 of their store located in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The three are striving to bring farm-fresh, local
receiving their parents’ inheritance after
                                                 products to their urban neighborhood.
their mother’s passing, the sisters wanted to
do something special with the money. Susan
had a vision.
    “She mentioned she wanted to open a
store, and I went along with it thinking it
would be a passing phase for her,” jokes
Karen, a former teacher’s aide.
    “I had trouble finding good local produce
in the area, I was a nurse working nights and
looking for a change, and my parents both
died before they really got to enjoy their
retirement,” Susan explains. “We thought
what could we do to honor them? It all came
together into where we are now.”
             Grand Opening
   Today the sisters bring country farms to
their urban neighborhood. The store focuses
on locally grown, sourcing product from
Pennsylvania farmers as much as possible.
The sisters want to give to the community
       Pennsylvania Association
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      Christopher Lent, Luzerne County
        Jeff Mattocks, Dauphin County            12 Educational Outreach
     Sandra Miller, Cumberland County
         Susan Miller, Chester County            13 The Importance of Micronutrients
          Brian Moyer, Berks County
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            Phone: 412-697-0411                We are new farmers looking for the fulfillment of land
                 Julie Inman
                                               stewardship. We are students and other consumers,                         Do you have a great
             Marketing Manager
                                               anxious to understand our food systems and the
                                                                                       article idea for Passages?
                                               choices that must be made. We are families and chil-
                 Sarah Young                                                                                Want to share a farming practice with members? We’d
              Program Assistant                dren, who hold the future of farming in our hands.This
                                                                                                            love to hear from you. Please contact the newsletter
                is an organization that is growing in its voice on behalf
                                                                                                            staff at
               Zinat Naderi                    of farmers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Our mission is
            Program Assistant                  achieved, one voice, one farm, one strengthened com-                   Deadline for May/June 2008 Issue:              munity at a time.                                                               April 21, 2008

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                                                                                                               He is excited about opportunities, having
                                   New Directors                                                               served as a director since 2002, PASA
                                                                                                               offers to its members and beyond. He
                              Welcomed to PASA Board                                                           would encourage all to take the opportu-
                  PASA’s 2008 Board of Directors election process began at the annual conference in early      nity to break dormancy, follow your pas-
              February and continued through March 8th with our absentee balloting system. We are please       sions and to share new ideas and dreams.
              to announce the winners, with their biographies included below. We strive to have representa-    He feels that farming has the power to
              tion on the board from all sectors of agriculture and all regions of Pennsylvania.               bring to life those who bring the Earth to
                  New board officers were elected at the April 4th board meeting in State College, Pennsyl-     life through sustainable practices and
              vania (after this issue went to press). We will announce the new board officers in the May/June   service to others.
              issue of Passages, but anyone wishing to know those results immediately may contact PASA
                                                                                                                   “We are witnessing a new dawn in
              headquarters at 814-349-9856.
                                                                                                               agriculture with the promise of sustain-
                                                                                                               ability. It goes without saying that it has
            Melanie Dietrich Cochran                           grow, process and market grass fed beef,        been a great privilege to serve you as a
            Cumberland County                                  lamb, pork, pastured poultry and eggs, all      director and I would look forward to
                               Melanie        Dietrich         sold directly to a loyal customer base.         continuing to do so.”
                            Cochran grew up milking            During the growing season they run the
                            Jersey cows on her par-            on-farm, producers only, Forks Farm             Christopher Lent
                            ents’ farm in Cumberland           Market where over a dozen vendors pro-          Luzerne County
                            County. She returned to            vide organic vegetables, meats, Alaskan             Since 1997, Chris Lent has operated a
                            the farm in 1997 and               salmon, organic breads, coffee, grass           diverse, organic vegetable operation on
            helped to milk while working off-farm              based milk and dairy products, PA farm-         his family’s farm in Luzerne County. He
            jobs. Her first PASA conference in 1997             stead cheeses, fruit and fresh, value added     sells his produce through a CSA and
            introduced her to cheesemaking. In July            foods made locally. In addition to run-         farmers’ markets as well as to local health
            2001, she began making cheese and                  ning Forks Farm, John works as a con-           food stores and restaurants.
            farming full-time.                                 sulting forester for private landowners.            Over the past ten years, Chris has ded-
                Currently, Melanie, along with her                 John has served on the board since          icated his time and energy to establishing
            mother and husband, milk 40 registered             2002 and is interested in representing          his farm while educating his community
            Jersey cows and make 11 varieties of               farmers trying to farm sustainably and          about the benefits of a local, seasonal
            aged, raw milk cheeses, three types of             market their products in their communi-         food system. Chris’ persistence, determi-
            fresh cheeses and yogurt. They hold a              ties. John feels that the challenges PASA       nation, and sacrifice have allowed him to
            customer-container raw milk permit and             members face in developing local food           find local markets for his organic produce
            have started a dairy CSA. They also sell           systems are never ending. The rising            in a rural part of northeast Pennsylvania.
            their cheeses at producer-only farmers’            impact of PASA, however, on agricultur-         In 2006, Chris hosted a PASA field day
            markets in Washington, D.C. and                    al policy and consumer awareness is very        on his farm covering construction and
            Carlisle, PA. Melanie is a strong support-         exciting.                                       use of hoop houses.
            er of the Farm-Based Education pro-                    “There has never been a more exciting           “I have attended and benefited greatly
            grams at PASA and feels that it is a great         time to be involved with PASA in fulfill-        from PASA events and I feel it is now
            resource tool for small farmers. Melanie           ing our mission to help support Penn-           time for me to give back in the form of
            has served on the PASA Conference Plan-            sylvania’s sustainable farming community        my time and energies. No organization
            ning Committee for three years and has             and Pennsylvania consumers.”                    has done so much to promote sustainable
            been instrumental in developing the                                                                farming in Pennsylvania, and I would like
            Thursday “Art of Cheese” track. She is                              Don Kretschmann                a chance to use what I’ve learned to help
            president of the Pennsylvania Farmstead                             Beaver County                  PASA achieve its mission.”
            and Artisan Cheese Alliance.                                           Don      Kretschmann
                “PASA has helped provide answers to                             and his wife, Becky, have                     Susan Miller
            how to keep a small family farm and I                               operated an 80-acre                           Chester County
            welcome a chance to serve on the board                              diversified organic veg-                          Sue Miller is a first
            and give back to the best family farm              etable and fruit farm in western Pennsyl-                       generation dairy farmer
            organization I’ve seen.”                           vania for 30 years. In the past, they have                      milking 70 cows on her
                                                               marketed their products through whole-                          family’s Birchrun Hills
                                                               sale operations and farmers’ markets.           Farm. Sue crafts raw milk cheeses from
            John Hopkins                                       They grow 20 acres of produce with the          her dairy herd and direct markets the
            Columbia County                                    help of 10 seasonal employees. Currently,       cheeses through farmers’ markets, restau-
               John Hopkins and his wife, Todd,                their distribution is primarily through a       rants and specialty cheese shops. Sue also
            own and operate Forks Farm in Colum-               CSA, one of the largest in the country.         works to educate farmers about sustain-
            bia County, PA. Forks Farm is a 151-acre               Don finds inspiration, encouragement         ability and adding value to their products
            grass-based livestock operation. They              and enrichment in the PASA community.                                       continued page 9

Conference Review
                                                                      2008 Conference Meals
                                     The ingredients for the meals served during the conference were gathered from supportive farmers,
                                                 processors and distributors. Thanks to our providing farms and businesses.
                    Albert’s Organics                       Horizon Organic                            Natural By Nature                           Snyder’s of Hanover
                    Organic Produce…and lots of it!         Organic Half & Half, Yogurt &              Organic Whipped Cream, Ricotta, Half        Organic Honey Wheat Sticks,
                                                            Smoothies, Cheese Sticks, Individual       & Half, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream,         Oat Bran Sticks, Pumpernickel & Onion
                    Birchrun Hills Farm                     Milks                                      & Whole Milk                                Sticks and Peanut Butter Pretzel
                    Birchrun Blue (a natural rind blue                                                                                             Sandwiches
                    cheese) & Alpine (a nutty cheese)
                                                            Inn To The Seasons                         Nature’s Best Organic Feed
                                                            Goats Milk Ricotta                         Organic Heritage Chickens                   Stone Meadow Farm
                    Clif Bar Inc.                                                                                                                  Brie, Cheddar, Colby & Swiss Cheeses
                                                            Keswick Creamery                           Nature’s Pantry
                    Clif Bar Nectar Bars                    Natural Yogurt & Wallaby, Vermeer &        Natural Sodas, Crackers & Tofu              Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
                                                            Dragons Breath Cheeses                                                                 Organic Yogurt & Yogurt Snacks
                    Country Time Farm                                                                  New Morning Farm
                    Sweet Italian Sausage                   Kettle Foods                               Apples & Apple Cider                        Sunny Ridge Farm
                                                            Organic Corn & Potato Chips, Peanut                                                    Organic Carrots
                    Dream Thyme Farm                        Butter                                     Old School Snacks
                    Fresh Chevon                                                                       Wild Rice & Sesame Snacks                   Tait Farm Foods
                                                            Landisdale Farm                                                                        Vinaigrettes, Chutneys, Fruit Shrubs &
                    Deep Root Organics                      Organic Green Cabbage & Turnips            Organic Valley                              Chocolate Sauces
                    Organic Carrots & Red Potatoes                                                     Family of Farms
                                                            Lavender Hill                              Organic Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar,          Triangle Organics Farm
                    Eberly Poultry                          Organic Basil, Cilantro, Oregano,          Mozzarella & Munster, Cream Cheese,         Grass-fed Beef, Ground
                    Organic Heritage Chickens               Parsley & Rosemary                         Stringles, Orange Juice & Butter
                                                                                                                                                   Tuscarora Organic
                    Furmano Foods, Inc.                     Lehman’s Eggs                              Painted Hand Farm                           Growers Cooperative (TOG)
                                                            Organic Eggs                               Fresh Chevon                                Bounty from many of their organic
                    Tomato & Bean Products                                                                                                         cooperative farms!
                                                            Leidy’s Nature’s Tradition                 Phillips Mushroom Farms
                    Hardwick Beef &                         Naturally Raised Pork Loin                 Organic Portabella, Shiitake & Other        Vollmecke Orchards & CSA
                    Leona Meat Plant                                                                   Exotic Mushrooms                            Apple Butter & Pumpkin Butter
                    Grass-fed Beef                          Leraysville Cheese Factory
                                                            Mild, Cajun & Sharp Cheddar, Smoky         Porter Farm                                 Whole Foods Market
                    Hidden Hills Jerseys                    Delight & Somiliar Cheeses                 Organic Red & Yellow Onions                 Locally Roasted Coffee from
                    Havarti Style Ivory Lace, Gouda Style                                                                                          One Village Coffee
                                                            Milky Way Farms                            Quiet Creek Herb Farm
                    Gouda Gold & Colby Style Temptation     rbST-free Milk, Chocolate Milk, Ice        Whole Grain Breads                          Wild For Salmon
                    Cheeses                                 Cream, Heavy Cream                                                                     Wild-Caught Salmon, Smoked
                                                                                                       Rippling Brooke Farm
                    Honest Tea                              Mother Earth Mushrooms                     Organic Russian Banana Fingerling           Windy Knolls Farm
                    Real Tea—Honest Tea!                    Organic Button Mushrooms                   Potatoes                                    Organic Parsnips

