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					                More Tips for
                                                             Mission Statement                     Graffiti Prevention
              Graffiti Prevention
•       Keep up the neighborhood: keep your            The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is
        neighborhood clean, remove litter and
        trash, fix broken fences. The appear-          committed to work in partnership
        ance of neglect attracts vandals.             with our community to enhance the
•       Remove graffiti promptly. Data shows
        that removal within 24-48 hours results        safety, security, and quality of life
        in a nearly zero rate of re-                    for the residents and visitors of
•       Encourage citizen report-                      Kern County through professional
        ing: report sightings of graf-                       public safety services.
        fiti as soon as possible.
        You can call (661) 32-
        ERASE for removal in the Bakersfield
        area or fill out the online form at:
•       Enforce anti-graffiti laws: law enforce-
        ment dedicated to tracking and appre-
        hending graffiti vandals is a strong de-                                                     KEEPING OUR STREETS
                                                                                                         GRAFFITI FREE
•       Educate Youth: make sure kids know
        how graffiti effects the entire commu-
        nity.                                      Helpful Sites:
              Graffiti Resistance

    There are many surfaces that are less
    prone to graffiti. These include:              To Contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office:
    •    Textured surfaces, such as stucco,                     Emergency: 9-1-1
         are less likely to be tagged, as they          Non-Emergency: (661)861-3110
         are less attractive to vandals.                                                          This brochure is a publication of the
                                                       Non-Emergency (Outlying Areas):
    •    Dark or colorful surfaces are avoided,                  1-800-861-3110                      Kern County Sheriff’s Office
         as they are not a good canvas for
         graffiti.                                  Sheriff’s Report Desk (Bakersfield only):
                                                                  (661)391-7577                          Crime Prevention Unit
    •    Surfaces with extra coatings that can
         be easily power-washed off (with the        Crime Prevention Unit: (661)392-6902                   (661)392-6902
         graffiti) and reapplied.
                                                                                                     10 Things You Can Do
         What is Graffiti?                               Who does Graffiti?
                                                                                             The following is a list of 10 things you
Graffiti is words, colors, and shapes                                                        can do to help eliminate and prevent
drawn or scratched on buildings, over-            •   About 80% of graffiti is hip hop or
                                                      “tagger” graffiti.                     graffiti in your area:
passes, train cars, desks, and other
surfaces. It’s done without permission                                                       •   Get Educated. Learn about graffiti,
                                                  •   Nationally, only 10% of graffiti is
and is against the law. Graffiti sends                gang related.                              how it impacts your community, and
the signal that nobody cares, attracting                                                         who is responsible for graffiti preven-
other forms of crime and street delin-            •   Most studies show the majority of          tion and clean-up in your area.
quency. Fortunately, there are things                 “taggers” are males between 12
                                                                                             •   Report graffiti to the appropriate au-
we can all do to eliminate and prevent                and 21 years old.
                                                                                                 thorities, you can do this by calling
graffiti in our area.                             •   Approximately 15% of graffiti van-         32-ERASE.
                                                      dals are young females.
                                                                                             •   Organize a paint-out. Local paint
                                                                                                 dealers are often willing to donate
    Graffiti Facts and Figures                                                                   paint and brushes for
                                                                                                 volunteers to use for
                                                                                                 graffiti clean up.
•   Graffiti cleanup takes a big chunk out
    of city and county budgets. In 2003,                                                     •   Plan a paint-brush
    the city of Los Angeles spent $55 mil-                                                       mural to cover a wall
    lion on graffiti removal.                                                                    plagued with graffiti—
                                                                                                 community murals are
•   Graffiti is the most common type of                                                          rarely defaced by graffiti artists.
    vandalism, and is against the law.                      How Graffiti
                                                                                             •   Coordinate a graffiti awareness cam-
•   Graffiti increases instances of crime               Hurts the Community                      paign at your school or in the commu-
    and delinquency in a given area.                                                             nity.
•   There are four motivating factors for     •   Graffiti can hurt everyone: homeown-       •   Make a presentation on graffiti pre-
    graffiti vandalism: fame, rebellion,          ers, communities, businesses, schools,         vention to your school class or
    self-expression, and power.                   and you.                                       neighborhood group.
•   There are four types of graffiti: hip-    •   Graffiti reduces                           •   “Adopt a Wall” in your school or com-
    hop (tagging), gang, hate, and ge-            retail sales and                               munity and make sure it stays clean
    neric (“Bobby loves Suzy” or “Class           property values.                               and free of graffiti.
    of 2007”).                                •   People feel less                           •   Plant trees or other greenery near a
                 •   52% of public high           safe in their homes and communities in         graffiti-plagued wall, to reduce acces-
                 schools and 47% of mid-          areas where graffiti is tolerated.             sibility and visibility. Taggers are less
                 dle schools reported inci-   •   The cost of graffiti removal in the U.S.       likely to tag where no one will see it.
                 dents of vandalism dur-          rises each year.
                 ing the 1996-1997                                                           •   Ask your community to install lighting
                 school years.                •   Graffiti removal is estimated to cost          in areas that are dark and often hit
                                                  taxpayers millions of dollars each year.       with graffiti.
•   36% of students have seen hate-
    related graffiti.                                                                        •   Volunteer to help keep your commu-
                                                                                                 nity clean.

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