Zero tolerance for graffiti

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					                                                                   issue 9 - December 2007

Zero tolerance for graffiti
The council has declared war on       The council is considering how to    Strategies for prevention/
graffiti.                              deal with graffiti on property and    education may include working
                                      infrastructure which is not owned    with youth projects, using
Although graffiti is not a new
                                      by the council – for example, on     environmental design to restrict
problem, the council, community
                                      utility company infrastructure and   access to potential ‘canvas’
and local businesses are
                                      on private property – and who        (surfaces which could be tagged)
concerned about the increasing
                                      should be responsible for graffiti    and improve lighting and security,
amount of graffiti vandalism
                                      removal. The aim is to ensure all    working with retailers who sell
throughout the Wanganui
                                      graffiti is removed as quickly as     spray cans and possibly imposing
                                      possible.                            a sales tax on spray cans and
A strategy is being developed to                                           other graffiti ‘tools of trade’.
                                      Graffiti vandalism damage is a
support a zero tolerance policy
                                      criminal offence and offenders       The council has consulted with
for graffiti in Wanganui, with
                                      can be prosecuted under the          key people and organisations
three key aspects:
                                      Summary Offences Act 1981 or         in the community and has
•   Eradication – to ensure graffiti   the Crimes Act 1961. A Graffiti       developed a draft strategy, policy,
    is removed as quickly as          Action Group, which involves         procedures and costings. These
    possible.                         council staff and Police, is         will be considered at December’s
•   Enforcement – to increase         developing a graffiti database        council meeting and then the
    penalties, reporting and          which will assist the Police in      strategy will be released for
    notification of graffiti.           prosecuting offenders.               public comment early next year
                                                                           before being finalised.
•   Prevention/education – to         Other legal avenues for better
    prevent the likelihood of         enforcement could include bylaws      Contents
    graffiti occurring.                or a local bill.

                                                                            Zero tolerance for graffiti ......                 1
Eradication of graffiti                                                      Eradication of graffiti .............              1
Some of the policies and              •   Utility company infrastructure    Virginia Lake restoration ........                2
procedures for removing graffiti           (Telecom, Powerco, Energy
that the council will consider in         Direct, Transit New Zealand,      Improving quality of life a
the draft graffiti strategy are:           Tranz Rail etc) – should          priority for the next three
                                          memoranda of understanding        years .........................................   3
•   Council property – review
                                          be pursued to ensure
    Council’s levels of service for                                         Wanganui Holdings report.....                     4
                                          these companies become
    graffiti removal.
                                          more accountable to local         New and improved facilities
•   Public/private property               communities and work more         will benefit residents and
    interface – e.g. road frontage        closely with the council to       visitors ......................................   6
    fences. A decision will be            ensure that graffiti on their
    needed on who pays for                properties is removed swiftly     Splash Centre extension
    materials and contractors.            and at their cost?                update......................................      7