                        Arias M. Brownback Scholarship Recipients                                                                          Farming for the Future
                                                         By Allison Shauger                                                                       Notes
                             We asked the fifty individuals who attended the 2008 Farming for the Future                                    I Save the date!
                         conference as Arias M. Brownback Memorial Scholarship recipients to share their                                   PASA’s 18th Annual
                         thoughts on their experiences. Overwhelmingly, recipients expressed appreciation                                  Farming for the Future Conference
                         for the opportunity to attend.                                                                                    February 5, 6 & 7, 2009
                             In keeping with the conference theme, Ready to Grow: Sharing the Sustainable                                  Penn Stater Conference Center
                                                                                                                                           State College, PA
                         Story, we would like to share some of the scholarship recipients’ sentiments and
                         feedback. Many farmers reported that the conference reaffirmed their sense of                                      I Volunteers for Conference
                         purpose and inspired them to continue to develop specific goals related to their                                   Planning Committee Sought
                         farm business. These farmers are ready to grow, indeed. “The conference is such                                   Would you like to be involved in devel-
                         an unusually wonderful collection of intention-filled farmers, that it fills me up                                  oping the conference program? If so,
                                                                                                                                           how about joining the conference com-
                         with hope, comfort, and creative excitement.” In recounting workshops that
                                                                                                                                           mittee? We meet three times from May
                         recipients found beneficial someone remarked, “The conference gave me more                                         to August in State College to decide and
                         confidence to address these issues in other settings.” This comment is perhaps one                                 organize the content of workshops and
                         of the most valuable confirmations of why the Brownback Scholarship Fund is                                        pre-conference tracks. If you have the
                         crucial to our network of farmers.                                                                                time and energy to devote to this excit-
                             Nearly all of the feedback we received outlined ways in which these grateful                                  ing planning committee, contact Allison
                                                                                                                                           Shauger,, 814-
                         participants are going to share the information they learned within their com-
                         munities. As the scholarship recipients testified, the PASA conference radiates
                         inspiration and it is contagious. These conference attendees are on their farms                                   I 2008 Conference CDs & DVDs
                         continuing to write their sustainable stories and will be sharing their newfound                                  are Available
                         skills, confidence, and ideas with others throughout the year.                                                     Keynote addresses and workshop
                                                                                                                                           recordings are available courtesy of
                             Thanks to all who contributed to this important fund enabling farmers to
                                                                                                                                           Cocalico Audio — 717-336-4179. The
                         grow and develop their ideas and skills. Anyone interested in contributing to the                                 order form is also available on the PASA
                         fund, visit or call 814-349-9856.                                                             website,

Conference Review
                                                                                               Deans Hall is a hub of conference activity, with the Charity Auction,
                                                                                               morning breakfasts, evening social hours, as well as the Patron and

                              PASA Conference                                                  Platinum Sponsor booths.

                           Benefit Auction a Success
                            By Michele Gauger, Conference Auction Coordinator
                           “You have some many items! There is so much to
                        choose from! It is amazing how much is donated!” Those
                        were just some of the comments heard during the annual
                        Benefit Auction held during the recent PASA conference.
                        With over 170 items generously donated from various
                        PASA member businesses, farms, individuals and friends
                        — we were able to raise $22,136 for the organization. See
                        below for a full list acknowledging all those who donated items.                       Julie Mason                   Shared Earth Farm
                           PASA continued to offer our trio of auctions in 2008 to include
                                                                                                               Tracy & Jeff Mattocks         Slow Food Pittsburgh
                        Bag (raffle style), Silent and Live formats. Items ranged from artisan
                                                                                                               Maryann & Dennis              Small
                        crafts, soaps, dinner and vacation packages, useful farm products,                     Mawhinney
                        books, clothing, antiques, even food items like pastured eggs and                                                    Small Farm Central
                                                                                                               McGeary Organics Inc.
                        meats — in addition to one of the pastured poultry pens built during                   Misty Dell Farm/ Pen and
                                                                                                                                             Soil Secret Inc.
                        our Thursday Pre-Conference Poultry track.                                             Thread                        Spiral Path Farm
                           Friday night showcased the Live Auction with PASA member and                        Stacy Miller                  Spotted Hill Farm
                        auctioneer, Brian Magaro. The generosity of our members shined and                     Monogram Centre               Spoutwood Farm Center
                        we were able to raise a total of $4,640 for the eight items sold. During               Moyer Moyer’s Chicks Inc.     Steam Valley Fiber Farm
                        this auction we always include a few items with proceeds benefiting the                 Debbie & Bill Murphy          Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
                        Arias M. Brownback Scholarship Fund. This year two items were auc-
                                                                                                               Natural Acres                 Suella Pipal
                        tioned; a case of Spiral Path Farm special edition roasted Cubanelle
                                                                                                               Nature’s Pantry               Sue’s Salves
                        peppers and a hand-blown glass vase donated by Ona Bella Magaro.
                                                                                                               Needmore Land Cattle
                        This year we were able to raise $4,200 for the scholarship fund to help                Farm
                                                                                                                                             Sugar Valley Farm
                        beginning farmers attend the conference each year.                                     Neptune’s Harvest             Anthony Rodale
                           PASA appreciates all those who participated in the auction,                                                       The Rodale Institute
                                                                                                               Nina Planck & Real Food
                        including those who donated and purchased items and tickets.                                                         Harriet Rosenberg
                                                                                                               Dotty Noble
                                                                                                               North Star Orchard            Joseph Schott
                                                                                                               Northeast SARE                Caroline Shauger
                         PASA Charity             Dairyland Sales & Service   Hahn Natural Foods               PA Chapter —                  Nancy Shorsher
                        Auction Donors                                                                         The American Chestnut
                                                  Karen Daystar               Harris Seeds                     Foundation                    Lauren & Ian Smith
                    Aaronsburg Pottery            Suzanne DeMuth              Healing Spirits Herb                                           Tait Farm Foods
                                                                                                               PA Dept. of Environmental
                    Acres USA                     Dream Thyme Farm            Farm & Education Center          Protection                    Tamarack Farm
                    Adams County Winery           Dripworks                   Health by Choice                 PA Farm Vacation Associa-     Trenderway Farm
                    All-Clad Metalcrafters, Inc                               The Healthy Living Kitchen       tion
                                                  Earth Tools                                                                                Harvey Ussery
                    American Livestock                                        Herbal Delights                  Pat Little Images
                                                  Eat’n Park Hospitality                                                                     Vermont Compost
                    Breeds Conservancy                                        Horizon Organic/                 Patti Olenick
                                                  Group                                                                                      Company
                    American Pastured                                         WhiteWave Foods                  Peaceful Pastures LLC
                    Poultry Producers             Effie’s Common Scents                                                                       Village Acres
                                                                              Sue & Joel Hubler                Peaceful Valley Farm
                    Associatiom (APPPA)           Fedco Seeds/                                                                               Susan Vreeland
                                                  Shooting Star Farm          Carl Hursh                       Supply
                    Janine Andrews
                                                                              Indian Orchards                  Penn Stater Conference        Watershed Agricultural
                    Marilyn Anthony               Fertrell Company
                                                                                                               Center Hotel                  Council NY
                                                  Flint Hill Farm             Infinity Design Studios
                    Bearlin Acres                                                                              Penns Creek Pottery           Weston A. Price
                                                  Educational Center          Jamison Farm
                    Chef Willy Benedetto                                                                       Phillips Mushroom Farms       Foundation
                                                  Kathleen Frank              Jerry Jackson Fine Pewter
                    Briar Patch Farm                                                                           The Organic                   White Dog Cafe
                                                  Friends Farm                Johnny’s Selected Seeds
                    Carnegie Museum of Art                                                                     Mechanics Soil Co.            Mary Whittam
                                                  Full Circle Farms           Josephine Porter Institute
                    Chelsea Green Publishing                                                                   Organic Valley Family of      Whole Foods Market
                                                  Gatski Metal                Keswick Creamery                 Farms
                    Gene Chenoweth                                                                                                           Diane Wiest
                                                  Michele Gauger              Kretschmann Farm                 Otto’s Pub & Brewery
                    Chesapeake Bay
                    Foundation                    Donald Gibbon               Lady Moon Farms                  Quiet Creek Herb Farm         Wild for Salmon
                    Cocalico Audio                Glasshorse Studio           Lakeview Organic Grain           Sayre Mansion                 Wolf Lake Farm
                    Cold Brand                    Glynwood Center             Lambert Mountain Acres           Schafer Fish Fertilizer       Woodsong Hollow
                    Cooking for Real              Terry Golson                Leona Meat Plant                 Seedway LLC                   Adrienne Young
                    Cottage Rose Interiors        Green Gables Restaurant     Manatawny Creek Winery           The Settlers Inn              Anonymous Donor

Director’s Corner
                                                                   kind of succinct answer…or so I thought.        describing the situations we face, but
                                                                       To make a long story short, several         almost bankrupt when it comes to under-
                                                                   trips to different specialists yielded incon-   standing and, perhaps more importantly,
                                                                   clusive results, though I did help to pay       adopting systems that could lead to posi-
                                                                   for an awful lot of medical equipment           tive change.
                                                                   along the way. One surgeon’s assistant              I suspect that in many ways our socie-
                                                                   even called my home, hoping they could          ty has fallen victim to a sort of self-
                                                                   get a crack at what was ailing me.              induced amnesia whereby we have lost
                                                                       The problem, it seemed, was most            the ability to collectively think big
                                                                   likely in my neck. But I escaped going          thoughts, either because we cannot or
                                                                   “under the knife” because of a highly sci-      choose not to do so…the jury is still out
                                                                   entific process whereby I was asked on a         as to which is the case. When assessing
                                                                   scale of 1 to 10 how much pain I was            the situation, however, it’s impossible not
                                                                   experiencing. I reported that I had been        to notice that our current “systems” of
                                                                   at 9 or 10 for several days, but by the         caring for our health, the environment,
                                                                   time all these appointments and tests           world peace or farms all come at great
                                                                   were concluded, the status was more like        profit to a few individuals and detriment
                       Farms, Food                                 a 6. That, it turns out, was not enough to      to the many.

                    and our So-Called                              operate, and I should expect to get by
                                                                   with appropriate pharmacological inter-
                                                                                                                       When it comes to sustainable food
                                                                                                                   and farming systems, we fortunately have
                      Health System                                vention, i.e. pain medicine.
                                                                       I tell these stories to make the point
                                                                                                                   had the help of a few “visionaries” (I
                                                                                                                   doubt they would call themselves such)
                       By Brian Snyder, Executive Director         that modern medicine has gotten awfully         who have helped our society as a whole to
                                                                   good at collecting voluminous informa-          think some rather large thoughts, includ-
                                                                   tion and pinpointing problems within a          ing Michael Pollan (Omnivore’s Dilemma,
                        This is an election year and the big       fairly narrow range, but perhaps no better      In Defense of Food), Eric Schlosser (Fast
                    issues of our day are getting much need-       through the decades at fully understand-        Food Nation) and even Morgan Spurlock
                    ed attention, though an ominous sense          ing what’s really going on with human           (Supersize Me). There have of course been
                    that all the solutions are too expensive has   physiology…to the point where two doc-          many other, more compelling visionaries,
                    already begun to dampen spirits that had       tors can still easily disagree on what part     but few who have achieved the popular
                    been hopeful for meaningful change.            of the body should be surgically repaired.      success of these three in getting us to
                        As for me, I’ve been listening to talk         Most anyone close to my age will            understand why the way we farm and
                    about health care. Of course the discus-       remember the curmudgeonly ways of Dr.           feed ourselves affects the way we feel.
                    sion focuses mostly on how to pay for it,      Leonard McCoy on the old Star Trek tel-             What will it take, I am left wondering,
                    not whether or not we are really making        evision series. He could use his instru-        to recover (if we ever really had it) a true
                    much progress in terms of people getting       ments to scan for data across the body,         sense of the connection between farms,
                    healthier. My interest in the subject          whether human or alien, then step back,         food and the health of our people? One
                    comes in part because I’ve reached a           seemingly to see the whole organism as          thing I am sure of is that it would be no
                    point in my own life when health con-          greater than its parts, and make a diagno-      mere incremental step in the history of
                    cerns begin to take center stage.              sis that was usually spot-on.                   medical science. There is no single exper-
                        Recently, my attention was riveted             Dr. McCoy was like the wise old             iment, scientific paper or government
                    even more when I received a call from my       country doctor meeting up with the most         policy that will take us where we need to
                    mother in which she explained that, in         modern technology, right brain and left         go…and I don’t think we should believe
                    response to some unrelenting pain she          put together in one package. Well, the          any politician looking for our votes or
                    had been experiencing, one doctor said         technological side of this fictional science     practitioner profiting from the system as
                    she should get her knee replaced and           has come true pretty much as depicted.          it is who would tell us otherwise.
                    another said she should have back sur-         So where did the intuitive and, some                But here is something of which I am
                    gery. Say what!? How can we consider           would say, holistic side of medicine go?        also virtually certain. If the day finally
                    such radical inconsistency in a supposed-          The situation with modern health            arrives when a good farmer is viewed as
                    ly mature field of science as progress of       care, to my mind, is not unlike that of so      just as important to our health as a good
                    any kind?                                      many other areas of grave concern these         doctor, we probably will have found the
                        This incident reminded me of my            days…global climate change and interna-         solution to climate change and world
                    own experience a couple years ago when         tional relations just to name two of the        peace as well. I
                    dealing with some severe pain in my right      most critical ones. Of course we could fit
                    shoulder. Going to the doctor with a           agriculture right into the same conversa-
                    clear sense of pain is like taking your car    tion…so much knowhow out there, and
                    to the garage when it’s making an obvious      so little know-where, when or why.
                    clunking sound, at least you expect some           Fact is, we’re now very good at

