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Teacher's Name Meghan Knellinger


									Teacher’s Name Meghan Knellinger      Daily Lesson Plans
Week 5-19-09 to 5-21-09
Spotlight Book Commotion in the Ocean by.Giles Andreae

                Tuesday                  Thursday                        Assessment/
      Arrival Empty Backpacks and        Empty Backpacks and        JF & HH- Needs to
              put homework folder        put homework folder in     check their picture
              in basket.                 basket.                    schedule and will
              Clip name on stop          Clip name on stop          need a person with
              light.                     light.                     them to follow
              Question of the Day        Question of the Day        through on each
              “Did you wear sandals      “Can you write the         task. Possible hand-
              or tennis shoes to         letter O?”                 over-hand
              school?”                                              assistance.
                                                                    *** JF & HH will
                                                                    check their picture
                                                                    schedule before and
                                                                    after each
                                                                    transition/ activity.
   Standards ELA I-5, M I-6,8            ELA I-5, M I-6,8
  Circle Time Sing “Hello, how are       Sing “Hello, how are       JF, HH, Hudson &
              you?”                      you?”                      Havison P- will need
              Yoga Exercises             Yoga Exercises             assistance sitting at
              Review Jobs                Review Jobs                circle time. If they
              Calendar                   Calendar                   get anxious there
              Weather                    Weather                    will be fidget toys
                                                                    available to keep
                Transition: pretend to   Transition: pretend to     them occupied.
                swim like a sea turtle   swim like a sea turtle
    Standards   ELA X-1,7 S I-7          ELA X-1,7 S I-7
   Breakfast/   When finished eating,    When finished eating       JF- If he will not
        Snack   look at a book in        look at a book in          eat, he may do a
                reading center.          reading center.            puzzle. Then he can
                Pledge of Allegiance     Pledge of Allegiance       look at a book.
   Standards    ELA III-2,3 SS V-4       ELA III-2,3 SS V-4
   Restroom     Needs Help:              Needs Help:                JF- Will be taken
                AM-Macy, Jason           AM- Macy, Jason            into restroom and
                PM- Hunter               PM- Hunter                 needs to attempt to
                                                                    go. If his diaper is
                                                                    wet/dirty he will
                                                                    need to be taken to
                                                                    nurses station where
                                                                    he can be changed
 Free Choice Ocean Animals vs.           Sink or Float Activity –   JF & HH- may need
             Farm Animals sorting        Salt Water vs. Tap         prompts/models to
             activity                    Water                      play appropriately
                                                                    with toys/peers.
                Discovery Table           Discovery Table
                Ocean Animals and         Ocean Animals and
                water                     water

                *Clean Up Song –          *Clean Up Song –
                Clean up room after       Clean up room after
                free play                 free play
   Standards    SS II-1 SS IV-1,2         SS II-1 SS IV-1,2
                SS VI-1,2 S V-7           SS VI-1,2 S V-7, VI-3
Story/Group     Read “Commotion in        Re-Read “Commotion     JF, HP, HP & HH-
       Time     the Ocean”                in the Ocean”          will need assistance
                -Before reading:                                 sitting during story
                Predict what animals      Recalling Information: reading. If they get
                we may see throughout     Who remembers the sea anxious there will be
                the book                  animals                fidget toys available
                -During reading:                                 to keep them
                Discuss what each sea                            occupied.
                animal looks like
   Standards    ELA II-3, III-5,8         ELA I-9
                ELA IV-1 ELA X- 1,2
                ELA V-4
   Music/Art    Sing “Five Little         Sing “Five Little          HH,JF, HP & HP
                Fishies in the Sea”       Fishies in the Sea”        may need assistance
                -see below                                           making crafts
                                          Art: ziploc bag
                Art: Sea Creature         Aquarium
                Sponge Painting
   Standards    ELA X-7                   ELA X-7
Handwriting/    1) Letter O tracing &     1) Octopus– Draw 8
       Work     writing                   legs on the
     Stations   2) Identifying letter O   octopus
                3) I went to the ocean    2) Journal : My favorite
                and saw a… *child         Ocean Creature

