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                     HARDEN SHIRE COUNCIL
                             Position Description

Position Title:             Tradesperson

Present Occupant:           Vacant

Classification:             Technical/Trades Band (B2), Level 1c, (Grade 14)

Rate of Pay:               Entry Level $758.32 to Step 4 $837.04 (plus
                           allowances as appropriate)

Division:                   Technical Services Department

Accountable to:             Works Overseer / Manager Works


In accordance with Council’s NAPSA (Notional Agreement to Preserve the
State Award) as amended from time to time and Council’s Policies, Practices
and Procedures as amended from time to time.

Hours:                            38 hours per week
Travel:                           As per award
Flexible Hours:                   9 day fortnight
Vehicle:                          As required (for work purposes)
Other:                            Not Applicable

                           POSITION OBJECTIVES

•   To ensure the efficient and effective undertaking of trade duties and tasks
    which relate to Councils works program
•   To strive to achieve maximum benefit from all resources
•   To maintain a spirit of co-operation and goodwill to all individuals and
•   To project and promote the image of Council as both efficient and
•   To ensure that safe operating practices are adhered to at all times and that
    practices comply with Council’s OH&S Policies.
•   To provide an example of good work ethic as senior member of staff.

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Duties / Tasks

1. Ensure your own and others health and safety in the workplace at all times

2. Set up worksite signage using approved Traffic Control Plan and
   associated signage.

3. Ensure work crew are using all required personal protective equipment
   and that duties are undertaken in accordance with safe work method

4. Carry out routine maintenance on Council buildings, dwellings and other

5. Undertake building and carpentry tasks including glazing, brick laying,
   paving, tiling, painting duties as directed.

6. Undertake metal fabrication works using various welding techniques.

7. Undertake general concrete work including erection of formwork, setting
   reinforcing, pouring, vibrating, finishing, stripping and disestablishment.

8. Concrete fabrication for stormwater pits, headwalls and structures
   associated with road construction drainage.

9. Lay stormwater, sewer and water pipe to line and level.

10. Assist in specialised concrete work such as kerb and gutter, stencilled
    slabs and formed structures.

11. To investigate and report on options and alternatives relating to building
    maintenance and construction projects.

12. Use hand and power tools required to carry out duties in a safe, efficient
    and effective manner.

13. Use plant and equipment required to carry out duties in a safe, efficient
    and effective manner.

14. Ensure accurate booking out of stores issues in the absence of the

15. Comply with Council’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy/Systems.

16. Comply with Council’s Quality and Environmental Policy/Systems.

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17. Work as part of a team when required.

18. Complete records and returns such as time sheets, plant sheets, private
   work forms as required.

19. Demonstrate ability to work unsupervised.

20. Respond positively to work interruptions and changed priorities.

21. To carry out other duties as directed and in accordance with the ability,
    skill and training of the incumbent.


Authority and Accountability
• To be responsible for the safe operations of the worksite by correct
   installation of signage, following safe work methods and ensuring
   personnel have and use required Personal Protective Equipment.
• To be responsible for the completion of work which requires the application
   of trade skills.
• To be responsible for reporting back to the Works Overseer upon arising
   problems or completion of works.
• To be responsible for the care and maintenance of tools, plant and clothing
   issued and used.
• To be responsible for safe operation of tools, plant and equipment in the

Judgement and Problem Solving
• Use skill and judgement to assess projects and determine work processes
   and materials required to complete tasks.
• Initiative required to solve problems within scope of the works.
• Able to arrange ordering of materials and supplies required for projects

Specialist Knowledge and Skills
• To use knowledge of building, carpentry or similar skills to complete tasks
  in an efficient and effective manner.
• To be able to read and interpret plans associated with building and
  concrete construction.
• To be able to set out work according to such plans.
• To be able to set work out to level using associated equipment.
• To be familiar with industry standards for building, concreting, metal
  fabrication and carpentry activities and processes.
• To keep abreast of technological advancements pertaining to the building
• To keep abreast of amendments to legislation/rules for:-
  * Building codes of practice;

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   *   WorkCover regulations applying to building and carpentry
   *   OH&S issues which pertain to the industry.

Management Skills
• Supervise and direct labourers and assistants
• Be able to coordinate labour and resources to achieve outcomes

Interpersonal Skills
• To understand and accept specific job directions and communicate with
    supervisor, other employees and subordinate staff.
• To exchange information with supervisor, report on issues, assess and
    resolve difficulties as able.
• To maintain good inter-staff relationships.
• To use the 2-way radio to communicate with other employees, receive and
    pass on messages effectively and efficiently.
• To liaise with the public in a courteous manner.

Qualifications and Experience


1. Have WorkCover construction “Whitecard”

2. Have unrestricted and current Motor Vehicle licence - Class MR

3. Hold trade certification in a relevant field

4. Demonstrated competence in building, concreting, fabrication or carpentry

5. Demonstrated ability to supervise and co-ordinate staff to optimise work


1. Current immunisation against tetanus and Hep B

2. Have unrestricted and current motor vehicle licence - class HC

3. Hold current “Traffic Control at Worksite” certification

4. Have formal qualifications in the electrical and/or plumbing trade

5. Senior first aid certificate

6. “Confined Spaces” certification

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The Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of local
and classified roads, drainage, parks, cemeteries, water supply and
sewerage, building and dwelling infrastructure throughout the Council area.

