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                          Our Community – Our Say

The Action by Community team that carried out this project and produced this
report are (in alphabetical order):

Dana Al-Hussein
Karen Asher
Paulette Douglas
John Doveton
Safi Farah
Deuan German
Basil Jaber
Naz Kelif
Maria Marasco
Ande Murray
Michael Patterson
John Seesahai
Amina Sharief

The team would like to thank all those residents of the North Fulham New
Deal for Communities for their time and effort in sharing their views and ideas.
Thanks also to all those service providers that provided their input into the

Many thanks to North Fulham Multicultural Forum that initiated the project,
and to North Fulham NDC that provided the funding for this project, and also
to the Hammersmith and Fulham Primary Care Trust for their help and
support throughout the process.

Finally, thanks to Robert Nurick and Fathiya Yussuf from Development Focus
Trust for providing the training and mentoring to the team.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           2
                          Our Community – Our Say


I am please to present the final version of this Action By Community report,
delivered by the North Fulham Multicultural Forum (MCF) and supported by
the joint working and shared vision of North Fulham New Deal for
Communities, Hammersmith and Fulham Primary Care Trust and
Development Focus Trust..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the MCF Management Committee
whose views and practical support have helped with the completion of this
project; as well as thank all those who co-operated with the supply of
information for this report. The ABC researchers must also be congratulated
on the completion of their training and commended on the high standard of
work that they have produced.

On gaining funding for this project it was the hope of the MCF to improve
understanding of the needs of the BME communities in North Fulham, by
developing and improving on the poor quality of ethnicity data collection in
primary, secondary and tertiary care. The anticipation was that this project
would generate a local evidence base on which to build sound commissioning
of equitable services. As well as create a platform for building bridges
between all sectors of the community, and promoting integration and cohesion
through sharing common concerns that will improve service provision and
communication between service providers and the BME community.
The initial focus of the work was on health and wellbeing themes. However,
the press has gone beyond this also investigating needs and identifying
recommendations on children and young people, housing and environment
and community safety and cohesion themes and providing substantiated
solutions in these areas.

The MCF hopes that the recommendations will be taken forward by service
providers, policy makers, community members and other stakeholders. In so
doing contributing to improving services and informing the development of
new and better targeted projects. The MCF is becoming established as a
credible not for profit community based partner to the public sector that knows
how to access, engage, research, value and empower the persistently
excluded ethnic groups to develop aspiration within and beyond the NDC

The succession strategy of this project will be predicated on MCF entering
into a commissioning based relationship with PCT/GPs to deliver clearly
defined and costed services to move forward the BME agenda in health
inequalities at the NDC and importantly, in areas other than health and
wellbeing and wider than North Fulham.

We realise that a lot more can be gained by seeing this excluded population
as an asset to mainstream services.

Mulat T. Haregot
Chairman North Fulham Multicultural Forum

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            3
                                      Our Community – Our Say


Acknowledgements ........................................................................................... 1
Acronyms .......................................................................................................... 4
  Background ................................................................................................... 6
     Facts and Figures on North Fulham New Deal for Communities.............. 7
Aims and Objectives ......................................................................................... 8
Methodology ..................................................................................................... 9
  The Action By Community Team Approach .................................................. 9
     Introduction ................................................................................................ 9
     The Process in Hammersmith and Fulham ............................................... 9
     The Questions We Asked ........................................................................ 11
Findings Results ............................................................................................. 17
  First Level Findings ..................................................................................... 17
     Health Theme .......................................................................................... 18
     Community Cohesion Theme .................................................................. 23
     Community Safety Theme ....................................................................... 26
     Housing Theme ....................................................................................... 27
     Environment Theme ................................................................................ 28
     Service Provision Theme......................................................................... 28
  Second Level Findings ................................................................................ 30
     Children and Young People Theme ........................................................ 30
     Social Events to Improve Community Cohesion ..................................... 33
     Focus Group – Parent Support ............................................................... 34
     Actions to Address Community Safety .................................................... 38
  Verification and Action Planning ................................................................. 40
     Health Service Provision ......................................................................... 41
     Community Cohesion .............................................................................. 46
     Community Safety ................................................................................... 51
     Support for Families ................................................................................ 60
  Service Provider Perspectives .................................................................... 63
     Second Reference Group Meeting .......................................................... 64
Recommendations .......................................................................................... 74
  The Findings from the Research ................................................................. 74
     Health ...................................................................................................... 74
     Community Cohesion .............................................................................. 75
     Community Safety ................................................................................... 76
     Housing and Environment ....................................................................... 76
     Support for Families ................................................................................ 77
  Next Steps ................................................................................................... 77
Appendix 1 ...................................................................................................... 79
  Attendees at First Reference Group ........................................................... 79
  Attendees at Second Reference Group ...................................................... 79
  Invitees to Reference Group Meetings ....................................................... 80

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                4
                       Our Community – Our Say

ABC         Action by Community
BME         Black Minority and Ethnic
CAA         Community Assessment and Action
LBHF        London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
MCF         Multi Cultural Forum
NF NDC      North Fulham New Deal for Communities
PCT         Primary Care Trust
VAP         Verification and Action Planning

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007    5
                          Our Community – Our Say

This report documents the findings of an action research project aimed at
building the capacity of the North Fulham Multi-Cultural Forum (MCF) to
develop evidence-based solutions to major problems that its communities
face. Underlying this project is the goal of working towards ensuring the Black
Minority and Ethnic (BME) communities receive a fair and inclusive deal
through influencing change for the better within mainstream services across
North Fulham, and eventually in the London Borough of Hammersmith and
Fulham as a whole.

The project involved recruiting and providing training for a team of local
people – the Action By Community (ABC) team – in participatory methods and
approaches for community engagement. The 20 week project resulted in key
findings and recommendations to be presented to local service providers that
aim to improve services to the local community. In addition, the training and
research process has built capacity within the MCF through the trained team
of local residents that will in future enable the MCF to:

•   Generate and use robust local data about local need (evidence-based)
•   Propose solutions on how to address need in partnership with residents
    and key stakeholders
•   Inform and develop the commissioning of services based on proven need.
•   Evaluate the effectiveness of commissioned services

The MCF is a community-based organisation representing BME communities
in North Fulham. The MCF secured funding in the form of a grant for the
action research project from the North Fulham New Deal for Communities (NF
NDC). For the NF NDC, the project was seem to contribute to its vision of
making North Fulham “an inclusive and socially cohesive community, where
diversity is valued and inequality and social exclusion eradicated”

The project was also supported by the Hammersmith and Fulham Primary
Care Trust (PCT). The PCT provided administrative and management
support to the MCF’s project coordinator. For the PCT, the project was seen
to address its “need to focus on race equality in designing and delivering
health and social care. Morbidity for some diseases is disproportionately high
amongst people from BME groups and the four most deprived wards in
Hammersmith and Fulham have the largest BME population. . . . Fulham
Broadway is identified as one of the most deprived wards for the PCT to
tackle inequalities related to race and ethnicity.”

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           6
                          Our Community – Our Say

The MCF commissioned Development Focus Trust to deliver its accredited
Community Assessment and Action (CAA) training programme to the team of
local residents recruited from the local community.1

Facts and Figures on North Fulham New Deal for Communities

New Deal for Communities (NDC) is a 10-year area-based regeneration
programme designed to address the Government's strategy to tackle multiple
deprivation in the some of the most worst-off neighbourhoods in the country. It
gives some of England's poorest communities the resources to tackle local
problems in an intensive and co-ordinated way. The aim is to bridge the gap
between those neighbourhoods and their host Boroughs. NDCs are now in
their seventh and eight year of the 10 year programme.

The North Fulham NDC neighbourhood incorporates around 4,500
households. It is located between the tube stations of West Kensington,
Fulham Broadway and West Brompton and Normand Park. North Fulham sits
cheek by jowl with some very affluent areas. Premiership Football Clubs
Chelsea and Fulham, and the Earl’s Court exhibition centre are situated just
outside its boundary.

The population of the NDC is approximatley10,010. North Fulham comprises
an ethnically diverse population including a relatively stable and established
white working class community with long-standing association in the area.
However, the non-white population constitutes 34% of the NDC population.
This figure has been rising since 2002. This population is largely made up of
Black African, African Caribbean, and Somali residents.

Baseline data at the outset of the NDC programme (2001) showed that
residents suffered multiple and complex deprivations: unemployment, ill
health, poor housing, low educational achievements, neglected environment;
high levels of crime and fear of crime, higher than average numbers of
residents living on benefits. During the first five years of the NDC programme,
significant work has been undertaken to reduce these figures and, in
particular, to ensure that the NDC has active engagement with marginalised

    For more information see
Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                              7
                         Our Community – Our Say

The ABC team of researchers developed the aims and objectives for the
community engagement research process. These were based on the
objectives of the funding and partner organisations involved (MCF, PCT and

For the MCF – Community safety; under-achievement of BME children at
school; BME community involvement and participation. Build capacity within
the ABC team to do this type of work in the future.

For the NDC – Communication between service providers and BME

For the PCT – Health and wellbeing; highlight mental health issues among the
BME community.

The broad aims (or goals) developed by the team were to:

Aim 1: Promote Community Empowerment
Specifically through:
   • Raising awareness within the community
   • Encouraging community involvement

Aim 2: Foster Communication Between the Various BME Communities
Specifically through:
   • Creating a forum for the local community to share ideas and
   • Starting a process of communication within the community
   • Gaining a greater understanding of the issues and differences between
   • Identifying ways to break down barriers between communities
   • Training community researchers as representatives from different

Aim 3: Contribute to Improved Service Provision within the BME Community
Specifically through:
   • Engaging with the community on issues relating to local service
   • Identifying what is working and what isn’t working
   • Understanding the priorities of different community members

Aim 4: Enhance Employment Opportunities for the Research Team
Specifically through:
   • Gaining a qualification
   • Building on skills and education

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                          8
                           Our Community – Our Say


The Action By Community Team Approach
Participatory Appraisal (PA) was developed in countries of Africa and Asia – it
uses very visual techniques and is based on the view that local people are
experts in their own lives. PA is now widely used in developing countries in
government and non-governmental organisations. It is increasingly becoming
used as a tool for enabling community involvement in European countries,
including the UK. Development Focus Trust has designed an accredited
training programme – Regeneration through Community Assessment and
Action (CAA) – that combines both qualitative participatory techniques, and
quantitative methods, ensuring rigorous and robust research.

The training and research process enables local people to set their own
agendas and identify and prioritise issues and problems that affect them.
Identifying solutions and action plans includes discovering who is responsible
for taking strategies forward. The process results in detailed information and
action plans from which communities and local agencies can begin to make
change happen.

Community Assessment and Action uses participatory methods such as
maps, rating lines and matrices. A central feature of this methodology is the
development of a coding system so that all those consulted can be monitored
in terms of issues of interest and difference, such as age, gender, ethnicity,
disability and income level.

Unlike traditional research methodologies, CAA allows local people to set their
own agendas and priorities, and move through to recommendations for action
on their chosen priority issues. The process reaches different people in the
community in markets, in public places, in parks, in schools, at mothers and
toddlers’ groups and at elderly day centres. Focus groups are also set up or
existing groups visited to ensure representation from people in the community
who have not been consulted, to cross check findings, and to carry out further
action planning on the consultations, prioritised by different groups of interest.

The research team is made up of local residents. In this way, capacity in
research skills and work experience is built within the community. Those that
carry out the research are not ‘outside experts’, but those who have
experience within the community and good knowledge of the local area.

The Process in Hammersmith and Fulham
The first stage of the process involved recruiting a project coordinator to be
responsible for identifying, recruiting and providing logistical support to the
team. The project coordinator was in post by April 2007.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                               9
                          Our Community – Our Say

The next stage of the process was recruiting volunteers to join the research
team. The recruitment stage took place over May, and a team of 13 (including
the project coordinator) was in place by the end of May.

During the month of June six days of workshop-based training took place.
During this training, researchers were trained in concepts of participation,
facilitation skills, participatory research methods and the ethics and safety
aspects of working in the community. Researchers developed their own aims
and objectives for the project (see above), as well as the tasks and activities,
and the monitoring system for assessing progress towards achieving aims
and objectives. The research team also developed its coding system for
monitoring who had been spoken to in the community. A monitoring map was
developed which highlighted where the research team had to go in order to
meet local residents. Particular emphasis was placed on identifying those
‘hard to reach’ BME groups within the community. Following the initial training
sessions, the team went out to the community to talk to residents.

Over the months of June to October, the team came together every third
week, for further workshop-based training days. These follow-up training
sessions allowed the team to reflect on the process, the findings that were
emerging and further research questions. The team also looked at
introducing new methods. The team was able to work through different levels
of questions, with broad questions in early stages progressing to more
focused questions in the latter stages to explore the follow-up issues raised
initially. This accumulated in a verification and action planning stage where
questions were drawn up and taken back to residents and service providers to
verify findings and actions.

A ‘Reference Group’ meeting with representatives from local statutory,
community and voluntary organisations was held on 24 July 2007 with the
purpose of introducing the project and, the aims and objectives and the
research process to be followed. A Second Reference group meeting was
held towards the end of the project on 18 September to share findings and to
get service providers’ perspectives on these. The reference group members
identified areas where they could take forward actions and recommendations
from residents, forward. (See Appendix 1 for a list of members of the
Reference Group.)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                          10
                          Our Community – Our Say

The Questions We Asked

Between 28 June and 3 October 2007, the research team conducted a total of
32 fieldwork sessions. The research was carried out in three stages – Stage
1, Stage 2 and Verification and Action Planning (VAP).

Stage 1 involved asking residents broad, general questions that would provide
information around the four research objectives presented above. Each set of
questions comprised a sequence beginning with raising the issue or topic,
followed by asking ‘why’ the respondent felt as she did, followed by asking for
steps or actions needed to improve the situation. Examples of Stage 1
questions asked are:

   •   How easy is it to access health services?
   •   Why?
   •   What steps are needed to improve your access to health services?

   •   Which local health services do you use?
   •   How do you rate these services?
   •   How could the services be improved?

   •   What causes division in your community?
   •   What to do to make it better?

   •   How easy is it to speak with …….
   •   What can be done to improve communication with them?

   •   How safe do you feel in your community?
   •   Why?
   •   What steps need to be taken to make you feel safer?

After this first stage the team analysed the data by clustering comments and
views into themes. During this process gaps in findings were identified ,as too
were areas that needed further investigation. Addressing gaps and getting
more detailed information on specific issues comprised the second stage of
the research process.

Examples of Second Stage questions are:

   •   How do you spend your time when you are not at school?
   •   What other activities would you like to do?

   •   When do you want to see more police patrol in the NDC Why?

   •   Which days of the week would you like to see the street cleaned?

   •   Which street and why?

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                          11
                            Our Community – Our Say

The final stage of the process involved taking the findings from the first two
stages back out to residents in the community. The purpose of this final stage
was to get residents to verify the messages arising from the research, to
prioritise the key issues, and to provide greater details on actions to address
those issues and findings.

Below is an example of a VAP table:
Issue               Agree    Disagree   Priority   Action     What    Timeframe   Whose
                                                   Solution   When    Now/        Responsibility
                                                              Where   Soon
Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

During the second reference group meeting the VAP grids were also
presented to the representatives attending and their views were recorded on
the grids. The results of this process are presented in Service Provider
Perspectives below.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                    12
                                Our Community – Our Say

The table below shows the numbers of people spoken with over the course of
the project.