PASA Board Perspective
                                                                          know your actual winter costs. You can          increasingly hard to maintain bees. Bees
                                                                          rationalize the need for steady income          are an indicator species, and their health
                                                                          and labor utilization, but to be objective      has been declining for a long time. The
                                                                          you must seriously look at the high cost        economics and long hours of beekeeping,
                                                                          of energy in the winter months.                 much like dairy farming, have forced out
                                                                              For years we have been able to smooth       most small keepers. This has increased
                                                                          out the seasonal energy demands when            the intensity and need for the large bee
                                                                          fuel prices were stable, but those days are     operations, stressing both the owners and
                                                                          gone forever. Grass-based systems are the       their bees.
                                                                          natural fit for our area. Grass-based farm-          Ultimately as we analyze the crisis
                                                                          ing can revitalize farms, which have            we are in, we find the biggest problem is
                                                                          become fuel and grain dependent. If you         also the only hope — PEOPLE. The
                                                                          are trying to change, find someone to            current emergency in the food industry is
                                                                          help you get off the conventional merry-        about greedy people in too many leader-
                                                                          go-round. Contact PASA to help if you           ship positions.
                                                                          aren’t sure who to get in touch with.               I get phone calls from good people,
                                                                              Dairy farming is entering a crisis          struggling to stay positive about their
                                     Spring                               stage. This past week I talked with many
                                                                          farmers and supply people I trust. The
                                                                                                                          jobs because of the massive resources they
                                                                                                                          see being funneled to maintain the cur-

                                    Renewal                               story is the same. We are in a false econ-
                                                                          omy right now – “ethanol insanity;” mas-
                                                                                                                          rent food system, which leaders won’t
                                                                                                                          admit is broken. In the last year I have lis-
                                                                          sive agricultural debt propping up a            tened to people from several state and
                               By Kim Seeley, Board President             failing system; market manipulation by          federal ag-related agencies, even Ag
                                                                          consolidation among raw material sup-           Choice Farm Credit, venting to me that
                                                                          pliers; denial among leaders about the          they can’t understand why their compa-
                             Spring is upon us and just in time! I        real problems with food we produce,             nies aren’t solving more problems. Many
                         try to endure winter, but it is not the sea-     which is much like the denial about glob-       have left their jobs or are wishing to.
                         son to prosper on a dairy farm. Our most         al warming; and government subsidies                For those of you who have changed
                         expensive food is produced during win-           (welfare) to ex-farmers and landowners to       and moved on to other callings, tell your
                         ter. Ironically, it is sometimes the lowest      not produce (i.e. the Conservation              story so others don’t feel so alone. Each
                         quality food we produce all year.                Reserve Program), instead of paying the         and every one of us, who understands real
                             Thirty years ago, I would have argued        money to the farmers who are still farm-        sustainability is important for what we
                         with anyone that all milk was virtually          ing and who could multiply the money            know. You are important pieces in a very
                         the same. As the years have passed, I now        into long term community growth. Some           special puzzle that we each call our
                         realize a simple reality – all food is not the   of the policies are short sighted, but I feel   worldly journey.
                         same. Methods of production and pro-             some are intentionally trying to further            For those of you who remain, let the
                         cessing have an important impact on              centralize our food system.                     spring sunshine renew you. Those of you
                         what is produced.                                    In recent weeks, Colony Collapse Dis-       who are in this situation are the piers in
                             In the dairy industry, less than 50% of      order (CCD) has been receiving more             the ocean of farming that we all need to
                         the milk produced is used for fluid con-          press and much of it has centered on            connect with. Stay in your jobs, because
                         sumption. The rest of the volume is man-         Hackenberg Apiaries located in Lewis-           if we lose the many good stewards we
                         ufactured into something with a longer           burg, PA. Dave Hackenberg is credited           have, we let the wave of complacent and
                         shelf life. Over the years, our cooperatives     with first sounding the alarm about the          unethical people build even more
                         have encouraged us to produce consistent         emerging bee crisis. He has found a             momentum.
                         amounts every season. Is that sustainable?       chemical trail and industrial roadblocks            What all of agriculture needs right
                         For industry it is, but not for dairy farm-      to defining the problem, even though             now are good, honest people to stand up,
                         ers. Sure it keeps those big food factories      many experts have their opinions.               tell your stories, and assert that our
                         at efficient production. Sure it simplifies            Dave and I have been friends since the      actions will be the solution. You all are
                         trucking. Sure it looks good on a spread-        mid 1990’s when he would bring bees             PASA spokespeople. Please use your
                         sheet for a new expansion. However,              into our area for the local fruit growers.      walks in life to create the solutions we
                         what the farmer gets is fool’s gold.             While talking to him recently, he shared        need. Please stand up in your workplace
                             Luckily my college training had a            a very real situation that all of us need to    against legal corruption and injustice.
                         heavy emphasis on economics. Most                help solve. He describes beekeeping as          Please help PASA define and defend what
                         dairy farmers trust the economics to             “The ugly step child of agriculture.”           sustainable farm systems should really
                         someone who has probably never milked            Everyone wants bees to come and work            look like. I
                         a cow or forked any manure. If you aren’t        without considering the bees. As sprawl
                         breaking your income and expense down            and wealthy landowners have demanded
                         into seasonal snapshots you really don’t         “not in my backyard,” it has become

Regional Marketing

                     Annual Northcentral Potluck
                     a Success!
                     By Leah Tewskbury,
                     Volunteer Regional Coordinator
                         Nearly 70 PASA members from the
                     northcentral and eastern regions gathered
                     for a delicious potluck supper at Jeremi-
                     ah’s in Williamsport on March 11th. As
                     the potluckers arrived, we were greeted
                     with lovely dulcimer music played live by
                     PASA’s Alf Bashore. An update on the
                     Susquehanna Valley’s Buy Fresh Buy Local
                     program was presented by SEDA-COG’s
                     Trish Carothers. After the feast, the audi-
                     ence watched an interesting video selec-
                     tion on training cows (and other
                     livestock) to eat certain types of invasive
                     weeds. The video clip, presented by Eric
                     Nordell, was created by Kathy Voth, a         Trish Carothers, Valleys of the Susquehanna Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign manager,
                     featured speaker at the 2008 PASA con-        spoke briefly during the annual NorthCentral region potluck. Anyone wishing to join the
                     ference. Bucky Ziegler, a long-time PASA      campaign in the Valleys region can contact her at 570-522-7259.
                     member who produces certified organic
                                                                   weekend in May. Also Tom Perry of Per- or 412-697-0411.
                     grains and meats, finished the education-
                                                                   rydell Farm suggested PASA members
                     al portion of the evening by sharing tips                                                  Restaurant to Open in the
                                                                   participate in Fred Fest, a celebration of
                     and insight on how he raises grass-fed                                                     Meadville Market House
                                                                   life for the benefit of cancer research on
                     beef and poultry on his farm in Tur-                                                       By John Clendenin,
                                                                   July 12 near York College. Details on all
                     botville. As always, our annual potluck                                                    PASA Member & Meadville Market
                                                                   the events happening in the Southcentral
                     get-together was enjoyed by all, as good                                                   House Authority President
                                                                   region this season will be announced
                     conversation and networking, outstand-                                                         The Meadville Market House (in
                                                                   through the regional listserv, emails and
                     ing food and Bullfrog Brewery beer, and                                                    Meadville, Crawford Co.) was built in
                                                                   post-cards as details are finalized.
                     useful farming information made for a                                                      1870 as a marketplace for local farmers to
                     memorable evening.                                Enthusiasm for getting involved in
                                                                   our local communities and promoting          sell their goods. The building underwent
                                                                   restorative change in the Southcentral       some modifications in the early 1900s
                      SOUTHCENTRAL                                                                              with the addition of a second floor and
                      REGION                                       region was evident among those who
                                                                   participated in this planning meeting and    was then saved from the wrecking ball in
                     By Julie Hurst,                               by all those who expressed interest but      1970.
                     Volunteer Regional Coordinator                could not attend. We encourage all               The community came together to ren-
                        Recently fifteen PASA members from                                                       ovate the building and The Market
                                                                   levels of participation from our regional
                     the Southcentral region met to discuss                                                     House continued to prosper as a market-
                                                                   members and welcome ideas and local
                     plans for events and workshops for the                                                     place. However, as the 1980s progressed,
                                                                   events to be posted through the listserv;
                     2008 season. Some workshops to watch                                                       the downtown declined, local produce
                                                                   anything from cooperative tomato can-
                     for include an introduction to capturing                                                   growers quit farming, and the Market
                                                                   ning to neighborhood ice cream socials
                     and using solar energy with Matt                                                           House lost its vigor.
                                                                   can be catalyst for education and change
                     Steiman, tasting and talking heirloom                                                          By the first years of the 21st century,
                                                                   in our rural communities and suburban
                     melons with Mick & Seth Kodner at                                                          the few vendors outside were mostly
                     Dancing Creek Farm in Port Royal, and                                                      trucked-in produce hucksters, while peo-
                     learning how to best over-winter your                                                      ple selling cheap imported goods occu-
                     honeybee hive with Mary Ann Fraiser.           WESTERN
                                                                                                                pied the inside. The real turnaround
                     Other workshops are being discussed and                                                    began in 2004 when the Meadville Area
                     will be announced at a later date.               A reminder to members in the West-        Local Growers was founded, and in 2005
                        On a more celebratory note, the Local      ern Region who have yet to return their      when the Pennsylvania Environmental
                     Foods Dinner at Dickinson College is          farm marketing surveys to Julie Inman,       Council (through the local French Creek
                     scheduled for April 5th, the annual Fairie    Marketing Manager, please do so soon!        Project) took over management of the
                     Fest at Spoutwood Farm Center in              Those who did not receive a survey,          Market House.
                     Chambersburg will take place the first         please contact Julie at julie@pasafarm-          Alice Sjolander became the Manager

Regional Marketing
                                                                    dance studio and their offices.
                                                  Wild for Salmon many other organizations, the                      New Board Directors
                                                                                                                     continued from page 3
                                                                    Market Authority (and the Market
                                                                    House) finds itself in the situation where
                                                                                                                     through the Phoenixville Countryside
                                                                    expenses exceed revenues. They are
                                                                                                                     Exchange, the Chester County Keep
                                                                    always looking for new ways to balance
                                                                                                                     Farming First conference, the Berks
                                                                    this. There has been a restaurant in the
                                                                                                                     County Agricultural Innovation Work-
                                                                    building for many years and they simply          shop and through PASA.
                                                                    rented space with Market House really               Sue is a member of the Pennsylvania
                                                                    having no involvement.                           Farmstead and Artisan Cheese Alliance,
                                                                        In January, their lease was terminated       American Cheese Society, Pennsylvania
                     The Meadville Market House has been a          and the space was empty. The Authority           Holstein Association, Chester County
                     fixture in the Crawford County community        explored several options and Alice sug-          Holstein Association, PA–Women in
                     since 1870. A new restaurant is slated to      gested the market operate it. Some finan-         Agriculture Network, Pennsylvania Farm
                     open in the Market House in early April        cial projections based on the level of           Bureau and she is a 4-H leader. Like
                     with intent on serving delicious local fare.   business at the prior restaurant (which          many farmers across Pennsylvania over
                                                                    was very popular) were done, and con-            the past ten years, Sue’s family also has
                     in 2005 and began incorporating local          cluded that the Market House could be            found it difficult to earn a fair living in
                     food offerings, higher quality craft items     self-sustaining for the foreseeable future.      the dairy industry. Through her involve-
                     and more. In the past three years, inside      In one fell swoop the project could be           ment with PASA, her farm has been able
                     sales increased 150%, mostly being food        sustainable, provide another outlet for          to thrive and prosper.
                     sales. Outside, on Saturday mornings           local food producers, and contribute to             “I believe that farmers who can relate
                     there are generally 12 to 15 vendors sell-     the revitalization of downtown                   their experiences and successes to the
                     ing mostly locally grown, chemical free        Meadville.                                       industry will set an example for other
                     produce. There are local meats, eggs,                                                           farmers to make positive changes on their
                                                                    Editor’s Note: At the time of press the
                     milk, produce, baked goods, honey,             restaurant in The Market House was slated        farms; a mission PASA and I share.” I
                     maple products, Frankferd Farms prod-          to open on April 8th. The plan for the
                     ucts, other bulk foods and more for sale       restaurant is to gradually introduce local
                     inside. The market is always looking for                                                           WANT TO JOIN THE BOARD?
                                                                    foods and further enhance the existing              We are always searching for mem-
                     new vendors. Alice also operated a Com-        menu. Those local growers interested in sup-        bers who are interested in running
                     munity Supported Agriculture (CSA) for         plying the restaurant can contact John              for the PASA board in the future.
                     senior citizens out of the Market House        Clendenin at 814-694-3006 or 814-336-               If you or someone you know may
                     last summer. Currently the Meadville           2056, The                be interested, contact Brian Moyer at
                     Council on the Arts occupies the second        Meadville Market House is located at 910            610-944-9349 or
                     floor. There is a gallery, a small theater, a   Market St, Meadville PA 16335.

