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					                  THE SCUTTLEBUTT
                The Scuttlebutt is the official newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights – Denver, CO.
                    Its objective is to promote, develop and further scale model shipbuilding
                          and the study of maritime subjects, art, history and traditions.

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 2                                                                                   MAY, 2002
            MAY MEETING                                       Saturday, May 18th at Rockler. It is important that
THE MAY MEETING OF THE ROCKY                                  we welcome back Ed Quam from his treatment
MOUNTAIN SHIPWRIGHTS WILL BE HELD                             program. He insists on doing the program for us
ON SATURDAY, MAY 18, AT 0930 HOURS,                           which is “Turning”. What a guy!!!
ROCKLER WOODWORKING & HARDWARE,                                   The Belt Sander Races were something to
2553 SOUTH COLORADO BLVD., DENVER,                            behold. I saw a number of our members there. All
CO.                                                           our hats are off to Jon Sorenson for the hard work
                                                              and the design of the RMS entry, which by the way
SPEAKER: ED QUAM                                              won “Best of Show” in originality and 2nd in the
TOPIC: “TURNING”                                              actual speed competition. Mark Prankratz was there
                                                              with camera in hand and has a series of pictures. It is
                  JUNE MEETING                                my understanding that the club was given a check for
The June Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 15,           $50 and told to keep the brand new Porter Cable
at 0930 hours, at Rockler Woodworking &                       Sander. We’ll hear more about it from Jon and
Hardware, 2553 South Colorado Blvd., Denver.                  Mark.
Speaker: Ed Quam & Jon Sorenson Topic: “Wood of                   Speaking of Jon Sorenson, he had a fantastic
the World”.                                                   write-up with picture in the Sunday Denver Post on
                                                              May 5th. This covered the fine work he is doing for
                                                              the Brown Palace Hotel in the renovation of ships in
UPCOMING 2002 RMS MEETING DATES                               the “Ship Tavern”. Hope you saw it.
Meetings are held on the third Saturday monthly at                And finally, I’ve had a number of phone calls and
0930 hours. Location: Rockler Woodworking &                   emails from members who have ship models they
Hardware, 2553 South Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO.              would like to sell. If you are one of those pleas
July 20       Terry Godwin, Mark Pankratz                     detail what you have (hip, length, name and
              Hahn Method                                     pictures). Also please include a ballpark price you
August 17     Ed Quam, Mark Pankratz                          would like. We will do our best to find it a home.
              Lumber Mill                                     The final decision, with the customer, will be yours.
September 21 Jon Sorensen, John McGann                            We all hope that Fred Tournier is back on the
              Planking                                        “good health” list and out of “sick bay”.
October 19    Annual Model Exhibition                             See you there or sooner…THE SKIPPER
November 16 Kit Review
December 21 Ed Quam, Jon Sorenson
              Rigging                                          MAKING YOUR OWN TAPERED REAMERS,
                                                                               By Bob Gunnerson
     NOW HEAR THIS - SKIPPER’S NOTES                          Obtain your preferred diameter plano or drill stock
Wow! Can’t believe it but another month is closing            wire, 3/32” to 3/16” (0.0938 – 0.1875). This will
in and our meeting will be as usual, 9:30 AM on               come in 3 ft lengths at your local hardware store.
BE SURE TO USE EYE PROTECTION WHEN                             Grind the flat on the tapered rod to just above
WORKING WITH POWER TOOLS AND                               where the taper ends. (This is so you will be able to
MAKING REAMERS.                                            ream a hole to the full diameter of the rod.)
                                                               After the grinding is completed, it will be
Cut the 3/32” stock to 3-1/2” lengths and cut the          desirable to retemper your reamer or reamers by
3/16” stock to 5” lengths for the number of reamers        heating them to a cherry red and quenching them in
to be made. (If you get carried away you can make          light oil. (Use as small amount of oil as possible to
10 reamers from the 3/32” stock and 7 reamers from         lessen the chances of creating a fire hazard.)
the 3/16” stock.
                                                              Wooden Handles - If the reamers were made by
    Grind off any rough edges on the pieces of rod.
                                                              the production method then the author would
Chuck the rod in an electric drill. With the drill
                                                              recommend making the handles the same way. I
running, hold the rod against the face of a rotating
                                                              used a length or 3/8” dowel, cutting them off in
abrasive disc. The right side of a rotating disc or
                                                              2-1/2” lengths. Drill the hole in the dowel for a
wheel will give better results. Hold the electric drill
                                                              press fit to about 3/4” depth. This can be done in
at about a 5 angle to the grinding surface.