•   A designated council funded                      Continued on page 3    Contact details.........................          8
    graffiti team.
                                                                                         Issue 9 - December 2007 - Page 1
Virginia Lake restoration
Last summer, Virginia Lake was
badly affected by algal bloom
and the problem has worsened
since. The blue/green algae has
substantially upset the current
ecosystem balance. It does
not allow green algae, which
is a food source, and aquatic
organisms which feed on green
algae to achieve a natural
                                                                                         Solarbee water
There is no single solution to the
                                                                                         circulation system
algae problem; a series of short
and long-term strategies will be
undertaken which, when linked,
will put the lake’s ecosystem back
in balance.
The strategies are biological
and ecosystem focused and
aim to upset the blue/green
algae’s ability to dominate              areas. The technology will be       nutrients. A possible solution
the ecosystem. The timing of             installed in December/January.      is to build an underground
each strategy will depend on                                                 filtration wall in problem
                                      2. Planting controls and
the effectiveness of the other                                               areas. Work is scheduled to
                                         clearance of stagnant areas
strategies and monitoring of                                                 begin in February.
                                         to prevent algal hotspots.
the cyclic changes that the lake         Some particularly invasive       4. Direct Rotokawau stormwater
naturally undergoes.                     plants also need to be              into the lake and install
The strategies are:                      removed and replaced with           inlet and outlet controls.
                                         more suitable species such as       Uninformed argument has
1. Circulation/aeration using            Taxodium (swamp cypress)            suggested that stormwater
   Solarbee technology.                  and Kahikitea. Work began in        runoff from the Rotokawau
   This solar powered water              November.                           residential subdivision is part
   circulation system provides                                               of the problem. It has, in fact,
   aeration through the surface       3. In ground nutrient capture.
                                                                             been scientifically proven that
   of the lake. It operates quietly      Virginia Lake is fed by below
                                                                             it is part of the solution and
   and is effective over wide            surface water seepage, a
                                                                             that the lake would benefit
                                         natural carrier of unwanted
                                                                             from more stormwater.
                                                                             Construction is targeted to be
                                                                             in 2008/09 but may be earlier.
                                                                          5. Investigate filter feed fish/
                                                                             shellfish stock as algal control.
                                                                             Species such as silver carp and
                                                                             freshwater mussels feed on
                                                                             problem algae. Stocks would
                                                                             need to be carefully managed
                                                                             and present stocks of perch
                                                                             would have to be reduced.
                                                                             This is likely to occur in mid-
                                                                          Signs will be erected at the
                                                                          entrances to the lake explaining
                                                                          the problems and what the
                                                                          council is doing to fix them. There
                                                                          will also be pamphlets available in
                                                                          the Winter Gardens, at cafes near
                                                                          the lake and in other locations
                                                                          around Wanganui.
Page 2 - Council Report
Improving quality of life: Council’s
priority for the next three years
The council’s vision for Wanganui      else in New Zealand offers the             Bridge entrance, and the SH4
for the next three years is to         same opportunity or quality of             Parapara entranceway … all
improve the quality of life for all    lifestyle.”                                require significant, inviting
our citizens.                                                                     and attractive plantings,
                                       Some of the projects that could
                                                                                  design and welcome features;
In his inauguration speech at the      contribute to that vision include:
Triennial Meeting, Mayor Laws                                                 •   Making the best of our
welcomed new and re-elected            •   Extending the riverfront               current jewels – Virginia Lake,
representatives and outlined the           walkway and developing                 the Bason Botanic Reserve,
mayoral agenda for the coming              the riverfront as the city’s           our Twin Towers (Durie and
three years.                               premier entertainment and              Bastia) … not simply restoring
                                           recreational area;                     them but developing them
The 2007 election demonstrated
                                       •   Reviving Kowhai Park so that           into places that are both
a real confidence in chosen
                                           we return it to being the best         tourism spots and family
representatives, Mayor Laws said.
                                           and most inviting children’s           destinations.
“In essence, the result confirms            playground in New Zealand;
the council’s own survey in May                                               “This is, by no means, an
of this year. That Wanganui            •   Getting involved in the            extensive list but I use it to
likes what this council has done           social issues that blight our      illustrate my purpose over
and – this is the important part           community – gangs, graffiti,        the next three years: to retain
– wants to keep us carrying on             littering, stray dogs, declining   families – and to attract new ones
with that progress.”                       health services – and playing a    – by improving the quality of life
                                           positive and proactive role;       for all our citizens.”
Mayor Laws said the council
must:                                  •   Sprucing up and reviving
                                           the entranceways to our city       Continued from page 1
•   keep running an efficient               – our best daily advertisement
    council that ensures rates are
    low and affordable;
                                           as to who we are and to what
                                           we aspire… the Marybank            Eradication
                                           straight, the SH3/Cobham
•   keep developing civic
    amenities that all the                                                    of graffiti
    community can enjoy;
•   continue our direct democracy                                             •   Private property – dealing
    partnership – where                                                           with graffiti on private
    Wanganui citizens choose the                                                  property is complicated due
    priorities for capital spending;                                              to private property rights
                                                                                  and issues of trespass. Should
•   keep creating a family-                                                       the Council pay for materials
    friendly Wanganui that                                                        and contractors because it
    improves the quality of life                                                  is a public good; should the
    for every citizen;                                                            Council subsidise the work as
•   keep getting involved in the                                                  it is a mixture of public and
    great social issues of our time,                                              private good; or is it a private
    and of direct relevance to our                                                responsibility?
    community.                                                                The council will also consider
                                                                              which areas should take priority
The next three years                                                          for graffiti removal and what
“Concisely, my vision for the next                                            timeframes should be imposed.
three years is to create the most                                             Priority areas could be tourist
family-friendly city and district in                                          spots, arterial routes through the
New Zealand,” Mayor Laws said.                                                city, entranceways to the city,
                                                                              the Central Business District or
“To arrest our downward                                                       walkways.
population decline by ensuring
that every person, every family                                               The community will have the
that lives here, believes or                                                  opportunity to comment on the
comes to believe that nowhere                                                 draft strategy in 2008.

