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					Select the statement that best describes how you feel technology is being used in
the classroom:
Answer Options                                             Percent     Response Count
Technology generally is not used in my classes.             12.8%            96
Technology distracts or hinders my learning.                2.7%             20
Technology neither helps nor hinders my learning.           10.6%            79
Technology enhances my learning.                            68.4%           512
Other (please specify)                                      5.5%             41
                                                    answered question             748
                                                      skipped question             54

Don't Know. I take online classes.
Helpful sometimes, not helpful other times
Don't know
Technology is a useful tool to aid my learning.
technology is not used in my classrooms because it rarely works properly and the instructors
appear to find it frustrating to deal with.
Technology is not used in my class but is need to help me nad other students become more
successful in completing our assignments.
was'nt allowed to use laptop in history class.
The technology is great but usually holds up the class while the teacher reboots the sytem or
deals with computor problems
i dont know
Unknown, Needs laptop from classes to classes.
Technology will help eve student and faculty member. Unfortunatly, faculty and students alike
don't allways have access to it or choose to use it.
have trouble with tech at home
technology shouldn't be required for the learning process; it should be used as supplemental
unless you provide internet service for all
Technology is a necessary knowledge these days
Is used for the classes that involve computers in the coursework.
Tech. enhances my learning, however when it is not being maintained, it is less useful. Ex.
I've noticed many of the projectors in classrooms are not correctly lined up. AV Guy Needed!

The Technology at Normandale is not distracting but I feel like too much money is spent on
Technology is used, but it is difficult to get access to a computer when I need one for
homework. Not enough computers. I do not have a PC at home.
technology was not needed much this semester for my particular classes (ex- theatre and
technology is generally used in my classes
Technology is helpful with learning when it is needed.
sometimes the teachers dont know how to use the technology and it takes time from class
when they try to figure it out.
Technology sometimes slows the process of the day down when the teacher does not know
what he/she is doing.
does both hinder and help
Technology is used in all of my classes, it is used most often to research things for papers and
would like more tech in classroom
It totally depends...
Not nescessary, but useful when appropriate such as video examples of on-line
technology is definitely under utilized at Normandale
Technology is a tool, teachers are a much better tool.
frustrated by uneveness of technology in different classroooms
Technology is used in some of my classes but not others. It over all enhances my learning.

I really don't know yet.
It is ok when the professors use the technology
Technology is not generally used and is distracting when others use laptops
I am a brand new student, don't know yet.
I enjoy thetechnology we use inmy classes but many times the teachers have difficuilty
making it work right and we have to wait in class for maintenance and also projectors are
loud and distracting
It helps with certain courses like biology, but gets in the way for courses like health and
Needs to have a stronger wireless connection throughout the school for not only laptops but
also celllular phones.
Which of these do you have? Check all that apply:

                                                   Response          Response
Answer Options                                      Percent           Count
Home computer                                        85.3%              642
Laptop computer                                      58.4%              440
Home internet access - dial up                       15.5%              117
Home internet access - high speed                    79.8%              601
Macintosh PC                                         7.6%                57
Windows PC                                           81.1%              611
iPod                                                 39.6%              298
Other MP3 player                                     23.8%              179
Other (please specify)                               4.4%                33
                                           answered question                753
                                             skipped question                 49

Satellite Card
vpr matrix
none of the above
various technological guitar accesories, microphones, speakers, mixers
DacIII Server
printer, cell phone web
none, would like to own.
wireless modem
Palm Pilot
wireless i-net connection
Pocket PC
Palm TX
xbox 360
BSD Unix/Linux
Linux PC
video camera
work computer - high speed
Hp pavilion f1503
wireless internet
I love my dual monitors!
treo 650
Linux PC
emachine computer, with windows and countless other important applications.
VERY LIMITED-Controlled IMac Compu. From Donations.
portable storage stick
Where do you get information about Normandale? Check all that apply:

                                                         Response        Response
Answer Options                                            Percent         Count
Scala/NCC Closed Circuit Television                         2.1%             16
Normandale's website                    95.2%            718
MetNet email                                77.2%            582
Lions' Roar website                     4.5%             34
NCC Online/D2L                                             81.6%            615
Other (please specify)                                      3.2%             24
                                                answered question               754
                                                  skipped question               48

information that is automatically forwarded from my metnet email account to my
hotmail account. I dont think i have ever opened up '' to get mail before.
other students
Word of mouth
Former Normandale Student References.
My Instructor's.
myspace teacher grading
from my schoolmates
Lion's Roar Newspaper
bulletin boards
my direct e-mail address
from professors/phone
signs around school
student in normandale
Is there another technology that we should be using to provide you with

Answer Options                                                      Response Count
                                                 answered question              81
                                                   skipped question            721

Other Technology:
Podcasts, using iPods like other colleges
No, online works perfectly. However all teachers and faculty should be familiar, and have
to use D2L(teachers) at least to post grades and assignments, or important class
information. VERY HELPFUL!!
no, the 3 places I reference information about NCC are plenty
wireless internet on the entire campus
Techonolgy such as printers/scanners, & other accessible resources that fits the updated
Wireless Internet Access
no, just more computers
Don't Know.
Thomson Student-Response RF clickers
i think it is enough
unsure at this time
an RSS feed would be nice
poop up screen
not sure
I wish that not so many people would just be surfing the internet when i have to print off a
paper and wait for a half an hour
Wireless internet connection on the entire campus
webcasts for classes
Text messaging
Not that I can think of at the moment.
Better wireless network
outside e-mails other than metnet account
cell phone alerts for cancelled class
Not that I can think of - the next big thing is podcasts so think about those for lectures in
online courses
don't know
Phone Messaging: Class/School cancellations etc. Everyone I know has a cell phone. I think
they use it in China/Japan for natural disaster warnimgs. Just a thought! Maybe the school
should hire me! :)
Yes, Mandate that all Instructers must use D2L in some form. I find it very helpful in
finding course information such as the class outline, grades, upcomming quizes/exams,
homework, and other materia

Have a caladare avlible noting days off, deadlines, and dates PSEO students need to know
(like when we can buy books and sign up for classes) that info is hard to get but needed