                                                    REGIONAL CONTACTS & DISCUSSION GROUP ADDRESSES
                                    Discussion groups are open to PASA members only to join and discuss issues related to sustainable agriculture.
                                                 To join the group in your region, send an email to the appropriate address provided.

                         Julie Inman
                         412-697-0411 •

                         Marilyn Anthony
                         610-458-5700 x305 •
                         Southcentral                                                                              Southcentral
                         Julie Hurst
                         717-734-2082 •                                   Out of State discussion group addresses:
                         NorthCentral/Eastern                                             States North and East of Pennsylvania
                         Leah Tewksbury                                                   States South and West of Pennsylvania
                         570-437-2620 •                          

Peas in a Pod Produce                          People come to us                             rely on them and they can rely on us.”
                                                                                                 Susan thinks her parents would be
continued from page 1
                                               and look to us as edu-                        thrilled with what her and her sisters have
                                                                                             done together. “I think my dad would be
member prior to business ownership.            cators…They ask, why                          here all the time,” she laughs. “He was
“They ask: why this piece of produce                                                         the one who always used to say: ‘Taste
rather than that, why aren’t you selling       this piece of producer                        this, this is the best you’ll ever have!’”
this, why does that cost more? I want to                                                         And while the sister’s fill up at the
be able to explain to them.”                   rather than that; why                         store on memories of childhood farm vis-
    Kristan notes that Pennsylvania grown
is important to their customers too. “Peo-
                                               aren’t you selling this;                      its, perhaps they’re creating memories for
                                                                                             Glenside’s neighborhood kids that will
ple come into the store, and we can have
a conversation for a half hour about try-
                                               why does that cost more                       instill a taste for healthy, fresh fruits and
                                                                                             vegetables and a sense of stewardship for
ing to keep it local,” she says. “The actu-
al type of produce isn’t as important as
                                               — I want to be able to                        their community and its local resources.
                                                                                                 Peas in a Pod Produce is located at 80
quality produce from PA. That’s what           explain that to them                          S. Keswick Ave., Glenside, PA 19038, at
people want.”                                                                                the intersection of Keswick & Glenside
                                                                                             Aves. For more information or to share
          Business is Blooming                 of neighborhood kids with fruits and veg-     sources for locally grown and produced
   Much has changed since that day last
                                               gies taken by a local photographer bright-    products, call the store at 215-887-2719.
year when Susan and Kristan found
                                               en the walls, and there’s a constant buzz     The market is open Monday through
themselves on the wrap-around corner
                                               of friendly chatter.                          Saturday 9:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m. and Sun-
steps of an old consignment shop think-
                                                   “We’ve gone from this itty bitty corner   day 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. I
ing “this is the place” for their market.
Today original, creaky, wooden floors           store to where now people come in every       Editor’s Note: Lori Baer is a PASA member
take neighbors around to old-time cases        other day, sometimes every day, to get        and freelance writer of agricultural, culi-
and benches full of Pennsylvania produce       their fresh produce,” Kristan said. “We       nary, and business topics. She lives in Wil-
and on past the antique hutch stocked          have a lot of families coming in, and we’re   low Street, PA and can be reached at
with jellies, dressings, and honey. Pictures   getting to know our customers. We can


Consumer Outreach
                                       Buy Fresh Buy Local News                                                                  GET IN THE GUIDE!
                                                                                                      Attention PASA members — if you
                                                                                                                              sell directly to consumers, or wholesale
                        A new chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local
                                                                                                                              a “branded” product locally, go to
                    (BFBL) has been created in the Greater
                                                                                                                     and apply to have
                    Lehigh Valley. Our goals are to educate
                                                                                                                              your farm or business included in the
                    consumers about the benefits of buying                                                                     Buy Fresh Buy Local “Online Local Food
                    local food; to improve the farmer-con-                                                                    Guide.” This guide is a searchable data-
                    sumer connection; to increase the per-                                                                    base of Pennsylvania local food sources
                    centage of local food consumed in the                                                                     promoted to the general public. The
                    valley; to support local farmers, growers,                                                                guide allows farms and other business-
                    and producers; to increase farmland                                                                       es selling local foods to create a custom
                    preservation; and to keep more food dol-                                                                  entry listing all products available, hours
                    lars in our community.                                                                                    of operation and much more. You can
                        Future plans include recruiting mem-                                                                  even include your logo and link to your
                                                                      York County working on new chapter
                    bers, soliciting funding partners, creating                                                               website (if applicable) with your listing.
                                                                      applications. We’re also looking for vol-                   Be sure to visit,
                    a display for events, creating an interac-
                                                                      unteer leaders in Centre County and                     select your region, click on “Get in the
                    tive harvest calendar quiz to educate con-
                                                                      Western Pennsylvania. Interested individ-               Guide,” and fill in all the needed infor-
                    sumers about the seasonal availability of         uals should contact Chris Fullerton,
                    produce, launching an inaugural event                                                                     mation about your farm or business.
                                                                      PASA’s Director of Consumer Outreach,                       New entries are being added daily,
                    during the summer, and creating a local           for more information: chris@pasafarm-                   so please check back often to find
                    food guide. To get involved with this    or 412-246-0990.                                sources of fresh, local foods as we
                    chapter, contact Lynn Prior at lynnpri-              To help with local tasting or tabling                assemble our listings.
           or 610-438-3950.                   events, regional e-newsletter production,                   Also: stay tuned for major upgrades
                        In addition to PASA’s newest local            local partner recruiting, and more, con-                to the site, scheduled to “go live” by the
                    chapter, Greater Lehigh Valley, there are         tact one of our BFBL chapter coordina-                  end of May!
                    groups in Northeastern Pennsylvania and           tors listed below. I

                                                                   Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters in PA
                                      The goal of PASA’s Buy Fresh Buy Local (BFBL) programming is to make it easier for Pennsylvania consumers to find,
                                           choose and appreciate great local foods…and to support the farmers and lands which produce them.
                       I Philadelphia                                  I Centre County                                    Clarion, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Fayette,
                       Ann Karlen (Chapter Coordinator)                Chapter Coordinator: Volunteer Needed! *           Forest, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson,
                       White Dog Community Enterprises                                                                    Lawrence, Mercer, Somerset, Venango,
              or 215-386-5211 x101           I Valleys of the Susquehanna                       Warren, Washington and Westmoreland
                                                                       Trish Carothers (Chapter Coordinator)
                       I Lancaster County                              SEDA-COG                                           I Statewide BFBL Coordination
                       Linda Aleci (Chapter Coordinator)      or 570-522-7259            * Chris Fullerton, PASA Consumer Outreach
                                                                       Serving Centre, Clinton, Columbia,        or 412-246-0990
                       Local Economy Center,
                       F&M College                                     Juniata, Lycoming, Mifflin, Montour,                Buy Fresh Buy Local chapters in Pennsylvania
                                                                       Northumberland, Snyder and Union                   are coordinated by PASA, on behalf of our
              or 717-291-4293
                                                                                                                          national partner, FoodRoutes Network
                                                                       I Northern Tier                                    ( To explore your
                       I Chester County
                                                                       Ruth Tonachel (Chapter Coordinator)                region’s food system further, hear about
                       Claire Murray (Chapter Coordinator)
                                                                       N.T. Cultural Alliance                             upcoming events and find more ways to
                       Inverbrook Farm
                                                              or 570-268-4093                  get involved, please visit our website —
              or 610-563-3116
                                                                       Serving Bradford, Potter, Sullivan, Susquehanna, — or contact one
                                                                       Tioga and Wyoming                                  of the folks listed above.
                       I South Central PA
                                                                                                                          Our work is made possible in part by
                       Susan Richards (Chapter Coordinator)            I Southeast Pennsylvania                           funding from the Pennsylvania Department
                       Capital RC&D                                    Marilyn Anthony (Chapter Coordinator)              of Agriculture and by contributions from
                                                      individuals and businesses throughout the
                       or 717-724-0009                                 or 610-458-5700 x305                               state.
                       Serving Adams, Bedford, Blair,
                       Cambria, Cumberland, Dauphin,                   I Western Pennsylvania
                       Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Lebanon,          Chapter Coordinator: Volunteer Needed! *
                       Perry & York Counties                           Serving Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler,

Educational Outreach
                                                                                                                 Last year The Rodale Institute hosted a field
                                                                                                                 day on compost, cover crops and organic
                                                                                                                 orchard production. Stay tuned for PASA’s
                                                                                                                 2008 Farm-Based Education series beginning
                                                                                                                 in May.

                                                                                                                    Save these dates now!
                                                                                                                   A complete 2008 Educational Outreach
                                                                                                                   calendar will be mailed to all members
                                                                                                                   in May, when registration will also begin.

                                                                                                                   I Wednesday, May 21
                                                                                                                   Mentors of Sustainability in Pennsylva-
                                                                                                                   nia Agriculture, a collaboration between
                         Farm-Based                                                                                The Rodale Institute, the Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                   Department of Agriculture’s Risk Man-
                         Education Series Plans Underway                                                           agement team (PDA RMA), Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                   Women’s Agricultural Network (PA-
                                   By Allison Shauger,             gramming beginning in June and contin-          WAgN), the Southeastern Pennsylvania
                             Educational Outreach Director         uing into the late Fall months.                 Resource Conservation & Development
                          The Educational Outreach Depart-             This year, the Educational Outreach         (SEPA RC&D) and PASA.
                       ment is pleased to provide a series of      Department has grant support from the               Join us for a tour of The Rodale Insti-
                       Farm-Based Education (FBE) events,          Environmental Protection Agency (EPA            tute’s research facility. We’ll tour the
                       intensive learning programs and work-       Region III) and Northeast Sustainable           experimental farm and learn about the
                       shops that promote and demonstrate sus-     Agriculture Research Education (NE              latest research trials in organic crop pro-
                       tainable farming methods as well as         SARE) in three subject areas. In keeping        duction. The keynote speaker will be
                       technical instruction on many related       with the grants, the majority of program-       Ardath Rodale, Chairman of the Board
                       topics. Keep your eyes peeled for an Edu-   ming will reflect our focus on value-            for The Rodale Institute. Cost (includes
                       cational Outreach field day and program      added dairy, small ruminants, and               lunch): $15. Registration at the PA WAgN
                       calendar, which will be mailed in May.      reduced risk/Integrated Pest Manage-            website:
                       Events will be posted online as they are    ment practices in greenhouses and hi-
                       organized with the majority of the pro-     tunnels. In addition to these topics, we        I Thursday, May 29th
                                                                   are planning several other educational          Energy Assessment and Biodiesel Pro-
                       PASA’s annual Farm-Based Education events   events on topics ranging from grass-based       duction at The Lands at Hillside Farms in
                       are great ways to network and learn from    cattle systems to on-farm composting to         Shavertown, PA in Luzerne County.
                       other farmers, researchers and experts.     alternative energy. Stay tuned for the          Spend the day engaged in hands-on
                                                                   schedule of events and we hope to see you       biodiesel production using Piedmont
                                                                   out in the field this summer!                    Biofuel’s mobile processing unit and
                                                                       Teachers, keep in mind that PASA            learn about farm energy audits and
                                                                   offers Act 48 professional development          ways to improve efficiency on your
                                                                   credit for qualified teachers. Act 48 forms      farm. Cost (includes lunch): $15 PASA
                                                                   will be available on-site at each Educa-        members, $25 all others.
                                                                   tional Outreach event. I

                                                                      Editor’s Note: In the January/February 2008 edition (Passages 70), we regret an
                                                                      error in the On-Farm Research Cover Crop article on pages 22 and 23.Table 2 in the
                                                                      article was not included and the correct table caption and data is described below.
                                                                      We apologize for any inconveniences.
                                                                             Table 2. Corn grain yields following various 2006/07 cover crops
                                                                                           (grain corrected to 15.5 % moisture).