                                                                                       Issue 9 - December 2007 - Page 3
Wanganui Holdings Report 2007

A successful year for Holdings
Wanganui District Council Holdings Limited (Holdings) was formed to        Each director takes responsibility
improve the long term value and financial return that council receives      for a selected area of business and
from its commercial assets.                                                works in conjunction with council
The directors are:                                                         staff. All activities are reported
                                                                           back to Holdings. Responsibilities
• Matthew Doyle (Chair):                                                   include:
   Director of Doyle and Associates The Accountants Ltd.
                                                                              Wanganui Gas Limited
• Matt Edmonds:
   Managing Director of Edmonds Industrial Ltd.                               Wanganui Airport Joint
• Michael Eden:                                                               Venture
   Director of GDM Group Ltd and GDM Group International Pty Ltd.             Property
• Harvey Green:                                                               Wanganui District Council
   Managing Director of the Green Group of Companies.
                                                                              Joint Forestry Committee
• Dot McKinnon:                                                               Quarrying
   Director of Avenue Hotel and Conference Centre.
• Chief Executive Dr David Warburton.

Wanganui Holdings Directors

        Matthew Doyle (Chair)                Dot McKinnon (Deputy Mayor)             Matt Edmonds

             Michael Eden                            Harvey Green           Chief Executive Dr David Warburton
Page 4 - Council Report
                                          Wanganui Holdings Report 2007
Wanganui Gas Limited (WGL)                               •   Log sales for the last financial year totalled
•   Holdings’ biggest activity was the purchase of
    remaining shares of WGL from Vector. Purchase        •   Asset value increased by $550,000.
    price was $8 million which was below valuation.      •   Operational work: maintained 27km of access
    WGL now 100% owned by Holdings and in turn               tracks, replaced 450m of fencing, constructed
    by council.                                              4km of new roads and harvested timber from
•   WGL divided into Gasnet and Energy Direct NZ.            Te Ara To Waka.
•   Rebranding proved successful with a projected        •   Work programme this year: extending roads,
    gain of 4000 customers this year.                        replanting, pruning and further harvests at
                                                             Te Ara To Waka and Waitahinga.
•   Holdings is reviewing the nature of its
    association with Mighty River Power (supplier)       •   Holdings expects that the forestry
    and is looking carefully at some of its major            encouragement loan of $335,000 will be repaid
    industrial gas contracts, marketing strategies and       this year.
    expansion opportunities.
•   WGL met its budget commitments, paid council         Quarrying
    $2.6 million and produced an operating surplus       •   Waitahinga Quarry will be developed by tender
    representing a 19% return on net equity.                 this year.
                                                         •   Trial quantities from the quarry have reduced
                                                             forestry roading costs.
•   Airport Management Board (now absorbed by
                                                         •   Quarry contains large shellrock boulders useful
    Holdings) successfully secured a back payment of
                                                             for mole maintenance and other river protection
    $1.46 million from the joint venture partner, the
    Ministry of Transport.                                   work.