Teachers should be required to use the D2L website. Posting syllabus, homework, ext.
Even though I don't have a cell phone, sending text messages would probably be a good
way to inform students of Normandale news.
I can't think of one...
more computers in the lab or time limits would help. at times,it takes a half hour to get an
availabale computer due to students who don't have them at home and leave all their work
to be done there.
There needs to be a better and earlier means of notifying of school cancellations due to the
Class cancelation via text message
No, all that are in use now provide me with enough information
Not sure
not that i know of
Text messaging class cancelations
can't think of any
If any ?
Not another technology, but make things more user friendly, and asthetically pleasing
Laptops with captioning for hearing impaired students
Remotes for ansewring question in larger classes
Please give us one technological improvement that you think Normandale should
Answer Options                                                                    Count
                                                      answered question                 327
                                                        skipped question                475

Improvement Ideas
Instructors should get better training on how to use their technology tools to deliver thier
online courses.
I would install larger TV monitors at all entrances...on those along with all the normal info,
they should put on Class Cancelation info. I am not the type of student to call the line
every day to se if class is canceled, so having that posted as you walk in would be more
more online classes would be nice.
upgrade to digital clocks in the classrooms
Wireless internet access throughout the building.
Somehow kcik people off of computers in computer lab that are using myspace and such.
Have the computer center staff pay more attention to students looking for computers, and
make announcements or something to get the people wasting everyones time off of a
Have wireless access in all areas of the building so that all students can have access to it,
rather than just in the library and in the science area.
have a program that you are able to look to see what some people are doing on the
computers so that when it is busy in the computer center and there are people who need to
do homework, you are able to find the people that are just using it for personal enjoyment
and politly ask those people if they could give up their computer for people who need to do
Computers available in more places through out the campus.
I would strongly suggest improvement to the Computer Center. Possibly making one
elsewhere in the college as well so that it can be more easily accesed other than trying to
get to the 3rd floor whenever a computer is needed. Would it be possible to do a expansion
in the Student Center and put computers in there?
All teachers should be required to
A. Learn how to use the Desire 2 Learn program.
B. How to post things such as grades, assignments, test information, and other useful
materials for class.
C. At the very least be required to post grades (with point totals divided up by
assignments, tests, quizzes etc.)
Because, it is EXTREMELY frustrating to have 2 of 4 teachers use D2L, where you know
exactly where you stand all semester, and has ample information pertinent to class, tests,
assignments, etc. Compared to my 2 other classes where 1 teacher posts a comment once
a month (if your lucky) but nothing else. And my other class, cant even be pulled up on
D2L at all!! He didnt even try, which is very disheartening.

Build a lot more computer space. There NEEDS to be more computers. More open labs.
When the science biology lab was built, was there anyone in authority or administration
considering more computer open labs?
Please offer more classes online
More areas with wifi for lap top use.
In my pre-calc & calc class, we were in a computer room. We never used the computers
once. The students were distracted by e-mail and it took up too much space. The desks
were also not facing the teacher, I contstanly had to turn my head to the side to watch the
I think the technology is useful, but there should be more computers available OR the
computer lab staff should kick people off who aren't doing homework when there are
people waiting for computers (the students shouldn't have to ask the staff to do this)

With wireless internet connection on the entire campus including classrooms, students will
be able to do researches and assignments with their personal laptops and won't have to
wait for other students in the computer lab. Moreover, the computer lab will not be packed
with students all the time.
definitely having a group study computer area
  I remember having to drive to class during a snowfall of 6-8 inches, and WITH four-wheel
drive it was still dangerous. Now, when it snows I'm hesitant to hit the roads anticipating
bad road conditions, so I wait until the news broadcasts school cancellations. However, I
think that Normandale is too hesitant to notify of cancellations. So, I would like to see
email notifications as early as possible regarding weather cancellations through the Metnet
More computers
In the Fine Arts building, F1271 has 10 Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos which are excellent
for practice. One is also available in the band room, F1281. They are, I feel, vastly superior
instruments to the Kawai upright pianos in all the practice rooms. The Kawais are never in
tune, the action on the keys is clumsy and unresponsive, and some exhibit problems such
as broken sustain pedals.

In class remote assistance in courses/computer settings so that students/staff can help each
other or work together on screen.
Laptops available to rent for the semester.
wireless internet throughout the whole school
More available computers
Having teachers use more technology in their teaching course
Credit card/id payment system for printing in the computer lab. I sometimes have to wait to
get my card punched when it gets busy.
To have the adobe programs on all the computers...
more sit down computers, it can be hard to find one.
Have no idea - i am only on campus 3 nights a week and in class most of the time...haven't
really had a chance to explore much further.
i think making the computer center more inviting. i don't want to go in there alot because of
how crowded, and jammed together everything is, and the few times i have been in there
the staff hasn't been very helpful, and were almost rude.
The technology at Normandale is just fine.
NCC should send text messages to indicate when classes are cancalled.
I would like to be able to purchase software and get support on campus.

Make sure all of the instructors know how to use the in-class computers. Some dont know
and it takes twice as long to access the notes than it would if it were not being used at all.

Upgrade Internet Explorer to IE7 soon and Firefox can be upgraded to Firefox 2.0. They
both are a much better version than what the school has.
Making more areas available for laptop use.
More computers, and more outlets for laptops, especially in the hall ways and by the math
Scroll wheel mice on the iMacs in the computer center would be helpful.
Having a computer in every class room, in case the need arises.
Where do I begin? Make D2L easier to access from the Normandale website. Make the
Lion's Roar website easier to access from the Normandale website. Make the registration
website easier to access from the website. All three are so deeply buried under 3 month old
announcements, that the NCC website might as well be shut down. is junk. I
always copy my e-mails before I send them, because probably a third of the time, they are
not sent. There is an error and the e-mail is erased.
Scanner availability. Also, a separate area for small group meetings as it is VERY distracting
when others are trying to complete their work.
Normandale should make the whole compus equiped with wireless, so student can access
the net anywhere in the compus.
Make sure teachers are fully trained and can prove competency when teaching online
more computers because sometimes we have to wait for people to finish so we can use
make it mandatory for all classes to use the D2L site for their helps alot when
you want to see if your are caught up or not.
Digital Books
computer stations (kiosks) throughout the campus like the stand up ones along the wall in
the computer lab
Podcasting ablility in every classroom
More laptop space(outlets)
I'm not sure
Whenever I come to the computer center to do my home work, all the computers are being
It will be nice if you can have more computers for home works in the library, in the learning
More self-paced classes. These are beneficial to soldier's deployed overseas.
I attended Normandale briefly in 2000 and I think the technology has greatly improved
based on the demand in the years since then. In my personal experience, I have no
recommendations for improvement.
I think overall the technology is good. I would like to see laptops for sale or at least a
student discount from a certain store/distributer. I'm sure the schoold could get a deal
Again, I must say some of the current technology needs to be maintained. I sat through a
whole semester in a classroom that had a projector that wasn't allined correctly so the
professor was printing off his slide titles so we could read them. You could also clearly see a
cord hanging down in front of the image. Our professor tried to contact IT a couple of
times. In fact, there was also an IT guy in the class and it still didn't get fixed. Being that I
have worked in the AV industry for 6yrs., it may have bothered me more than the average
student. It is frustraiting seeing all the technology in the room, but the projector isn't lined
up. Basically everything we see is viewed on that screen. It could have been fixed in just a
couple of minutes.
I don't know. I normally go online and use my computer at home.