                                                                                            Can’t wait for that first, homegrown tomato
  The Importance of Micronutrients in                                                       of the season? Don’t forget micronutrients are
                                                                                            key in producing successful tomato yields.
  Growing Great Tomatoes
                                                                                             ed as “Most Recently Mature”. On a typ-
                                                                                             ical tomato plant, this is the fourth or
                                                                                             fifth whole leaf down from the growing
                                                                                             point. This leaf will be fully expanded
                                                                                             and no longer yellow in appearance.
                                                                                                 Calcium (Ca): Calcium is critical in
                                                                                             cell wall formation. Plant Ca deficiencies
                                                                                             include Blossom End Rot (BER) along
                                                                                             with many variations of skin cracking.
                                                                                             Calcium deficiencies are typically part of
                                                                                             a series of problems including uneven
                                                                                             watering, low pH, moisture stresses, and
                                                                                             imbalances with the nutrients K, Mg and
                                                                                             N. Ca tomato tissue levels at fruiting
                                                                                             should be near 3%. Calcium Nitrate and
                                                                                             Calcium chelates are typically applied
                                                                                             through irrigation or foliarly to increase
                                                                                             available calcium. Irrigation must be
                                                                                             managed properly to solve Ca deficiency.
                                                                                                 Magnesium (Mg): The comments for
                                                                                             Mg are very similar to Ca as these ele-
                                                                                             ments must be in balance with each
                                                                                             other. Like Ca, severe Mg deficiency can
                                                                                             cause BER. Mg tomato tissue levels at
                                                                                             fruiting should be near 0.9%. Field
                                                                                             observations indicate that a ratio of 3⁄ 4
                                                                                             parts Ca to 1 part Mg, assuming that
    Steve Bogash, Regional Horticulture       structural elements, are extracted by          both are near the peak of sufficiency, pro-
            Educator, Penn State              plants from the air and water and make         duces excellent fruit with strong skins
   One of the great misconceptions            up 90–95% of plant tissue. N, P, and K         and minimal cracking. Magnesium sul-
among growers is in the understanding of      are commonly considered as the                 fate, Sul-Po-Mag and Magnesium Oxides
the importance of micronutrients in cre-      macronutrients, make up much of the            are common sources of additional Mg.
ating a great tomato harvest. While the       remaining plant tissue and are the 3               Sulfur (S): Sulfur is especially impor-
required amounts of these nutrients are       numbers expressed as percentages on fer-       tant in the creation of the complex of
very low in comparison to the levels of       tilizer bags. Required in lesser amounts as    organic compounds that make up the
macronutrients, their importance is still     critical micronutrients by plants are Cal-     odor and flavor profiles of vegetable fruit.
very high. Typically major nutrients or       cium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) fol-              Tissue sulfur levels at fruiting should be
macronutrients are expressed as a per-        lowed by Sulfur (S), Boron (B), Chlorine       between 0.8 and 1.2%. Potassium sulfate,
centage of dry matter in plant tissue         (Cl), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese        Sul-Po-Mag, Magnesium sulfate and
while the much smaller micronutrient          (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), and Zinc                Ammonium sulfate are all common
levels are expressed as ppm (parts per mil-   (Zn). Of great interest in our industry at     sources of sulfur. Since these are common
lion). These smaller amounts lead many        this time as well as receiving a lot of        materials used in blending fertilizers, S is
to believe that they are less important.      research are the elements Silicon (Si),        seldom a limiting nutrient.
However, plant health and fruit quality       Sodium (Na), Vanadium (V) and Nickel               Boron (B): Boron is extremely impor-
suffers greatly when there are insufficient    (Ni). So far these last four elements are      tant to growers in our region as this ele-
amounts of these micronutrients as they       not considered critical nutrients, but         ment is often deficient in our soils. B
are important in cell division, develop-      research indicates that they may be bene-      deficiency is often expressed as poor
ment of flavor compounds, cell wall for-       ficial in the right circumstances.              development or death of the growing
mation, fruit set and other plant                 We will consider the list of currently     point since it is very important in many
biochemical processes.                        considered “critical” micronutrients for       cellular division processes. Borax and Sol-
   Major nutrients include Carbon (C),        our region. Mo, Mn, and Cl have been           ubor are often applied foliarly at 1 ⁄ 2–1
Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen            left out of this section as they are seldom    pounds/acre annually. B tissue levels
(N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).       a problem. All of the tissue levels are        should be between 50 and 75ppm. Bring-
Of these, C, H, and O are classed as          based on samples of whole leaves collect-                                   continued page 15

Fundraising Update
                                     Time to Make a Little Honey                                                             OUR SPECIAL GIFTS
                                         Louise Schorn Smith, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
                                                                                                                       For a fifth year in a row, PASA is pleased
                                When spring arrives and I’m back in my garden again, I always feel a
                                                                                                                       to offer special gifts to Annual Fund
                             degree of wonder when I see honeybees busy at work, doing their critical                  contributors. This year we bring you
                             job of pollinating not only my small garden, but also the many farms and                  small batch handmade honey and
                             orchards in my area. The busy bees remind me of our PASA membership,                      beeswax products from PASA member
                             which works as a cohesive group to provide healthy food for all people                     farms. Those who contribute $100 and
                             while respecting the natural environment.                                                   more will receive an assortment of
                                 This year the PASA Board of Directors proudly unveils our 2008 Annu-                    gifts from the busi-
                             al Fund meter — an old-fashioned coiled straw beehive, or “skep.” Our                        nesses featured
                             goal is to “collect enough honey” to fill our hive with $230,000 for our                      below.

                                                                   In Search of
                             Annual Fund by conducting a variety of fundraising activities throughout
                             the year in various PASA regions.
                                                          Sustainable Livestock
                                This revenue provides a firm foundation for the operation of PASA’s
                             education and advocacy programs, which are increasingly vital to sustain-
                                                       Systems in Rural Guyana
                             able agriculture in our state. We have already “filled the first cells” of our
                             hive with some donor gifts and the proceeds from the Benefit Auction at                    I Grandpa Dan’s Apiary — Dan's
                             the conference.                                                                           beeswax is harvested from his Lebanon
                                In the next month we are launching our spring appeal. This important                   County hives to create his beautiful mold-
                             campaign is an opportunity for everyone to add their bit of honey to the                  ed and hand dipped taper candles. PASA
                             hive early in the year. Let’s all work together “as busy as bees” to assure the           is pleased to offer Dan’s natural candles in
                             sustainability of PASA.                                                                   our gift collections this year. We are offer-
                                                                                                                       ing both the molded beehive skep candle
                                                                                                                       (pictured above) and a handsome set of

                                                                                                                       I Lost Hollow Honey — The wonderful
                             - $230,000 — Our Goal                                                                     Clover Honey in our 2008 collection is
                             -                                                                                         from hives in central Pennsylvania, and
                             -                                                                                         has a floral flavor that varies with the sea-
                      200,000-                                                                                         sonal flowering species within the spring-
                             -                                                                                         time foraging range of the bees. The
                             -                                                                                         unstrained Raw Honey we’re offering
                      175,000-                                                                                         contains all the original nutrients, includ-
                             -                                                                                         ing pollen, propolis and yes, some bee
                             -                                                                                         parts, as extracted from the comb. Truly
                             -                                                                                         healthful!
                             -                                                                                         I Sue’s Salves — Sue Morris understands
                             -                                                                                         the healing power of plants and the ben-
                             -                                                                                         efits of using natural ingredients, and
                      100,000-                                                                                         believes that with nature, powerful heal-
                             -                                                                                         ing is possible. Sue uses naturally
                             -                                                                                         obtained beeswax in the two products
                       75,000-                                                                                         offered in our PASA gift collections. You’ll
                             -                                                                    $60,036 (March 26)   be sure to enjoy the lip balm and salve
                             -                                                                                         being offered.
                             -                                                                                         For full information on the Annual Fund
                       25,000-                                                                                         campaign and the 2008 gift premiums,
                             -                                                                                         call Lauren Smith at PASA headquarters or
                             -                                                                                         visit us online.
                                                                                                                       PASA recognizes our country’s bee popula-
                                                                                                                       tions have been placed in peril with Colony
                                                                                                                       Collapse Disorder. We applaud farmers and
                                                                                                                       beekeepers dedicated to providing healthy
                                                                                                                       and sustainable environments in which
                                                                                                                       bees can thrive. In service to the member-
                                                                                                                       ship, we will continue to deliver news and
                                                                                                                       research regarding this issue.

Growing Tomatoes                                increases Fe and K
continued from page 13
                                                    Zinc (Zn): Zn
                                                deficiency        can
ing B tissue levels to 75 ppm can increase      appear as poor
fruit quality by reducing cracking and          growth and/or poor
uneven ripening.                                fruit set and often
    Copper (Cu): Although copper defi-           appear very similar
ciency is seldom seen in the field, obser-       to Fe deficiency.
vations indicate that keeping Cu levels         The only way to
near 20 ppm will enhance plant growth           identify this prob-
and aid in the plant’s ability to resist dis-   lem is by tissue test-
eases. Most copper bactericides/fungi-          ing. Zn levels
cides supply sufficient amounts of Cu            should be between
when used in rotation as part of an over-       20 and 50 ppm.
all disease management program.                 Zinc chelates, sul-
    Iron (Fe): Iron is very important in the    fate and oxides are
plant’s ability to utilize N and S. Many        common sources of additional Zn.              on keeping the plants fruiting. If you
plant biochemical processes require small           The best method to avoid micronutri-      need information on collecting proper
amounts of Fe. Recommended tissue lev-          ent deficiencies as well as produce the        plant tissue for analysis, please contact
els are 100–300 ppm. Iron deficient             largest crop with the greatest packout is     the author.
plants have interveinal chlorosis and yel-      to regularly soil and tissue test plants at      Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted
lowing of younger leaves. High pH soils         critical points. Always test a tomato field    with permission from Steve Bogash, Region-
or irrigation water can cause Fe deficien-       prior to planting and apply nutrients as      al Horticulture Educator, Penn State Coop-
cy. Iron chelate and Ferrous sulfate are        recommended. Then submit plant tissue         erative Extension in Chambersburg, PA
good sources of additional Fe. Tomatoes         for analysis at first blossom, 6–8 mm          (Franklin Co.) and the March 2008 edi-
benefit greatly from the management of           green fruit, first fruit color (pink) and      tion of the Penn State Vegetable & Small
irrigation water to a pH of 6.2–6.5. This       again at first harvest if you are planning     Fruit Gazette. I