•   Completed $1 million runway upgrade.                 Conclusion
•   Refurbished the terminal building.                   In addition to continuing the activities already
•   Improved revenue generation with parking, land       mentioned, the Holdings Board is investigating the
    use (hay sales) and rentals.                         following projects for the 2007/08 year:

•   Holdings’ objective is to make the airport
    financially self-sufficient within three years.        •   Development of the riverfront as an extension of
                                                             the boardwalk.
Property                                                 •   Establishment of an Investment Fund to assist
•   Sold 12 hectare industrial site at Westbourne            economic development.
    above rateable value.                                •   Investigation of the possibility of a freight
•   Sale of land to UCOL totalled $2.99 million              interchange hub in association with other
    (below market value); this is part of council’s          interested parties.
    contribution to UCOL Converge Project.               •   Inclusion of other industry representatives in
•   Property development has progressed.                     projects to broaden the business community
                                                             involvement in developing the city and district.
•   Holdings is currently reviewing all leases
    and intends putting all lessees on to a full         •   Opportunities to increase the number and level
    commercial lease basis. (Council will determine          of recreational and sporting activities to enhance
    lease subsidies for community and charitable             the Wanganui lifestyle and attract potential
    organisations).                                          residents.

•   Miscellaneous property sales realised $725,000,
    a figure markedly above the rateable value of

•   Total land area in trees is 1147.6 hectares
    comprising Nukumaru, Tauwhare, Waitahinga
    and the three Parapara forests of McNabs,
    Te Ara To Waka and Siceley’s.

                                                                                      Issue 9 - December 2007 - Page 5
New and improved facilities will
benefit residents and visitors
September and October saw the           Airport terminal and runway             It has involved the separation
official openings of a number of                                                 of Wanganui’s entire drainage
                                        Our visitors are now receiving a
new and improved community                                                      system, public and private, into
                                        warmer welcome to Wanganui
facilities.                                                                     its wastewater and stormwater
                                        with the much-needed
                                                                                components, a task begun in 2001
These were the enhanced                 refurbishment of our airport
                                                                                and scheduled for completion in
riverfront and boardwalk,               terminal.
refurbished airport terminal,
                                        Early in 2007 the resealing of the
wastewater treatment plant                                                      It will ensure we have a modern,
                                        runway was completed, after the
and Upokongaro jetty. Mayor                                                     efficient system that will clean
                                        Crown came to the party with
Laws also put on a roof shout                                                   up the Whanganui River and
                                        its share of the costs, and then
for the Splash Centre extension                                                 substantially reduce our impact
                                        work began on revamping the
contractors.                                                                    on the environment.
                                        terminal. As a result, we have a
Riverfront boardwalk                    more modern, comfortable and
                                        user-friendly facility for locals and
The community turned out in             visitors who use our airport.
force to celebrate the opening          On October 31 invited dignitaries
of the boardwalk and revamped           and journalists joined Mayor
riverfront along Moutoa Quay on         Laws on a flight from Auckland
September 15.                           to Wanganui and they then
Children representing Wanganui’s        took part in the official opening
primary schools joined Mayor            ceremony at the airport terminal.
Laws in the ribbon-cutting              There was also a treat for others
ceremony and the crowd enjoyed          on board the scheduled flight,
entertainment from a jazz band          with travellers receiving a goodie
and clowns.                             bag to commemorate the flight
                                        and being invited to join the
The area features a cantilevered        celebrations at the terminal.
boardwalk between the town
bridge and the Waimarie berth,          Wastewater treatment plant
pedestrian paving, a sheltered
walk, lighting and landscaping.         The $15 million wastewater
                                                                                Upokongaro jetty
                                        treatment plant, officially opened
The enhanced riverfront will be         on September 4, represents more         Earlier this year, we embarked on
a focus for Wanganui families as        than three decades of planning,         a project to build a new jetty and
well as visitors to our district. The   community consultation and              pontoon at Upokongaro.
upgraded area will promote the          the application of the most             Stage one of the project - the
development of cafés, markets           up-to-date technological and            jetty construction – was officially
and entertainment areas and is          engineering skills.                     opened on September 28 with
the first stage in the rejuvenation
                                                                                guests travelling to Upokongaro
of the Old Town quarter.
                                                                                on the PS Waimarie. The project
                                                                                aims to provide a safe, secure
                                                                                and attractive berthing facility
                                                                                at the historic village. While it
                                                                                is primarily designed for use
                                                                                by commercial operations, it is
                                                                                available for all larger craft using
                                                                                the Whanganui River.
                                                                                The second part of the project
                                                                                will be a pontoon built for use by
                                                                                smaller craft such as jet boats and
                                                                                The new jetty and pontoon will
                                                                                be a vital part of our tourism