Have more computers available in the computer center, or open another computer center.

Normandale should consider having more area's set up for lab top use. Such as more study
area's that have access to outlets to let us plug into. Even the dinning room has very limited
outlets to use.
Within D2L - make sure there's a link and phone number to call if there are display or
connection problems.
Single sign on User ID and password for Metnet, D2L and the Normandale websites. I
would also like to see a web page for each instructor with a sub web page for each class.
On those sites we could view the syllabus, assignments, schedules etc...
having possibly a bigger computer center so there can be more people there that dont have
to wait as much.
more outlets that laptop batteries can be plugged into
i can't think of anything
Blocking the myspace website and online games.
It would be nice to have printers available to everyone in the Computer Center without
having to purchase a print coupon. Also, i haven't seen any scanners or copiers in the
Computer Center, either.

Normandale should look into providing more than just Microsoft Discounts to students, also
available are Adobe Photoshop, Web Design Aplications, and other softwhere that would
enhance some classes learning fuctionality. has a college discount program if
a college has a perscribed account with them for students to use to get discounts on
softwhere and hardware that would assist lower income and existing students.

Parking lot camers.
Scanners by the Computer Center, More Private cubical resources.
post instructions for students bringing their own labtops that want to connect to the schools
connection, and how they do it
I think Normandale should have each teacher involve something based off of technology to
enhance learning and not for the students to do the same old rutine of a regular day
A easier way to pick up printed paper.
WIFI Connection And A Computer With Projector In Every Class Room.
Sometimes all the computers in the computer center are occupied, and so if Normandale
has wireless internet connection on the entire campus,students will not have to go bunching
up to the computer center or the Java junction to do assignments. Most students already
have computers, they will be able to sit anywhere on camputer to do assignment like on
most colleges and universities.
Faster computer at library
Get more computers for the computer center.
a computer center that is about 3-4times larger then the one currently and maybe in
different locations throughout the building and include more laptop pluggins
I think that technology wise, Normandale is very up to date. I used to go to a college where
every freshman got their own Laptops and internet access was available in every class
room. Well I ended up failing all my classes because I never paid attention anymore. I like
normandale and there is not much that you can add to it because it's doing very well in its
current state. So well that I got a 4.0 grade point average in my first semester. Thanks

easier to use the writing programs on the computer. i can not seem to get it to work for me

putting books on disc, easier to manage
When the server is down, all of the computer center staff needs to be aware of it and all
should know how to deal with the students. My one complaint with the staff is that when
this situation arouse I was left feeling angry and disapointed with the answer to my
question. I felt that I had to couch the employee to tell me the uncomfortable information
that they did not know when the computers would be working agian.
more computers at computer center!
Devices in the classrooms I think r needed. New and improved things. I dont even know
what things are called. But i have been inside other community colleges in the area and it
seems technology is much more advanced and nicer in those colleges.
Strict adherence to NO CELL PHONE USE while in the lab. Distractions/noise/lack of
consideration for others is a real deterent to my using the computer lab. I don't like to
scramble to learn/purchase tools that are available to me in the lab, especially since I pay a
student fee to use it. It's extremely frustrating for a working student with a limited amount
of time to complete class projects productively in the computer lab and to do them well,
given the time constraints.
All classes and grades should be available online throughout the semester, helps track your
grade and progress in every class.
Computer center always seems full with no available stations.
rearanging the computer center to be less confusing and distracting would help alot.
better cell phone service haha
I think there needs to be more areas in the school were there is hook up for laptop users. I
know that when I bring my laptop to school it is very hard to find a spot where I can
connect my laptop to.
We need more computers in the computer center, more wireless laptop access and a
connetion to print in the computer center from your own laptop.
online tv
i really feel NCC should use an RSS feed for information as well. it is easy to use and
relatively low bandwidth.It auto-updates and is built into many of the newer versions of web-
browsers like Firefox and the new IE that was released last year.
offer laptop connections in the class room, also let the students record the lectures that the
instructor is speaking on in class
For printing, instead of having a punch card, make use of the student ID card...possibly
being able to use the student ID card that has the balance of available sheets to print.
a letter that will be sent either to your metnet account or at home that states when your
books will be ready in the book store.
The D2L website could be enhanced to show when the students assignment is completed
and to include the date the instructor grades the assignment. Last semester was my first
online course. It was nice to work this course from home but the instructor was obviously
either overworked, inconsiderate or lacking something. Four to six weeks to grade any
assignment and sometimes longer. It would also be helpful to see what dates the instructor
last loged in to D2L to communicate with us. Our instructor this last semester would be
missing for 7-10 days at a time. As a student, I get no financial aid and pay for the courses
myself. The instructor is most certainly being paid and should be considerate of timely
communication and grading.
I think we should have more computers that allow students and staff to scan things on. We
only have like five and they are usually taken. This makes it difficult for those who need
them in their strict schedules.
more areas for wireless access.
Computer overheads in each classroom that work. They don't need to be new just in
working order.
More computers in the lab, because there are alot of times when they are all being used.
It would be nice to have a student laptop program... lots of other schools do that and it's
VERY helpful.
More on-line classes
MORE computers! It's hard to find an open computer.
too loud in computer center - group area would be helpful so those who are going to be
loud and disruptive can do it in a different location
antr-virus softwhare for students labtops in the school.
more computers in the tecch center
the computer room is always packed, and i can never find a place to sit. Also maybe extra
tables in the computer room would help even without having a computer on them.
More wireless connection areas would be the most helpful tool for me and other students
with laptops.
can't think of any
There should be more online classes available.
More wirless acess around the campus for student laptops.
Allow areas for groups to work together while not disturbing others.
I can't really think of any.
More computers
Training the class instructors how to use computers/D2L.
A free media downlaoding source through the school for students and faculty. Like "The
Hub" which the University of Minnesota has.
I think Normandale's technological resources are more than sufficient for the class work we
are assigned
Cheaper copies in the Library. We pay massive student fees for a community college yet
have to pay extra just to make copies that are manditory for certain classes.
unsure..for me, the item most needed is communication from instructors re: the expected
proficiency in certain areas, i.e. Xcel, etc. before the start date of class. Also, more help in
how to use the D2l site. I've had instructors who hardly use it, v. others who use it so
much that it is difficult. Not everyone has the means to have high-speed internet, yet this
is practically a requirement in some classes.
MORE COMPUTERS!! Also, you need to enforce the "quiet policy" because several times I
have come to study (Like using the CD roms that come with the text book) and there are
people talking the whole time (usually when there are like three or four to a computer) and
it is really distracting. I think there should be areas that are specifically for group study and
areas specifially for quiet study and then there should be computers that are ONLY for
people doing that no matter what someone who needs to do homework can
get a computer.
Checking to see if computers being used are being used for homework so that there is a
computer availiable for those who need to write a paper and dont have access to a
computer at home.
not Sure
i would prefer to see proffesors providing information in reusable data format in place of
I'm sorry I can't think of anything, it amazes me how much schools have changed since I
originally went to college in 1981!
Hm. More computers in the library?
I would like to see more Macs in the computer lab simply because I prefer to use those and
they are usually occupied most of the time. Also, it would be nice to see Photoshop or
something of the sort to help with presentations in order to get a better look for them. I'm
not currently aware if we have it or not.
More computers!
more instrudcors use power point
I think tutors would be helpful.
easier to follow web site make the manuvering around back and forth simpeler.
Teachers that utilize the Normandale D2L webpage are great. This should be something
every teacher should want to learn. Why wouldn't you want to be on top of what the latest
technology is?
More computers with work area, and more outlets throughout the school to plug in.
no comment
more computers in the computer center
Student response classroom Thomson RF clickers
more laptop internet access areas
Wireless Internet Access, Computer Lab times for Computer Intensive classes such as
programming courses.
Wireless printer access in the Computer Center so students with laptops can print directly
from their computers without tying up workstations.
Some how the computer lab needs to be updated with more computers, or possibly a
second lab. I have waited in line several times for a computer this past semester. I have
attended three colleges and have never had to wait else where.
more lap top use areas with int. hookup.
 Free printing
More areas to use a laptop.
More computers
Discounted microsoft office products for students.
reliable connections in all classrooms.
its fine. less fees
I honestly am more of a look it up in the books kind of person. I think that the NCC
technology is great.
maybe ncc need to get the electronic info-board for some events in ncc. remember the day
of international poetry day that nobody knows it.
I believe more laptop access is needed.
the computer center are always full,
There are never really enough places to use computers.
Mac platform for the Web Design class rather than Windows platform.
frequently updated online grades so we can see how we're doing in the class without having
to send a stamped letter or what not an expanded computer center would also be nice