     Date                     Location                             Event                Number of
   28/06/2007             John Lillie School             International Day, Fieldwork           27
   29/06/2007                Lillie Road                       Street Fieldwork                 11
   29/06/2007        Leisure Centre, Lillie Road               Street Fieldwork                 13
   29/06/2007         NDC Information Office                   Street Fieldwork                   9
   29/06/2007       White City Community Centre           Expert Patient Programme,               9
                                                                 Focus Group
   10/07/2007             Clem Attlee Estate                   Street Fieldwork                 10
   10/07/2007           NDC Office, Lillie Road                Street Fieldwork                 11
   10/07/2007         Leisure Centre, Lillie Road              Street Fieldwork                 14
   10/07/2007                Coomer Place                      Street Fieldwork                 12
   10/07/2007          West Kensington Station                 Street Fieldwork                  9
   13/07/2007          West Kensington Station                 Street Fieldwork                  8
   13/07/2007         Peabody Estate, Lillie Road              Street Fieldwork                 13
   13/07/2007          Bingo Hall, Anselm Road                 Street Fieldwork                 14
   13/07/2007   Holiday Inn Busy Stop, North End Road          Street Fieldwork                  4
   13/07/2007          Bingo Hall, Anselm Road                 Street Fieldwork                 10
   31/07/2007                 Mund Street                      Street Fieldwork                 10
   31/07/2007               North End Road                     Street Fieldwork                  6
   03/08/2007               North End Road                     Street Fieldwork                 15
   03/08/2007         Peabody Estate, Lillie Road              Street Fieldwork                 17
   03/08/2007          Bingo Hall, Anselm Road                 Street Fieldwork                 11
                   Norman Croft Community Centre        Busy Bee Mother and toddler,
   070/8/2007                                                    Focus Group                     9
   07/08/2007              Peabody Estate                      Street Fieldwork                 25
   10/08/2007        Holiday Inn, North End Road               Street Fieldwork                  4
                    outside Hindu Cultural Centre,             Street Fieldwork
   10/08/2007             Castledown Road                                                       10
   13/08/2007            Sunberry Day Centre                     Focus Group                     8
                   Fulham South Children's Centre         Fulham Youth Club, Focus
   24/08/2007                                                        Group                      20
                       Fulham Primary School                Mother & Toddler Coop
   24/0820/07                                                Group, Focus Group                  5
   28/08/2007                Mund Street                        Street Fieldwork                 8
   28/08/2007          North End Road Market                    Street Fieldwork                 7
   28/08/2007            Gibbs Green Estate                     Street Fieldwork                 7
   28/08/2007       Outside the NDC Admin Office                Street Fieldwork                18
   01/09/2007              Normand Park                    Park Festival, Fieldwork             11
                           Normand Park                   Park Festival, Youth Tent,
   01/09/2007                                                      Fieldwork                    19
   22/09/2007            North End Crescent                 Vietnamese Community                18
                                                           Lunch Club, Focus Group
   25/09/2007       Grove Neighbourhood Centre          Iraqi Community Elderly Club,           18
                                                                 Focus Group
   25/09/2007   50 Commonwealth Avenue, White City         Nubian Life Elderly Club,             9
                                                                 Focus Group
   25/09/2007     Norman Croft Community Centre          Play Sessions, Focus Group              6
   03/10/2007     Hammersmith Information Centre        Hammersmith & Fulham BME                13
                                                             Forum, Focus Group
                                                                    TOTAL                      448

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                   13
                              Our Community – Our Say

Whilst all 448 people were consulted within the NDC boundary approximately
75% lived within the NDC, with the other 25% visiting the area.

Of the total 448 people spoken with, 62% were female, and 38% male.

A variety of languages in addition to English were spoken in the homes of
those consulted. Arabic, Swahili, Fante, Pattu, Spanish, Somali, Tigrian,
French, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Kurdish, Turkish, Farsi were
all spoken in the homes of those spoken with.

The graph below shows the age distribution of those spoken with:

                                                 0 - 16
                                   65 +           7% 17 - 24

                         50 - 64                             25 - 39
                          21%                                 22%

                                           40 - 49

The graph below shows the different ethnic groups of those consulted:

                               mixed race other iraqi   vietnamese
                                           2% 4%
                             asian 4%                       4%



40% of those spoken with were “white” – either –“white British”, “white Irish”,
“white Scottish, “white Welsh”, “white English” or “white other”. 60% of those
spoken with came from Black, Minority and Ethnic communities. The 37% that

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            14
                            Our Community – Our Say

comprised “black” were either “black African”, “black Caribbean”, “black
British”, or “black other”. Asian (6%) included Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi
and “other Asian”. Mixed race groups included “Asian and white”, “black
African” or “black Caribbean” and white or “other mixed race”. The other group
(2%) was split about equally between Turkish, Afghani and Chinese.

The annual household income is shown below:

                        more than 25,000

                 15,000 to 25,000

                                                          under 15,000

The type of housing lived in by the 448 people spoken was:

                           owner occupier          privated rented
                               19%                      17%

                 homeless/ temporary

                                              council tenant/
                                            housing association

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                        15
                                  Our Community – Our Say

The work status of the respondents was:


                                                                part or full time

             housewife/ husband

                        not working

The numbers of children living in the homes of those spoken with were:

                                        4 to 7

                         1 to 3                                  no children
                         45%                                        52%

Of the 48% of respondents that had children, 19% said that they were lone

The graph below shows the proportion of respondents with different health


                                                              long-term health

                                                              special needs
                  none of the above

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                 16
                           Our Community – Our Say


First Level Findings
The tables set out below show the key issues identified by local residents
during the first stage of research. The data generated from the questions
developed to address the objectives presented in the previous section was
analysed and clustered into themes. These are: Health, Children and Young
People, Housing, Environment, Service Provision, Community Cohesion. The
findings in this section are presented by theme.

The table below presents the key for the data presented in the following

                         AGE           FEMALE   MALE
                         GROUP            F      M






In addition to the age and gender profile of respondents presented in the
following section, ethnicity (as defined in the previous section) is also
presented for each respondent.

Key for ‘Ethnicity’ categories:

                                Iraqi           I
                                Vietnamese      V
                                White           W
                                Black           B
                                Somali          S
                                Asian           A
                                Mixed Race      M
                                Other           O

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                         17
                             Our Community – Our Say

Health Theme
Under the Health theme, the issues raised are listed in the table below,
together with the profile of those residents that raised the issue.
 #            Issue            Total          Female             Male
1    Waiting Times              27         65+ B             40-49 B
                                           65+ W             40-49 W
                                             40-49 W         17-24 A
                                        40-49                  17-24 W
                                        40-49 B              65+ B
                                          17-24 B            65+ A
                                            17-24                 50-64 W
                                              50-64 W
                                        50-64 O
                                         0-16 B
2    Staff Accountability       14         65+ W             40-49 B
                                        65+ B                17-24 W
                                          17-24 W            50-64 W
                                        17-24 B
                                          50-64 W
                                        50-64 B
                                        49-49 W
                                        49-49 B
3    Effective Use of           13      40-49 M                50-64 B
     Resources                          40-49                50-64 W
                                        40-49 B              65+ B
                                        17-24                40-49 B
                                        17-24 W
                                        50-64 B
                                        50-64 W
                                        65+ W
4    Communication              11        65+ W              50-64 B
                                        65+ B                17-24
                                        40-49 B
                                        40-49 W
                                           17-24 W
                                          50-64 W
5    Cleanliness                5       40-49 B              65+ B
                                         0-16 W              65+ W
                                                             50-64 B
6    Mental Health              4       17-24 B              40-49 M
                                                             40-49 W
                                                             50-64 B
7    Elderly                    4       40-49 W              65+ W
                                        50-64                65+ A
                                         65+ W
8    Access to GP evenings      3       50-64 B              50-64 W
     & Weekends                         17-24 W

Waiting Times
Waiting times was the main health issue identified by male and female local
residents aged from 17 to the over 65s and of different ethnicities. People

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           18
                         Our Community – Our Say

interviewed told us that they wait too long for emergencies and appointments
with counsellors, in hospitals and GP surgeries, sometimes up to two weeks,
meaning patients’ health sometimes deteriorates. Another issue frequently
raised was that it was often difficult to make appointments and even when an
appointment had been made they were sometimes cancelled.

            “Very difficult to book an appointment” (Male 40-49 B)

  “Waiting 1 or 2 weeks for appointment – need to know when we will be ill”

 “Appointment system difficult – could be easier to make an appointment to
           see any doctor for emergences” (Female 40-49 W)

 “Better method of making future appointments with GP – not just on the day
                      as it is now” (Female 40-49 W)

    “GP – can only get appointment on the day – should be able to do it in
                         advance” (Female 0-16 B)

                    “Quicker test results” (Female 65+ B)

Staff Accountability
The table shows a majority of females were concerned that certain areas of
patient care were poor such as the relationship and communication with
reception in GP surgeries. Also they felt that GPs and consultants often
lacked listening skills.

    “GP – good, sometimes but reception is a problem” (Female 17-24 W)

          “GP and consultants are not listening.” (Female 40-49 B)

“Patients should be aware of what’s being written in notes” (Female 17-24 B)

       “More nurses in hospital – more cleanliness” (Female 40-49 W)

Effective use of resources
An equal number of men and women felt that resources are not effectively
deployed, and though the NHS does good work, it leaves a lot to be desired in
terms of prevention. It was often cited that the drive for meeting targets
leaves patients feeling undervalued. One young female felt that there should
be more choice for patients when using a GP.

        “Targets are more important than patients” (Female 40-49 B)

     “Health system good – but not good in prevention” (Male 50-64 W)
   “Free the GP market and give more choice…. Be able to shop around”
                            (Female 17-24 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                          19
                           Our Community – Our Say

The research under the health theme uncovered a major concern, mainly
among women of different ages, with the level and quality of communication
between service providers. It was felt that there was a lack of communication
between doctors and receptionists. Some people felt that they were
patronised by the NHS and not paid appropriate respect. Some people
thought that relatives received inadequate information.

      “Husband died of cancer in hospital – unhappy with overall lack of
                    communication” (Female 50-64 W)

            “Hospitals don’t come back to patient” (Female 65+ B)

    “GP should care more and listen to what condition is” (Female 65+ B)

          “Doctors should give attention to patients” (Male 40-49 B)

There were comments from both a young white female and a black male of
pensionable age about the poor general cleanliness of facilities in the health

 “Health care provision – it’s rubbish, a mess, dirty, graffiti, people don’t have
                           respect” (Female 0-16 W)

  “Of three times in hospital on second time got infection – seems very dirty”
                                  (Male 65+ W)

Mental Health
During this first level research people were concerned by the failure of mental
health services to provide adequate care and support especially to the BME

“Mental health services are not serving the BME community “ (Male 40-49 B)

    “More counselling services and better service e.g. when talking to a
 psychiatrist other people come into the room so I clam up” (Female 0-16 B)

Residents highlighted a lack of care for the elderly. They felt that there was
not enough respect paid to them by staff in the hospitals. Also elderly people
without English as a first language were not being offered interpreters.

 “No, not enough of it, not enough given for carers to look after older people”
                                (Female 50-64)

        “As a community worker I observed they don’t get interpreters”

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                             20
                                    Our Community – Our Say

Access to GP on evenings and at weekends
People felt that GP surgeries should be open evenings and weekends to meet
the needs of working people.

     “GPs should be available on weekends and after 5pm. The ones currently
        available are not too good – reluctant to come out” (Male 50-64 W)

     “Flexible hours in the health service to meet the need of working people”
                                  (Female 50-64 B)

       “Easy access to appointments for people after normal working hours”
                               (Female 17-24 W)

Focus Group with Disabled
 #            Issue -         Total              Female                       Male
1      Quality of service      11           65+ B                       50-64 B
       provision                           40-49 W                    50-64 W
                                         65+ W                        40-49 W
                                         65+ M
                                         50-64 W
2      Allocation of            5        50-64 W                           50-64 B
       resources                                                      50-64 W
3      Communication            4        65+ W                         65+ B
                                                                       50-64 B
                                                                       50-64 W
4      Accountability7          4        40-49 W
5      Waiting times            2                                     50-64 W
                                                                      65+ B

Quality of service provision
From the table it appears that there is a concern amongst middle aged and
elderly people over the poor quality of the service provision, and also a lack of
social care. This feedback is from both males and females.

          “My mother died 79. She was in hospital wards and got infected”
                                 (Male 50-64 B)

       “Improved health care needs e.g. more hours of home help needed”
                                (Female 65+ B)

However, there were also many positive comments given about the service:

                            “No need to pay – it is free” (40-49 B)

          “Happy with health service – excellent doctor” (Female 50-64 B)

                         “My GP – good and great” (Female 50-64 W)

                    “GP – very satisfied, very helpful” (Male 17-24 B)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                  21
                          Our Community – Our Say

Allocation of resources
The allocation of resources was criticised mainly from men. They felt elderly
needs are not taken into consideration.

  “Are there financial constraints to meet the needs of the elderly? Only the
 Secondary Uses Service (SUS) knows if they’ve got enough psychiatrists to
 meet needs of elderly. They need more resources from the public treasury –
      not from the elderly; they’ve contributed already” (Male 50-64 B)

An area of concern by middle aged mainly black men was the poor
communication with service providers.

“More time to understand and listen to elderly” (Male 50-64 B)

“Encourage better communication” (Male 65+ B)

One local person felt that the health service could be held more accountable
through more effective auditing.

“Health services should be better audited” (Female 40-49 W)

Waiting Times
The length of waiting times was also raised as an issue of concern for two
members of the group.

  “I find it very difficult to get an appointment with GP. I wait too long for an
 appointment, when instead you needed it on the same day. Also I know and
GP knows I will see him once per month but I always have to go and make an
        appointment – would be better to be scheduled in automatically”
                                    (Male 50-64 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           22
                                Our Community – Our Say

Community Cohesion Theme

#          Issue        Total                 Female                Male
1     Community          6          25-39 W                17-24 A
      responsibility              25-39                    17-24 M
                                                           25-39 W
2     Not enough         5        65+W                       25-39 W
      social events               50-64W
      for integrating             40-49
3     Religion           3        50-64W                     25-39 W
4     Teenagers          3        40-49W                   25-39 W
5     Communication      2                                 17-24W
      between                                              17-24 B
6     Discrimination     1                                 25-39 W
7     Financial          1        50-64 W
8     Crime              1        25-39 W
9     Media              1                                 40-49B

Community Responsibility
Community responsibility emerged as a major issue felt equally by men and
women. Community volunteer organisations, local agency, tenants
association and school have been highlighted as vehicles for promoting
integration between different ethnic groups.

    “Get community centres for different ethnic groups and religions to come
                         together” (Male 25-39 W)

         “Community volunteer organisations to translate and explain the
             culture…..two way understanding” (Female 25 –39)

      “Local agencies should listen to people’s views for example tenants
           associations, plus school governors” (Female 25 – 39 W)

     “I think we should come together as a community and work together”
                               (Male 17-24 M)

      “Everyone needs to come together as a community” (Male 17-24 M)

Not enough social events for integrating different cultures
Respondents of all ages felt that there are not enough social events.
Considerable emphasis was placed on the lack of provision of social and
sporting events that would help promote understanding between different

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            23
                          Our Community – Our Say

   “More community activities to integrate class, religion through social and
                            sport” (Male 25-39 W)

             “Community meeting, social events” (Female 40-49)

  “Get community centres for different ethnic groups and religions to come
                        together” (Male 25-39 W)

            “Community groups coming together” (Female 65+ W)

                    “More social events” (Female 50-64 W)

Three white people felt strongly that there should be more opportunities for
people of different faiths, religions, ethnic backgrounds and class to come
together and engage in activities and/or learning to help promote social

      “Having non-denominational schools, start with children (school)”
                           (Female 50-64 W)

  “Get community centres for different ethnic groups and religions to come
                        together” (Male 25-39 W)

 “More community activities to integrate class, religion through social events
                         and sport” (Male 25-39 W)

Communication between communities
One young black male felt that communication should be improved between
different groups in the community whilst a white male thought that it is best to
avoid emotive language when communicating with people from different

  “Better communication between communities and listen to the community”
                             (Male 17-24 B)

             “We have to speak in a rational way” (Male 25-39 W)

One young person thought intergenerational communication was needed:

    “Get to know some of the elderly in the community” (Female 0-16 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                             24
                          Our Community – Our Say

The perspective of some adults was that young people should be at home, off
the streets and that parents need to take a more disciplined approach to
looking after their own children.