   Standards ELA I-6 ELA II-3             ELA VI-5,6,8
             ELA VI-5                     M I-1
             ELA VIII-1,2
 Gross Motor Outdoor: Playground          Outdoor: Playground &
             & Parachute                  Parachute
             Indoor: Music and            Indoor: Music and
             Dance                        Dance
    Pack Up Check mailbox                 Check mailbox              JF & HH - may
             Line up on feet.             Line up on feet.           require verbal
                                                                     prompts to follow
                                                                     through with pack
                                                                     up routine.
   Dismissal Goodbye song                Goodbye song            Assessment used:
             Send home Speech            Send home OT/PT and     Sticky Notes
             Homework folders            Homework folders        Observations

Teacher’s Name Meghan Knellinger      Learning Centers
Week: 5-19-09 to 5-21-09
Spotlight Book Commotion in the Ocean

                 Tuesday                    Thursday                       Assessment/
        Library Books about Ocean           Books about Ocean          Sticky Notes
                Animals                     Animals                    Observations
                Body Pillow                 Body Pillow                Portfolio Samples
                Magnetic Letters            Magnetic Letters
      Standards ELA III-2,3,9               ELA III-2,3,9
 Writing Center Word Wall : Ocean           Word Wall: octopus         Sticky Notes
                Alphabet stampers           Alphabet stampers          Observations
                Various types of paper      Various types of paper     Portfolio Samples
                Pencils                     Pencils
                Children’s names            Children’s names
      Standards ELA I-6,7                   ELA I-6,7
     Art Center paint                       Paint                      Sticky Notes
                Glue                        Glue                       Observations
                Markers                     Markers                    Portfolio Samples
                Things to glue              Things to glue
                Construction paper          Construction paper
                Scissors                    Scissors
                Magazines                   Magazines
                Alphabet Punchers           Alphabet Punchers
      Standards S IV -3,4                   S IV-3,4
  Dramatic Play Kitchen Set                 Kitchen Set                Sticky Notes
                Baby Stroller               Baby Stroller              Observations
                Baby Dolls                  Baby Dolls                 Portfolio Samples
                Barbies                     Barbies
                Dress-Up Outfits            Dress-Up Outfits
     Standards SS IV-1,2                    SS IV-1,2
Discovery Table -ocean animals and          -ocean animals and water
      Standards S VI-3                      S VI-3
  Manipulatives Puzzles                     Puzzles                    Sticky Notes
                Pop Toobs                   Pop Toobs                  Observations
                Magnets                     Magnets                    Portfolio Samples
                Lincoln Logs                Lincoln Logs
                Connector Dominoes          Connector Dominoes
       Standards S V-6                          S V-6
   Block Center Floor puzzles                   Floor puzzles         Sticky Notes
                Large trucks                    Large trucks          Observations
                legos                           legos                 Portfolio Samples
                Wooden blocks                   Wooden blocks
                people                          people

       Standards SS VI-1,2                      SS VI-1,2
    Math Center -Number Dominoes                -Number Dominoes      Sticky Notes
                -Chutes and ladders             -Chutes and ladders   Observations
                -Number books                   -Number books         Portfolio Samples
                -Big Button Math                -Big Button Math
                -Connector Manips               -Connector Manips
      Standards M I-2,10 M IV-1                 M I-2,10 M IV-1

Five Little Fishies in the Sea

Five little fishes in the sea
teasing Mr. sharky
you can't catch me
Well along came Mr. sharky (softly) as quiet as can be
He snapped! a fish up
right out of the sea. (Repeat for numbers 4 to 1)

One little fishy in the sea
teasing Mr. sharky
you can't catch me
Well along came Mr. sharky (softly) as quiet as can be
He snapped! that fish up
right out of the sea
Now Mr. sharky is lonely can't you see. .

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