                           ADVERTISEMENT                                                            ADVERTISEMENT

Membership Update
                                  Member Support is Essential                                                    materials and display items for you to
                                                                                                                 represent PASA at your local level.
                                 By Michele Gauger,               particular regions — and most impor-              Membership Growth — At the
                               Membership Director                tantly a chance for fellow PASA members        time of printing, PASA currently has
                        Recently many of PASA’s membership        and friends to come together to network        4,701 members across the country. Stay
                    regions have hosted gatherings prior to       with each other.                               tuned for our upcoming series of Educa-
                    the onslaught of spring and all the activi-      Page 9 of this newsletter highlights        tional Outreach events to be announced
                    ty the new season brings. Some of these       our current Regional Contacts and also         in May, so you can take advantage of
                    meetings are noted on page 8 of this          email addresses for our Yahoo-sponsored        reduced fees for current members.
                    newsletter and have included potluck          Regional Email Discussion Groups.                 Tell A Friend — If you have a friend or
                    meals, planning for regional events in the                                                   colleague you would like to introduce to
                    coming months, presentations by local
                                                                               Other Notes                       PASA, let us know. Current members are
                                                                      Don’t Forget to Renew — if you have        our best ambassadors for the organiza-
                    farmers and sharing information collect-
                                                                  not done so already, PASA’s annual mem-        tion. If you would like membership
                    ed at the recent PASA conference.
                        As PASA continues to grow we will         bership renewal campaign is winding            forms or newsletters to distribute or
                    continue to rely on communications            down, if you still need to renew your          PASA to mail something to a new con-
                    from members in all of our regions,           membership, you can do so on our web-          tact, give us a call at 814-349-9856 x5 or
                    including our important non-Pennsylva-        site and click “Join       email
                    nia members all across the country, to let    PASA” or call PASA headquarters at 814-
                                                                                                                     Enhanced Web Site Presence — Stay
                    us know how we are doing as an organi-        349-9856 x5.
                                                                                                                 tuned to in the
                    zation. Your voices are important to us          Spring Has Sprung — PASA is receiv-         coming months as we are set to begin
                    and we encourage each of you to actively      ing invitations from various organiza-         work on a website overhaul, to be
                    participate in your regional advisory         tions across the state to participate in       unveiled this fall. We plan to incorporate
                    groups and gatherings. For those of you       Earth Day events, market openings and          more user-friendly features for our mem-
                    who may not have a regional group estab-      more. PASA staff is not able to attend all     bers including more discussion group
                    lished — now may be the time to do it —       of these events — and we may rely on           areas, readily accessible classified and job
                    and I would be glad to help.                  regional volunteers for help. If there is an   listings, timely news and action alerts,
                        Regional networking events provide        event or market in your area where you         easy registration and membership func-
                    great feedback to PASA on potential field      would like to distribute materials about       tions, photos, educational materials and
                    day topics and sites our members would        PASA, call PASA headquarters at 814-           much more! If members have suggestions
                    like to see, important events going on in     349-9856 x5 or email michele@pasa-             for the web site, contact michele@pasa-
                    your area, issues that are important in We would be glad to send or 814-349-9856 x5.

                              PASA Staff and Board would like to welcome our newest Lifetime Members and Business Members as of March 10.

                         LIFETIME MEMBERS                                                   BUSINESS MEMBERS
                      Jean & Lee Bentz                 Bioniche                        Juniata College                    The Smart Work Co.
                      Gettysburg, PA                   Animal Health USA Inc.          Huntingdon, PA                     Spring Mills, PA
                      Anne & Tim Bock                  Bogart, GA                      Lake Erie Creamery                 Spiedie Bistro Inc.
                      Kutztown, PA                     Chesapeake Gardens Inc.         Cleveland, OH                      Phoenixville, PA
                                                       Glen Burnie, MD                 Lower Eastern Shore
                      William B. Heffner III                                                                              Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
                                                       The Food Trust                  Sustainable Organic Network        Londonderry, NH
                      Lawrence von Barann
                                                       Philadelphia, PA                (LESSON)
                      Steelton, PA
                                                                                       Quantico, MD                       Stoudts
                      Kate Hunter                      Grace Growers,                                                     Adamstown, PA
                                                       Grace Tabernacle Church         Organic Farming Research
                      Tom Abell                                                        Foundation
                                                       Pottstown, PA                                                      Under the Oak Café
                      Allentown, PA                                                    Santa Cruz, CA                     Philadelphia, PA
                                                       GroExx of Filtrexx
                      Jo-Ping Lee                                                      PA Department of                   University of New Hampshire
                                                       International LLC
                      Steven Gaskey                                                    Conservation and Natural           Organic Dairy Research Farm
                                                       Grafton, OH                     Resources (DCNR)
                      Amber, PA                                                                                           Durham, NH
                                                       GSR Calcium                     Harrisburg, PA
                      Suella Pipal                     Ridgeway, IA                                                       West Penn Power
                      Pittsburgh, PA                                                   Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance
                                                                                       Shelocta, PA                       Sustainable Energy Fund
                                                       Historic Lewes
                      Susan & Don Sauter               Farmers Market                  Radnor Middle School               Energy Institute Penn State
                      Bruceton Mills, WV               Lewes, DE                       Wayne, PA                          University Park, PA
                      Louise Schorn Smith              Hobby Farms Magazine            Seven Springs Farm       
                      Exton, PA                        Irvine, CA                      Check, VA                          Harrisburg, PA

Editor’s Corner

                          The Grapevine
                                                     by Michele Gauger

                           Educational Outreach
                             Season Coming                               If You Eat —
                      Stay tuned to this newsletter and the
                  PASA website, for the
                                                                         This Book Is For You
                  latest details regarding PASA’s upcoming                   Essential Eating: The Digestible Diet, written
                  Educational Outreach events during the sum-            by PASA member Janie Quinn, who is the
                  mer and fall of 2008. Educational Outreach             founder of Essential Eating, as well as a real
                  Director, Allison Shauger is working on the            food educator and organic chef, includes deli-
                  details to bring quality programs to our               cious recipes.
                  membership and friends. A complete calen-                  Finally, a solution to save yourself from the
                  dar and registration information will be
                                                                         onslaught of fake processed foods that are pre-
                  mailed to all members in May.
                                                                         venting you from losing weight and restoring
                                                                         your health. The Essential Eating dieting
                            Dairy Basics for the
                                                                         concept is simply to eat real foods that digest easily and allow your body to alleviate indi-
                           Small-Scale Processor
                      Penn State and the PA Department of
                                                                         gestion and lose excess weight. Sound simple? It is. You’ll want to eat this way forever.
                  Agriculture have teamed up to offer four                   Start saving yourself today with delicious food for weight loss and restored health.
                  workshops regarding dairy processing on                Eat to lose weight — now that is unique. You are worth it. Available everywhere books
                  April 21 & 23, at the Mifflin County Extension          are sold and online at or
                  Office, 152 East Market St, Lewistown PA, and
                  May 1 & 2 at the Lancaster County Extension
                  Office, 1383 Arcadia Road — Room 140, Lan-           Annual Polyface Farm Field Day Set                     Devon will be the centerpiece of the
                  caster PA 17601.                                       Acres USA will once again sponsor a field         new operation. As he puts it, "We see the
                      These workshops will provide information        day at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in Swoope,      Red Devon as an answer to the long-standing
                  to farmstead and small-scale dairy producers        VA on Saturday, July 12. For information visit      grass fed production problem of not having
                  and processors to help them to improve the or call 1-800-355-5313.            animals that are genetically predisposed
                  safety and quality of their products.               Discounted registration fees before June 1.         to maximize their potential on a diet of
                      The courses offered on Wednesday, April                                                             100% grass."
                  23 and Thursday, May 1 will be targeted to                  Kim Miller New Head of                         As Executive Secretary of NADA, Miller
                  those farmstead and small-scale processors                    Devon Association                         sees himself in a position to help resolve the
                  of pasteurized products, while another work-            Kim Miller, former PASA board president,        primary challenge facing the organization:
                  shop on Monday, April 21 and Friday, May 2          Pennsylvania organic farmer and national            finding and creating enough Devon to meet
                  will target those interested in raw milk and        leader in sustainable agriculture, has been         the exploding demand.
                  raw milk aged cheese. Each day’s workshop           named the new Executive Secretary of the
                  will run from 8:30am to 5:00pm.                     North American Devon Association (NADA).                Clean Energy Grant Program
                      For a complete brochure visit this link via         Miller, who been raising grass fed beef         Get the latest clean energy farm news by vis-
                  the Penn State Food Science Department:             and pastured poultry since 1993, takes over         iting The Rural Energy
                     as the day-to-day head of the largest Devon         for America Program (REAP) directly helps
                  Basics2008.pdf                                      organization in America. Miller joins a leader-     farmers and rural businesses develop farm-
                      Or for more information contact:                ship team headed by veteran cattleman and           based clean energy opportunities.
         or 877-778-2937                 genetics expert Gearld Fry. Fry is the presi-
                                                                      dent of the Association and will focus on                     PASA Receives SARE
                           Closing the Food Gap                       strategic planning and breed standards.                        Partnership Grant
                       This new title by food activist and journal-       In his "other life", Miller has been involved       PASA and Penn State University were
                  ist, Mark Winne poses questions too often           in building and property development, but           recently awarded a Northeast Sustainable
                  overlooked in our current conversations             always with an eye toward conserving land           Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)
                  around food: What about those people who            resources and with a careful selection of re-       grant to consider “Use of alternative row cov-
                  are not financially able to make conscien-           useable construction materials.                     ers and pollinators to manage insect pests
                  tious choices about where and how to get                Recently Miller, and his wife Dianne, pur-      and improve cucurbit production and prof-
                  food? And in a time of rising rates of both dia-    chased a larger farm with an eye toward             itability.” Three PASA member farms, Beech
                  betes and obesity, what can we do to make           expanding their cow-calf herd. There he             Grove Farm in Trout Run PA, Tewksbury Grace
                  healthier foods available for everyone?             plans to continue the sustainable agriculture       Farm in Muncy PA and White Frost Farm in
                       Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table      techniques he has not only practiced for            Washingtonville PA will be participating in
                  in the Land of Plenty, by Mark Winne. ISBN:         almost 20 years but aggressively preached           on-farm research trials as part of this
                  978-080704730-9.                                    through PASA.                                       research.

Classified Ads
                Employment                                               INTERNS NEEDED — Cromwell Valley CSA near
                                                                         Baltimore, MD, is seeking 3 interns for 2008. Offer-
                                                                                                                                  BIODYNAMIC FARM INTERNSHIP — located in
                                                                                                                                  southeast PA, Kimberton CSA is 200 households
                VEGETABLE FARMER & ENVIRONMENTAL EDU-                    ing a $500/month stipend plus free shared housing        provided by ten acres of vegetables, berries, herbs,
                CATOR POSITION — available at Olney Friends              and utilities. Produce grown on the farm is available    flowers, chickens, and bees. We make most of the
                School, a small, co-educational boarding school for      at no cost. Hands-on learning, some lecture, and         Biodynamic preparations in collaboration with
                grades 9 -12, located in Barnesville, OH, in the beau-   field trips included. Experience helpful but not          other BD-Farmers of the region. We accept interns
                tiful Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio.        required. For job description and application con-       each season for 8 months (April-November), how-
                The vegetable farmer will grow fresh produce for         tact                                      ever we can also accommodate summer intern-
                the school’s kitchen, assist in managing livestock,                                                               ships (June-August). Good housing and stipends
                                                                         ASSISTANT FARMER POSITION — Cromwell
                teach gardening classes, oversee interns and stu-                                                                 are offered in exchange for your work. Most learn-
                                                                         Valley CSA near Baltimore, MD. The CSA is seeking        ing is by doing! Call or email Birgit & Erik Landowne
                dent employees & participating in the life of a resi-
                                                                         one assistant farmer for 2008. The term will begin       for        more         details,        610-933-8339,
                dential Quaker community. Contact Richard
                                                                         upon applicant’s arrival and continue till December, www.KimbertonC-
                Sidwell, Head of School, 740-425-3655, ext 201,
                                                                         31, 2008. The assistant farmer position includes the
                                                                         opportunity for permanent year-round employ-
                OPPORTUNITIES — employment available at                  ment. Shared housing and a salary are provided,          FIELD ASSITANT — The Red Wiggler Community
                Pennsylvania Certified Organic, Spring Mills, PA.         and produce grown on the farm is available at no         Farm in Clarksburg, MD is seeking a field assistant
                Pennsylvania Certified Organic announces the fol-         cost to the assistant farmer. The amount of the          for the 2008 CSA season. Red Wiggler is a non-prof-
                lowing employment opportunities: Organic Certifi-         monthly salary will depend on experience. If inter-      it that employs adults with developmental disabili-
                cation Specialist, Assistant Certification Director,      ested in this position, please e-mail                    ties in the growing and selling of vegetables to an
                Organic Inspector / Inspection Coordinator and  or call (410) 825-2854 and leave       80 member CSA in Montgomery County, Maryland.
                Organic Inspector. All positions include benefits         your contact information.                                Under the direct supervision of the Field Manager,
                and are based in our Spring Mills (Centre County),                                                                the field assistant works to meet the need of the
                                                                         HEAD FARMERS — Red Hill Farm, located in Aston           Red Wiggler CSA and the farm sales program. Expo-
                PA, office. Please see the PCO website, www.paor-
                                                                         PA right outside of Philadelphia, is seeking 2 full      sure to planting, seeding, harvesting, cultivating,
      , for the positions’ Job Descriptions. For
                                                                         time head farmers for THIS GROWING SEASON. Red           soil fertility, and working with a variety of people.
                more information Contact Beckie Lease at 814-422-
                                                                         Hill is a CSA farm owned by the Sisters of Saint Fran-   Starting pay: $9—$11/hour, commensurate upon
                0251 or
                                                                         cis of Philadelphia growing for 120 members. Red         experience; Max. 40 Hours/Week; Tuesday through
                WANTED — FT farm help, on our pastured, natural-         Hill is looking for 2 dedicated, hardworking individ-    Saturday 20 Weeks, Mid-April to Mid-September
                ly grown Beef, Dairy, Poultry,Pork,Goat, sheep,          uals with 2 years or more of organic farming expe-       (start and end dates flexible). Please examine our
                and chemical free produce operation in Hamburg,          rience. For more info please contact Amy or Chris at     website for more information:
                Pa. Visit and contact              610-558-6799 or and visit          If you are interested in the position please email
                Mary, 610-562-4912                                       our website               