If Normandale is offering an on-line version of a course, the responsible instructor should
demonstrate software and internet proficiency BEFORE being assigned responsibility for the
course. I signed up for a course, and had trouble finding the weblinks to complete
assignments. I contacted the professor on multiple occasions, re-phrased the question
many ways, called the IT support, the consulted with an outside source for assistance, yet
could not get an answer to a simple question! This was an online business course. I have
used D2L and web enhanced books for other courses without difficulty. In this instance,
there must have been some registration code that I didn't have that would direct me to the
correct research data, yet the professor didn't have any idea. I was even contacted by
another student who sent a "mass" email to other students asking if anyone else was
getting anything out of the course. By then, I had already dropped... out of total
frustration with the instructors inability to identify the weblink... infact, I do not know if the
instructor even understood what a weblink was. It was easy to see that without the
weblinks or support, I could not achieve a reasonable grade with the book research alone.
I lost both money and time on this course as I could not return the expensive textbook.
Maybe more computer access or somewhere else where you can print things at
More wireless access.
more computers for student uses
Make software such as windows and office available for a discounted price.
wireless available throughout the whole campus
The one thing I would love is if more of the school had wireless access.
All instructors should use D2L.
I think there should be more online classes
sell hardware in the bookstore
more computers available for students to use or stricter rules saying that you can't go on
the internet for facebook or myspace or personal use. just school work
More Wi/fi Coverage
encourage ALL instructors to use d2l. It makes a huge difference in being able to prepare
for classes.
more places to use laptops
mroe computers
just that wireless access is needed more for student use around campus
I think there should be more desk space at the computer, I usually feel cramped.
poop up screen (like the amber alert)
Stronger signals for cellphones and wireless laptops.
This ins't really technological but adding some chairs to some of the computors by the
Business office and by Student Support Services in College Services might be nice to make
things more comfortable.

if there are people waiting to use the computers in the lab, there should be staff kicking off
students who are just "surfing" the internet. I also would like to see more desks with

I really think Normandale needs a video editing lab. I know when I took video art I could
have really used it but got stuck at home, back editing with a VCR since I couldn't afford the
needed technology. Normandale really needs a video editing lab. - student's name

More computers in computer lab and more access for students with laptops.
More computers because at times they are all taken
I think printing out papers should be free.
Is the campus wireless? If it's not, this would be a definite improvement. I will be getting a
laptop soon, and it would rock to do on-line work anywhere in the building.

Lap top internet access is more avalible around campus instead of certain areas in the
Sound on the computers
More computers for students to work on.
I think that more classes should be equipped with computers and screens in the classrooms
so that the teacher doesn't have to write everything and it is easier to see and read what is
being taught.
More computers! During peak times it can be really hard to find an open one.
Most importantly, overcrowding at the Computer Center needs to be dealt with. At peak
times, I usually do not see a free PC or Mac to use. Obviously, more spots could be
installed (I already appreciate the new spots by the windows). I would also encourage you
to have the Center's staff be proactive in removing people who aren't using their spot for
school activities. Have the staff patrol the center occasionally and boot people who are only
playing online games, or doing chat or e-mail that isn't school-related (you may already do
this; if so, thanks).

As I indicated, Wi-Fi coverage of the entire campus for devices like laptops to connect to
would be nice.