Page 6 - Council Report
Splash Centre extension update

One of the most exciting projects   hot pools) plus a café, sauna,     Construction of the mezzanine
we have been working on             steam room, gymnasium, twin        area is complete and the cladding
this year is the Splash Centre      hydroslides and a stair tower.     of the hydroslide tower and
extension, due to open                                                 roofing is finished. Interior
                                    On October 4 Mayor Laws hosted
mid-March.                                                             decoration is under way and
                                    a roof shout for the contractors
                                                                       electrical and plumbing fittings
It was intended to open the         and there will be an official
                                                                       are being installed in the
extension early in the 2007/08      opening ceremony when the new
                                                                       amenities area.
summer but a delay in receiving     complex is completed.
components ordered from                                                The mechanical fit-out is due for
                                    With a number of parts of the
overseas means the opening date                                        completion in late December.
                                    project still to be completed at
has had to be extended.             publication time, filling of the    The photos show work in
In Referendum ’05 Wanganui          pools was scheduled for mid-       progress inside the extension and
people voted for the Splash         December and the hydroslides are   an artist’s impression of how the
extension to proceed, with the      to be erected in early January.    finished complex will look.
project ranking first out of 14
The new complex will include
seven pools (training, learn to
swim, hydrotherapy with ramps
for disabled access, aquarobics,
‘lazy river’, toddlers’ beach,

                                                                               Issue 9 - December 2007 - Page 7
Contact details ...
Wanganui District Council
                                                                 STOP PRESS
101 Guyton Street, PO Box 637, Wanganui
Phone: 06 349 0001, Fax: 06 349 0000
                                                                 By-election: 16 February 2008
Email:                                      Referendum ’08: mid-April 2008

Mayor and Councillors                                                         Wanganui Rural
                                                                              Community Board
Mayor Michael Laws                       Cr Danny Jonas                       Andrew Collins (Chair)
Phone: 06 349 0525                       Phone: 06 348 4566                   Phone: 06 342 2818  

Cr Dot McKinnon                          Cr Marty Lindsay                     Shaun Forlong (Deputy Chair)
Deputy Mayor                             Phone: 0274 422 736                  Phone: 06 342 9711
Phone: 06 349 0044             
                                         Cr Ray Stevens                       Mark Lourie
Cr Philippa Baker-Hogan                  Phone: 06 345 2083                   Phone: 06 342 7734
Phone: 06 345 6877             
                                         Cr Rana Waitai                       David Matthews
Cr Barbara Bullock                       Phone: 06 342 7557                   Phone: 06 342 8803
Phone: 06 344 5486             
                                         Cr Sue Westwood                      Peter Molan
Cr Randhir Dahya                         Phone: 06 348 4469                   Phone: 06 342 1040
Phone: 06 343 7853             
                                         Cr Rangi Wills                       Alan Taylor
Cr Nicki Higgie                          Phone: 06 348 8338                   Phone: 06 345 7354
Phone: 06 342 7857             

                              We would like your feedback on Council Report.
                          If you have any comments or suggestions, please email the editor,
                                   Sue Dudman, at

Council contacts
Animal Control                           Health & Liquor Licensing            Rates & Debtor Enquiries
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Building & Planning                      Information Centre                   Royal Wanganui Opera House
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Cemetery & Crematorium                   Library                              Sarjeant Gallery
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Civil Defence                            Memorial Hall                        Water, Wastewater & Roading
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Customer Services                        Parking                              Stormwater Separation
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                                         Phone: 06 349 0001
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