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					             ALISM !                  Mayor

          AND RIME
                                      Cicilline’s                           Combatting
       I V  C
                                      Graffiti Rew
                                      Graffiti Reward
GRA   I                               (Sec 16-5)                            City of Providence
                                                                            Graffiti Prevention Information

                                      Members of the public are eli-
                                      gible for up to a five hundred
                                      dollar ($500.00) award for any
                                      information leading to the detec-
                                      tion, apprehension, and convic-
                                      tion of any offender, or offenders
                                      who maliciously destroy or de-
                                      face public or private property.
                                      Information can be provided
                                      regarding graffiti vandalism to       City of Providence
                                      the Graffiti Task Force at

                                      1-800-TAGGERS. Rewards                         David N. Cicilline


                        $E ARREDSAL
                                      will be paid after a certificate of  

                    TOO THTI VAN      final conviction has been re-

             UEP INGGRAFFI            ceived by the city controller from

         RDON L A F A
                      T                                                              Colonel Dean Esserman
                                                                                     Chief of Police

      A I        D                    the justice or clerk of the court


                                      before which the offender(s)
                 1-800-824-4377       were tried.
   AN      1-800-TAGGERS                                                      1-800-824-4377
Introduction                                      Graffiti Vandalism is a Crime!
                                                  Graffiti                Crime!                                                                         Graffiti?
                                                                                                                                                W hat is Graffiti?
                                            (Sec 16-142) PROHIBITED ACTS:                       (Sec 16-144) SALE OF GRAFFITI TO
Graffiti is a public nuisance and           DEFACEMENT. It shall be unlawful for any            MINORS. It shall be unlawful for any
                                            person to apply graffiti to any natural or man-     person, other than a parent or legal            (a) “Graffiti” means any unauthorized
destructive of the rights and values of     made surface on any city-owned property or          guardian, to sell, exchange, give, loan,
                                            on any non city-owned property.                     otherwise furnish, cause or permit to be        inscription, word, figure, painting or
property owners as well as the entire
                                                                                                exchanged, given, loaned, or otherwise
community. Unless action is taken to                                                                                                            other defacement that is written,
                                            (Sec 16-143) VIOLATION: PENALTY. Graffiti           furnished, any aerosol paint container,
remove graffiti from public and private     vandalism is a crime punishable in the              broad-tipped marker, etching equipment,         marked, etched, scratched, sprayed,
                                            following manner:                                   paint stick or graffiti stick to any person
property, the graffiti remains. Other                                                           under the age of eighteen years without the     drawn, painted, or engraved on or
properties then become the target of        (a) FINES: A fine not to exceed one thousand        written consent of the parents or guardian of
                                            dollars ($1,000) for any offense. In the case of    the person. Any person who owns, manages,       otherwise affixed to any surface of
graffiti, and entire neighborhoods are      a violation by a minor, the parents or legal        or operates a place of business where
                                            guardian shall be jointly and severally liable      graffiti implements are sold shall be           public or private property by any
affected and become less desirable
                                            with the minor for the payment of the fine.         prohibited from displaying these items.
places in which to be, all to the           Failure to make payment will result in the filing   Only the use of facsimiles, or locked and       graffiti implement, to the extent that the
detriment of the neighborhood.              of a lien on the parent’s or legal guardian’s       secured display cases containing graffiti
                                                                                                                                                graffiti was not authorized in advance by
                                            property.                                           implements shall be permitted.
                                                                                                                                                the owner or occupant of the property,
The City of Providence, as an               (b) RESTITUTION: A court will order any
                                            violator to make restitution to the victim for      GRAFFITI REMOVAL
                                                                                                         REMOV                                  or, despite advance authorization, is
amendment of Chapter 16, “Offenses          damages or loss caused directly or indirectly       We abate graffiti vandalism in the following
and Miscellaneous Provisions,” Articles I   by the violator’s offense. In the case of a         ways:                                           otherwise deemed a public nuisance.
                                            minor, the parents or legal guardian shall be          (1) Paint over surfaces that are paint-
and IV of the Code of Ordinances            ordered jointly and severally liable with the              friendly.
Regarding Graffiti and Rewards, is          minor to make the restitution.                         (2) Usage of chemicals and power             (b) “Graffiti Implement” means an
                                                                                                       washes on surfaces like stone or
enacting this program to prevent graffiti   (c) COMMUNITY SERVICE: A minor or adult                    recycled plastic.                        aerosol paint container, a broad-tipped
and its spread from public and private      shall be required to perform community                 (3) Sandblast over very hard surfaces.
                                            service as described by the court based on                                                          marker, gum label, paint stick or graffiti
property, and to reward those whose         the following minimum requirements: Up to
public-spirited actions result in the       100 hours for a first offense; Up to 200 hours      Residents can log on to                         stick, etching equipment, brush or any
                                            for a second or subsequent offense (The entire
apprehension of violators and offenders.    period of public community restitution work
                                                                                                                 other device capable of scarring or
And by doing so, provide enforcement        shall be performed under the supervision of a       graffiti
                                                                                                graffiti to fill out a Graffiti
                                            community service provider approved by the                                                          leaving a visible mark on any natural or
tools to protect properties from acts of    chief of police or the probation department of
                                                                                                Removal Request Form or call
                                            the court). In the case of a minor, at least one    the Graffiti Task Force Hotline at              manmade surface.
graffiti vandalism and defacement.
                                            parent or guardian shall be in attendance a
                                            minimum of 50% of the period of assigned
                                                                                                1-800-TAGGERS (1-800-
                                            community service.                                  824-4377)

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