                                                              a lathe or with a setup on a drill press.
    This will give the rod about a 2” to 2-1/2” taper.
The rod should be quenched frequently as the                  Hollow grinding the taper will give a sharper
pointed end will heat rapidly. After grinding the             cutting edge. This requires another jig and
taper to the needle-like shape, you may want to               operation, but you will find that without the
polish the rod to a smooth finish while it is still           hollow grind the reamer will work quite
chucked in the drill. If so, use a fine grit emery cloth      satisfactorily in most reaming operations. Under
to accomplish this.                                           reasonable conditions they will outlast the
                                                              reamers you purchase. I have been using some
A WORD OF CAUTION; BE VERY CAREFUL                            that I made 30 years ago!
                                                                 THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF AMELIA
speaking from experience. I learned the hard way.
                                                                   EARHART’S DISAPPEARANCE:
                                                                RESEARCH RESULTS TO DATE, by
     Unplug the drill. Insert a 6” length of rod into
                                                               Thomas F. King, Presented to the Society for
any one of the 3 holes in the chuck. This should be a
                                                              American Archaeology, March 24, 2002, Denver,
snug fit (in the chuck keyholes). You are now ready
to grind the flat on the tapered rod with the abrasive
grinding disc or wheel turned on, and the taper rod                  Lecture Report by Bob Rushforth
still in the chuck.                                        The mysterious disappearance of Amelia Earhart in
                                                           1937 on her around the world flight has captured the
   The purpose of the rod in the chuck keyhole and         imagination. The book, Amelia Earhart’s Shoes: Is
   at right angles to the flat on the tapered rod you      the Mystery Solved? (2001, Altimira Press) is a
   are grinding will be to hold the chuck in a             fascinating look at discoveries by The International
   vertical position and parallel to the rotating disc     Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR)
   or wheel as possible. I have found this helped          between 1988 and 2001. The project archaeologist,
   me in grinding the flat with frequent grindings         Thomas F. King, made a presentation at the 2002
   and returning to further grinding the disc without      SAA Conference in Denver, which focused on the
   changing the angle of the flat. This flat surface       results of the 2001 expedition to Nikumaroro Island
   will be your cutting surface of the reamer.             (aka Gardner Island).
                                                           Amelia Earhart disappeared on a flight from Lae,
                                                           New Guinea to Howland Island. Amelia’s last
                                                           message reported she could not find Howland Island
                                                           and was flying on a bearing of 157 - 337.
This was the navigation “line of position” through         arrived British Administrator examined the site and
her destination, Howland Island. This apparently was       found human long bones and a partial pelvis, along
an attempt to find Howland Island once the required        with remains of a fire plus bird and turtle bones.
distance to Howland Island had been reached.               Apparently, any missing human bones had been
Earhart likely turned south along this line of position,   scattered by the coconut (robber) crabs, which infest
because there were no other islands to the north of        the island. The bones were sent to Fiji, and were
Howland Island, in case she wrongly guessed her            examined by a medical doctor. He identified the
actual position.                                           bones as being those of a European male. Using
                                                           modern analytic methods, and the medical doctor’s
South along this “line of position” is Nikumaroro
                                                           notes, however, two TIGHAR doctors concluded
Island. TIGHAR theorizes Earhart’s plane landed
                                                           that the bones were those of a European female
safely on the reef and that she and her navigator,
                                                           about 5-7” to 5’-9” in height. This was a good match
Fred Noonan, survived for awhile on the island and
                                                           for Amelia Earhart. So far, however, the bones have
then died. TIGHAR concentrated its efforts on
                                                           not been rediscovered. They were last seen in 1941.
searching Nikumaroro in the hope of finding artifacts
                                                           Again, the evidence is not conclusive.
from the aircraft.
                                                           One piece of evidence is especially interesting.
Although uninhabited at the time of Amelia Earhart’s
                                                           Along with the bones, the British Administrator
disappearance, Nikumaroro was colonized in 1938
                                                           reported finding a sextant box. Two numbers were
by people from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands as part
                                                           on it (3500 and 1542). Could it have belonged to
of the Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme. This
                                                           Amelia Earhart’s navigator, Fred Noonan? In the
colony was later abandoned in 1963, but it
                                                           National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola,
“contaminated” the island with artifacts, making the
                                                           FL is a Ludolph sextant box, which is documented to
identification of any genuine Earhart artifacts
                                                           have belonged to Fred Noonan. (He loaned it to a
questionable. In addition, there was a small US
                                                           student.) It has the number 3547 written on it by
Coast Guard post on the island during WWII. There
                                                           Noonan. This number is similar to the number series
also was an earlier, pre-1937 shipwreck, Norwich
                                                           on the Nikumaroro sextant box. Noonan carried a
City, on the reef, from which the survivors had been
                                                           nautical sextant with him on flights during his days
rescued. The archaeological waters of Nikumaroro
                                                           at Pan Am as a backup. He also may have done so
were “muddied” to say the least.
