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                                                  HYBRID MAINTENCE INFORMATION
                           A guide to UNIQUE maintenance items unique to Honda and Toyota Hybrid Vehicles
                While most service work is the same whether it is a Hybrid or not, below are some of the unique Hybrid only specs.
                      In RED shows the normal maintence and service opportunities for ALL vehicles, including HYBRIDS

                      Engine Oil and Filter Service
Normal Service Opportunities: Oil, Filters, Gaskets, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Cabin Filters etc.
Engine Oil

Honda Insight and Civic                                                                          0-20W
Honda Accord                                                                                     5-20 W
Toyota Prius                                                                  5W-30 SL and ILSAC Rated Oil (look for starburst)

Engine Oil Filter

Honda Civic and Accord                                                                154000 PLM A01 for Civic and Accord
Honda Insight                                                                              15400 PFB 004 for Insight

Timing Belt and Valve Adjustment
Opportunities: Valve Cover Gaskets, Engine Gaskets, Cleaners and Sealers,
        Timing Belts (where applicable) Tune-up Parts, etc.

Timing Belt on Accord Only 3.0

Cooling Systems
Opportunities: Anti-Freeze, Belts, Hoses, Thermostats, Radiators, Heater Cores

     2001-2003 PRIUS Holds 5.2 Qts Toyota Long Life Coolant *
     2004 and up PRIUS Holds 9.1 Qts Toyota Super Long Life Coolant *
* or equivalent high quality ethylene glycol based non-silicate,
no-amine, non-nitrite, non-borate coolant with long-life hybrid organic
acid technology. (Coolant with long-life hybrid organic acid technology
 is a combination of low phosphates and organic acids)

Auto Trans Service
    Opportunities: Trans Fluid, Filters, Gaskets, etc.

2001-2003 PRIUS Holds 4.9 Qts Of ATF T-IV
2004-2006 PRIUS Holds 4.0 Qts WS ATF

Air Conditioning Service
Opportunities: Compressor, Refrigerant, Condensors, Evaporators, Hoses,
Refrigerant Lines, Reciever Driers, Expansion Valves
2001-2003 12 Volt Compressor                                      MAX Selection Will Cause Gas Engine To Run Continuously
2004-2006 PRIUS 201 Volt AC compressor                                                 ND11 Oil Only

Remember HYBRIDS are essentially Gas Engines with some electric assist
•Oil,                                                                  •Gaskets,
•Filters,                                                              •Air Filters,
•Fuel Pumps,                                                           •Fuel Filters,
•Fuel Pressure Regulator,                                              •Cabin Filters
•PCV Valve,                                                            •Anti-Freeze,
•EGR Valve,                                                            •Belts,
• 02 Sensors,                                                          •Hoses,
• MAF,                                                                 •Thermostats,
• MAP,                               •Radiators,
•Coolant Sensors,                    •Heater Cores
•TPS sensors,                        •Valve Cover Gaskets,
•Ignition Coils,                     •Engine Gaskets,
•Ignition Modules,                   •Cleaners
•Cam Sensor,                         •Sealers,
•Crank Sensors,                      •Timing Belts (where applicable)
•PCMs,                               • Tune-up Parts
•Injectors,                          •Brake Pads
•Spark Plugs,                        •Brake Calipers
•Relays,                             •Brake Rotors
•EVAP                                •Exhaust System
•Compressor,                         •Suspension parts
•Refrigerant,                        •Struts and Shocks
•Condensers,                         •Refrigerant Lines,
•Evaporators,                        •Receiver Driers,
•Automatic trans fluid and filters   •Expansion Valves

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