  “They should stay at home, parents should be stricter” (Female 40-49 W)

              “Speak to people who are bullies” (Male 50-64 W)

A view of one while male was that young people (described as a ‘menace’)
should be provided with youth clubs to keep them off the street.

   “We need more youth clubs to keep menace off streets” (Male 25-39 W)

One male believed that it was important to gain knowledge and information
regarding the diversity of different communities in order to understand one
another and be in a position to consider other’s needs

   “We should understand each other and considers other groups’ needs”
                            (Male 25-39 W)

Financial inequality
One female felt that financial inequality was an obstacle to promoting

             “Improve standard of basic living” (Female 50-64 W)

A white female thought that there were drugs, violence and crime on the
streets, and not enough meetings for local residents from the estates to
express their opinions.

“No drugs on the street, less crime and violence, more meetings, get invited,
       get people from estates, get views across” (Female 25-39 W)

A black male felt that the media played a part in promoting stereotypes and
this should stop. He also felt that people’s views and opinions must be
listened to.

 “Change the language of the media, stop stereotyping, and listen to people”
                              (Male 40-49 B)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           25
                                   Our Community – Our Say

Community Safety Theme

The table blow shows the issues that residents raised within the theme of
community safety.

#      Issue - Community Safety       Total          Female             Male
1   Crime                              6         25-39 W
                                              25-39 B
                                              50-64 B
2   Guns                               5      17-24 B         25-39
                                              40-49 W         40-49 B
                                              50-64 A
3   Police Response & Presence         5      65+ W           50-64 B
                                              65+ B           40-49 W
                                              17-24 B
4   Anti-social behaviour              4      25-39 A         40-49
                                              50-64 W
                                              40-49 A
5   Personal Safety                    4        65+ W         65+ W
                                                              50-64 W
6   Drug Dealing                       2      40-49 B         40-49 W
7   Policing Methods & Attitudes       2      65+ W           17-24 W
8   Police Patrols                     2                      40-49 B
                                                              17-24 W

Crime, guns and police presence and response times were the issues of
greatest concern.

 “[Police needed] All the time, police patrols on foot with more police there is
           more chance to engage the community” (Male 40-49 W)

Anti-social behaviour and personal safety were also raised as concerns.

“Weekend evenings…danger at night time, too many groups get together and
            they harass people with very aggressive talking”
                  (Male 40-49 B) (Gibbs Green Estate)

One resident felt that older people and the disabled would feel nervous and
unsafe if those doing community service were sent to them.

“Those who do community service should not be sent to elderly and disabled
                       people” (Female 65+ W)

Policing methods and police attitudes were also raised as concerns.

“They need more training [police] – they need a proper eye. If they see you
have a hood on the police will stop him and have an attitude”. (Male 17-24 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            26
                            Our Community – Our Say

Housing Theme

#        Issue - Housing    Total             Female                    Male
1    Responsiveness          7         40-49 B                50-64 W
                                    40-49                     40-49 W
                                    50-64 B
2    Maintenance             6        40-49 B                 50-64 W
                                    25-39 O
                                    50-64 B
3    Support                 6        25-39 W                   40-49 W
                                                              25-39 B
                                                              17-24 B
6    Transfers               2      25-39 W
                                    40-49 B

Maintenance and Responsiveness

Respondents, mainly women, expressed concerns with regards to
maintenance and the council’s failure to respond to their requests for repairs.

    “In 17 years have been in flat, only maintained once. Flat is in a very bad
                            state” (Male 50 - 64 W)

“No lift. Live on fourth floor. Caused an injury. Have young children. Have lots
      of medical conditions. Been lifting the children” (Female 40 – 49 B)

    “Housing officer is unresponsive, never gets back to me, never answers
                          messages” (Male 40 – 49 W)


Lack of support was also another concern of residents; complaining that the
Housing Office had moved from the estate and it was now more difficult to
contact housing officers.

 “Very hard to talk to them. (Housing Officer) Before it was easy because we
          had an office on the Peabody Estate” (Female 40 – 49 B)

           “Train the staff to treat customers properly” (Male 17 – 24 B)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                               27
                                   Our Community – Our Say

Environment Theme

#            Issue - Environment        Total        Female              Male
1     Cleaner Streets                     9        17-24W          40-49W
                                                40-49W          40-49B
2     Litter                              7     17-24W          40-49W
                                                17-24B          40-49B
                                                50-64W          17-24B
3     Dog mess                            1     17-24W

Under the theme of environment, an equal number of male and female
respondents regularly spoke about the need for cleaner streets, identifying the
level of litter on the streets as a major problem. Of the 17 respondents the
majority were of white backgrounds.

    “Because of the market… wind blowing everything all over the place… not
                        very healthy” (Male 40 – 49 W)

    “North End Road and Anselm Road …. Always disgusting. People leave
            rubbish and boxes on the street” (687 Male 40 – 49 B)

“There is so much chewing gum people spit out on the street everywhere and
              they ruined my new trainers” (Female 0 – 16 W)

    “People should be careful when they take their dogs out and not let them
          mess on the pavement and in the park” (Female 17 – 24 W)

         “Dropped litter attracts rats and disease. It’s filthy and unhealthy”
                                 (Female 17 – 24 B)

Service Provision Theme

#         Issue - Service Provision     Total         Female              Male
1     Social Services                    6      40-49W           50-64
                                                65+W             17-24O
2     Effectiveness                      3         65+W
3     Communication                      2      40-49B
4     NDC                                2      65+W
                                                25-39 B
5     Council                            1                       17-24W
6     Recreation                         1      17-24W
7     Transport                          1                       17-24W

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                              28
                          Our Community – Our Say

Social Services
Seven issues were raised with regards to service provision. Social Services
received the most criticism with both male and female respondents stating
their dissatisfaction with poorly coordinated services and inefficient use of
               “The Local Authority should provide more funds for children with
               special needs” (Male 25-39 B)

    “Old people are not satisfied with the services. No one is co-ordinating
         effectively. Resources are not maximized” (Female 40-49 W)

Other issues centred on poor transport and recreational facilities and the lack
of communication and services from service providers.

      “Get alcoholics and drug addicts off the street” (Male 40 – 49 M)
    “Not enough information given by social workers” (Female 40 – 49 B)

Residents suggested leaflets and announcements in the local press as an
effective means of communication.

                  “Leaflet is a good service” (Male 40-49 B)

 “More leaflets, more liaison with communities organisation” (Female 65+ B)
    “More information in local press showing integration” (Male 40-49 B)
      “Leaflet comes through the door is immediate” (Female 40-49 B)

          “Not enough green spaces in the NDC area” (Female 65+ W)

  “I would like to see more flowers in North End Road hanging in baskets to
              make the place prettier and nicer” (Female 25-39 B)

              “Not bins for recycling. Too much waste” (Male 17-24W)

    “Have a meeting in Fulham Town Hall and not Hammersmith town hall
            especially for older people its closer” (Female 65+ W)

   “Not enough activities for youth during evenings and weekends and in
  holidays especially half-term. We have nothing to do and get into trouble”
                              (Female 17-24 W)


  “I work in Brixton and it’s so expensive to commute, keeps going up every
      year from Fulham. There is no direct bus. It’s awful” (Male 17-24 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            29
                           Our Community – Our Say

Second Level Findings
The findings from the first stage of the research highlighted gaps in
knowledge around young people’s perspectives (few children and young
people had been spoken with during the first stage). Therefore, the team
decided to focus on reaching this group of residents in the community.

Community cohesion was another area where it was felt that insufficient
information had been generated during the first stage. Further work was
carried out in the second stage of the research around this theme.

Support for parents and community safety were two themes that emerged
during the first stage. The findings indicated that further work was needed in
exploring the issues around these themes during the second stage.

In this section the findings from the further work on these themes is

Children and Young People Theme

During the first stage of the research, issues relating to children and young
people were raised. During the second stage, two focus groups were held
with a young people’s group, where they were asked about their perceptions
on cohesion and integration environment.

The table below summarises the issues raised during the first stage and the
focus groups.

   #          Issue        Number                 Female               Male
   1       Recreation,       21               0-16 B                0-16 B
          activities and                      17-24 B            0-16 M
           support for                        17-24 W                    17-24 B
          young people                  50-64W                  40-49B
   2      Crime & anti-      9             0-16B                 0-16 B
             social                     0-16W
           behaviour                          17-24B
   3         Drugs &         3             0-16 W
             alcohol                     0-16 B
   4       Education,        3             50-64B               50-64W
   5     Litter and dog      2           0-16 W
              mess                      25-39B W

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                30
                          Our Community – Our Say

Recreation, activities, Support for young people
21 people identified the need for more activities including go-karting, sports
and drama/dance for young people. The lack of youth activities was
highlighted as one of the main reasons for crime.

    “Need facilities for teens in the park. In summer they need after school
                  facilities and youth clubs” (Female 25 – 39B)

         “Want football club for children and more children’s facilities”
                               (Female 25 – 39)

    “Very little activities that’s why the youth commit crime” (Male 17-24 B)

Crime & anti-social behaviour
9 young people said they felt intimidated by groups of other young people
hanging around – particularly those who came from other areas looking for
trouble. Some of them also felt that some crime and anti-social behaviour
received unnecessary hype.

 “Sometimes when it’s late I feel intimidated by the group of people that hang
                    around my park” (Female 17-24 W)

        “People from other areas come here for trouble” (Male 0-16 B)

 “Because there are not activities for young people they are getting territorial
      and getting into gangs and it will get worse” (Female 40 – 49 B)

Drugs & alcohol
This was a concern raised by women who felt vulnerable due to heavy alcohol
and drug users around.

             “Drugs, drinking and dealing drugs” (Female 0-16 W)

                 “Drugs health for children” (Female 0-16 W)

Litter and dog mess
These were issues of concern for pedestrians and park users. Problems
identified were:

                   “Dog poo in the park” (Female 25-39 W)

    “Lots of rubbish on Dawes Road, more flowers needed, lots of traffic”
                             (Female 0-16 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                              31
                           Our Community – Our Say

Actions Suggested

    #           Action     Number         Female                           Male
    1       Youth club,      20        0-16 B                      0-16B
            classes,                               17-24B     0-16M
            workshops                17-24W                      17-24B
    2       Sports and       19      0-16B                                         0-16B
            physical                 0-16W                        0-16W
            activities                                        17-24B
    3       Events and       11             0-16 W               0-16 B
            things to do                 0-16 B             17-24B

    4       Cut crime,       7         0-16 B                 0-16 B
            community                                           17-24B

20 people felt that providing more youth clubs, classes and workshops would
help to resolve the issue of anti-social behaviour on the estates and streets.
19 young people, predominantly male, said that more sports and physical
activities would be made available to them whilst 11 felt that various outdoor
events should also be arranged to keep young people occupied and off the
streets. Seven young people highlighted the need to cut crime and promote
community cohesion in the neighbourhood.

        “I think there needs to be more classes or something to do in the
                       evening for the youth” (Male 17-24 B)

          “More trips….more workshops in ‘youth club’. Did ‘barbering’
             workshop….really good. Table tennis.” (Male 0-16 B)

  “I make money….e.g. car washing, window washing, fixing things. Game
           boys, MP3s programmes….computers” (Male 0-16 B)

          “Tennis in the park at school and youth club” (Male 0-16 B)

  “Football tournaments, mini-motoring. Stuff to get me away from the area”
                               (Male 0-16 W)

           “More plants and flowers, street parties” (Female 0-16 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                               32
                                Our Community – Our Say

Social Events to Improve Community Cohesion

   #         Action              Number               Female                     Male
   1      Outdoor                  15                        25-39B   50-64 B
          Events                                        40-49 B       50-64 W
                                                17-24 B               40-49 B
                                                                      17-24 B
   2      Family events            7           40-49 B                 25-39 B
          and activities                       40-49 M
                                                  17-24 B
                                               25-39 B
                                               0-16 B
   3      Sport                    4           25-39 S                   40-49 W
          /activities                          25-39 B
   4      Dance                    3            40-49W
                                               25-39 B
   5      Bingo and                3            17-24 B
          clubs                                 40-49 B
                                                0-16 B
   6      Religious                2           25-39 S
          activities                            40-49 A

Outdoor Events
15 people interviewed felt that open-air events, festivals and parties would
contribute to improving community cohesion.

         “Open air parties, good for people and children” (Male 40-49 B)

  “Cultural events – family day because educational, socialising….. knowing
                more people from the area” (Female 40-49 B)

       “Open park area, barbecue because all the neighbours are together”
                                (Male 17-24 B)

Family events and activities
Family events and sports activities also scored high. Suggested activities
were dance, bingo, clubs and religious activities – all of which would bring
individuals and families in the community together.

                        “Family day because it’s fun” (Male 25-39 B)

       “For the children, holiday, family funday in the park” (Female 25-39)

Sport /activities
Four young people also shared the view that if they were able to get together
through sport and activities, it would drastically reduce the potential for
criminal activity and would also assist in promoting community cohesion.
Young people wanted sport and other activities such as darts, football, and
bowling because they enjoyed them.

       “Very little activities that’s why youth commit crime” (Male 17-24 B)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                     33
                              Our Community – Our Say

Three females expressed their desire for dance classes for young people.
One also wanted a ballroom dancing competition.

 “Sport, dancing, for children and teenagers. Ballroom dancing competition”
                               (Female 40-49 W)

            “Organised dances for young people” (Female 40-49 B)

Bingo and clubs
Three women all black, two of whom were under 24 years old, wished to see
more clubs, and one black woman aged 40-49 wanted bingo and quiz nights.

Religious activities
One Somali woman thought greater religious and cultural understanding
would benefit the whole community.

           “Religious – cultural awareness would help a great deal”
                             (365 Female 25-39 S)

Focus Group – Parent Support

  #           Issue             Number            Female               Male
  1     Family & Child            13                25-39 B      17-24 M
        Support                                     25-39W
                                            17-24 B
                                            40-49 B
                                            40-49 W
  2     Housing                   8                    40-49 B
        availability and                      17-24 B
        provision                           25-39 B
  3      Lack of activities       5            40-49 B           50-64 S
        for young people                    40-49 S
                                            25-39 S
  4     Educational               3         25-39 S              50-64 S
        under-                              40-49 B
  5     Crime and anti-           3         40-49 W              40-49 W
        social behaviour                    40-49 S
  6     Cultural prejudice        2            25-39 B

A number of issues were raised by the participants (parents). The most
pressing concern was the need for family and child support.

 “More activities. … Would be nice keeping youngsters occupied – to keep
                    them off the street” (Female 40-49 B)

 “Teenagers especially 14 yr old – builds stress because bored and agitated”
                              (Female 40-49 B)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           34
                          Our Community – Our Say

  “It is not easy because there is nothing for them in the area – no activities”
                               (Female 25-39 S)

“There are no facilities in the area to occupy them – create activities for them
                       (young people)” (Female 40-49 S)

 “No children’s activities – no involvement in the community” (Male 50-64 S)

Housing availability and provision was also cited as an issue.

“Privacy is an issue because of room-sharing. We’re on the locator to bid for a
    house/flat. Was told I’m only entitled 3 bedrooms – I feel it should be 4
                        bedrooms.” (Female 40-49 B)

  “Housing – I want a new place in a better environment away from violence
                      and burglaries” (Female 40-49 B)

       “Housing – hard to get a property – not helpful, housing officers”
                              (Female 40-49 B)

 “Housing a big factor – permanent housing a nightmare – been on list for 5
                years. Fulham saturated.” (Female 25-39 B)

 “Housing – their system backward and slow – charging high, don’t look back
                  to see I can afford or not” (Female 17-24 B)

Most parents generally felt that there was a lack of activities for children and
young people. Other issues raised centred around educational under-
achievement and lack of information from statutory services, erosion of values
in society and issues relating to health and cultural prejudices.