                                                           on Earhart’s flight.
The evidence is tantalizing, but so far is not
                                                           The 2001 expedition concentrated on the apparent
conclusive. Airplane fragments have turned up, but
                                                           site where the skull and bones had been found. (The
at least some are from a B-24, possibly traded by the
                                                           British Administrator didn't leave a map of the site
islanders from the British-American base on Kanton
                                                           location.) This site was called the “Seven Site”.
Island, about 200 miles NE of Nikumaroro. Other
                                                           Artifacts were discovered, but at least some of them
fragments more closely match Earhart’s Lockheed
                                                           were identified as of US Coast Guard origin.
Electra. The islanders used the metal to make
                                                           Among the artifacts, there was a knurled knob and
handicrafts and jewelry. Perhaps the most intriguing
                                                           two latches, which are similar to fittings on
artifacts are a pair of women’s blucher oxfords
                                                           navigational instruments.
dating to the 1930’s. Amelia Earhart is shown in
photographs wearing similar shoes on her ill-fated         Where does this leave us? A pre-1938 skeleton of a
flight, but there appear to be size differences. The       European and a sextant box like Noonan’s were
airplane fragments and shoes yield nothing                 found on Nikumaroro. A pair of shoes, like Amelia
conclusive.                                                Earhart’s, also were found. Someone had lived for a
                                                           short while and died on Nikumaroro before the
When the colonists first arrived on Nikumaroro, a
                                                           arrival of the colonists in 1938. Was it Earhart? Was
skeleton was discovered (mid-1940). The colonists
buried the skull. In September 1940 the newly              it Noonan? Was it someone else?
The evidence is tantalizing, but not yet conclusive.                   MEMBER NEWS
Only the bones will tell (DNA), if they are ever           RMS member, Bob Rushforth, will work as a
rediscovered.                                          volunteer on the Ft. Phil Kearny Archaeological
                                                       Project for 1 week in June. Bob will be involved in a
                                                       remote sensing survey of the Quartermaster Corral
                 NEW MEMBERS
                                                       using magnetic gradient equipment. The project
   Please welcome the following new members to         involves both class work and fieldwork. Ft. Phil
   RMS.                                                Kearny State Park is located on the Bozeman Trail in
   Robert Luckwitz                                     northern Wyoming, between Buffalo and Sheridan                             on I-90. Soldiers from Ft. Phil Kearny were
                                                       involved in the Fetterman Massacre and the Wagon
   Richard J. Painter                                  Box Fight (1867/8). A show and tell program is                          promised at a future RMS meeting.
                                                           It is hoped that Member News will become a
   Scott Patton                                        regular section in the Scuttlebutt. RMS members are                                encouraged to submit items of interest for inclusion
                                                       in the Scuttlebutt.
   Fred Tournier

RMS members are encouraged to wear their name                     CABOOSE HOBBIES SALE
badges to monthly meetings. New members can               Caboose Hobbies (500 South Broadway, Denver)
order name badges at Sun Signs, 4420 Tennyson St.,        is having a sale of its ship modeling books. RMS
Denver, CO 80212 (303-477-1594)                           members are encouraged to check it out. The
                                                          location of the books has been moved to a spot
                 KITS FOR SALE
                                                          under the archway between the two main sections
   Robert Garcia (303-316-2702), who is working           of the store.
   on a Bluejacket Constitution and has expressed
   an interest in RMS, has a few kits for sale.                            LIBRARY
                                                       The RMS library needs books on specific chips.
   Bluenose (Artesania Latina)                $45
                                                       Most of the books are on general categories.
   Swift (Artesania Latina)                   $28      Donations of books are especially welcome. The
Whaleboat (Model Shipways)                    $38      library is located in the cabinet near the RMS
                                                       meeting room at Rockler Woodworking and
   Taurus Tug (Model Shipways)                $20      Hardware. Members are requested to return any
   Mayflower (Constructo)                     $70      books that have been outstanding for a long time so
                                                       that other members may enjoy them too.
   Lynx Schooner (Panart)                     $68

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