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									Developing and implementing strategies

      isi                       Strategy & Marketing
                                       isi Strategy & Marketing Mix ...

                       ... gives recommendations on strategic market
                                     cultivation and core target groups.

                         … suggests you the right scope of innovation
                              orientation with regard to competitors.

                   … concretises the use of marketing instruments to
                    achieve strategic aims in a market suitable way?

                                                                                            Developing strategies ...
                                                                                ... to be more target-oriented in
      How should you align your portfolio in the                                                     the market!
      long-term to successfully defy competition
      with the right amount of innovations?

               Choosing the strategic direction
               Which marketing goals does the analysis of the
               market situation reveal? Which innovations are
               critical to success and should be implemented               Implementation of the strategic
               in which markets with priority? In which cases                                   approach
               is a product improvement more promising than         What single instruments are suitable
               a real innovation?                                       to put strategic deliverables into
                                                                         practice and achieve marketing
                                                                                goals? How should these
                                                                     instruments be designed and used

      With the isi Strategy Development you are well advised.
      It is target-oriented. Market-driven. Competition-related.
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              isi                                                                    Strategy &
                                                                                     Marketing Mix

How does the Development of Strategies and the Marketing Mix work?
The Method                                                                           The Implementation
The development of marketing strategies is based on a                                > Primary research
sound analysis of the current and anticipated                                        > Data analysis
marketing situation, as well as the operationalised                                  > Workshops
definition of marketing goals in terms of time and                                   > Continuous consultation
Based on this data we will design the marketing                                      Our Recommendations
strategies. Five strategy levels are taken into
consideration:                                                                       Strategic perspective
> Specification of the product-market combination                                    Based on the five strategy levels, we define strategic
    (market field)                                                                   options, as well as a ‘catalogue of criteria’ with which
> Definition of the kind of market influence (market                                 we can evaluate the identified marketing strategies. On
    stimulation)                                                                     this basis, the strategic direction for the single divisions
> Definition of the degree of differentiation of the                                 is chosen.
    market influence (market parceling)
> Definition of sales areas (market area)                                            Target-mean-matrix of the Marketing Mix
> Definition of the competitive advantages which are                                 The target-mean matrix defines how the targets of the
    to be achieved (competitor reference)                                            different areas are achieved by using and designing
To define the strategy we use – among others –                                       product, price, communication and distribution
portfolio models in order to ensure an ideal allocation                              instruments. When doing so, we take both economic
of resources in a market-related regard.                                             and psychological marketing goals into consideration.
Concrete sales-political measures are deduced from                                   Our recommendations refer to both comprehensive
the selected marketing strategies in form of a                                       aspects of the marketing mix (e.g. the differentiated
marketing mix and are in line with the defined                                       market handling of single customer segments) and
marketing area goals.                                                                single sub-areas (e.g. the pricing for the launch of a
            Analysis of marketing situation                                          product innovation).
               and forecast of future                   Analysis
             environmental development                   phase

                                 Development of a
                                 comprehensive mar-
                                 keting concept

           Determination of marketing goals
           (derived from the top
           business objectives)

           - market share
           - sales volume
                                                                                     Would you like some more?
           - image
           - awareness ....                                                          > Secondary analyses to gain information on product
                                                                                       innovations, markets and competitors.
           Formulation of marketing
           strategies (five strategy levels)
                                                                                     > A chance-risk analysis for a systematic evaluation of
creasing   - market field strategies                    Planning                       your strategic point of departure.
con-       - market stimulation strategies               phase
cretion    - market parceling strategies
           - market area strategies
                                                                                     > Scenario technique to project alternative future
           - competition oriented strategies                                           developments in the corporate environment.
                                                                                     > Primary research for the market-oriented monitoring
           Planning market policy
           activities                                                                  of all aspects of the marketing mix.
           - product policy
           - pricing
           - communication policy
           - distribution polidy

                  Realisation of the
                  marketing decision
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             Control of marketing success
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