Offering the free use of a USB flash drive ("memory stick") would be nice. They could be
marked & distributed (track who has which one via our new student ID cards), and make
the student resposible for returning it at the end of a semester. Penalty for lost or damaged
ones, of course.
laptop areas
Upgrade to Mac G5
Lap Top use - either provided for certain students such as PSEO or available to rent for a
reasonable amount of money for an entire semeseter

I think the computer lab needs more computers. There also needs to be more places for
people to plug in their laptops (example: tables with plug ins).
Better Wireless Network
More electrical outlets for lap tops
More computer availability. I think the implementation kiosk-like workstations in the
computer center is a good idea. It encourages students who only have quick tasks to walk
up, do their work, and log off.

I also think the NCC should consider opening up the computer classroom in the library for
general use when it is not scheduled for other uses.
I would like to see some Ethernet hookups in places that might not readily pick up the
signal for wireless internet (I have a laptop but it doesn't always work to get the wireless
cell phone or other designated way to alert when a course is cancelled for the day
My last class used to meet in room C2020. That overhead viewscreen in the room is very
very good and I wish all the classrooms are like that.

When I took a class on Photoshop over the summer the computers could barely keep up for
the class. If we all had to open the same file for a demonstration we were forced to waste
up to five minutes of class time waiting for the computers to catch up. I would love for
there to be another class I could take on that subject but I feel like if we got any more in
depth the computers just plain couldn't handle it. I ended up doing the majority of my work
at home. You need to update your computers, but beyond that, you need to continue to do
so more often because it is really frustrating to try and learn on outdated equipment. If not
for the entire school then at least for a few of the class rooms that teach computer classes.

Continuing with the most updated software and programs.
It's fine the way it is as long as they are up to date with the software and hardware needs
of the times.
Please get better more accessible D2L support: so frustrating.
make it mandatory for all instructors to have the grades for their class posted online. Many
instructors tell us they do not know how to use the d2l grade book.
Log-in access should be secured propertly
I use D2L all the time. I love that I can track my classes and know where I stand. My only
complaint is that all professors don't use it.
upgrade the email system

As I mentioned in the previous question: Laptops that would automatically type your notes
from the instructor into text (Microsoft has this feature.) This would save the instructors
from having to ask if someone would volunteer to take notes and I would not have to miss
anything because I am trying to listen and take notes at the same time. For hearing
impaired students, this is not possible...where our eyes go the ears go with them. (When
you lose a part of one of your five senses, another sense picks up the slack.)

dont have on-line classes
Areas that you can work on the computer as a group and not distract other people
Possible Laptop Centers?
teach your instructors how to use D2L - So far only one of my instructors has used it
We really need a lot more computers in the computer lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think some sort of video editing lap would be really cool for students at normandale. I
know when I took video art I thought we could really have used one.
More computers in the computer center
Requiring that all teachers use D2L for their courses.
free printing
More instructers on D2L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One other thing that would be very helpful (mabey not
reasonable) would be to have some if not all lectures in audio file on the website so that we
could replay them. I have no idea of the legality of that but, it would be helpful. It may
make people think they can skip class more but it would help the students who really need
Some rooms have four flat screen tvs and others have none. i do not think that the money
being spent on technology at normandale is being spent very wisley. I think that some
saving should be done and maybe more money could be spent on other things like work

More area for group studies with access to a computer, software availabe for much cheaper
prices than stores
Giving out free laptops to all students.
switch over to mimo router so that you only need one or two for the whole campus.
Sometimes when I'm working on the wireless internet connection, my own connection slows
down A LOT, please try to improve on that.
Another problem is that the internet connection in the Kopp center is describe as weak by
both my laptop and several of my friends laptops, if you could find out why, that would be
improvement in classrooms
More laptop space in computer center.
on-line classes
More computers, please. The Lab is always full.
All teachers being required to use D2L resource.
Discount computer/software sales

Make shure wireless connection to the Computer Lab printers works without complications,
because very often I can't connect my laptap and seek help from staff in order to connect.

Perhaps a computer purchase assistance program for less fortunate students without a
home pc.
i think that more wireless connection for laptops seeing i use mine right there at the school
with the walls being brick sometimes it is hard to get service.
More wireless hot spots would be nice because sometimes the connection isn't very good
and is lost while i'm in the process of completing homework or studying.
Having group computer rooms for projects. It is hard to do group work at the computer
center because 1. there aren't enough computers and 2. no room for the whole group to sit
around one computer
Longer hours for the computer center, and more computers- everytime I go I have to wait
for a computer. Also- block and when I am waiting it seems
like students are always on those websites.
wider wireless internet access.
More overhead projector screens throughout the classroom.
Interactive software instead of books.
More teachers should allow students to check their grades through D2L. I have found it
much easier to keep track of where I am at througth this option. I almost think that it
should be mandatory for them to keep the students updated through this channel. School
is expensive and we pay for it, so why not?
I have no ideas.
More computers in the computer center. Sometimes it's hard to even find an open computer
in the lab area.
WiFi, WiFi, WiFi!!! Coverage is poor.
Dusting of computers, particularly fans of computers. Also cleaning monitor screens.
Dusting off tower surfaces and keyboards would be nice too. It would be nice to see these
things done to ensure the equipment is being maintained.
I think that professors should update a students grade in real time and allow students
access to that.
Study rooms with computers
You already mentioned it, more wireless access to the internet. My accounting class had a
web sit that helped with examples and powerpoints.
More wireless access points,
Train all teachers how to use the equipment in the class rooms so they wont have to use up
so much class time trying to set everything up.
Get more computers in the computer center because they are rarely available when I need
Normandale needs more computers and laptop hookups.The computer lab is like the
parking lot.People troll around all day looking for computers.
Sometimes you need to check your email because some of the professors send it out, but
then the computer center staff comes and kicks you off for not doing school work. The
addition of the stand up computers help so you can quickly check your email but we still
need more.
In the laptop area in the computer center, students use it as a regular homework table,
taking up spots when they have no computers. It is almost easier to find a parking spot
here at normandale than it is to find a computer or laptop hookup sometimes.
there are not enough computers open during the day hours in the lab, so even if i need to
use one i often have to wait, which is a waste of time.
i can't think of anything.
all classrooms need projectors and a computer for instructors
When i use it, it seems pretty well set up. So i don't think it needs changes at this time.
More teachers should consider registering their courses for d2l and post grades on them I
think it is a good way to keep track of how you are doing in the class.
We need more "hot" areas for laptops and cell phones
computers in the art building. we are utilizing them more and more for projects.
English classes should be able to be seen on D2L,
MORE ONLINE CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better wireless network
more computers.
More computers in the computer lab so everyone can have access or converting another
room with computers into a computer lab for student use. Reloadable print cards would also
be really nice because it's so easy to lose them because right now they aren't a size that will
conveniently fit into a wallet.
I was in Computer Art this year and only a few of the first computers had photoshop and
illustrator available. I would like it if a few more had that software on it.
more computers
more computers in the lab is all i can think of. also better overheads in the english
classrooms on the first floor. they are still using the ancient ones.
I think the idea of having group work areas would be a great improvement for the
technology department. To have an area where students can meet still inside of school
keeps it in an educational environment and is accessible to everyone.
Wireless internet throughout the campus which extends into classrooms. There are many
dead spots on campus.
more computers or more outlets and desks for laptops in the library
WiFi access for entire campus
change out all the chalk boards-- especially for math rooms, chalk boards get hard to read
after 50 mins of class...
do away with the overhead projectors and get more of the machines that are in the physical
geography lab room-- they are easier to read instead of having the teacher adjust it to how
she thinks is readable---
credit card readers at the cafeteria and java junction.
the computers in the lab need to be faster... a lot faster.
Larger computer center or move macs. to a different room so that the stations they
currently occupy can be used for pc's.
additional computers dispuesed throughout school, ie. a couple in the student center, the C
hallway, and near the study pit (these could be computers that you stand at).

