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The Banner LISTSERV (or List Server) is a way for members of the Banner user community to
communicate. The LISTSERV is a website where you can join different conversations on Banner topics.
The conversations, comprised of questions, answers and general information, are sent via email. Older
conversations can be read in the website archives, making it a valuable information resource.

You first need to register a new LISTSERV user name and password. Go to:

Click on “Get Password”.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                       March 6, 2008
Enter your email address and create a password (entering it twice). Click “Register Password”. If your
user name and password are accepted, you will be directed to a confirmation screen which informs you
that you will be sent a verification email from “SunGardHE LISTSERV Server”. Be sure to monitor
your spam mail.

**In the event that the email from SunGard is quarantined by the EWU PreciseMail Anti-Spam
software, please follow the instructions in the email for retrieving the quarantined message.

The email instructs you to point your browser to a specific web address. Click on the link in the email to
confirm your registration.

Click the “Log In” link, upper right, and then enter your email address and password.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                            March 6, 2008
Enter your email address and password. Click the “Login” button.

This brings you to the ListServ Archives main page. You can add this page to your Favorites/
Bookmarks for future reference.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                            March 6, 2008
To join some ListServ groups (specific conversations) and start receiving emails from them, click the
link near the top left of the page labeled “Subscriber’s Corner”.

The message on the page tells us that we are currently not subscribed to any lists. Use the drop-down in
the middle of the page to select “Show All Lists”.

This displays all the available lists on the page.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                           March 6, 2008
Now we need to select the specific lists/conversations that we want to subscribe to. A few that you may
want to consider are:

      BFINANCE (BANNER Finance Discussion List)
      BGENERAL (BANNER General Discussion List)
      BHUMRES (BANNER HR and Position Control Discussion List)
      BPOST (BANNER Electronic Distribution Announcements)

The list names are in alphabetical order. To subscribe to a list (or multiple lists), click on the check box
to the left of the list name.

After selecting the lists, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the blue bar appears. In the drop-
down box, select the “Subscribe” option and then press the “Submit” button on the bottom right.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                               March 6, 2008
You will receive an email confirmation for each list checked. You must respond to each email to
complete the subscription process. Click on the link in the email text (see sample email below).

Clicking the link brings you to a confirmation page. This confirms your subscription to each list.

By subscribing to a list:

   1) You receive daily emails with a summary of conversations from that list. For some lists, all of
      the conversations will be included in the email. For other lists, there will be a list of subject lines
      which you will have to read on the website.

   2) You may now post questions to the LISTSERV, which Banner users all over the world will
      receive and reply to. Please coordinate all posts with your Team Lead or Supervisor.

   3) You may now search the archives to see if a question you have has already been answered.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                               March 6, 2008
**Please note that you can only browse and search Lists that you are currently subscribed to.

To browse through the list archives go to You can scroll down the page and
find the list you want to read through. For example, scroll down and click on BHUMRES (HR and
Position Control).

You can then browse through all the postings in BHUMRES by month and year.

To search the list archives go to Click on the link next to Options “Search Archives”.

Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                             March 6, 2008
In the top section of the search page, enter the search criteria in the “Search for” box. Make the search
more detailed by entering additional criteria under “Narrow Search”.

In the bottom section, check the list(s) you want to search.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Search”.

For assistance, please contact either Max Chartier (x4953/ or Troy Lousen
Banner_LISTSERV.doc                                                                             March 6, 2008

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