Classified Ads
                OPERATIONS ASSISTANT — Lancaster Farm Fresh                CONSERVATION SPECIALIST — The Delaware                      OPPORTUNITIES – employment available at Penn-
                Cooperative is hiring a full-time permanent Opera-         Highlands Conservancy is currently looking for a            sylvania Certified Organic, Spring Mills, PA. Pennsyl-
                tions Assistant to work closely with the wholesale         full-time, entry-level Land Conservation Specialist to      vania Certified Organic announces the following
                and CSA managers. The Operations Assistant com-            work with property owners to conserve land in Sul-          employment opportunities: Organic Certification
                municates with farmers, customers, CSA members             livan and Delaware Counties, New York. Responsibil-         Specialist, Assistant Certification Director, Organic
                and Cooperative employees, assisting in all aspects        ities include management of all aspects of                  Inspector / Inspection Coordinator and Organic
                of business operations. The position begins in late        conservation easement and agricultural easement             Inspector. All positions include benefits and are
                March and is located in Quarryville, PA. Interested        projects from initial meeting with landowner                based in our Spring Mills (Centre County), PA, office.
                individuals should contact Lancaster Farm Fresh via        through negotiation, closing, and ongoing monitor-          Please see the PCO website,, for
                email at                     ing. The ideal candidate will have a passion for the        the positions’ Job Descriptions. For more informa-
                                                                           environment, college degree in environmental stud-          tion Contact Beckie Lease at 814-422-0251 or
                APPRENTICESHIP — at Wolf Pine Farm, a 200+
                                                                           ies, land use planning or related field, computer pro-
                member CSA in Southern Maine is accepting appli-
                                                                           ficiency including experience with ESRI ArcGIS,
                cations for a full season position.The farm is MOFGA                                                                   ASSISTANT FARMER POSITION — Cromwell Valley
                                                                           excellent interpersonal and communication skills,
                certified organic and is on 50 acres, with 25 wooded                                                                    CSA near Baltimore, MD. The CSA is seeking one
                                                                           and strong orientation for detail. Previous experi-
                and 25 open, which includes about 6 acres of diverse                                                                   assistant farmer for 2008. The term will begin upon
                                                                           ence with a land trust a plus. Travel throughout the
                vegetables. The farm employs 2 apprentices from                                                                        applicant’s arrival and continue till December 31,
                                                                           region is required. For more information, please call
                April through the end of October and provides                                                                          2008. The assistant farmer position includes the
                                                                           570-226-3164 or email
                housing in a beautiful, new, off the grid-cabin, as well                                                               opportunity for permanent year-round employ-
                as a $800 month stipend, a sparkling river to swim in      OPPORTUNITY SOUGHT — Couple with two-year-                  ment. Shared housing and a salary are provided, and
                and all the veggies you can eat. Check out the farm        old daughter seeking experience in sustainable agri-        produce grown on the farm is available at no cost to
                website Send a cover letter          culture. Currently in Philadelphia area but willing to      the assistant farmer. The amount of the monthly
                & resume to Laura Neale, CSA Manager, at                   relocate (housing needed). We are interested in all         salary will depend on experience. If interested in this
                                          aspects of sustainable agriculture, integrated sys-         position, please e-mail or call
                                                                           tems that include animals and produce, composting,          (410) 825-2854 and leave your contact information.
                ASSISTANT VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR — Work                     cover cropping, agroforestry, alternative energy and
                with students and adults with developmental dis-                                                                       INTERNS NEEDED — Cromwell Valley CSA near Bal-
                                                                           permaculture. Our hope is to be equipped for even-
                abilities on a farm. $9–11/hour; Max. 40 hours/week;                                                                   timore, MD, is seeking 3 interns for 2008. Offering a
                                                                           tual service in a developing nation, most likely            $500/month stipend plus free shared housing and
                Tues–Sat, Mid-May—Mid-Sept (dates flexible) Please          Africa. Husband is a graduate of Slippery Rock’s MS3
                send resume and short cover letter to: Red Wiggler                                                                     utilities. Produce grown on the farm is available at no
                                                                           and Masters in Education programs. All suggestions          cost. Hands-on learning, some lecture, and field trips
                P.O. Box 968 Clarksburg, MD 20871 or email                 welcome, please contact
       Visit for                                                                      included. Experience helpful but not required. For
                                                                           INTERNSHIP — at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut             job description/application contact
                more information on our farm.
                                                                           Ridge, New York is a full time program that combines
                ASSISTANT FARM MANAGER — on organic pro-
                duce farm in eastern NY. April – Nov, 50 hrs./wk,
                                                                           academic work with hands on experience in the
                                                                           Center gardens and apiary. Interns will broaden and
                                                                                                                                       For Sale
                $8.50/hr., workman’s comp., farm produce, farm             deepen their understanding of organic sustainable           FOR SALE — Hydroponic and Greenhouse Equip-
                house apt. included. Duties include: harvest, pack &       agriculture and the Biodynamic approach. Positions          ment and Supplies for Sale. 1999 International
                record keeping, tractor cultivation, general farm          generally last a year and start in the early spring.        4700/DT466 Low Pro truck with 18' insulated/refrig-
                work. Rquires at least 2 seasons farm work including       There are 4 weeks of vacation in December and early         erated box equipped with air ride, dock height
                tractor experience, organized, good communication          January. For information contact info@pfeiffer-             w/step bumper(188,000 mi.), 30,000 sq. ft. gutter
                skills. Spanish helpful. CRAFT farmer training pro- or 845-352-5020 x20.                             connect Westbrook Greenhouse (14' to gutter), 4
                gram available. Contact Willy Denner, Little Seed                                                                      Priva Maximizers w/computer, 2 Boilersmith Boilers,
                Gardens,, 518-392-0063.                VEGETABLE FARMER & ENVIRONMENTAL EDU-
                                                                                                                                       Heat rails, Pacific Ozone Generator, ESS Sprayer,
                                                                           CATOR POSITION — available at Olney Friends
                                                                                                                                       H.E.Anderson Injector feeder and portable injector,
                WANTED — Interns/Ag students to design, develop,           School, a small, co-educational boarding school for
                                                                                                                                       1.5 hp pumps, 400w P.L. Lights HPS grow lights, 150
                and implement a sustainable agriculture enterprise.        grades 9 –12, located in Barnesville, OH, in the beau-
                                                                                                                                       gal. Rubbermaid Stock Tank, 3 Priva CO2 burners, 3
                I’ll provide land, equipment, and even lodging on an       tiful Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio.
                                                                                                                                       walk in coolers, Sensophone, 6 bays of galvanized
                80 acre non-active farm in Potter County, Pennsylva-       The vegetable farmer will grow fresh produce for
                                                                                                                                       benching, 500 – 6’ hydroponic channels, 4 rolling
                nia. You provide ideas, vision, and hard work. We’ll       the school's kitchen, assist in managing livestock,
                                                                                                                                       pruning/harvest carts, micro elements, PH & EC
                share the successes and failures. Ideal opportunity        teach gardening classes, oversee interns and stu-
                                                                                                                                       meters, O2 test kit. 10# Genovese Basil, 2.5# Aroma 2
                for recent graduates seeking to apply their educa-         dent employees & participating in the life of a resi-
                                                                                                                                       Basil, 5# Santo Cilantro and 10# Astro Arugula seed.
                tion while still acquiring the experience and              dential Quaker community. Contact Richard Sidwell,
                                                                                                                                       T84 plug trays, 1 barrel 35% peroxide, refrigerated
                resources necessary before starting their own agri-        Head of School, 740-425-3655, ext 201,
                                                                                                                                       30’ trailers (1 with standby), scales & more. Call for
                cultural operation. Willing to partner with educa-
                                                                                                                                       complete list of equipment & e-mail pictures. Mike @
                tional or other non-profit entities. Email me for
                                                                           LEAD FARMER — Cromwell Valley CSA is located in             814-432-5281 x-27 or Cindy 814-673-0221.
                additional information at mark.chambers@adel-
                                                                           the beautiful 350-acre Cromwell Valley Park within
                                                                                                                    FOR SALE — We are a MIG seasonal dairy and have
                                                                           ten minutes of the cultural and educational oppor-          4 NOFA certified heifers born outside our calving
                INTERNS — Rainbeau Ridge, located 1 hour north of          tunities of Towson & Baltimore, MD. In addition to          window. Crossbred with jersey and lineback 10
                New York City, has two internship openings for the         the CSA the park is home to a children’s garden, edu-       months old. Also, Four 12 month old crossbred bulls;
                2008 season. The two positions will incorporate            cational programs, and a summer camp. The CSA is            normande, lineback, jersey, and friesian. Contact Jim
                responsibilities in the areas of livestock, cheesemak-     seeking one lead farmer for 2008. The term will             Phillips 607-591-0562 Cortland,NY.
                ing, market gardening and ag education for chil-           begin upon applicant’s arrival and continue through
                dren. Specific job descriptions will be crafted to          December 31, 2008. The position includes the                FOR SALE — Protect your livestock with Anatolian
                match candidates depending upon skills, back-              opportunity for permanent year-round employ-                Shepherd Livestock Guard Dogs. Farm raised, regis-
                ground and interests.This is a unique opportunity to       ment. Compensation includes a $1500/month                   tered, vaccinated, with dewclaws removed. Puppies
                be part of a dynamic, growing, non-traditional farm        stipend plus shared housing & utilities. Produce            available. Sire and dam on site. Call 570-769-7344 or
                business. We value excellence, have high standards         grown on the farm is available at no cost to the            visit Pairodox Farm at Seri-
                and appreciate individuals who can work in a fluid          farmer. If you are interested in this position, please e-   ous inquiries only.
                environment. Visit                  mail or call 410-825-2854.                                                   continued page 20