I think normandale should have more computer avaible for students, while they need for

Have all of the software in all classes available in the computer lab or on selected
computers in the computer lab.
more wireless access in classrooms for students needing to type their own notes in class.
For my math class, having computers in the room was just a distraction. Since we weren't
using computers as part of the class, I would have preferred a classroom without computers
in it.
I think normandale's current technological status is on par with what is available. There is
nothing that i can think of that normandale could do to enhance my learning at this time.
White boards instead of chalk boards in the rooms that still have chalk boards.

All classrooms should have high-speed i-net wireless access, instead of just in the hot-spots.

better connection speed with laptops
more plug ins for lap tops, especially in common areas like cafeteria

all classes should be required to use D2L
Have more of the specific software available for students somewhere (ie: the bookstore).
I think all teachers should use desire to learn for their students. It's very helpful as a
student to have that available to me.
Newer software should be available sooner and probably faster computers.
More online classes!!!
more technology in the science classes
Improvment of laptops, cell phone, and other useful devices around the halls ways.
laptop program
I think teachers should use their technology more. If my tuition is helping to pay for all that
tech, I want it to get used! Also, why aren't all my classes on D2L?
We need to find a way to keep people from using the computer lab for recreational

an interactive "map" of the computer center showing which computers are available for use
(logged on/off). a monitor displaying this information would show at a quick glance to an
inquiring student if there were any computers available and which ones/where they were.

Having more available computers.
Ensure lecture microphone batteries are replaced often - our instructors have had to delay
class to call someone to replace the batteries.

All teacher's should use D2L and MetNet for grades and communication. I think they are
great tools to keep me updated on my grade and what is needed to be done. I liked when
teachers post Powerpoints, homework assignments, and take-home exams online. It is very
useful and helpful. It is really a pain when teachers only communicate in person or phone
because their hours are not always conducive to mine and some do not return phone calls
either in a timely manner or at all.
Word software should be available in the Library also.
More is better.
Make the computer center bigger with more computers.
You need to make more classes available online.
N/A. all the applicable technology in Normandale is enough.
Homework that can be completed online instead of on paper.
 Put accessable computers in classrooms that require you to type or access the internet.
Text messaging important updates. Class cancelations, school closing due to weather.

I think that you should incorporate using iPods in the classroom, other colleges do. You see
almost all students using them for music, why not lectures?
I have no complaints really. Sometimes i guess it can be tough to find a computer in the
computer lab during peak hours.
I think that all classes should use D2L. It is very helpful when instructers actually use it, but
most of mine do not.
more access to internet wirelessly around the school
A Software Store!
More Online Classes!!
have better internet acess in the older class rooms. some our still out dated and everyh
class room should have internet acess.

It seems there are more colleges out state that offer so much more when it comes to
distance learning, correspondance & online (and they are accreditted too ... i.e. University
of North Dakota) As a working adult with a family I like that option. I would personally
rather do most if not all my schooling through the MN school system and not have to go out
state. It would be great to see Normandale expand it's distance & online learning.

I think the technology at Normandale is sufficent and dosn't need to be improved at this
time. Consider offering more online classes.
More computers availble in the Computer Center.
more software on computers
I like the idea of wifi being available in the parking lot. I could download or work from my
I am not sure, I am new in college
Please offer more on-line classes.
More online and web enhanced classes! It's really convenient because I can still work 40
hours a week to pay for schooling and take a full course load.
Better wi-fi connection in older sections of the campus
Other comments:

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Other Comments:
Normandales technology is wonderful and hopefully will keep on getting better and
I think that more of the classrooms should be set up with projectors and/or overhead
projectors so that the teachers don't have to use chalk boards.
Great job on investing in the biology department, Chimistry, Physic Department...
More self-paced classes. These are beneficial to soldier's deployed overseas.
It also helps if instructors post there grades online before you take the final in their
Keep up the great work!
to me a person who doesn't like to use computers it is a little inconvenient for me to
have to do all this hommework and stuff online. School would be better without it
Sometimes if the instructors do not know how to use technology it can be distracting
in the classrooom. On the other hand, if an instructor knows what he/she is doing it
can enhance a lecture greatly.
I find the computer center a great place to do my homework. It is also a great place
to kill time in between classes.
All teachers should be required use the d2l website because it is very helpful at
monitoring grades
Great convience!
It would be nice to have a computer hardware & software store in Normandale, but
the prices would need to be comparable to MicroCenter and TigerDirect.
I enjoy the technology at NCC. There's no need to try to improve it.
The staff that is helping need to actually take the time to expalian things when
answering student's questions.
I like it when teachers post grading on the D2l site. I think they should all be requried
to do that because I ejoy being able to look at my grade whenever I like. I know if I
have a computer infront of me like in my freshman comp class, I tend to go on
myspace or facebook instead of what we are supposed to be doing.
Please inforce the no cell phone rule. Also, computer availability is a problem, gamers
should not be allowed to use computers.
Oh, and also there should be a rule that if you are not actually using the computer
you should not sit in front of one. A lot of times I see people sitting reading or
sleeping while logged into the computer and the computer has gone to screen saver
mode. OR they get up and leave with there stuff sitting there and don't come back for
like a half an hour. That stuff is really annoying to see when you have a paper due in
a few hours and can't find an open computer.
There should be more computers in the Computer Center
NCC ROCKS! it's great that you care what we want...good job and keep it up!
I really like NCC online!
the standing computer additions are very helpful
It's really frustrating when you need to use a computer in the lab and students are
surfing the web or using it for some stupid purpose like that. The lab attendants yell
out, "If you're not using the computer for course work you need to stop using it" but
that doesn't work. Maybe it's time for a change in strategy when it comes to use of
the computer lab.
It bugs me when students, especially during computer rush hour, are just sitting on
the computers playing games, doing email, or checking their myspace accounts and
watching videos.
although the staff seems competent and knowledgable - they are not friendly
enforce the quiet policy in the computer area
The speed and quality of the technology is very good, when you can access it
(computers). Again, it's hard to find an open computer.
NCC's parking lots still need some work?!
Warm Classrooms!
i believe that normandale is a well equipped school in technology.
The grading system on D2L was not working for us for our online course. It would
also be helpful if a spellchecker were available in the discussion sites and email.