       “Going back to work difficult with children. Hard to find childcare”
                              (Female 40-49 B)

“Childcare is an issue - facilities in particular. Would want childcare provided
                     by the community” (Female 25-39 B)

  “Financial assistance e.g. Tax Credit. Education funding a good school or
                     nursery provision)” (Female 25-39 B)

    “I’m a nanny, it’s hard to bring up children now because of drugs and
    shootings. It’s scary to walk down the street especially with children.”
                               (Female 40-49 W)

        “Very difficult to manage their misbehaviour” (Female 40-49 S)

  “Very difficult. Their age is difficult to control. They misbehave and don’t
 respect others. Involved with harassment – my son has been included with
 gangs - nothing to do and there is no controlling too much freedom – no-one
               to show them how to be an adult” (Male 40-49 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            35
                                 Our Community – Our Say

“Education, housing, no good secondary school. Have to go out of borough –
           no big property. 4 children involved” (Female 40-49 B)

  “Our Somali teenagers are under-achieving in schools that’s why they are
                   getting into trouble” (Female 25-39 S)

“Not understanding the education system. Not being able to help my children
                      with homework” (Male 50-64 S)

“My son is three – doesn’t speak, so I want to find a school to take him to. No
  school will take him – have applied to 6 schools and no one has replied”
                              (Female 25-39 B)

   “Schools are difficult to find in the area. We can’t afford the travel fare”
                                  (Male 50-64 S)

  “In the swimming pool it’s difficult for me to go with my children, because I
        cover my body, head and people don’t like it” (Female 25-39 B)

       “Anti-social behaviour when I take my children to the park. I feel not
                integrated because I am Muslim” (Female 25-39 B)

Actions suggested
                 Action           Number             Female              Male
  1       After school and          5             25-39 B          40-49 W
          holiday activities                 40-49 S

  2       More and                  5        25-39 W
          affordable                               25-39 B
          childcare                           17-24 B
  3       Community Events          3         40-49B               50-64 S
          and Forums                          17-24B

  4       Education Support         2        25-39 S
          for Somali young                   40-49 S
  5       Park facilities for       1        40-49B
          very young
  6       More information          1        25-39 W
          about childcare

  7       Playgroup                 1        40-49 W

  8       Provision of funding      1        25-39 B
          for activities

  9       Provision indoor          1        17-24 B
          facilities for young
  10      Provide trained           1         40-49 B
          youth workers

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                               36
                          Our Community – Our Say

 Five people wanted to see organised after-school and holiday activities for
young people that could stimulate and entertain them whilst providing a safe
and secure environment.

      “Education – more after school activities for children – providing
  supplementary education. Encourage more grants for ‘gifted and talented
                        children” (Female 25-39 B)

   “More parents and children’s activities (young children)” (Male 40-49 W)

 “More children centres. Organise more fun activities for kids during summer
                   holidays for example” (Female 25-39 B)

A number of parents raised the issue of access to affordable and flexible
childcare particularly those wanting to return to work or further education.

        “Affordable childcare to allow me to study – its very expensive”
                               (Female 17-24 B)

        “More childcare provision in the afternoon” (Female 25-39 W)

“I have a lot of moral support from my husband – would value help with older
               son because of special needs” (Female 25-39 B)

Parents described a need for community-led initiatives that would provide not
only activities but also resources for bringing the community together, for
example education and training sessions and workshops.

   “We need a place where the community can come together to socialise”
                             (Male 50-64 S)

  “Would like the community to provide more multi-cultural play groups and
          drop-ins for people who don’t get out.” (Female 40-49 B)

         “Affordable community trips and activities” (Female 17-24 M)

Members of the Somali community expressed the need for culturally specific
educational support services for children and young people.

 “We need Somali educational support workers which will help the children”
                           (Female 25-39 S)

       “We need Somali education support workers” (Female 40-49 S)

             “Help in education, more facilities” (Female 40-49 S)

Parents expressed a need for safe, designated green spaces for younger
children, e.g. pre-school and infants.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            37
                                      Our Community – Our Say

    “Would like better park facilities for under age children – where there are no
       teenagers walking dogs, swearing on the ‘phone.” (Female 40-49 B)

Parents were particularly concerned that there needs to be improved
information given to local people about existing community resources.

    “Service providers – information about community resources. Wasn’t aware
                          of Busy Bees” (Female 25-39 W)

Actions to Address Community Safety

After a second level analysis the action suggested from the people
interviewed, in relation to safety were:

#         Action Safety               Total   Women            Men
1         Place suggested for         12        F 40-49 W          M 40-49 B
          police patrols: Clem                 F 25-39 A        M 40-49 W
          Atlee Estate, North End              F25-39 W           M 25-39 O
          Road, West Ken Estate                 F 40-49 B       M 25-39 W
                                                                M 50-64 W
                                                                M 50-64 B
2         Police patrol at night      8            F 50-64 W         M 50-64 W
                                                F 40-49 B
                                                F 25-39 W
                                                F 25-39 A
3         Patrol on weekends and      6         F 40-49 B        M 25-39 O
          evening                               F 40-49 W        M40-49 B
                                                F 40-49 W       65+ B
4         Plain clothed police        5         F25-39 W            M50-64 W
                                                F 40-49 B        M40-49 W
5         CCTV                        4         F25-39 A         M 25-39
                                                F 40-49 B
                                                F 40-49 W
6         Patrol during               2         F 50-64 W       M 50-64W
7         Community Officer and       1         F 40-49 B       65+ B
          Police Officer patrolling

Places suggested for police patrols
Both men and women suggested that there should be more patrols in the
following areas: North End Road, Clem Atlee and West Kensington estates.

           “Evenings after 6 all over West Kensington and on the estate”
                                  (Female 40-49 B)

    “I’d like to see them at night by the estate in North End Road so you can see
                            them (police).” (Female 25-39 A)

      “Needs more police - it is good to have them - make you feel safer at all
                                times” (Female 65+ B)

       “During the day is safe. Evenings after 8 I don’t feel safe on the street”

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                 38
                          Our Community – Our Say

                                (Male 50-64 W)

Police patrols at night
From the feedback it appears that women felt strongly about personal safety
and therefore a need for more patrols especially at evenings and weekends. A
cross section of ages felt that this was an issue for them.

  “Weekends’ evenings - dangerous at night - too many groups get together
   and they harass people with their aggressive behaviour” (Male 40-49 B)

Police patrols on weekends and evenings
Residents expressed a desire to see more patrols during afternoons,
evenings and dark nights during the winter months, and near pubs where
trouble often occurs. It was felt that too many groups of people gather at these
places and these times and are intimidating and aggressive.

 “Weekends, evenings – danger at night, too many groups get together and
     they harass people with very aggressive talking” (Male 40-49 B)

“24 hours policing near the estate in North End Road and especially near the
                          pubs” (Female 40-49 W)

Plain clothed police
A need for plain clothes police presence on the street was articulated by some
residents aged between 25 to 50 as this could be an effective way to combat
street crime.

  “Yes, under cover they can see things that uniformed police wouldn’t see”
                             (Female 40-49 B)

Three women and one man all under the age of 49 suggested having more
CCTV cameras in the NDC area as a way of deterring crime.

      “CCTV and more officers on foot patrol in order to engage with the
                     community.” (Female 25-39 A)

Police patrols during afternoons
Two elderly people wanted more police patrols during the day; because of
their age they felt particularly vulnerable.

      “In the evening and afternoon because of drunks and drug users”
                              (Female 50-64 W)

     “Throughout the day and afternoon better chance of stopping crime”
                              (Male 50-64 W)

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                          39
                           Our Community – Our Say

Community Officer and Police Officer patrolling together
Three individuals of a cross section of ages felt that policing was inadequate
and could be bolstered by having more police on patrol with community
officers having the power to arrest as well as having more responsibility. It
was also felt that the response of police to incidents could be greatly

  “Community Officers have more responsibility. Community Officers and
Police Officers to investigate properly. Sometimes Community Officers do not
                           respond” (Female 40-49 B)

  “More police in the street. Community Officers are a waste of time – they
                should have the power to arrest” (Male 65+B)

Verification and Action Planning
The third stage of the research involved feeding back the issues and concerns
raised to residents in the NDC area. The purpose of this stage was to share
with residents the findings that had emerged, to give residents an opportunity
to verify and add to these issues, to prioritise them, and to give ideas on
possible actions and solutions to address the most important issues and

Over the period from 1 September to 3 October 2007, seven events took
place for this stage of the research, with a total of 94 residents taking part and
providing their input into the following themes:

   •   Health Service Provision
   •   Community Cohesion
   •   Community Safety
   •   Support for Families
   •   Housing and Environment

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                            40
                                                                   Our Community – Our Say

Health Service Provision
Health            Agree   Disagree   Priority                             Actions / Solutions             What….                 Timeframe            Whose responsibility
Service                                                                                                   When….                 Now…
Provision                                                                                                 Where….                Soon….
Long Waiting      ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨΨ     ΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨ                              Female 50-64 V                  Female 50-64 V         Female 50-64 V       Female 50-64 V
Times             ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨ                   Female 50-64 V              More doctors to speed up        Everyday, every       One month, two       Government have to
                  ΨΨΨ                Shorter waiting times                waiting times.                  time hospitals and     month, quickly to    give money to sort it
                                     Because everybody needs to              Male 50-64V                  clinics, more          help people.         out (system) doctors
                                     sort out illness.                    The doctors should be able      doctors.                  Male 50-64V       should talk government
                                     We should have less waiting          to access the patient better.        Male 11-16 W       ASAP                to government, then
                                     time.                                   Male 17-24 B                  More doctors in          Male 17-24 B      government to talk to
                                         Female 50-64W Everyone           Mobile GP services, home        A&E.                    2009-2010.          people.
                                     I know has this issue.               visit services.                                            Male0-16 W          Male 50-64 V
                                         Female 65+V                          Male 0-16 W                                         Soon, max 1 year.   The hospital or PCT.
                                      I think there is a lot of waiting    More doctors in hospitals.                                                    Male 17-24 B
                                     for appointments and                                                                                             The community and the
                                     operations.                                                                                                      government
                                         Female 65+ O                                                                                                     Male 17-24 W
                                     The person who has the                                                                                            NHS
                                     illness must be seen
                                     immediately, you’d think.
                                         Male 17-24 B
                                     If you are ill, you need fast
                                         Female 17-24 V Too long
                                     waiting to be seen.
                                         Male 0-16 W
                                     Very important to get it right.
                                     Shorter waiting times.
Poor access       ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨΨ     ΨΨΨΨΨΨ                                  Male 50-64 V                     Male 50-64 V         Male 50-64 V         Male 50-64 V
to Health         ΨΨΨΨ    ΨΨΨΨΨ          Female65+V                        We need information in our     Leaflet information    Now                  Hospitals.
Facilities e.g.                      More clinics.                        language so they feel           readily available in     Female 50-64 S       Female 50-64 S
GP, hospital,                            Female 50-64 V More              confident on what to do.        different languages.   Now                  NHS
clinics                              clinics.                                Female 50-64 S                   Female 50-64S        Female 40-49B        Female40-49 B

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                            41
                                                           Our Community – Our Say

                                   Female 40-49 B                More staff.                     Hospitals as early      Now                 NHS
                                 More and easily access.           Female 40-49 B                as possible, hospital     Male 11-16 W        Male 11-16 W
                                   Female 17-24 V                Employ more nurses.             services                Now                 NHS
                                Move to many different areas         Male 11-16 W                   Female 40-49B
                                for different treatments.         More information to            Now GP
                                     Male 11-16 W                patients and the public to          Male 11-16 W
                                More access to hospitals and     know where to go.               Handing leaflets to
                                GPs.                                                             houses with
                                    Male 17-24                                                   introduction to
                                More clinics. W                                                  people.

Lack of        ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨ    ΨΨΨΨΨ                               Female 50-64 V                 Female 50-64V           Female 50-64 V      Female 50-64V
adequate       ΨΨ                         Female 50-64 V          More Vietnamese help in         More Vietnamese        ASAP                Local authority and
care for the                    £10 per hour NHS or £6 per       the Centre, there’s lots of     semi-volunteers,          Female 40-49V     community.
elderly                         hr for local people, sometimes   people willing to do the job,   anywhere, centre of     Now                 Council.
                                I have a problem, I also care    NHS should reduce the           where I live, once a                           Male0-16W
                                for my 95 yr old mum. No         costs get service               week or mid-week.                           Everyone e.g.
                                home help, I have to pay.        volunteers.                     As soon as                                  community.
                                Need good care for the           Need more money for             possible.
                                elderly.                         employed carers so there is         Male0-16W
                                    Female 50 – 64 V             more people helping the         More spending, get
                                More money from the              elderly to have dignity for     more nursing
                                government.                      elderly                         homes.
                                                                 Tackling the pension
Lack of        ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨ    ΨΨ                                  Male 50-64V                     Female 50-64S          Female 50-64S       Male 50-64V Is the
interpreters   ΨΨΨΨ                Female 65+O                   Leaflets in Vietnamese,         Housing, job centre,    Soon and now.       hospital.
                                Not enough interpreters.         there is not enough             immigration as soon                           Female 50-64S
                                  Female 50-64S                  information around in           as possible.                                Government
                                More interpreters.               foreign languages.
                                                                    Female 50-64S Employ
                                                                 more minority people.
Lack of        ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨ                                  Female 50-64V Need             Female 50-64V           Female 50-64V        Female 50-64V
choice e.g.    ΨΨΨΨ    ΨΨΨ       Female 50-64V                   more flexibility because        More flexibility in     One or two months   I don’t know what they

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                   42
                                                             Our Community – Our Say

GPs, hospital                    They say they are not allowed      some full up, some not.         future I can have a    because if you live   can do, but the doctors
                                 to send me to Chelsea,             To be able to choose the        few choices, doctor    in Kingston you       should give them
                                 Queen Mary or St Georges           hospital I want to go to.       in surgery to help     have to come here.    ideas.
                                 Hospital. Depends on illness.                                      he’s good.                                       Male 17- 24 W
                                 Doctors want to send me but                                                                                     No Comment
                                 not allowed, they’re being
                                 restricted to area they live in.
                                    Female 65+O
                                 Ideally you should have all
                                 the services in one place, not
                                 sent to different hospitals for
                                 5 different reasons.
NHS is too      ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ     ΨΨ                                       Female 50-64B                Female 40-49B         Female 40-49B         Female 40-49B
target driven   ΨΨΨΨΨ               Female 17-24V                   Why affect people directly      Now GP                 Soon & now.           NHS.
                Ψ                Too much promise, not              lack of choice, better             Female 50-64S         Female 50-64S         Female 50-64S
                                 money/action.                      service, healthier people,      Local dentist, early   Now                   NHS
                                    Female 50-64S Need to           happier.                        as possible
                                 improve it                               Female 50-64 W
                                                                    More central government
                                                                    funding. Facilities should be
                                                                    given and local authorities
                                                                    should have more power.
                                                                       Female 50-64S
                                                                    Instead of every 6 month
                                                                    check up they should be
                                                                    every 3 months.
                                                                       Female 40-49 B
                                                                    Give more attention to
                                                                    patients and listen to them.
                                                                       Male 17-24B
                                                                    They try to get you in and
                                                                    out of hospital quickly to
                                                                    reach targets.
Lack of         ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ                                     Female 40-49 B                Female 40-49            Female 40-49B         Female 40-49B
nurses          ΨΨΨΨΨ                Female 65+ V                   More nurses, hospitals.         Now hospitals and      Now and soon.         NHS

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                        43
                                                                Our Community – Our Say

                  ΨΨ               Need more nurses; you wait          More staff                    dentist.
                                   for long time to see a nurse.       More funding.

