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					Introducing Fatcow

FatCow was founded in the late nineties and offers web hosting solutions since then.
Currently, FatCow Hosting is a well-recognized brand name among cheap hosting providers
for businesses and individuals as well. Unlike most other web hosts, they give you one
hosting planAt this time of writing, FatCow offers one hosting plan, the Original FatCow Plan,
and one plan with no hosting, only domain parking, the MiniMoo plan.The web hosting plan
that offers you shared hosting solutions, offers limitless space to store your files, transfer,
and additional domain names with one login and password.

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What is Green Web Hosting?
It is when a hosting company uses wind, solar, or other renewable energy to power their

My thoughts on Fatcow
FatCow has its pros and cons. In general, as I see it, is one of the best web hosting
companies. Just so you know, I would like to mention that the ease of use at site of FatCow
is unusually great. puts up brief info as well as simple and to the point hosting service. I
think this kind of view is super convenient for the technologically deprived site owners and

Let's compare prices:

FatCow $3.67
Inmotion $5.95

I will show you below the pluses and minuses of thehosting plans.

What's good about doing business with FatCow?

Cheap! Hosting at FatCow is less than $5 for a month ($3.67/mo to be accurate) if you use
a coupon (check the links at the bottom of this article).

Top-notch low-cost hosting service - one of the top hosting providers that offer hosting for
this kind of money.

Trustworthy servers with little donwtime.
Limitless hosting capability - host all your websites and blogs in only one account.

Top-notch 24/7 customer support - the top service supported in HeiferCratic Oath, within
the employees promise to pick up phone calls in 2 minutes and resolve issues during the
first contact.

How important is customer support?
Talking about web hosting providers, it is one of the most central things to check. No matter
wich hosting company you choose, you will run into a problem sooner or later. If you can't
reach customer support, your site simply won't work and you loose visitors.

Easy and direct web hosting plan - easy purchasing procedure that reduces confusion for
What's bad with FatCow?

A web hosting service is way of Internet hosting service that provides people and
organizations to have their own website available via the Internet. Web Hosting providers
are companies that offer storage on a server they have or lease for use by their customers
and providing Internet connection, typically in a data center. Web Hosting providers can
also provide data center storage and connectivity to the web for servers they do not own to
be located in their data center, addressed colocation.

Does not offer several plans of hosting - clients who would like to move to semi-dedicated
or dedicated services may be inclined to change hosting provider.

Bottom line: Is FatCow any good?
Hosting at FatCow is good for those who are looking for low-priced and still tested web
hosting. FatCow has a long history (more than ten years!) , therefor I am confident that
they are one of the top inexpensive hosting providers. Yet, because of the constraints of its
technical capacities (limited MySQL and restricted options), I believe FatCow may not be
suitable for big company site.

You should always check Fatcow's site, because these infos might change as time is passing

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