Get friendlier people to help in the bookstore.. very bad experience.
The computer center help desk needs to be a little bit more friendly, and helpful.
I have not started class yet and have not had the experience to answer these
questions fully.
I have a Mac at home. They are becoming more and more popular but Normandale
makes it very difficult to use for homework. For instance My Math Lab cannot be used
with a MAc, niether can the keyboarding software. It is very frustrating and makes me
feel as though I have an unfair disadvantage.
it can be very frustrating when i need to use a computer and there are basically none
open. I often see students looking at email and playing games when i could be using
it to be productive. I understand that there are signs around to let a front desk person
know, but it also may be helpful if there was more than one computer center. like
over by the science dept. ??
More online courses,please.
Scanners would be helpful as well as software programs that are used in
industry....Quick Books, People Soft, etc.
The chairs in the computer lab need to be updated the current ones are
I tried paying my school fees online the last time, but Normandale online payment
system was not taking Wellsfargo visa card. Can someone please fix it, since
Wellsfargo is one of the leading banks in MN, and most students have their visa card.

NCC d2l and online registration is the most helpful but d2l needs to have information
always on the dot about teachers missing, i know its on the opening startup page but
you miss quite a lot of teachers
Needs Bulletin announcements with print screening to announce special events,
expects, and promotions and notifications to all Students who enters the College with
info. electronic banner provided by the Dean of Student and the president of
Normandale Community College.
Students will benefits Electronic announcement banners or LCD Screen for more
directive information and updatings.
Add more Astronomy courses.
I'm pleased to say that I am satisfied with the wireless access at the school yet I feel
that expansion to get rid of some of the deadspots would be nice.
I believe that there's a shortage of printers at Normandale. For instance, the ground
floor has plenty of computers to register/withdraw from classes, but it has no printers
to print out the new schedules. A person has to go all the way to the library or the
Computer Center to get a printout.
People need to be kicked off the computers in the lab if they are on myspace or
playing games.
I don't care for on-line courses, I don't navigate well.
if it were mandatory to turn off cell phones, and either talk very quietly on them
(maybe) or have to leave the computer area to talk on phones or to others. i al so
think a group are would be good for group projects, and optional for loud friends just
talking, if the rooms/areas are open!!!
I find that the Math courses provided here are placed into a computer class that I find
is more distracting than helpful towards its course work. Both Pre-Calc and calculus
type of work.
I would like to see more computers or possibly another computer lab, especially when
it comes down to finals.

i dont like the punch cards for printing. you should just charge only for color printing.

I think that the computer center rules about cell phones and talking need to be
enforced. I am inturrpted frequently when students are on the phone and talking
loudly with each other.
Today, I went to Normandale to have my Metnet password reset. The computer
center was closed. Out of 6 people that I asked, not one knew how to reset a Metnet
password or how to look up my user ID. I finally went home and figured out how to
do it on my own. It is really very simple and more people on campus should know
how to do this, particularly the people at the informatin desk and the people in the
student services center. Even the guy running the online bookstore did not know how
to find this information!
Please add more online courses.
The computer center staff is not always very friendly. Some times I realize I may have
a silly question to them (because they have grown up with the technology), but some
help without a little attitude would be nice. Although I will add that they are always
willing to take time to help and get you going in the right direction.

Most important, the computer center's atmosphere is often to noisey. I realize that
students are going to work together or on a group project, I just wish that more
measures would be taken to get some of the noise down and the cells phone use

Thank for trying to improve the technological capabilities of Normandale.
No other comment
This semester I'll be taking my first online course so I'll have more opinions on this
topic in a couple of months.
The computer center tends to get very nousy from people talking, being on their
phones and what not. I think it needs to be controlled more.

I've had other professors comment about technology not working properly. I would
suggest hiring an AV Technician at least part-time. They could help train the staff on
current and new technology. Someone to maintain the new and current technology,
especially the projectors.
You can extend the life of the technology if it is taken care of: extend lamp life on
projectors, etc. = saving the college money!
In short, the technology is good, but it needs to be maintained better. Thanks!

The only complaint I have is actually regarding the staff in the computer center.
Often, I have felt the staff is "cold" and unwilling to help. They seem knowledgeable
but when they explain things, it is in a condesending manner. In addition, they seem
more annoyed that they are being interupted whie gossiping or doing their homework
than they are willing and happy to help. Often times, I feel intimidated by their
attitude and therefore don't ask for the help needed.
everything else is great
I took an online class this semester and the teacher flubbed constently. She had no
business teaching an online course.

May be there is a need for more computer centers around the compus. Also, laptop
area is very small and fits only few people.
Absolutely NO CELL PHONE USAGE in the computer lab!!! This could be a quieter
environment for assignment completion especially when someone has a short
timeframe to work within.
Normandale is very competent in terms of technology. I just wished I had a labtop.
D2L is great! If more teachers took advantage of it, they would see grades rise! A
great innovative resource!
People should really be more quiet in the computer center. At least a third of the time
when I'm there I can't concentrate on work because of the noise. Isn't there some
place people can go if they want to have loud group discussions and not bother other
You need to give out more info to PSEO students, we need to be clearly told when we
can get our books and sign up for classes. And we also should be given more than a
week to get our books...the week before classes start is so busy in the bookstore
already, giving us more time to get our books could help everyone.

All professors should use the D2L protion of the normandale website for anouncments
and other things pertaining to their courses.