Over reliance     ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ                                     Female 50-64 W
on                ΨΨΨΨ    Ψ            Female 65+ V                    There should be an in-
contractors                        Is important to have clean          house directive local
for hospital                       environment.                        authority being shafted.
services. E.g.                                                         People are making cash.
Used needles      ΨΨΨΨ    ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ                                   Hospitals need to invest
not disposed              ΨΨΨΨ       Female 50-64V                     more in training the staff
of properly                        Need clean environment              and changing clothes.

Inadequate        ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨ    Ψ                                       Female 50-64 W              Female 50-64B          Female 50-64B          Female 50-64B
mental health     Ψ                   Female 65+V                      It’s an issue for everyone.   Across the services.   As early as           Service providers
support…for                        I don’t think or know if there is       Female 50-64 B                                   possible, before it   those who control the
black and                          mental health problem with          Better access, better care                           become urgent.        money and responsible
minority                           BME, it is important to             for elderly, mental health.                          Problems              for education, i.e.
ethnic                             address this                        Review appointment                                   deteriorate e.g.      health services
communities                                                            system, more friendly and                            cervical smears and
                                                                       encouraging. Provide more                            mental health.
                                                                       user friendly services.
Graffiti on the   ΨΨΨ     ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ                                       Male 17-24 B                Male 17-24B            Male 17-24B           Male 17-24B
walls of NHS              ΨΨΨΨ        Female 65+V                      More cleaning teams           ASAP, starting         Now                   Local council
property                           I don’t see this in my area, but                                  Sharm Brook
                                   there is many graffiti in other                                   House.

Long waiting time was regarded as one of the top issues facing local residents when dealing with health services, prioritised by 9
residents. Participants deemed this issue crucial for many reasons. Many acknowledged this issue and stated that an ill person who
is in pain cannot wait too long to be seen or treated. Residents suggested that central government needs to spend more money for

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                       44
                                                     Our Community – Our Say

cutting waiting times, provision of more doctors at GP surgeries and hospitals. Others even suggested the provision of mobile
surgeries and home visit service. The timeframe suggested for solving waiting times ranged from as soon as possible to a year in
order to deal with the issue. Parties responsible for implementing these solutions are the government, NHS, local PCT.

Another issue that ranked high in the list of health service issues was lack of adequate care for the elderly. Sixteen people agreed
with this issue, five of them chose it as a priority issue. They stated inadequate resources as one of the reasons for this issue. The
solutions in this case ranged from tacking the pension schemes, provision of money employing more people to work with elderly
and pay for organisations to look after the elderly. They demanded very swift action to be taken by local government and the
community at large.

The issue that got less agreement was that of graffiti on the walls of NHS properties. Only 3 out of 18 people agreed with this issue
that they regarded as the responsibility of the local council.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                 45
                                                                       Our Community – Our Say

Community Cohesion

Community          Agree   Disagree   Priority                        Actions / Solutions            What….                    Timeframe             Whose responsibility
Cohesion                                                                                             When….                    Now…
VIP                                                                                                  Where….                   Soon….
Anti-social        ΨΨΨ     ΨΨΨΨ       ΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨ                                 Female 50-64 A             Female 50-64A                Female 50-            Female 50-64A
behaviour          ΨΨΨ                          Female 50-64 A        Revise education system        School is important and   64 A                  Family, school,
                   ΨΨΨ                Lots of antisocial behaviour.   and contents                   family                     later                government
                   ΨΨΨ                It affects my life at home.     Social services have to be     Youth centre so youth      asap                 Premises funding local
                   ΨΨΨ                Schools are important to        more active in education       use energy at              Over 5 years of      council and schools they
                   ΨΨΨ                teach more people               and communication with         weekends and holidays     hard work             need to be empowered
                                      behaviour and learn how to      parents                        in every area                    Male 65+A             Male 65+A
                                      have respect                    Education to public and for           Male 65+A          now                   Government and family
                                             Female 50-64 V Anti      low income people              Every time, home              Female 40-49V     Show like police school
                                      social behaviour                        Male 65+A              school street             Soon asap this year   parents
                                      Anti social behaviour           More advice on television         Female 40-49V              Female 50-64 V        Male50-64A
                                              Male 65+A               about it more police control   Every week day after      now                   Local government, central,
                                       It’s an issue                  Help and advice from           school in the community       Male 50-64A       they are connected
                                      Antisocial behaviour            schools and homes too          hall youth club            now                      Female4049V
                                          Male 50-64A                    Male 50-64A                    Female 50-64 V                               Social services in
                                       Anti social behaviour          Lesson to parent on how to     Where community lives                           conjunction with parents
                                          Female 40-49V               discipline kids and hold       especially after school                         like a co-op
                                      So people feel safe             something against them             Male 50-64A                                     Female 50-64 V
                                                                         Female 40-49V More          Could be at school                              Government and family
                                                                      activities for children        community centre, not
                                                                         Female 50-64V Different     just when there is a
                                                                      issues more people to work     problem
                                                                      and look after the
Lack of            ΨΨΨ     ΨΨΨ        ΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨ                                      Male 50-64A
parental control   ΨΨΨ                         Male 65+A              More education for families     Female 17-24V            Female 17-24V         Female 17-24V
                   ΨΨΨ                All about discipline.           and young people,              Everyday wherever         Now                   Local authority
                   ΨΨΨ                Family and community            more discipline from           possible                         Male 65+A          Male 65+A
                                      responsibility for this.        parents.                          Female 50-64V          Now.                  Parents

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                               46
                                                               Our Community – Our Say

                  ΨΨΨ          Lack of parental control       Mothers and fathers too       Spend more time with      10 – 15 years.         Family and parents in
                  Ψ                   Female 50-64A           young to have children.       their children inside     Now.                   school.
                                Most families are single      Advice and help from          their house and outside      Female 50-64A       Family and school
                               parents to break down.         family and parents father         Male 50-64A           Later, takes time to      Female 50-64A
                               If they are going to be next   should be involved.            At school and home       change                 Government and family
                               generation their parents       More discipline for parents   every time                   Male 50-64A            Female 65+A
                               need to direct them at home    and more discipline for           Male 65+A Home is     Now                    Parents
                               they’re out on the street at   youth.                        the basics                   Female 65+A
                               11 pm                                                            Female 65+A Now       Now
                                    Male 50-64A               Female 17-24V                 at home community
                                Parental control to youth     Offer more youth clubs and    centre
                                    Female 65+A               leisure centres
                                Lack of parental control          Female 50-64V
                                    Female 50-64V              Monthly meetings for
                               Lack of parental control       parents to review their
                                                              problems and seek
Not enough        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨΨΨ                                 Male 65+A               Female 50-64V                 Male 65+A                Male 65+A
youth provision   ΨΨΨ                    Male 65+A            More attention from           In the local community    Now                    Local authority school
                  ΨΨΨ          Discipline is important.       schools and carers at            Female 17-24V          Takes 10 to15years     parents.
                  ΨΨΨ          To keep young out of           home because they are the     Continuous funding like    Now                   One government parents
                  ΨΨΨ          trouble you must give them     basic.                        NHS monthly to local        Female 17-24V        schools.
                  Ψ            activities.                    Parents need to have more     authority                 The sooner the         Family
                               Not enough youth control       education and experience.     At school and home        better                   Female 17-24V
                                      Female 65+A No          Advice and discipline         every time                  Female 50-64V         Government
                               Youth provision                especially parents               Male 65+A              Asap                     Female 50-64V
                                   Female 17-24V              Keep youth busy like youth    Discipline happens at       Female 65+A          Local government
                               Not enough provision           clubs                         home                      Now                      Female 65+A
                               because youth are causing         Female 50-64V                 Female 65+A                                   Government family schools
                               trouble                        They need more clubs and      Now in youth club
                                                              other provisions
                                                                 Female 17-24V
                                                              More youth workers and
                                                              money pairing in to make
                                                              this happen more funds for

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                      47
                                                                  Our Community – Our Say

Religion /        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ                                     Female 50-64V                 Female 50-64V            Female 50-64V           Female 50-64V
Culture /         ΨΨΨ   Ψ         Male 65+V It’s difficult for   Individuals have to work         In the community           asap                   Community
Language          ΨΨΨ          older people to learn             hard to learn language and          Female 65+A                Female 50-64A          Female 50-64A
causing           ΨΨΨ          another language                  culture in the community.        TV radio newspaper         Now                    Community and family
division within   Ψ               Female 50-64V                  Education and income                                                                  Female 65+A
the community                  Important for me too              levels                                                                             Government
                                  Female 65+A Religion               Male 65+V No solution                                                             Male 65+V
                               causing division in the           to change culture is difficult                                                     I would like it to change but
                               community                         - play along with it                                                               don’t know who
                                  Female 50-64A This                 Female 65+A More
                               creates gaps and extremes         information and advice and
                                                                 more explanation about
                                                                 religion so people know
                                                                 more about it
Not enough        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ                                                                   Female 17-24V                 Female 50-
social events     ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ          Female 50-64V              Female 17-24V more                Different events within   64V                    Female 50-64V
                  ΨΨΨ   Ψ      Improvement to have               events and activities set        each local authority       Later time             Hammersmith and Fulham
                  ΨΨΨ          somewhere to meet and             up.                              residents’ hall, leisure   now, anytime           borough
                               talk for company.                 Raise awareness in               centre library youth          Male 65+V               Female 17-24V
                               Not enough social events          relation to the diversity of     centre community group      The earlier the       Local authorities funding
                               for the elderly they’re           the community                    weekly or twice weekly     better                 community groups in
                               lacking on services                  Female 50-64V                     Female 50-64V             Female 17-24V       liaison with housing
                                  Male 65+V                      Give more day events for          In the Vietnamese club    One year to six        associations to set it up for
                               they (youth and adults)           the elderly, elderly feel           Male 65+V               months after funding   each ethnic group as an
                               need occupied so they don’t       lonely more trips and            Asap this lunch group                             umbrella
                               do bad things out of              outings                          (Vietnamese Group)
                               boredom                              Male 65+V                     twice a week Tuesdays
                                                                                                  and Saturdays

Financial         ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ                                 Female 40-49 V                    Female 40-49 V            Female 40-49 V         Female 40-49 V
inequality        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ       Female 40-49 V                More money from central          Benefit monthly to         This year asap         Central government
causing           ΨΨΨ   Ψ      If you want to organize           government to local              community                    Female 50-64V          Female 50-64V
division          ΨΨΨ          some social events you            community youth service             Female 50-64V           asap                   This local borough
                  ΨΨΨ          need money                           Female 50-64V                 Give more spends and         Male 65+A            Hammersmith and Fulham
                                   Female 50-64V                 Some help from the               funding                    10 – 15 years            Male 65+A

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                                 48
                                                               Our Community – Our Say

                             If we have more money we         borough but they are             Male 65+A                                      Government community
                             could do more for people /       cutting down funding           Everywhere home                                  parents and school
                             community                           Male 65+A                   school
                                 Male 65+A                    Teach youth how to
                             Youth drop out of schools        behave and train them
                             and end up low incomes
Lack of         ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ                                  Female 17-24V                 Female 17-24V              Female 17-24V         Female 17-24V
communication   ΨΨΨ   Ψ          Female 17-24V                More small groups set up       Meetings to discuss         4-6 months for co-   Local council with
within the      ΨΨΨ          Need to be more liaison          between estates and            youth issues once a        ordination            community co-operation for
community       ΨΨΨ          between different groups, fill   different ethnic groups        month in each individual      Female 40-49 V     each local authority
                ΨΨΨ          gaps for better                      Female 40-49 V             estate/resident hall       This year asap           Female 40-49 V
                Ψ            understanding                    Government to support and         Female 40-49V                                 Government responsibility
                                 Female 50-64A                encourage other                Recognise the                                    with local council
                             Things are easier to solve       communities to join            community know them
                             problems with                    together                       and work with them
                             communication                                                   government to come to
                                 Female 40-49 V                                              community groups on
                             If the community joins with                                     going support
                             other communities to work
                             together more benefit to
Local service   ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   Ψ                                   Male 50-64A                    Male 50-64A               Male 50-64A           Male 50-64A
providers not   ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ        Male 50-64A                  Officers should work more      At the housing             now                   government housing
listening to    ΨΨΨ          Suffering housing problems       effectively and efficiently
communities’    ΨΨΨ
Too much        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ                                      Female 17-24V                  Female 17-24V              Female 17-24V         Female 17-24V
stereotyping    ΨΨΨ                                           Have a project to raise        Raise awareness            as soon as possible   Local authority
                ΨΨΨ                                           awareness in relation to the   schools and youth clubs
                ΨΨΨ                                           background

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                        49
                                                     Our Community – Our Say

The issue that received most agreement was that of anti-social behaviour. 18 people agreed that this was a major issue affecting
community cohesion, with nine people choosing this issue to be one of their top priorities. The reason for the high priority given to
this issue was because it is an issue that affect everyone in society. Actions suggested for dealing with this issue were to provide
more activities for children; social services to be more active in education and communicating with parents; training for parents on
how to discipline their children; revision of education systems; help and advice at home and school for children. They demanded
action to deal with this issue as soon as possible. They also suggested a wide range of responsible parties to make changes; this
starts with families, communities, schools, and local and central governments. Another issue that gained similar rates of agreement
was the lack of parental control. Reasons for choosing this as a priority issues were; parents not taking responsibilities for their
children and family break down. They suggested that parents should spend more time with their children and discourage teenage
pregnancies. The responsibility of this lies with the family, the community, schools and local authorities.

