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									                                     About EDC, Selecting the finest
                                     At EDC Services we specialise in Temporary & Permanent
                                     recruitment, within the following industry sectors: M&E
                                     Building Services, Facilities Management, Construction,
                                     Utilities and Oil & Gas.
                                     We pride ourselves in delivering a first class service to both clients
                                     and operatives. Our philosophy is, to strive for excellence, while
                                     setting the standards for others to follow.
                                     As a business we try to ensure when we are recruiting, that we
                                     find the best person to undertake the role. To ensure this
                                     happens, all of the consultants that we employee have at one time
                                     worked and trained in the specific industry area that they recruit.
                                     We want to help you find exactly the right person for your
                                     business. We are experienced, and we deal in very specialised
                                     sectors, which means that you can talk direct to people who
                                     understand the specific technical requirements of your vacancy.
                                     We supply people for temporary posts with a wide range of
                                     technical skills sets, across three broad sectors:
                                     Building Services:
                                     Steel Fitters; Sprinkler Pipe Fitters; Welders and Fabricators; Pipe
                                     Fitters; Plumbers; Electricians; Improvers/Mates; Cherry
                                     Picker/Scissor Lift Drivers.
                                     Trades & Labour – Bricklayers, labours, carpenters, painter &
                                     decorator, crane drivers, signaller slingers.
                                     Technical & Engineering:
                                     Design Engineers; Manufacturing and Production staff; Service /
                                     Maintenance staff; Project Engineering and Management; Logistics
                                     and Planning; Construction Management; Test and Inspection
                                     All out trades people have the required level of safety training
                                     (CSCS cards, safety passports) or competence in there chosen
                                     fields as we have former trades people undertaking the recruiting
                                     and cross checking the trade qualifications/references. We also
                                     have a very experienced H & S advisor on the team who provides
                                     a system of audits and inspections to monitor site safety.
                                     He also provides all the necessary training for the trade’s man on
                                     site for things like PASMA and Manual handling.
                                     We would really appreciate the opportunity to discuss any
                                     projects you are doing now or in the future and put our service
                                     to the test.

EDC Europe, 268 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4DX
Telephone: 01753-725595
Email: info@edceurope.co.uk
Website: www.edceurope.co.uk
First and foremost EDC Services operate as a recruitment company,
but we also have the capacity to operate as a Subcontractor.
We can work on a fixed price basis including provision of materials and
management to ensure the particular contract is fully managed from day
one and completed in a timely fashion.

“   I am writing in reference to the service I have received from EDC Services over a
    number of years now. I have used various agencies in the North West in the past with
    varying success. Though the service from EDC Services has been first class. The
    quality of the men supplied has been a cut above the norm, and the swiftness with which
    EDC have resolved any minor problems has been commendable. I would have no
    problems in recommending EDC Services to other construction companies.
    K.w. Titteringron
    GallifordTry Construction - GallifordTry

“   EDC Services has delivered a high level of service to Laing ORourke Ltd.
    When supplying Temporary Labour . I have found the service of EDC Services
    to be prompt and professional, the staff have always been helpful and reliable
    and have been able to supply us with high quality tradesmen and labour at
    short notice. In general I have found the service to be reliable and efficient, with
    rare problems being resolved quickly and with little or no disruption to our business.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of EDC Services Ltd
    to my colleagues in other divisions or to other companies.
    Laura Brown
    Site Manager - Laing o'Rourke

“   We wish to make it known that we have received a very high level of service from EDC
    Services. We went EDC to hire skilled tradesman for a certain period of time our contact
    was Stuart McGhee who was a very competent and helpful individual. He went out of his
    way to make sure we received only competent tradesman who arrived as site with full
    PPE equipment and followed it up with phone calls to ensure that the men were on site
    and that they were working out ok. We have used various other recruitment agencies but
    have found EDC give that little bit more of a personal level of service and we would have
    no problem in recommending their company for all levels of temporary workers.
    Duncan McGillivray
    Buyer - Jackson Rich


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