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Graffiti Maintenance and Prevention


									                     Graffiti Maintenance and Prevention

DATE ADOPTED:                              03/02/2006
NEXT REVIEW DATE:                          03/02/2008
RESPONSIBITY:                              COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT


                             POLICY STATEMENT
     The City of Playford recognises that graffiti has a significant financial and social
     impact on the community and has a negative impact on the well being and sense of
     pride of its communities.
     It is the City of Playford’s policy to reduce the incidence of graffiti on public and private
     property by assisting in both its removal and prevention. Council will encourage
     measures for the prevention of graffiti on all public property and report incidences of
     graffiti on property or assets not owned or controlled by Council to the relevant
     authorities for action.
     Playford Council aims to work in partnership with people that live, work and conduct
     business in the area to encourage, promote and provide a clean City environment
     that is largely graffiti free, welcoming and safe.

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CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                     DATE

     1.1 Graffiti is defined as the deliberate act of defacing public or private property without the
         owner’s permission. Graffiti management is directed at the vandalism that is done with graffiti.

     2.1 Council views graffiti management and prevention as a shared responsibility with the
     2.2 Council is committed to the removal of graffiti from all its assets and property as soon as
     2.3 Council will promote and encourage the community (through residents and volunteers) to
         assist (in partnership with Council staff) in the removal of graffiti.
     2.4 Council will work in partnership with SA Police regarding information and intelligence about
         graffiti vandalism and known offenders.
     2.5 Council considers graffiti in its wider social context in relation to the needs of young people
         and will encourage and initiate community programs that build on the skills of young people
         and promote them in a positive light.

     3.1 To provide a framework and parameters for graffiti management in the City of Playford in
         regards to reporting, removal and prevention.
     3.2 To outline partnerships with the community and responsibilities of the Council and Volunteers.

     4.1    Graffiti Control Act 2001
     4.2    Local Government Act 1999
     4.3    City of Playford ‘Volunteer Handbook-Safe Graffiti Removal’ 2002
     4.4    OHS&W Act 1986

5.        PROCEDURES
     5.1 Maintenance
        5.1.1 Reporting
  Council staff are responsible for reporting any incidence of graffiti on Council assets
                   or property to the Graffiti Program Coordinator or Customer Service Officers to be
                   directed to the responsible area for action via the Customer Request System.
  Council will encourage the community to report graffiti to Council and other
                   appropriate agencies.
  The Graffiti Program Coordinator will report known incidents of graffiti (excluding
                   private property and business) to the relevant agency/authority.

           5.1.2 Removal
     Council will remove graffiti from its assets and property as soon as possible.
                      Removal from Council buildings and regulatory signs will receive high priority.
                      Council will seek the owner’s permission prior to entering private property.
     Volunteers will remove graffiti from all property within the parameters of the
                      ‘Volunteer Handbook-Safe Graffiti Removal’. The volunteer program is a community
                      service that is not bound by obligation or responsibility to remove reported graffiti.
     Council and volunteers will attempt to remove graffiti in such a manner as to return
                      the state of the property to as close as, or better, to its condition prior to being

           5.1.3 Partnership with Residents, Small Business & Council Leased Buildings
     Residents: Council will work in partnership with residents by supplying removal
                      products for self removal (subject to budgetary constraints) consultative advice and
                      by supporting removal by volunteers particularly for residents unable to do self
     Small Business: Council will work in partnership with small business by providing a
                      limited supply of removal products including paint (subject to budgetary constraints)
                      and/or supporting removal by volunteers. Council may initiate contact with small and
                      large business to raise awareness of the impact of graffiti vandalism on businesses
                      and encourage and support possible sustainable solutions.

                                                                                             Graffiti Policy.doc Council Leased Buildings
         Council will work in partnership with the lessee in accordance with the lease agreement.

   5.1.4 Council & Community Volunteer Program In the City of Playford area Council will actively support volunteer programs that
              provide graffiti removal. Council will provide ongoing support, direction, funding and
              development to its own volunteer program and encourage shared volunteer
              ownership and direction in the program.

5.2 Prevention
   5.2.1 Cooperation with SA Police Council will actively provide information of known or reported offenders and will
              provide photographs of graffiti tags to Police, particularly of known offenders or of
              very active or highly damaging incidences of graffiti vandalism.

   5.2.2 Community Education Council may initiate and encourage education programs within the community and
              schools that highlight the positive aspects of youth culture and the financial and
              emotional damage that results from graffiti vandalism.

   5.2.3 Community Art Council recognises and values the contribution that local people and young people in
              particular, can make to the visual amenity of the area through community art works
              in public spaces. Community art may be subject to Council assessment and
              approval and with written approval of property owners. Council may encourage the use of public art in locations that are subject to heavily
              repeated acts of graffiti vandalism to encourage youth ownership, skill development
              and a sense of pride.

   5.2.4 Monitoring availability of Spray Paint Council will follow up with reports of breaches to the Graffiti Control Act regarding
              the access of cans to the public by visiting the site. Gained intelligence may be
              forwarded to the Police.

5.3 Review Mechanism
   The Graffiti Program Coordinator will facilitate the consultation process for reviewing the policy
   every two years.

                                                                                      Graffiti Policy.doc

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