The most divisive issues were the financial inequality causing division within communities, and local service providers are not
listening to communities’ view.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                50
                                                                  Our Community – Our Say

Community Safety
Community        Agree    Disagree   Priority                       Actions/Solutions             What….                     Timeframe             Whose responsibility
Safety                                                                                            When….                     Now
Issue                                                                                             Where….                    Soon….
Drunk and        ΨΨΨ      ΨΨ         ΨΨΨ                                  Female65+B                 Female65+B                 Female65+B               Female65+B
disorderly                                 Female65+B               Police to be involved in      Education in relation to   Quickly as possible   Community Officer.
adults in the                        Drunk and disorderly           the housing management        the consequences               Male 65+ B        Government should
street                               behaviour is a priority        Move them from the flat                                  government needs      put them in prison
                                     You do not aspect to be        Try to reduce drunks in                                  to decide                 Male 65+ B Gov
                                     attacked when you go           the street, educate them                                                       ernment should do
                                     shopping or out                on the consequences of                                                         this
                                        Male 65+ B Drink and        alcohol
                                     drugs on the street should        Male 65 B Prosecute
                                     be addressed                   them – may be / not sure

CCTV not         ΨΨΨΨΨ    Ψ          ΨΨΨ                                 Female65+B                    Female65+B              Female65+B                Female65+B
operational in                              Female65+B              CCTV cameras                  asap                       asap                  Police Community
the area                             Is important that it is        operational on the estates    CCTV in the estate                               Officer
                                     working                        CCTV must be fixed and                                                         Housing Manager
                                     Is important because the       working
                                     police can see (evidence),
                                     without it the person
                                     suspected can deny
                                         Male 65+ B I Would
                                     like to have CCTV in the
Not enough       ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ        ΨΨ                                Female65+B                                                  Male 65+ B            Male 65+ B
police patrols                              Male 65+ B More         More police patrol on the                                More police on        Council
in the estates                       police on patrol,              streets and estates                                      patrol sooner than    Gov responsibility
                                     More patrol in estate as a        Male 65+ B more                                       later                 they should take
                                     priority                       police patrol on the estate                              Government needs      action
                                                                                                                             to decide                Female65+B
                                                                                                                                Female65+B         The Gov should take

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                       51
                                                             Our Community – Our Say

                                                                                                                   All the issues need   responsibility to fix
                                                                                                                   to be sorted asp      these problems
                                                                                                                   especially pubs
                                                                                                                   closing times

Drug dealers     ΨΨΨ    ΨΨΨΨ     ΨΨ                               Female65+B                  Female65+B             Female65+B            Female65+B
and users on                        Male 65+ B More            CCTV in operation to have    CCTV in the estate     asap                  Council and Police
the estates                      police to stop drug dealer    evidence and arrest them
                                 Because lots of people
                                 are on drugs and they can
                                 not control themselves
Dogs not on      ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ     ΨΨ                               Female65+B                   Female65+B            Male 65+ B              Male 65+ B
leads nor                           Female65+B                 The community officer        Community Officer in   Gov                   Is the Gov
muzzled                          Dog on lead because they      should enforce the           the estate                                   responsibility
                                 crap on the street            wearing leads and
                                    Male 65+ B Control of      muzzles, the sign “no
                                 dogs is a priority            dogs allowed is there” but
                                                               nobody listens
                                                                  Male 65+ B Clear the
                                                               streets of dogs’ mess –
                                                               keep them on a lead
Teenage          Ψ      ΨΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ
gangs                               Male 65+ B Police
operating in                     should move gangs ,this
the area                         would stop problems
People           ΨΨΨ    ΨΨΨΨ     Ψ                                Female65+B                  Female65+B                                   Female65+B
carrying                            Female65+B                 Put them away for            asap                                         Police
weapons                          I was attacked                sometime 3-6 months
Using stop and   ΨΨ     ΨΨΨΨΨ    Ψ                                Female65+B                  Female65+B            Female65+B              Female65+B
search as a                         Female65+B                 They should stop and         Weekends               Now                   Community Police
method of                        Stop & search should be       search more people                                                        Officer
intimidation                     enforced more in order to     except they do wrong to
                                 find people with knife,       the innocent
                                 carrying knife is

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                              52
                                                     Our Community – Our Say

Shoplifting        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ
Police delay       ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ                                                   Female65+B
arriving on the                                                             Soon as possible on
crime scene                                                                 the scene
Anti social        ΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨ                             Male 65+ B More
behaviour                                              CCTV in the area
intimidating the

The issue that got the approval of most participants was the issue of not enough police patrols in the estates. Six people of out
night agreed that this is a problem that needs addressing. Participants who choose this area as one of their priorities demanded
more police patrol as soon as possible in the estates. They also suggested dealing with what they perceived as related issues such
as pub closing times. They demanded a rapid response from central government and the local council to deal with these issues.

The second priority was the issue of CCTV. Five of six agreed with this issue because as some of them expressed it to be a vital
tool for the police to deal with perpetrators of crime, as CCTV footage can be used as evidence. Participants who put this issue as
one of their priorities wanted to have CCTV camera operation in the area as soon as possible; they thought it was the responsibility
of police community officers and housing managers to undertake this take.

Other issues about community safety were prioritised, such as anti-social behaviour, shoplifting and dogs. On the other hand, the
issue that got the least approval as an issue of community safety was teenage gangs operating in the area. The majority of
participants, six out of seven, disagreed with this issue.

All residents who expressed their views on community safety in this stage of the process were over 65 years old. It is important that
future work involves seeking the views of residents of other age groups.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                 53
                                                                      Our Community – Our Say

Housing and Environment
Housing and       Agree   Disagree   Priority                         Actions / Solutions             What….                      Timeframe                  Whose responsibility
Environment                                                                                           When….                      Now…
                                                                                                      Where….                     Soon….
Lack of           ΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ          ΨΨΨΨΨΨΨΨ                               Male 50-64 B                  Female65+B                    Male 50-64 B            Female 50-64 B
affordable        ΨΨΨΨΨ                     Male 50-64 B              Council say have they have      More houses made            asap                       Government council,
housing and       Ψ                  The growth of population is      a programme of new build        available renovated         ongoing                    they need to work
availability of                      difficult to buy in              in Hammersmith and              derelict substandard           Female65+B              hand in hand instead
transfers                            needed for the poor              Fulham                          one                         now                        of saying it’s the
                                         Female65+B                   More housing                        Female 50-64 B             Male 50-64 S            others responsibility
                                     Because ex offender they            Female65+B                   Anywhere where it’s          In the next three years   900 LBHF
                                     came out rarely from where       Very empty houses               possible, make sure old        Female 50-64B              Male 50-64 S
                                     they live, when they haven’t     belonging to the council        people and young             asap                      Central government
                                     got a place to live they go      which can be refurbished        people live side by side       Female40-49B            should provide the
                                     from friend to friend and        and renovated and made          so ground floor flats and   n/a                        funding & local
                                     chance to reoffend is very       available                       lifts                          Female17-24W            authorities to
                                     high                                Male 50-64 S                     Male 50-64 S            asap                       manage it
                                         Male 50-64 S                 The best solution is to build   Since I live in                                           Male 50-64 B
                                     If you work in the area is       more affordable housing,        Hammersmith and                                        Council and
                                     difficult because price is       low cost housing social         Fulham ideally I would                                 government
                                     very high                        housing                         say all around                                            Male 40-49B
                                         Female 50-64 B,                 Female 50-64 B               Hammersmith and                                        Council community,
                                     Personally I need a ground       Need more housing for the       Fulham                                                 government &
                                     floor place for 10 years’ I’ve   people that is affordable             Male 50-64 B,                                    individuals NGOs
                                     been asking them                    Male 40-49B                  Now asap all over                                      public/private
                                     a big issue                      To research in the Borough      London and areas of                                       Female40-49B
                                         Male 40-49B                  and find buildings that are     deprivation                                             Council own a lot of
                                     It is essential to have a        old or disused t modernize      more houses all over                                   property
                                     place to live that is            and to make into living         H&F mixture of places                                     Female 17-24B
                                     comfortable and easy it          accommodation, could do             Male 40-49B                                        Local authority and
                                     helps people to develop          contract with private           asap, where research                                   housing
                                     professionally leads to less        Female40-49W                 must be done first for                                    Female17-24W
                                     stress aggression and             Can’t be made easier           what- action.                                           Council
                                     frustration                         Female 17-24 B,                  Female40-49B

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                                  54
                                                           Our Community – Our Say

                                Female 17-24 B             Increase more build more        n/a
                            Housing, I work with the       house the bidding system           Female17-24W
                            elderly and I believe should   should increase                  asap, in London areas
                            be better for them in later       Female17-24W                    Female 17-24 B,
                            life                           More houses                     When asap, where
                                Male 50-64 B                                               more choice in the
Housing        ΨΨΨΨΨ   Ψ    ΨΨΨΨΨΨΨ                               Female 65+B                  Female 65+B                Male 40-49 B now      Female 65+B
officers are   ΨΨΨΨΨ               Female 65+B,            People from higher up in        Should go and see the        Female 65+B          Housing trust
unsupportive   ΨΨ           Ex offenders are vulnerable    the housing trust should        condition of the          4 weeks latest             Female 40-49 B
and                         people in the housing office   make sure grants are spent      communal area and            Male 50-64 B asap    Age concern local
inaccessible                make assumptions               properly and they do what       warn the tenants to put      Female 40-49 B       community
                            Noting Hill Housing trust is   they say they will do.          their rubbish in the      Ongoing asap review     importantly local
                            something else, they drag      Training and because they       proper place. When        evaluate to make        council and police on
                            their feet, they have mice     don’t empathize with people     any time, anytime         adjustments             the beat to say how
                            for 3 months                          Male 40-49 B             there’s rubbish around       Female 40-49 A       are you
                                   Male 50-64 B            Train the offices, faster in    the place                 Soon                       Male 40-49 B
                            Housing support officers       response for housing            the housing officer          Female 17-24 W       See previous
                            should be more supportive      officers to be proactive        should have more          asap                       Female 40-49 A
                               Female 40-49 A              reporting actions needed to     training in how to deal                           council
                            because when you want to       the top management open a       with them and not                                    Female 17-24 W
                            get in touch with them they    service more to local people    stereotype (ex-                                   Housing
                            are unsporting and no help     i.e. information easier to      offenders)                                        management
                               Female 40-49 B there        contact                             Male 50-64 B
                            are too busy to chat, very     Effective recommendations       asap inner London
                            rude in NDC area people        should be followed through         Female 40-49 B
                            need leaking taps and               Male 50-64 B               Outreach and
                            heating repairs and council    More training and allocate      partnership work e.g
                            see them as a bother – long    time officers on the            age concern once a
                            wait                               Female 40-49 A              month for the very
                               Male 40-49 B, it would      They should more train of       vulnerable wherever the
                            help people to get their       officer how to talk to people   resident wants the
                            housing needs met more             Female 40-49 B              surgery.
                            effectively and efficiently    Reassurance, housing               Female 40-49 A
                                                           officers to work with           more training
                                                           community police in                Male 40-49 B, asap,

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                  55
                                                            Our Community – Our Say

                                                            outreach and have               local authority h.d and
                                                            surgeries and face to face      government and other
                                                            with residence estate           contracted partners ie
                                                               Female 17-24 W               telephone, the building
                                                            More training more              cleaning, have
                                                            responsible                     evaluation forms to
                                                               Female 17-24B                evaluate services
                                                            Housing officer to our office       Female 17-24 W
                                                                                            asap. Hammersmith ad
                                                                                               Female17-24B the
                                                                                            borough by the new

Dirty          ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨ                              Female65+B                          Male 50-64 B            Female65+B                Female65+B
communal       ΨΨΨΨΨ            Female65+B                  The housing office made         asap inner London            now                      Housing managers
areas on the   Ψ            Make the place unpleasant       responsible for cleaning        area.                          Male 50-64 S           and housing officers
estates                     and people don’t want to        those communal areas             the whole of London        nxt 5 years                  Male 50-64 S
                            invite their friends because    yellow orange bags are             Male 50-64 S                Male 50-64 B asap       Local authority
                            they’re ashamed                 lying on the streets they       H&F                            Male40-49B asap-          Male40-49B\
                            it has a health issue,          should be collected 2 times        Male40-49B, in the       which takes a long time   Local authority,
                            triggers asthma                 a week                          borough some areas          begin the process now     government,
                                Female40-49A                   Female 50-64 B,              are very dirty,                Female                 borough, and other
                            I live near an estate the       Penalties should be             government borough          17-24W                    boroughs,
                            dirty estate has a negative     enforced facilitate             community have to act       asap                      community, local
                            impact                              Male 50-64 B                together, i.e in forum or                             groups, voluntary
                                Male 50-64                  More money for taking care      to plan regarding                                     /statutory, local
                            More cleaners                       Male40-49B                  cleaning the                                          businesses and
                                Male40-49B                  Inform people about the         environment, I don’t’ the                             individuals
                            It’s nice when it’s clean and   environment raise               borough in details                                       Female17-24W
                            not to walk in rubbish and      awareness about taking             Female17-24W                                       Local authority
                            dog shit litter bins,           responsibility for keeping      asap in the LBHF
                            something nice to have          the place clean                    Female17-24B White
                            services doing flowers etc         Female17-24B council         City and Uxbridge
                            and regular cleaning            and individuals should          Road, increase in
                                                            maintain                        spending

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                      56
                                                                   Our Community – Our Say

                                    Female17-24W                      Female17-24W
                                  more cleanness in the            More aware of the
                                  communal                         community and the cleaners
                                                                   should do their job
Staff training /   ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨΨ                                  Male 50-64 B                   Male 50-64 B,                 Male 50-64 B            Male 50-64 S
customer           ΨΨΨΨ                 Male 50-64                 More training updated no       Outside people to train        asap                      Laise with local
service /                          So they understand public,      jargon,                        staff at work, once a            Male 50-64 S            authority
interpersonal                     leaflet don’t’ reach the right   Capacity-building, they        month housing                 In 5 yrs time                 Male 50-64 B,
skills                            people so they’re a waste of     have to be trained at work     department                       Female40-49A now        Housing
                                  resources                        outside bodies could help         Male 50-64 B                  Female                  management e.g.
                                     Female 50-64 B,                  Male 50-64 S                asap inner London             17-24W                     Director
                                  Because people have              They are hiring the wrong         Male 50-64 S               asap                          Female40-49A
                                  contact with so many             people, professional           H&F local authority GP                                   Council
                                  people and staff frontline       resentment more training in    and social services,                                        Female17-24W
                                  are poorly treatment in          human relations if the         housing                                                  Management
                                  human relations                  recruitment is done               Female40-49A                                             Female17-24B
                                     Female40-49A                  professionally you have less   More training on human                                   LBHF
                                  Due to their rudeness they       complain and save money        skill
                                  need more trained staff on          Female40-49A                   Female17-24B
                                  customer skills                  Training to have more          By the spring
                                     Female17-24B                  manners                           Female17-24W
                                  More communication with             Female17-24W                 asap London
                                  the elderly                      More training
                                                                   Additional training
Dog                ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨ     ΨΨΨΨ                                      Female40-49B                   Female40-49B                  Female40-49B            Female 40-
excrement          ΨΨΨΨΨ                     Female40-49B          certain times to walk with     patrollers in the street at   Takes time for people to   49B
and rubbish                       It’s dirty and horrible          dogs with patrols to check     specified times               understand and break       Community council
on the street                     it tells a lot about the areas   excrement is lifts             evenly distributed            bad habits 6- eighteen     police
                                  and puts people off living       they need to put signs up      separate bins collected       months with 6 months       everyone the
                                  there                            and fine people, people        frequently through the        reviews                    community, business
                                      Female40-49A                 need to put their poo in the   day for poo, fined for         asap                      people , council for
                                  There is an impact on any        bags and have separate         rubbish not placed               Male 50-64 B, asap      resources e.g. bins
                                  health and I don’t ‘want to      bins                           prope                            Female 50-64 B,         plastics
                                  get my shoes dirty                  Female 50-64 B              wardens                        asap                         Female 50-64B,

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                               57
                                                                 Our Community – Our Say

                                                                 Owners to take                     Male 50-64 B,                                 council dog owners,
                                                                 responsibility, fines           Keeping on top of it and                        police
                                                                 penalties, raise awareness      dog                                                Female40-49A
                                                                 amongst dog owners                 Female 50-64 B,                              Community
                                                                    Female40-49A                 asap all over the                                  Female17-24B
                                                                 They have to enforce the        borough parks                                   H&F
                                                                 law                                Female40-49A                                    Female17-24W
                                                                 More times                      More easily find                                People
                                                                    Female17-24B                    Female17-24W                                 Individuals and local
                                                                 On the spot fine                 asap London                                    authority
                                                                    Female17-24W                    Female17-24B
                                                                 People need to be made          asap, the whole of the
                                                                 aware of their responsible      borough
Lack of green       ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨ                                  Male 50-64 B,                Male 50-64 B                  Male 50-64 B      Male 50-64 B,
spaces in the       ΨΨΨ     Ψ         Male 50-64 B,              Shop should be renovated        North End Road Every       asap                 NDC 4 million and I
NDC area                           Responsibility of NDC they    and improved and to create      day, benches for people    within 3 yrs         have not seen a
                                   have 10 years project they    jobs.                           would be convenient all       Female            result
                                   have 3 years left do          Needs maintenance and           around and car spaces.     17-24W                     Female
                                   something in North End        cleaning                           Female17-24B             asap                17-24W
                                   Road                             Female17-24B                 By the spring create                             Lbhf
                                      Female40-49B               I’m not too sure I don’t know   more for children
                                   Community places to meet      the area                        especially 14+ asap lbhf
                                   free, some housing estates
                                   have places to meet but you
                                   have to rent
Lack of             ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨ                                  Male50-64 B,                 Male 50-64 B                 Male 50-64 B       Male 50-64 B
recycling           ΨΨΨ     Ψ         Male 50-64 B,              Shop should be renovated        North End Road Every       asap                 NDC - 4 million and I
facilities in the                  responsibility of NDC they    and improved and to create      day, benches for people    Within 3 yrs         have not seen a
NDC area                           have 10 years project they    jobs.                           would be convenient all      Female17-24W       result
                                   have 3 years left do          Needs maintenance and           around and car spaces.     asap                    Female17-24W
                                   something in North End        cleaning                           Female17-24B                                  LBHF
                                   Road                             Female17-24B                 By the spring                                      Female17-24B
                                      Female40-49B,              I’m not too sure I don’t know      Female17-24W                                 LBHF
                                   community places to meet      the area                        Create more for
                                   free, some housing estates                                    children especially 14+

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                      58
                                                                  Our Community – Our Say

                                have places to meet but you                                         asap LBHF
                                have to rent
No lifts        ΨΨΨΨΨ   ΨΨΨΨ    Ψ                                     Female 50-64 B                   Male50-64B             Female 50-64 B      Female
available for   ΨΨΨ     Ψ            Female 50-64 B               Build more flats and make         Replaced and            asap                50-64 B
flats on the                    I need a ground floor flat or     them more accessible              maintained cleaned        Male 50-64 B     Council and
estates                         lift as I’m over 60 and have      especially for elderly people     regularly, asap inner   asap               government work
                                difficulty climbing stairs with       Female17-24W                  London                    Female17-24W     hand in hand
                                shopping                           I don’t’ know I don’t’ live in      Female17-24W         asap                  Female17-24W
                                                                  the estate                        Don’t know                                  LBHF
                                                                      Female17-24B                     Female17-24B                               Female17-24B
                                                                  Fit a lift in                     North of the borough                       local authority and

This VAP grid was completed by 13 participants, eleven of them agreed with the issue of lack of affordable housing and seven of
those chose this issue as one of their top priorities. The reasons for choosing this as a priority issue included high property prices
in the area, growth of population, property needs of the poorer members of the community. The actions suggested for solving this
problem ranged from making use of disused buildings in the borough and convert them into residential units, to building more
affordable housing. Most of participants demanded that actions for solving this issue should take place as soon as possible and
they thought that central and local governments should initiate changing the current status quo.