Classified Ads
                For Sale                                               Wanted                                                 WANTED — Organic produce to feed 24 families
                                                                                                                              grown within 100 miles of us and delivered weekly
                continued from page 19                                 WANTED — Bees for beginners. Email Livin-              (on Wednesdays) to Mountain Lakes, NJ. We are at
                                                                                               the intersection of Route 80 and 287. Please phone
                FOR SALE — Organic Beekeeping Classes - Bee-
                                                                                                                              973-335-4469 or email FruitLady@MountainLake-
                keeping classes in State College. Classes will cover   PRODUCERS WANTED: Farmers to participate in
                                                                       the 2nd season of the Boyertown Farmers Market,
                organic and sustainable beekeeping practices for
                beginners as well advanced methods of beekeep-         located in Berks County. The season will run from      WANTED — Looking for frizzle or cochin chicks,
                ing utilizing organic pest controls. For more infor-   June till November and all farmers must be the         preferably females if possible. For a small hobby
                mation, contact Liam at 814-574-2273, e-mail           original grower or creator of the product they are     farm, only want four of each. Need to be within two
      , or www.half-acre-           selling. We are looking for a diverse and balanced     hours of State College, will pick up. Contact Katie,
                                                    mix of farmers for the 2008 season with represen-      814-360-5458 or
                                                                       tation from each of the following categories:
                .LOOKING FOR A FAMILY COW? Please consider             Fruit/Vegetables, Poultry/Fish, Beef or other Red      LAND WANTED — Family in search of 5 to 20 acres
                rescuing a Holstein heifer who was born blind. She     Meat, Dairy/Cheese and Baked Goods.The market is       of farmland or small farm with a fixer-upper. Rea-
                is otherwise healthy, friendly, 7 months old, A.I.     overseen by a sub-committee of the Boyertown’s         sonably priced. Within two hours from Pittsburgh.
                sired, from a good, clean commercial dairy farm.       Main Street Program (Building a Better Boyertown),     Please contact Cindy Totino @412-882-2799 or
                She is available for slaughter price, approximately    with a dedicated Farmers Market Manager and  
                $300. For more information, please call Judy at 412-   funding in the amount of $15,000 for infrastructure
                                                                                                                              VENDORS WANTED — New Garden Growers Mar-
                638-0594 or email          and marketing. There is also a fully operational
                                                                                                                              ket near Avondale, PA. Seeking growers and food
                AVAILABLE — Organic Beekeeping Classes - Bee-          website, with over 11,000 “hits” a month, highlight-
                                                                                                                              producers of all kinds. Saturday market 9-1. Call
                keeping classes in State College. Classes will cover   ing the market, vendors and entertainment. There
                                                                                                                              610-268-2150 or email:
                organic and sustainable beekeeping practices for       will be no space rental fees for the 2008 season;
                                                                       however, we do require a firm commitment from           WANTED — Need Equipment for Farm Market, Bas-
                beginners as well advanced methods of beekeep-
                                                                       vendors for the season. All interested parties can     kets, Tables, Display racks, Deli cases, Coolers, Fresh
                ing utilizing organic pest controls. For more infor-
                                                                       contact the Market Manager, Bryan McDonald at          Flower equipment. Produce equipment anything to
                mation, contact Liam at 814-574-2273, e-mail
                                                                       610-369-3054 or by email at farmmanager@boyer-         start a new farm market. Contact Jen Batchelder,
      , or www.half-acre-
                                                                                                         610-721-3297 or

                                             ADVERTISEMENT                                                                            ADVERTISEMENT

Classified Ads
                WANTED — Horseradish growers, contact Kelchn-           WANTED — Central PA farm: Farm family seeks 80-         WANTED — Looking for frizzle or cochin chicks,
                er’s Horseradish Products, Dave Daltry, Manager,        100 acre farm with pond in central PA to relocate       preferably females if possible. For a small hobby
      , 800-424-1952,         our diversified, grass-based livestock operation. We     farm, only want four of each. Need to be within two
                                 are qualified buyers, having already sold our NH         hours of State College, will pick up. Contact Katie,
                                                                        farm. Our timing is flexible, since we are currently     814-360-5458 or
                VENDORS — for Mt. Lebanon Farmers’ Market in
                                                                        renting. David/Caroline Owens 603-556-0936, 603-
                Allegheny Co. PA. Contact Carrie Hahn, market coor-                                                             WANTED — Bees for beginners. Email Livin-
                                                                        275-1511,,         website
                dinator, 412-531-4485 or                                                           
                PRODUCERS WANTED: Farmers to participate in
                                                                        WANTED — small farm (vegetable/garden farm) to
                the 2nd season of the Boyertown Farmers Market,
                                                                        lease in Lehigh Valley area. Contact Simon Wu, 847-
                located in Berks County. The season will run from
                                                                        809-5481.                                                      NOTE TO OUR READERS
                June till November and all farmers must be the
                                                                                                                                  Due to print space constraints, full listings
                original grower or creator of the product they are      WANTED — Land Wanted To Buy…10+ acres, vicin-
                selling. We are for representation from each of the     ity of Centre County, year-round/natural/accessible
                                                                                                                                  of classified and employment ads are avail-
                following categories: Fruit/Vegetables, Poultry/Fish,   water source(s) a must, privacy, southern exposure,       able online at In
                Beef or other Red Meat, Dairy/Cheese and Baked          with or without structures, for organic, sustainable,     addition to those listings, there is also
                Goods. There will be no space rental fees for the       natural method small-scale farming and home-              complete information on:
                2008 season; however, we do require a firm com-          steading. Tillable soils for small-scale grain opera-
                                                                                                                                  • PASA’s Intern Board announcements
                mitment from vendors for the season. All interested     tion. Fallow ground or previous organic methods
                                                                                                                                  • Complete calendar details
                parties can contact the Market Manager, Bryan           preferred. Contact David at 814-349-5620 or email
                McDonald at 610-369-3054 or by email at farm-                                      • Up to date event registration details
                                                                        WANTED — Organic Produce to feed 24 families              Classified ad listings in the newsletter are a
                WANTED — I am looking for Red Bourbon hens              grown within 100 miles of us and delivered weekly         free service to PASA members. For details
                and a Black Spanish Tom. I also have "Protector"        (on Wednesdays) to Mountain Lakes, NJ. We are at          or to submit an ad, contact Michele
                geese to sell for your pastured poultry operation       the intersection of Route 80 and 287. Please              Gauger at PASA headquarters, 814-349-
                $50.00/pair or $65.00/trio. Call Mark at 570-854-       phone 973-335-4469 or email FruitLady@Moun-               9856 or
                4621 (Snyder Co. PA)                          


                                                                                                                         PASA Staff and Board would like
                                                                                                                       to thank our most recent volunteers:
                                                                                                                                   Eileen Clark
                                                                                                                                  Brigid Ferkett
                                                                                                                                  Janet Grecsek
                                                                                                                                   Carrie Hahn
                                                                                                                                  Maggie Henry
                                                                                                                             Diane & Bill Schoentag
                                                                                                                                  Beth Marshall
                                                                                                                                 Ginger Marshall
                                                                                                                                   Zinat Naderi


                                                                                                                   Hungry Parasites,
                                                                                                                  Predators on Patrol
                                                                                                                 Use Biocontrol in the Field to Control:
                                                                                                             Corn Borer, Mexican Bean Beetle, Manure Flies
                                                                                                              Use Biocontrol in the Greenhouse to Control:
                                                                                                           Aphids, Whiteflies, Spider Mites, Thrips, Fungus Gnats

                                                                                                                         IPM Laboratories, Inc.
                                                                                                                         Phone: (315) 497-2063
                                                                                                                         Healthy Beneficials Guaranteed

                                                                         Availability of Common Vegetables & Fruits
           Calendar                                           Beans – Lima                                                                       July to October
           This calendar features many events some of         Beans – Snap                                                                       July to October
           PASA's sister organizations are sponsoring         Beets                                                                                   July to Dec
           that we felt many of our members would be
           interested in learning more about. Stay tuned      Blueberries                                                                       July and August
           for additional PASA events to be announced in      Broccoli                                                                                July to Oct.
           the coming months — including the Farm-
           Based Education schedule.                          Cabbage – green                                                                         July to Oct.
                                                              Cabbage – red                                                                           July to Oct.
           May                                                Cabbage – chineses                                                                     June to Oct.
           May 20–21 | 8th Annual PA Nutrition Educa-
           tion Network Conference: Strengthening the         Cantaloupe/Musk Melon                                                                  July to Sept.
           Food Resource Safety Net, Sheraton Harris-         Carrots                                                                                 July to Dec.
           burg-Hershey Hotel. Visit,
                                Cauliflower                                                             June to July/Sept to Nov.
                                                              Corn – sweet                                                                            July to Oct.
           June                                               Cucumbers                                                                              July to Sept.
           Jun 5–8 | National Barn Alliance Annual            Eggplant                                                                                July to Oct.
           Conference in partnership with the PA His-
                                                              Lettuce                                                                                 May to Oct.
           toric Barn & Farmstead Foundation. Contact
           Rod Scott, 641-648-4570, visit www.pahis-          Peppers – sweet                                                                         July to Dec.
                                     Peppers – hot                                                                           July to Oct.
           June 5–7 | 18th Annual Native Plants in the        Raspberries                                                                            June to July
           Landscape Conference. Held at: Millersville
           University, Lancaster Co., PA. For information     Spinach                                                             May and June, Aug. to Nov.
           visit or call:    Strawberries                                                                                    June
                                                              Squash – summer                                                                   June to October

           July                                               Tomatoes
                                                              Tomatoes – cherry
                                                                                                                                                     June to Oct.
                                                                                                                                                     June to Oct.
           Jul 1 | Polyface Farm Field Day at Joel
           Salatin’s Farm, Swoope VA, sponsored by            Tomatoes – greenhouses                                                  April to July, Oct. to Dec.
           Acres USA. Visit or call
                                                              Turnips                                                                           Sept. to January
           1-800-355-5313 for more information.
                                                              Watermelon                                                                             July to Sept.
           Jul 7–11 | Sustainable Health & the Class-
           room Workshop, 9am–4pm, Quiet Creek Herb              Vegetables and Availability — source Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program, 2001
           Farm & School of Country Living in Brookville,
           Pennsylvania, Jefferson County. Sponsored by
           Clarion University. Create a vision for sustain-
           able health in your home and classroom by                               Creamy Spring Asparagus Soup
           reducing stress through yoga, preparing/eat-
           ing nutritionally-dense whole foods, strolling
                                                                   1 tablespoon butter
           in the woods wild crafting plants, and grow-            1 large leek, white part only
           ing herbs, vegetables, flowers, and fruits.              1 quart vegetable broth
           Interested K–12 Teachers (public, private or            1 bunch asparagus, about 1 lb
           home school educators). Act 48 Credits avail-           1 ⁄ 3 cup plain yogurt or sour sour cream
           able. Cost is $200 (includes all materials and
                                                                   sea salt, to taste
           luncheons). Call Claire and Rusty Orner at
           814-849-9662 or e-mail us at                            ground pepper, to taste
  for more infor-               Trim leek and cut in half lengthwise. Rinse out any dirt trapped inside
                                                               and slice into 1 inch pieces. Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat,
                                                               then saute leek for 5–10 minutes until tender. Add chicken broth and bacon
           August                                              slices and bring to a boil. Trim asparagus, cutting off the bottom inch and
           Aug 3 | First Annual PASA Grass-Fed Beef            peeling any stalks that seem tough or woody. Cut into 1 inch pieces and add
           Challenge Cook-Off, Lehigh County, PA. Join         to broth, reducing heat to a simmer. Gently cook for 10–15 minutes until
           us for this judged cook-off and tasting. Those      asparagus are tender. Remove bacon slices.
           interested in entering or attending should              In batches, purée the soup in a food processor or blender until smooth.
           contact PASA headquarters.                          Return to saucepan and bring back to a boil. Remove from heat and whisk
           Aug 19–21 | Ag Progress Days, Rock Springs          in sour cream. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with crackers and creamy
           PA. Free admission & parking. Visit                 goat cheese. Serves 4.
  or call 814-865-2081.                                      Recipe courtsey of Whole Foods (

PASA Membership                                                                                       Please clip this application and return with payment to:
                                                                                                      PASA Membership, PO Box 419, Millheim, PA 16854
& Contribution Form                                                                                   or join online at

  Benefits of Membership                                                                                                 Lifetime Memberships &
  As a member you will receive:                                                                                         Permanent Business Partners
    • A subscription to our bimonthly, Passages newsletter                                                                Contributions for Lifetime Memberships & Permanent Business Part-
                                                                                                                          nerships will be managed with care, sustaining both the ongoing
    • A membership directory for networking                                                                               membership as well as the long-term future of PASA. There are few
                                                                                                                          things a member or business could do to symbolize their lifelong com-
    • Discounted admission to our annual conference                                                                       mitment to sustainability than to place such confidence in the value
                                                                                                                          and viability of PASA itself.
    • Discounted admission to our annual field day series                                                                                                                                                $ 1,200
                                                                                                                                 Sustaining Lifetime Member
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                 Family/Farm Please complete field below                                                $ 60             PASA is a registered 501 (C) 3 organization and contributions are tax exempt.

          Please list all names for this Family/Farm membership. You may include children                               Annual Fund                                                  $ .............................
          between the ages of 14–22, and also multiple generations directly involved in the farm.

                                                                                                                        Arias M. Brownback Scholarship Fund                          $ .............................

                 Nonprofit           Please complete field below                                        $ 100                         Check Make check payable to PASA                  Total amount due
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