...by the tail by xxxxbbc


									 Scott Benjamin Solochek
   Instead of outlining Scott's entire musical history, commonly referred to as the
'developmental years', we are going to start his story right at the place where it all
began to come together. He had been living in Minneapolis for about 5 months
now. It was the beginning of summer and one of his daily routines was to hang
out at a popular coffee shop cleverly named Muddy Waters. He knew a few
folks who worked there, so it was a comfortable place to hang out. Every few
days this beautiful gal in a sundress came in for a couple of coffees to go. Those
couple of minutes seemed almost inspirational for him. Every Wednesday night
Scott and the boys would go to Lee's Liquor Lounge to drink cans of Pabst and
take in the country vibes of Trailer Trash. On one particular Wednesday, there
she was; coffee shop girl drinking with some friends. Scott decided to seize the
moment and approach his future muse. Luckily the music was loud enough that
casual conversation was out, so he walked up to her and asked if she'd like to do
something sometime. Receptively she agreed, and told Scott to come down to
the bar she worked at called Nikki's. Okay, this is where the story really starts.
   The next Friday evening Scott and his Dodge Dart found there way to Nikki's,
a small, off the beaten path café in Minneapolis' warehouse district. The place
was packed, and in the corner of bar an older black man was howling, hunched
over a beaten upright piano. Next to him was a well dressed collegiate brushing
on a snare, an upright bass and a roaming sax player. It was the night-life
atmosphere Scott had been longing to have. The Cornbread Harris was a true
blues band unlike anything he had witnessed before. After bar close the staff
and band would hang out for a few for the road. This became a weekend must
for Scott. And, as he got to know the waitress better he also became pals with
boys in the band. When bar time hit and the place cleared out some of us would
hang out and have a couple for the road. Scott would sit at the piano wishing it
would go on all night.
   Piano had always come very naturally to Scott. He realized his knack for
picking things up by ear when he was very young. All that year of piano lessons
taught him was that he'd rather make things up. While in attending college full
time, he also studied guitar, piano and jazz theory for a number of years at the
Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He met many fine musicians there, and it was
through them that he was introduced to jazz and improvisation. Rarely was there
a song he couldn't pick up and write out after a few plays.
    Within a week Scott picked up a used upright, and after gluing a few lose
pieces he was on his way. At the time Scott was financially doing pretty well;
he brokered computer software to a few choice customers leaving him with
plenty of practice time and cash to go out and pick up any CD which peaked his
interest. Until then, he was familiar with the music Tom Waits, Johnny Cash
Elvis and Dean Martin albums, but he needed to know where those guys got it
from. Once a week Scott would pop into the Electric Fetus and browse through
the used and cutout section. It was hit or miss, but this is how he stumbled upon
the soul-full sounds of gospel singer Amos Milburn, the smoothness of the Nat
King Cole Trio, the wild freedom of Charles Mingus and the pertinence of
Howlin' Wolf.
   '...by the tail' is an album soon to be released by Scott Solochek. The album
carries a theme of love and driving; two of the treasured parts of his life. When
described by others, it is compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Ry
Recorded entirely on 4-track cassette, Scott was afforded the time to experiment
with the natural acoustics of different rooms in his house-even the shed out back.
He learned as he went along and it was by making mistakes that he stumbled
upon some cool ideas. The 4 track recordings were then dumped onto an 8 track
reel      to     reel    and       finally    mastered      into      Pro      Tools.
Scott is true to analog recording, but realizes ultimately it must go digital. Scott
believes in a world where analog and digital will both have a place in the
recording                                  of                                  music.
Scott believes that music is the one thing that all humans can agree upon and on
such a subtle level. For a number of years Solochek played piano and sang in a
variety of restaurants, cafes and bars providing a sort of uninterrupted ambiance
to the evening. Scott had his on-stage gigs, but it was just so relaxing to sit down
at the piano in the corner of the room and out of any spotlight

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