The second issue that got the same level of approval from the participants was the unsupportiveness and the inaccessibility of
housing officers. Participants stated that housing officers were not helpful, too busy to chat to the clients and very rude. Urgent
repairs in the NDC area were being kept on long waiting lists. They suggested a number of measures to improve the current state
of affairs by providing more training to the officers dealing with the public, senior officers should make sure that grants were spent
properly. They demanded action for change as soon as possible and they deemed the council, housing trusts, Age Concern and
housing management responsible for this issue.

Other issue were controversial and created division amongst participants and they were the lack of lifts for estate flats, and the lack
of green spaces in the NDC area. The local authority in both cases, and NDC in the case of the green space, were seen
responsible for solving those two issues.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                  59
                                                                        Our Community – Our Say

Support for Families

Support for      Agree   Disagree   Priority                           Action                     What    Time frame              Whose responsibility
families                                                               Solution                   When
Issue                                                                                             Where
Anti-social      ΨΨΨ                ΨΨΨΨ                                  Female40-49W                       Female50-64B
behaviour        ΨΨ                        Female 40-49 W              Community Police/ softly           Local/central
                                    Lots of antisocial behaviour,      doesn’t work,                      government
                                    parents need to take charge        community services, cut                Female 17-24B
                                    of their children instead of       their benefit                      All of us, government
                                    letting them do as they               Female 17-24B                    Local government,
                                    please.                            Networking with                    Community
                                        Female 50-64B                  community, Government
                                    yes…definitely a priority          should do more for
Lack of          Ψ       ΨΨΨΨ       ΨΨ                                    Female 50-64A                     Female 40-49 W          Female 50-64 B
educational                            Female 40-49 W                  They need more help and            asap                    Local/ central government
support in                           All are priority; it affects me   quickly                                                      Female 40-49 W
school                              or family/friend/ relatives                                                                   Government
                                       Female 50-64A
                                    Education should be
                                    provide for our children,
                                    good for the future
Lack of          ΨΨΨ                ΨΨ                                                                                              Female 50-64 B Local/
activities for                         Female 17-24 W                                                                             central government
children and                        Not enough done for
teenagers                           teenagers outside of school,
                                    more funds desperately
                                       Female 40-49 W
                                    No facilities in this area
                                    except Brunswick

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                           60
                                                                Our Community – Our Say

Lack of             ΨΨ    ΨΨΨ   Ψ                                 Female 50-64 A               Female65+B              Female65+B                Female 50-64 A
facilities for                    Female 50-64 A               Quickly raise                Twice a week and         There’s more             Local/central government
women and                       They should have place of      money/funds +set up          unlocked building and    available free and the      Female65+B, Council
children of                     Education, socialising,        meeting, talk about the      subsidized rent within   council say they have    area manager or councillor
different culture               where women came and           issue                        Fulham                   no money
                                chat /advice                      Female65+B,
                                                               Khanum women’s group,
                                                               they group can’t afford to
                                                               have anywhere to rent I
                                                               want it subsidized.
Accessing local     ΨΨΨ         Ψ                                                                                                               Female 50-64 B
health services     ΨΨ             Female 17-24 W                                                                                             Local/central Government
                                Local hospital in K&C ,if in
                                car have to pay parking and
                                congestion charge if (I
                                use)mini-cab is £15 each
Lack of             ΨΨ    ΨΨΨ   Ψ                                                                                                               Female 50-64 B
information for                   Female 50-64 B                                                                                              Local/central government
parents with                    Should be a priority
children of
special needs
Overcrowding        ΨΨΨ                                                                                                                         Female 50-64B
(housing) and       ΨΨΨ                                                                                                                       Local/central Government
Access to a         ΨΨΨ   Ψ                                                                                                                      Female 50-64 B
local school        Ψ                                                                                                                          local /central Gov
and travel                                                                                                                                       Female 50-6 A
expenses                                                                                                                                       local Government/ central
Issue of work       ΨΨΨ   ΨΨ                                                                                                                     Female 50-64B
vs benefit          Ψ                                                                                                                         Local/central Government

Language            ΨΨΨ   Ψ                                                                                                                   Local/central Government

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                        61
                                                     Our Community – Our Say

of the
Nursery          ΨΨΨ   ΨΨ                              Female 40-49W                          Female 40-49W      Female 50-64B
provision                                           Nursery more open time                  asap              local/ central Government
Lack of family   ΨΨ    ΨΨ                                                                                        Female 50-64B
support                                                                                                       local/central gov
Lack of          Ψ     Ψ                                                                                         Female 50-64B
awareness for                                                                                                 local/central gov

Anti-social behaviour was the issue of most concern. This issue would only be solved through coordinated work by a wide range of
partners including central government, the police, local government as well as the community. Another area of interest was the lack
of activities for children and young people. Here participants pointed out that there are not enough after school activities for young
people. They consider this to be the responsibility of local government. The issue that got the least agreement was the issue
concerning the lack of educational support in schools.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                       62
                                  Our Community – Our Say

Service Provider Perspectives
Two reference group meetings were held during the course of the project.
Local service providers – statutory and non-statutory were invited to join this
group.2 These meetings provided the opportunity for ABC team members to
introduce themselves to service providers, explain the community
engagement process that they were carrying out in the NDC area, present the
findings from the work, and to get service providers to give their perspectives
on the issues emerging and the solutions and actions to address these.

At the first meeting the ABC team presented the aims and objectives,
methodology and timeline for the community engagement process in the NDC

Participants were also asked to provide their ideas and views on issues facing
the residents of the NDC.

Most participants identified community cohesion as an issue, reflected in the
view that there was little communication within the community, and residents
were not getting involved in activities that would bring them closer together.

Some participants felt that the NDC should listen to community concerns and
act upon them, as that would help to resolve issues and tensions within the
community. One area raised was the lack of youth clubs in the

Service providers attending the first reference group meeting also raised the
issue of the difficulties for service providers to engage with different members
of the community, highlighting a lack of skills and resources to do effective

At the second Reference Group meeting, participants were presented with the
findings that had emerged from the research carried out within the community,
and asked to provide their views on how the issues could be resolved, and the
contribution of their organisations in supporting the initiatives.

2   Appendix 1 gives a list of all those that attended the two reference group meetings
Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                       63
                                                                        Our Community – Our Say

Second Reference Group Meeting

Health Service Provision
Health Service       Agree   Disagree   Priority                     Action                            What                         Timeframe             Whose
Provision                                                            /solution                         When Where                   Now/Soon              Responsibility
 Issue                                                                                                                              Later
Inadequate           ΨΨΨ     Ψ          Mental health care issues    Input access appropriate          WTE Community                Now                   Public Health
mental health                           are huge in this area        current service                   Workers                                            Hammersmith and
support for Black                                                    Deep dive pull out real issue                                  Two weeks time        Fulham PCT
Minority and                            Huge gap in service                                            Dec-Mar 07employied by
Ethnics                                 people using services too    Destigmatisation                  the Volunteer Sector         Plan target soon
Communities                             late.                                                                                       Dec-07 March08
                                                                     Social marketing                  Home/community
                                                                                                       +volunteers organization
                                                                     More specific work with the
                                                                     BME community special Mental      NDC
                                                                     Health workers from the BME
                                                                                                       Community space
                                                                     Employ community
                                                                     development workers within
                                                                     community area
Poor access to       ΨΨ      Ψ          Difficult to access GP       Better target information about   Finding out what your        Now within 6 months   Local NHS
health facilities                       language appointments is     when to go to A&E/ Group          community are how they                             organisation
e.g. GP, Hospital,                      48h, and up to preventing    /Walking Centre                   like to access information                         because is their duty
clinics                                 access                                                                                                            to know who their
                                        Lack of information, no                                        Provide information                                community are
                                        body bothers to tell
                                        people, best way to use                                        Social marketing
Lack of              ΨΨ      Ψ          This is a basic part of
interpreters                            addressing health

                                        Different in cost from A&E
                                        and GP

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                               64
                                                              Our Community – Our Say

                               Mentality of receptionist
                               need to change
Long waiting        ΨΨ   Ψ     Because it affect my        More staff front line + doctors   Surgery/ hospital staff   Soon next couple   Local Authority and
times                          health and my work.         and nurses                        week days                 months             Government
Over reliance on    ΨΨ   Ψ
contracts for
hospital and
services e.g.
catering, laundry
Lack of adequate    ΨΨ
care for the
NHS too target      Ψ
Lack of nurses           Ψ

Lack of choice           ΨΨΨ
e.g. doctors,
Graffiti on the
walls of NHS

The health service provision VAP was completed by four participants, who gave their views about 10 issues raised by the local
community. These issues cover perceived problems, relating to health care provision, facing the community in the North Fulham
NDC area. The issue that got most of the agreement and highest priority was that of the inadequate mental health support for Black
and Minorities and Ethnic communities. Service providers agreed with the community that metal health support is a problem facing
Black and Minorities and Ethnic communities. Participants came up with some proposed solutions for these issues such as “Employ
community development workers within community area”. Other issues that captured the interest of the participants of this VAP,
were Poor Access to Health Facilities e.g. GP, hospital, clinics, lack of interpreters, and long waiting times. All participants
disagreed that there was a lack of choice for, example, doctors and hospitals.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                             65
                                                         Our Community – Our Say

Community Safety

                       Agree   Disagree   Priority            Action/Solution                 What/Where                Timeframe            Whose Responsibility
                                                                                              Where                     Now/Soon/
People carrying        ΨΨ                 I have seen         Not sure that is a tough one.   On buses, tubes and       Very soon            Police, community,
weapons                                   people with         More police.                    on the street.                                 (reporting sightseeing)
                                          weapons and
                                          weapon related
                                          crime is
Anti-social            Ψ       Ψ          Shouldn’t feel      More police in the              Evenings and              Soon                 Government, police,
behaviour/                                intimated in the    community, bike, and            weekends                                       personal responsibly.
intimidating the                          community           walking.                                                  Now, ongoing.
community                                                                                     Everywhere, public                             Personal, local
                                          All society needs   Local police for local area     areas, private.                                government, police,
                                          to have peace       with local knowledge looking                                                   national government.
                                          and confidence      with all agencies.
                                          and tackle this.
Not enough police      ΨΨ
patrol in the estate
Teenage gang           Ψ
operate in the
Drunk and              Ψ
disorderly adults
in the street
Police delay           Ψ                  Confident in        To increase number of police    In all defined area       Soon, need           Government.
arriving on the                           policing            per 100.000 population,         where crime is higher.    debating.
crime scene                               paramount.          lowest in western capitals,     Capital demands                                Police, leaders, politicians
                                                              redirect resources.             needs resources.          Financing national
                                          Policing by
Drug dealers and       Ψ       Ψ          Drug use starts     To legalise personal use by     Every time, locally all   Now. Drugs courts    Personal local

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                    66
                                                         Our Community – Our Say

drug users in the                         many other           giving out drugs – supervised    time.                      and testing now   government, health care,
estate(eg. Gibbs                          issues, such anti-   at local centres- to introduce                              working.          home office and justice
green)                                    social behaviour     paid workers & to support.                                                    ministry.
                                          destruction of       Take politics out of solution.
Dogs not on leads    Ψ      Ψ
nor muzzled
CCTV not             Ψ      Ψ             I don’t think they   Fix them if they are broken      In high crime area first   Soon              Council
operational in the                        work                                                  and then everywhere.
Using “stop and
search” as a
method of

This VAP grid was completed by two representatives. Both participants chose anti-social behaviour intimidating the community as
one of their 3 top priorities. Although one agreed, and the other disagreed that this was an issue, they both came with solutions to
tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour. One of the participants proposed to increase police presence in the community, on foot
and on bicycles. The other representative suggested employing local people and utilising their knowledge of the neighbourhood.
The other issue that both reps agreed with was the problem of people carrying weapons. Other issues that been discussed at some
length were those of drug dealers and drug users in the estates.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                               67
                                                                        Our Community – Our Say

Housing and Environment
                                  Agree   Disagree   Priority                           Actions                             What…          time frame     Whose
                                                                                        / Solutions                         When…Wh        Now...         Responsibility?
                                                                                                                            ere            Soon…Later….
Lack of affordable housing        ΨΨΨ     Ψ          Priority – need more               Make housing more affordable.       Council and    Soon           Council, local and London
and available transfers                              affordable housing.                                                    government,                   authority .
                                                     I don’t want to rent a place for   More variety of cheap housing.      miles in
                                                     the rest of my life                                                    future –                      Local borough in partnership
                                                     Sorting this would make most       Make greater mix of housing and     difficult to                  with private sector plus
                                                     difference but it’s a long term    enable people to access it.         fund.                         Registered Social Landlords.
                                                     expansion solution – difficult
                                                     to do well.
Lack of recycling facilities      ΨΨΨ                Yes, substantial solution with     Make recycling easier and more      Immediate,                    Council, community, personal
in the N.D.C.                                        green agenda                       accessible                          short term.                   responsibility.
Area                                                                                                                                                      Needs leadership,
                                                                                        Good facilities – education,                                      implementation. Leadership
                                                                                        incentives, league tables                                         from statutory sector.
Lack of green spaces in the       ΨΨ                 Green – more health                More green spaces in the local      Soon in        Soon. Next     Local Authority.
NDC area                                             environment.                       area.                               North End      couple of
                                                                                                                            road.          months/ next
Dirty communal areas on           ΨΨ                 Yes, easy quick link to            Dogs –carrot and stick.             Soon.                         Collaboration local community
estates                                              recycling                          Enforcement plus engagement         Council                       groups, landlords.
                                                                                        and incentive.. Community           priority.
                                                                                        development encouraged.
Staff training/customer           Ψ                  Training and skills help build     Often more training and help with                                 Council and local community
service interpersonal skills                         confidence and give people a       finding jobs.
Dog excrement and rubbish
on the streets
No lifts available for flats on
Housing officers
unsupportive /inaccessible