The employee must be able to work either individually or in a team
environment as a supervisor. The employee must ensure the safety of both
the general public and other workers at all times.

From time to time it will be necessary for the employee to carry out other
duties as are within the limits of the employees’ skill, competence and training.

Subject to Works Programmes and availability of resources it will be
necessary from time to time to carry out non trade operational duties within
the Works Department range of responsibilities.


To comply with essential training requirements as may be provided for within
Council’s Training Plan, attend seminars/ courses deemed necessary by
Council to enhance/ maintain knowledge of contemporary practices, or
become conversant with Council policy matters. A training plan will be
developed and reviewed each year with the performance/competency


The following conditions of employment are mandatory and as such have to
be met by the employee at all times:

       To hold an unrestricted and current NSW Drivers License
       To ensure the safety of themselves and fellow employees by following
       safe work procedures
       Comply with Councils OH&S Policy and procedures
       To project image of Council in a positive manner

Non adherence to these conditions may result in disciplinary action and / or
termination of employment.


Each position holder shall be reviewed annually to assess performance,
training needs and to identify significant changes (if any) in the position

Assessment will be in accordance with Councils Salary System.

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Entry Level

The position holder will be required to possess, or be capable and willing to
obtain, all the following qualification, skills and competencies which have been
deemed necessary to undertake the basic requirements of the position.

1.    WorkCover ‘Greencard’ Certification
2.    Skid Steer Loader Certification
3.    Traffic Control (Stop/Go) Certification
4.    Manual Handling training,
5.    Senior First Aid Certificate,
6.    Hold recognised and relevant trade qualifications
7.    Have demonstrated competence in building and maintenance projects
      requiring the use of carpentry, fabrication, painting or paving trade skills,
8.    Undertake routine concreting projects such as slabs, footpaths and mass
9.    Effectively and efficiently operate hand or power equipment, i.e. Wacker
      packers, jackhammers, compressor, generators, etc.
10.   Unrestricted and current motor vehicle licence- Class C,
11.   Follow safe work procedures,
12.   Operate 2-way radio in accordance with standard procedures,
13.   Complete standard paperwork such as diary entries, timesheets and
      plant sheets.


All qualifications, skills and competencies in Entry Level plus:

1.  Dogging Certificate,
2.  Backhoe Certification,
3.  Confined Spaces Certification,
4.  Shoring trenches certification,
5.  Have demonstrated competence in building and maintenance projects
    requiring the use of brick laying, glazing, fabrication or tiling trade skills,
6.  Undertake more complex concreting work such as footings, laybacks
    and pram crossings,
7.  Chainsaw cross-cut certification,
8.  Attach and be able to use skid steer loader implements,
9.  RTA Worksite Signage Setout certification,
10. Lay pipe work to line and level,
11. Assess building maintenance and repair projects and recommend
    suitable work methods,
12. Supervise and coordinate work gang of less than 10 personal.

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All qualifications, skills and competencies in Entry Level and Step 1 plus:

  1.     Forklift certification,
  2.     RTA Select and Setout signage certification,
  3.     Draft Traffic Control Plans for verification,
  4.     Excavator Certificate,
  5.     Formwork/ falsework certificate
  6.     Elevated Platform Certificate
  7.     Cherry Picker Platform,
  8.     Work to design level using laser level when laying pipes,
  9.     Unrestricted and current motor vehicle licence- Class HR,
  10.    Undertake more complex concreting work such as kerb and guttering,
         drainage pits and stencilled concrete,
  11.    Undertake metal fabrication and welding tasks,
  12.    Operate truck mounted crane,
  13.    Have good knowledge of Council area,
  14.    Ability to assess and recommend work method on more complicated
         building and maintenance work,
  15.    Able to read and interpret plans to set out work,
  16.    Take and interpolate level information,
  17.    Transfer levels,


All qualifications, skills and competencies in Entry Level, Step 1 and Step 2

  1.     Ensure correct setting out of roadwork signage
  2.     Able to evaluate and recommend on plant and equipment purchases,
  3.     Read and interpret level information,
  4.     Undertake simple level run to determine reduced levels (RL’s)
  5.     Able to complete detailed cost estimate for minor projects,
  6.     Undertake project management of routine projects.


All qualifications, skills and competencies in Entry Level, Step 1, Step 2 and
Step 3 plus:

  1.     WorkCover dangerous Goods Licence,
  2.     Able to complete detailed cost estimate for major projects,
  3.     Set out site and transfer levels using dumpy or laser levels,
  4.     Perform higher duties as required
  5.     Undertake project management of more complex projects.

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(This is both a certification and acknowledgment of the position as
described by the position holder and the position holders’ supervisor).

______________________                     Date:…………………
(Signature of Position Holder)

_____________________                 Date:…………………
(Signature of Director of Technical Services

______________________                     Date:…………………
(Signature of General Manager)

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                     HARDEN SHIRE COUNCIL
                        QUALIFIED TRADESPERSON

Written applications are invited and will be received up until 12 noon Friday 14th
March 2008, for the above position.

Duties and tasks involve a wide range of building, construction and maintenance
activities on Council infrastructure. Applicants should obtain a copy of the Position
Description and ensure that they supply sufficient information on their application to
address the essential and desirable criteria.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Director of Technical Services
Mr Simon Miller, or for an information package please contact Nicole Sommer at
Council on (02) 63862305. Packages can also be downloaded via Council’s website

Annabell Miller
General Manager

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