If teachers are going to use the technology in the classrooms (ex: power point
presentations for lectures) there should be an ability for students to access those
slides to print for future reference. Many teachers are reluctant to forward them to
students and I think that it would be very helpful to take notes/study with. They
could be on D2L or have another way to access them and I would be willing to pay for
the printing whether from home or at the computer lab at school. Also, the online
version of FACTS is not the same as the paper version. I have never had to pay 15%
the day I signed up for the program, until this week. Paying 15% down takes away
from the payment option. You should allow students to choose either bigger monthly
payments or paying 15% down.

I wish people would buckle down on the professors and make them use the NCC
online to put up our grades. Their is nothing worse then going through the semester
and not knowing where you are sitting. In all four of my classes this semester, none
of the professors used D2L. I think the major reason is because they are not required
to use it so like any other job if you don't have to do something most likely that
person isn't going to do it. That's exactly what's happening at Normandale. IT NEEDS
TO CHANGE. Their shouldn't be a choice it should be mandatory. After all we are
paying all this money to go to school they should at least have to keep an update for
their students.
Just that with the number of students to computers the ratio isnt equal to the number
of students who are using them.
I love how fast the internet is even if every computer in the school is running on the
network. The NCC wireless network isn't the best though. It sometimes drops out for
only a few seconds but it does it a lot, even if I am siting right below the routers.

I like the large projection screens in the classrooms, it is very easy to see.

I like the math lab's online texbooks. Getting online help by examples, video, "help
me solve this" problems, and practice homework is extemely helpful!
My biggest complaints about Normandale are the lack of parking spaces available and
the lack of computers available in the computer lab when you need one. I think
parking spaces should require a type of parking-pass to park on campus, with the
exception of visitor parking spaces. As things are right now, anyone, even if they do
not attend Normandale can use the parking lot and this may take spaces away from
students that need a place to park. The computer labs are sufficient in technology,
but are nearly impossible to get a computer. The majority of people using the
computers in the computer lab are not doing homework. Those are my biggest
complaints: parking and the computer lab.
I have been to 2 other colleges other than NCC and NCC is the most technologically
advanced that I have seen to date. I like it as I like to be able to access information
at my convenience.
Offer more class that would go towards graphic design and media.
I really like being able to access my assignments/grades on NCC D2L.
Keep up the good work!
Would likely be ineffective, but it's a thought.
I think that having the wireless internet throughout the school is a good idea and a lot
of other classmates take advantage of it. The technology itself in classrooms is very
helpful to me because not only does it save teachers time from writing things over
and over for each class, but it is also easy for them to send us an attachment with the
powerpoint slides or the study guides/homework assignments through email. My
metnet account is great at keeping out junk mail and is also easy to understand.

Computer classes should always be in computer rooms, its much harder to learn when
they are not
like i stated before, it would just help to have time limits so some people aren't on
computers for hours at a time.
 I understand that, for some reason, it no longer snows in Minnesota, but I STILL
remember the dangerous drive I had on Cedar Ave heading North. It still leaves me
waiting for that last possible second of a news broadcast of Normandale's
Cancellations, right up to the moment that I must leave for school or I'll be too late.

Really monitoring students who are talking on their cell phone in the computer lab.
It's distracting when you are trying to concentrate on a paper and you hear a one
sided conversation.

also monitoring students who are there primarily for personal computer use instead of
school use. Students who are there to type a paper should be able to find a computer
to sit at and spread their papers out instead of having to stand.

Please make available more online classes.
Please consider changing calc 2 class to a class with out computers or at the very
least move the desks to face the teacher or instead take advatage of the computers in
that class room

Where is the computer center? This survey is the first I've heard of it (I've been at
Normandale one semester). I have no idea where that is. The only computers I know
are available for students are the ones in the library.

Normandale has more technology that I have at home. The technology here is also a
lote more efficient and speedy than what I can access at my house.
We absolutely need more open computer labs. The computer center is so tiny for this
school's student population. More computers are needed! More computers are
needed! Longer hours are needed too!

If everyone knows how to, and actually uses D2L the way it was meant to be used,
you will see a rise in student grades as well as students being more prepared for
class, which helps foster a better learning environment in the classroom. Which is
what we (as students) who pay (lots of money) for, and rightfully deserve.

Technology in the classroom is largely unnecessay and a waiste of resources that
would be better spent elsewhere.
staff should be more courteous
I use the computer lab at Normandale two days a week and do the majority of my
homework there - Although the convenience is great, the student staff are not very
friendly and other students tend to be loud and disruptive
Please enforce the "quiet area" rule in the Computer Center! Students use it for group
work, talking to friends and cell phone calls.
provide low-income students access to purchasing computers that affordable

Requiring your faculty to use D2L in their we can more accurately keep
up to date in our classes where we are and how we are doing.
add on to the Computer center(ie. add more computers/room for more computers), so
that at busy times at the computer center there are more computers for the growing
population of Normandale Students.
Students in the Computer Center need to be more attentive to students as they walk
in. Not chatting amongst themselves until they see fit to stop.
Standardized log-in names/passwords. It would be much easier to have one name
and password for logging into any system through NCC. For security purposes, I
suggest a required password change for each semester.
PLEASE GIVE US MORE PARKING!! maybe a parking garage even?
I would just like to see more online classes being offered. It helps my schedule a lot
and it's nice to have the flexibility.
more computers in computer center-- hard to find open computers to do homework
on breaks.
Some colleges work towards standardizing online courses so each has the same
components. I've taken four online courses and each one has been very different
from the others. Each one had different formats for tests and assignments.
Consistency would be nice.

My course was entirely online, which reflects in the answers I provided for this survey.

Some instructors do not seem to use or like technology much. Every instructor should
at least be able to accept a written paper (Word) via email.
More online courses offered in the summer would be helpful. I've heard this from
other students as well.
have a section of the computer lab open at odd hours (whenever campus is open)
23. I am a

                            Response     Response
Answer Options               Percent      Count
Part-time student             33.1%         249
Full-time student             66.9%         503
                    answered question           752
                      skipped question           50
24. I take classes mainly

                                    Response     Response
Answer Options                       Percent      Count
Day                                   69.9%         527
Night                                 24.4%         184
Saturday                              1.2%           9
On-line                               4.5%          34
                            answered question           754
                              skipped question           48
25. Years at Normandale

                                  Response     Response
Answer Options                     Percent      Count
1 year                              44.4%         334
2 years                             34.3%         258
3 years                             14.5%         109
4 or more years                     6.8%          51
                          answered question           752
                            skipped question           50

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