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                               68
                                                      Our Community – Our Say

Top items for verification were the lack of affordable housing, lack of available transfers, and lack of recycling facilities in the NDC
area. For the first issue it was chosen a priority because participants considered there was a need for affordable housing. This
issue needed to be resolved soon by both central and local government. The solution put forward was to make housing more
affordable by creating a variety of cheap housing. For the second issue – lack of recyclable facilities – it was suggested one way to
deal with the problem was to making recycling more affordable, as well as educating local people about recycling and providing
them with incentives.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                   69
                                                                   Our Community – Our Say

Support for Families
Issue: Support for        Agree   Disagree   Priority                  Actions/ Solutions       what… when…where          time frame            Whose responsibility
families                                                                                                                  Now... Soon…Later….
Lack of educational       ΨΨΨ                Basic needs to            More time, more          Before 17 years, after-   Now                   Parents
support in school                            prevent crime and         money, less stop and     school. Holidays
                                             anti-social behaviour     go.                      working. Incentives for                         Borough of
                                                                                                students.                                       Hammersmith and
                                                                                                                                                Fulham and the
Access to local school            ΨΨ
and travel expenses
Language barrier          Ψ       Ψ          .
understanding of
education system
Nursery provision         ΨΨ      Ψ

Lack of activities for    ΨΨΨ                Too many teenagers        Need more activities     Locally. Groups. Use of   Now.                  Community, parents
children and teenagers                       slash teenagers in        and ones that are        Territorial Army halls.                         and school
                                             the street, up to no      appealing to various     Hire of premises such
                                             good.                     age groups.              as schools                                      Parents, youth and
                                             Need to utilise           To provide               In the community, in
                                             present facilities plus   support/leadership in    schools.
                                             new facilities.           community by peers etc
Lack of facilities for            Ψ
women and children of
different cultures
Accessing local health    Ψ       Ψ
Issue of work v benefit   Ψ       Ψ

Overcrowding              Ψ
(housing) and safety of

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                                    70
                                                             Our Community – Our Say

Anti-social behaviour      ΨΨΨ        Priority - agree.        Residents to see action   Respect for            Now   Personal
                                      Respect for self and     against transgressors.    persons/institutions         responsibility. Society
                                      others.                  To reward good                                         on local and national
                                                               behaviour.                                             level.
Lack of family support     ΨΨ         Strong families          Provide various                                  Now
                                      create strong            different kinds of
                                      communities.             support. E.g. more
                                                               parenting classes.
Lack of awareness for      ΨΨΨ                                                                                        Government and
services                                                                                                              families to ask for
Lack of information for    ΨΨ
parents of children with
special needs

Support for families was one of the key themes that emerged from the research. One of the issues where there was agreement
amongst the participants was the lack of educational support in school. The issue was chosen by one of the participants because
he/she regarded it as a prerequisite for preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. Another issue that had consensus was the lack
of activities for children and teenagers. The reasons given for making this issue a priority was the fact that too many young people
on the streets were involved in anti-social behaviour. A solution suggested was the provision of activities that appealed to various
age groups. They stated that immediate action was required to solve this issue see it as the responsibility of parents, schools and
the society at large. Access to local school and travel expenses was not considered a priority issue.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                             71
                                                Our Community – Our Say

Young People’s Concerns
                       Agree   Disagree      Priority                Action/                 What                    Timeframe:               Whose responsibility
                                             why                     Solution                When                    Now
                                                                                             Where                   Soon
Drugs                  ΨΨ                    Drugs has been an       Education at an early   In the school           Now and ongoing          Government,
                                             issue for ages and it   age. More support       In the community                                 Community, Families
                                             destroy lives and       for people that are                             Unfortunately, I think   and School everyone
                                             families                addicted to drugs.      Now                     that drugs will always   needs to help
                                                                                                                     be a problem
                                             Drugs affect every      Tougher police          More Families centre
                                             aspect of individual                            and communities         Now
                                             life and also           More police             centre provided by
                                             community – more        patrolling street or    local authority
                                             crime                   areas known for drug

                                                                     Stronger family
Lots of street crime   ΨΨ                    Once again you want     Not sure really          At home parents        Now                      Police
and violence                                 to feel safe in your                            should spend more
                                             community               Stronger families       time with their         Now                      Families
                                             Crime means I don’t     Stronger local          At school more                                   Personal
                                             want to work /live in   community               support for kids from                            responsibility
                                             the area                                        unstable
                                                                     Stronger family and     (dysfunctional)                                  Families, Local
                                                                     neighbourhood           families                                         Authority
                                                                                             In the communities
                                                                                             areas more places                                School
                                                                                             for youngster to
                                                                                             spend their free time
People being           ΨΨ                    Important because       More police patrol in                           Soon                     Police
intimidated by                               you want to feel safe   the street
groups of other                              in your                                                                                          Community
people                                       neighbourhood.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                             72
                                                              Our Community – Our Say

                                                           Intimidation can
                                                           make people afraid
                                                           to leave their home
                                                           and have an impact
                                                           on their life
Loads of rubbish       ΨΨ                                  It is not nice to walk   More cleaning staff    Now in North End   asap   Police
                                                           on dirty pavement. It    on the street.         Road                      local authority
                                                           also put off             Higher penalties for                             Individuals
                                                           visitors/tourist         leaving rubbish on                               Family dispose
                                                                                    the street                                       properly the rubbish
Youngster hanging      Ψ
around late at night
Too many police                  I don’t think there are
                                 ever too many police

                                 I don’t think too
                                 many police is a
                                 problem I feel safe
Lack of housing
People from other
area looking for
Dogs fouling in the

The two participants both agreed with residents that drugs were a serious issue facing young people. Once participant stated that
drugs had been an issue for a very long time and it destroys lives and affects families. The other participant made the link between
drug abuse and crime. Street crime and violence involving young people was chosen to be one of their priorities because crimes
and violence in the street affect the whole community, and may people find it hard to live and work in such an environment. Both
agreed that immediate action was required to resolve this issue and highlighted the need for involvement of families,
neighbourhoods and communities.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                                                                                   73
                           Our Community – Our Say


The Findings from the Research
The recommendations in this report are based on the findings from Stage 1
and Stage 2 of the research process, and the verification and action planning
stage. The findings from the service provider input at the reference group
meetings have also been incorporated. The recommendations have been
presented by theme. However, many of the recommendations have come
from several different themes. For example, the concerns over anti-social
behaviour not only came up in the Community Cohesion theme (where it is
presented), but also in the community safety, housing and environment and
support for families themes. Similarly, the lack of facilities and activities for
young people also came up in many themes, but presented in the cohesion

The recommendations are presented as follows:

   •   Health
   •   Community cohesion
   •   Community safety
   •   Housing and environment
   •   Support for families


The issue of long waiting times was identified by residents as the most
important issue for them. This issue was raised by residents of all ages and
ethnicities. Changes to the appointment systems and increased numbers of
GPs were the main actions suggested by residents.

The PCT should continue to work with patients to address the issue of
long waiting times

Poor access to health facilities emerged as the second most pressing issue
for residents in the action planning stage, although was only identified by a
few residents in the first stage. (More residents disagreed than agreed that
this was an issue.) For those residents for whom this was a concern, poor
access was manifested by a lack of information, lack of clinics, having to
travel to different areas for treatment, lack of information inappropriate
languages, limited times. Actions focused on providing leaflets in different
languages, more staff, and greater flexibility in opening times. Service
providers identified lack of information and the need appropriate ways to
convey information to different communities.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                             74
                          Our Community – Our Say

More efforts need to be made to get information to different
communities about how to access health services, and work to
overcome residents’ barriers to accessing these services

Lack of adequate care for older people was a concern of residents. Concern
over the level of respect that older people received in hospitals, and the lack
of support for carers of older relatives were expressed. Actions proposed
focused on supporting carers, through increased payment, greater provision
of support staff in the community, and recruiting and supporting volunteer

The system and services for caring for older people need to be reviewed
and strategies to provide greater support to family members responsible
for older people need to be developed

Health care provision for BME residents was highlighted as a concern by both
residents and service providers. Specific areas of concern focused on the
quality and timing of mental health care. Actions proposed included recruiting
mental health workers from within the BME community, and providing more
friendly and inclusive environment.

A focused strategy needs to be developed to provide appropriate and
timely mental health care. This strategy needs to be developed with the
BME community, mental health services users and providers. Provision
of mental health care that is community-based should be a key element
of the strategy

Community Cohesion

The main concern that was raised in regard to community cohesion at the
verification and action planning stage was that of anti-social behaviour of
young people undermining community cohesion. Solutions proposed to
address this ranged from more work in schools, provision of activities for
children and young people, and greater involvement from parents.

Address anti-social behaviour in an integrated manner with a broad-
based approach that includes parents and carers, schools, police and
youth services

The lack of parental control undermining community cohesion was a key
concern for residents related to anti-social behaviour. Proposed solutions
involved provision of greater levels of support and advice to parents, and
parents accepting a greater level of responsibility for their children, combined
with enhanced youth services provision.

Initiate a programme of education, awareness-raising and support for
parents around responsible parenting

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           75
                           Our Community – Our Say

Insufficient youth provision was identified as a specific issue that needed to be
addressed in order to promote community cohesion. The predominant view
among residents was that the level of anti-social behaviour and crime carried
out by young people was directly attributable to a lack of structured activities
for them to do.

Young people who participated in the research also identified as their main
concern the lack of recreation and sporting activities for young people to do.
Youth clubs, classes and workshops were highlighted as activities that they
would like to see.

Work with young people, parents/ carers, and service providers to
develop comprehensive range of activities for young people, and fund

Religion, culture and language were seen to be factors that contributed to a
general lack of communication within the community that in turn undermined
community cohesion. This was attributed to barriers such as language, and
the lack of community events or social gatherings that were cross-cultural.
Solutions to address these issues included outdoor events – festivals and
parties – giving neighbours and families an opportunity to come together;
fundays in the park; sports and clubs.

Establish a programme of community events, sporting activities and
festivals aimed at bringing diverse community groups together

Community Safety

Many residents had a fear for their own personal safety, with specific
concerns over drug-related activities on the estates, drunk and disorderly
behaviour of adults, teenage gangs, knives and guns. The solutions to
address these issues focused on actions by the police. Specifically, through
increasing the numbers of police patrols on the estates throughout the day,
and patrolling at night. The use of plain clothed police officers should increase
and CCTV should be more widespread.

Police need to work more with communities and use this intelligence to
target resources more effectively

Housing and Environment

Concerns over the state of disrepair of council housing, poor maintenance
and slow responsiveness of housing officers was very high among residents.
Others raised concerns over the lack of affordable housing and the over-
crowded conditions that they lived in. The lack of lifts on the estates, and dirty
communal areas were also highlighted as concerns. Solutions proposed by
residents ranged from building new housing stock, refurbishing empty council
properties, to training of housing officers in how to communicate more

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                             76
                          Our Community – Our Say

effectively with the public. Service providers at the reference group also
highlighted the need for more affordable housing with a greater mix of housing

The programme of maintenance, repair and upgrade of housing stock
needs to be increased

In the longer term the stock of affordable and appropriate housing that
meets families’ needs, should be increased

Litter and dog mess on the streets were of concern for residents. The key
message from them was that dog waste bins should be located in the
neighbourhood and sanctions (fines) should be enforced for people failing to
clean up after their dogs.

Enforce litter and dog fouling laws

Support for Families

Access to affordable and flexible childcare should be made easier and more
childcare provision in the afternoon should be available. The need for after
school and holiday activities was also identified.

There is a need for greater provision of childcare and after school

A lack of educational support in schools was raised as a concern. This led to
educational under-achievement. Concerns were also raised about language
barriers for parents without English, limiting their ability to understand and
engage with the educational system, or help children with homework.

Targeted support is needed to enable parents who do not have English
as a first language to support their children with school and learning

Next Steps
The ABC team spoke to over 448 residents and visitors to the NDC area over
a four month period. Many issues and concerns were raised, as well as the
opportunities for enhancing and improving life in the neighbourhood. Follow
up work should be done to develop the action points in the previous section
into workable projects and programmes. This will require engaging with
specific groups within the community as well as service providers.

During the final stage of the research the verification and action planning grids
were taken out to residents, and also shared with service providers at the
second reference group meeting. The numbers of residents and service
providers providing their input into this stage needs to increased in order to
further verify, and get greater details, on the issues and actions,

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                           77
                          Our Community – Our Say

The ABC team have gained much experience and knowledge engaging with
residents and service providers over the course of this project. This capacity
should be consolidated and taken forward through completing the ‘Our
Community, Our Say’ engagement process, and through the commissioning
of new work.

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                          78
                                    Our Community – Our Say


Attendees at First Reference Group
Name                   Organisation                               Statutory/Voluntary/Community
Kimberly               Patient and Public Involvement Forum       Community
Jennic Gillions        Hammersmith & Fulham Voluntary service     Voluntary
Muriel Langley         Local Resident
Mulat Tadesse          Multicultural Forum                        Community
Charles Head           Multicultural Forum                        Community
David Brunlip          North Fulham New Deal for Communities      Statutory
Charles Oduka          Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Trust    Statutory
Pieng Players          North Fulham New Deal for Communities      Statutory
??                     Local Resident                             Community
Shirely Wiggins        Multicultural Forum                        Community
Khadiee Campbell       Multicultural Forum                        Community

Attendees at Second Reference Group
Name                    Organisation                              Statutory/Voluntary/Community
Kimberly                Patient and Public Involvement Forum      Community
Sargent Paul Wilkins    Metropolitan Police                       Statutory
Dominika Sulinska       Bhavan Centre                             Community
Samira Ben Omar         Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Trust   Statutory
Abigail Gilbert         North Fulham New Deal for Communities     Statutory
Begonia Rubio           Busy Bee                                  Statutory
Adrian Mayors           Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Trust   Statutory
Damilola Ogedergbe      Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Trust   Statutory

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                                               79
                            Our Community – Our Say

Invitees to Reference Group Meetings
Name                      Organisation
James Locke               Living Well Facilitator, H & Fulham PCT
Sue Spiller               Better Government for Older People
Kimberly Michaelis        Voluntary Action Westminster
Jabbar Hassan             Iraqi Association
Long Lam                  West & North West London Vietnamese
Media Zahawy, Elderly     Kurdish Association
Project Officer
Magaret Rungarara         Naz Project
Chief Executive
Penelope Harrisson        Chief Executive
                          Voluntary Sector Resource Agency
                          Hammersmith and Fulham
Mulat Tadesse             Refugee Advice & Support Centre
Abigail Gilbert           North Fulham NDC
Malika Hamidou            Community Interpreting,Translation &
                          Accesss Service
Aubyn Graham              Hammersmith & Fulham Refugee Forum
Sargent Paul Wilkins      NDC Unit
                          Fulham Police Station
Jazz Browne               Nubian Life
Roseline Scenon           Irish Centre
Begona / Ann              Parent & Toddler group 'Busy Bee's
Alan Reynolds             Hammersmith & Fulham Mind
POSK Polish Centre,       POSK Polish Centre
Richard Day               Hammersmith & Fulham Action on Disability
Danny Volino              Brunswick Club
Marcus Harris             Normand Croft Community
Wayne Ryan                Senior Practitioner Manager Independent
                          Living Service
                          Physical Disabilities Service
Sameh Ramadan             Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust
Angela Lamptey            Age Concern Hammersmith & Fulham
Dr Nanda                  Director
                          Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
James                     Deputy Head
Keith Desilver            Fulham Cross Youth Project
Pamela Henry              Children Centre Manager
Children Centre Manager
Rainbow Playhouse         Rainbow Playhouse
Eastern European Advice   Eastern European Advice Centre
Begona Rubio              Busy Bee

Action By Community & Development Focus Trust, 2007                   80

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